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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


NEWBERRY, Abigail b.1659
NEWBERRY, Benjamin b.1624
NEWBERRY, Benjamin b.1669
NEWBERRY, Hannah b.1673
NEWBERRY, Hannah b.1652
NEWBERRY, Hannah b.1633
NEWBERRY, John a.1629
NEWBERRY, Joseph b.1620
NEWBERRY, Marah b.1710
NEWBERRY, Margaret b.1662
NEWBERRY, Mary b.1648
NEWBERRY, Mary a.1626
NEWBERRY, Rebecca b.1655
NEWBERRY, Rebecca b.1631
NEWBERRY, Sarah b.1650
NEWBERRY, Sarah b.1622
NEWBERRY, Thomas a.1594
NEWBERRY, Thomas b.1657


NEWBOULD, Ellen b.1578


NEWBURGH, Agnes de b.1134
NEWBURGH, Alice de b.1197
NEWBURGH, Christian b.1494
NEWBURGH, Geoffrey de b.1106
NEWBURGH, Gundred de Countess of Norfolk b.1135
NEWBURGH, Henry de b.1111
NEWBURGH, Henry de b.1143
NEWBURGH, Henry de Earl of Warwick b.1183
NEWBURGH, Margaret de Countess of Warwick b.1208
NEWBURGH, Robert de b.1104
NEWBURGH, Robert de b.1180
NEWBURGH, Roger de Earl of Warwick b.1102
NEWBURGH, Rotrou de Archbishop of Rouen b.1108
NEWBURGH, Thomas de Earl of Warwick b.1206
NEWBURGH, Waleran de Earl of Warwick b.1140
NEWBURGH, Walter a.1595
NEWBURGH, William de Earl of Warwick b.1137


NEWBURY, Daniel b.1786
NEWBURY, Elizabeth b.1755
NEWBURY, John b.1784
NEWBURY, John b.1735
NEWBURY, John b.1759
NEWBURY, Sarah b.1782


NEWCOMB, Abigail a.1677
NEWCOMB, Abigail b.1651
NEWCOMB, Andrew b.1664
NEWCOMB, Andrew b.1640
NEWCOMB, Andrew b.1617
NEWCOMB, Anna b.1677
NEWCOMB, Bethia b.1674
NEWCOMB, Deborah b.1702
NEWCOMB, Ebenezer b.1712
NEWCOMB, Ebenezer b.1694
NEWCOMB, Ebenezer b.1687
NEWCOMB, Edward b.1695
NEWCOMB, Elizabeth b.1709
NEWCOMB, Elizabeth b.1689
NEWCOMB, Elizabeth b.1658
NEWCOMB, Elizabeth b.1681
NEWCOMB, Emeline b.1685
NEWCOMB, Francis b.1605
NEWCOMB, Grace b.1664
NEWCOMB, Hannah a.1637
NEWCOMB, Hannah a.1672
NEWCOMB, Hannah b.1694
NEWCOMB, Isaac b.1700
NEWCOMB, Isaac a.1679
NEWCOMB, John a.1634
NEWCOMB, John b.1659
NEWCOMB, Joseph b.1715
NEWCOMB, Joseph b.1683
NEWCOMB, Josiah b.1706
NEWCOMB, Judith b.1646
NEWCOMB, Leah b.1654
NEWCOMB, Mary b.1704
NEWCOMB, Mary b.1640
NEWCOMB, Mary b.1704
NEWCOMB, Mercy b.1665
NEWCOMB, Mercy b.1672
NEWCOMB, Mercy b.1701
NEWCOMB, Peter b.1648
NEWCOMB, Peter b.1674
NEWCOMB, Rachel a.1631
NEWCOMB, Rachel a.1672
NEWCOMB, Ruth b.1663
NEWCOMB, Samuel b.1660
NEWCOMB, Sarah b.1643
NEWCOMB, Sarah b.1670
NEWCOMB, Simeon b.1662
NEWCOMB, Simon b.1699
NEWCOMB, Simon b.1666
NEWCOMB, Susannah b.1647
NEWCOMB, Tabitha b.1688
NEWCOMB, Thomas b.1697
NEWCOMB, Thomas b.1668
NEWCOMB, William b.1702
NEWCOMB, Zerviah b.1698


NEWCOMEN, Charles b.1560


NEWDIGATE, Adrianne a.1581
NEWDIGATE, Elizabeth b.1526
NEWDIGATE, John Esquire b.1514
NEWDIGATE, John a.1583
NEWDIGATE, Joseph a.1585
NEWDIGATE, Maria a.1588
NEWDIGATE, Philip b.1554
NEWDIGATE, Richard Knight b.1602
NEWDIGATE, Richard b.1522
NEWDIGATE, Robert b.1524
NEWDIGATE, Robert b.1520
NEWDIGATE, William b.1495


NEWELL, Apollos Aurelius b.1784
NEWELL, Isaac b.1632
NEWELL, John b.1634
NEWELL, Mary b.1730
NEWELL, Philip b.1692
NEWELL, Thomas b.1611


NEWENHAM, Anne b.1460
NEWENHAM, Elizabeth b.1372
NEWENHAM, John b.1347
NEWENHAM, William Knight b.1500


NEWGATE, Elizabeth a.1617
NEWGATE, Hannah b.1635
NEWGATE, Hannah b.1633
NEWGATE, John a.1624
NEWGATE, John a.1616
NEWGATE, John b.1579
NEWGATE, Joseph b.1630
NEWGATE, Lydia a.1620
NEWGATE, Nathaniel a.1627
NEWGATE, Sarah a.1621
NEWGATE, Thomas a.1613


NEWHALL, Anne a.1621
NEWHALL, Anthony b.1598
NEWHALL, Elisha b.1665
NEWHALL, Eliza b.1663
NEWHALL, Elizabeth b.1667
NEWHALL, Elizabeth b.1592
NEWHALL, Eustace b.1595
NEWHALL, Eustace a.1624
NEWHALL, Eustace b.1619
NEWHALL, Francis a.1619
NEWHALL, Henry b.1588
NEWHALL, John b.1656
NEWHALL, John b.1635
NEWHALL, John b.1560
NEWHALL, John a.1632
NEWHALL, Joseph b.1658
NEWHALL, Mary b.1670
NEWHALL, Mary a.1633
NEWHALL, Mary a.1637
NEWHALL, N.N. a.1634
NEWHALL, Nathaniel b.1661
NEWHALL, Rebecca b.1675
NEWHALL, Rebecca a.1622
NEWHALL, Samuel b.1673
NEWHALL, Susan a.1624
NEWHALL, Thomas b.1653
NEWHALL, Thomas a.1629
NEWHALL, Thomas b.1590


NEWLAND, Anthony b.1657
NEWLAND, Benjamin b.1673
NEWLAND, William b.1602


NEWMAN, Francis b.1605
NEWMAN, John b.1660
NEWMAN, John b.1635
NEWMAN, John b.1593
NEWMAN, Mary b.1549
NEWMAN, Mary b.1591
NEWMAN, Robert b.1599
NEWMAN, Samuel b.1625
NEWMAN, Samuel b.1800
NEWMAN, Thomas b.1561
NEWMAN, Thomas b.1634


NEWMARCH, Adam de b.1126
NEWMARCH, Adam de Knight b.1201
NEWMARCH, Adam de b.1174
NEWMARCH, Adam de Knight b.1222
NEWMARCH, Adam de Knight b.1220
NEWMARCH, Adam de Knight b.1300
NEWMARCH, Adam de Knight b.1244
NEWMARCH, Elizabeth b.1417
NEWMARCH, Elizabeth de b.1370
NEWMARCH, Hawise de b.1205
NEWMARCH, Henry de Knight b.1234
NEWMARCH, Henry de b.1151
NEWMARCH, Henry de b.1120
NEWMARCH, Henry de b.1176
NEWMARCH, Hugh de Knight b.1336
NEWMARCH, Isabel de b.1203
NEWMARCH, James de b.1160
NEWMARCH, Joan de b.1304
NEWMARCH, Joanna b.1711
NEWMARCH, John b.1420
NEWMARCH, John de b.1198
NEWMARCH, John de b.1302
NEWMARCH, John de b.1268
NEWMARCH, Margery de b.1266
NEWMARCH, Maud de b.1246
NEWMARCH, Ralph de Knight b.1367
NEWMARCH, Robert b.1392
NEWMARCH, Robert de b.1344
NEWMARCH, Roger de Knight b.1270
NEWMARCH, Thomas de b.1268
NEWMARCH, Thomas de b.1302
NEWMARCH, William de b.1090
NEWMARCH, William de b.1155


NEWNAM, Eleanor b.1584


NEWPORT, Francis Earl of Bradford b.1620
NEWPORT, Grace b.1514


NEWSOM, Constance de b.1250
NEWSOM, Thomas de b.1225


NEWTON, Abigail a.1651
NEWTON, Andrew b.1690
NEWTON, Annabel b.1294
NEWTON, Anthony b.1610
NEWTON, Cecily b.1533
NEWTON, Daniel b.1655
NEWTON, David b.1672
NEWTON, Ebenezer b.1692
NEWTON, Edward b.1676
NEWTON, Elizabeth b.1648
NEWTON, Ellen b.1599
NEWTON, Ephraim a.1647
NEWTON, Eunice a.1716
NEWTON, Frances b.1539
NEWTON, Hannah b.1639
NEWTON, Hannah b.1673
NEWTON, Hannah a.1637
NEWTON, Hannah b.1697
NEWTON, Henry Knight b.1535
NEWTON, Isaac b.1658
NEWTON, Isabel b.1487
NEWTON, Jacob b.1681
NEWTON, James b.1683
NEWTON, James b.1654
NEWTON, Jane b.1531
NEWTON, Jane b.1495
NEWTON, Jane b.1606
NEWTON, John Knight b.1425
NEWTON, John b.1537
NEWTON, John Knight b.1502
NEWTON, John a.1642
NEWTON, John b.1580
NEWTON, John b.1641
NEWTON, Jonathan b.1679
NEWTON, Joseph b.1650
NEWTON, Josiah b.1688
NEWTON, Lydia b.1699
NEWTON, Margery b.1430
NEWTON, Mary a.1641
NEWTON, Mary b.1608
NEWTON, Mary b.1644
NEWTON, Mercy b.1685
NEWTON, Moses b.1646
NEWTON, Moses b.1670
NEWTON, Nazareth b.1545
NEWTON, Rebecca b.1685
NEWTON, Richard Knight b.1450
NEWTON, Richard b.1602
NEWTON, Robert Gentleman b.1585
NEWTON, Sarah b.1652
NEWTON, Silence b.1688
NEWTON, Thankful b.1701
NEWTON, Theodocia b.1550
NEWTON, Theophilia b.1542
NEWTON, Thomas Knight b.1477
NEWTON, Thomas Esquire b.1270
NEWTON, Walter b.1368


NIANDSER, John b.1366


NICEY, Eunice b.1798


NICHOLL, Anne b.1582
NICHOLL, Edward b.1579
NICHOLL, Elizabeth a.1607
NICHOLL, Elizabeth a.1603
NICHOLL, Ellen a.1614
NICHOLL, Helen a.1604
NICHOLL, Jane a.1605
NICHOLL, John b.1521
NICHOLL, John b.1573
NICHOLL, Mary a.1612
NICHOLL, Robert b.1546
NICHOLL, Thomas a.1610
NICHOLL, Thomas a.1576


NICHOLLS, Anne b.1557
NICHOLLS, Anne b.1511
NICHOLLS, Bruce b.1610
NICHOLLS, Dorothy b.1522
NICHOLLS, Dorothy b.1554
NICHOLLS, Erasmus Gentleman b.1525
NICHOLLS, George b.1431
NICHOLLS, George b.1483
NICHOLLS, Isabel b.1509
NICHOLLS, Jane b.1551
NICHOLLS, John b.1490
NICHOLLS, John b.1488
NICHOLLS, John b.1457
NICHOLLS, John b.1548
NICHOLLS, John Gentleman b.1516
NICHOLLS, Katherine b.1513
NICHOLLS, Lewis b.1519
NICHOLLS, Robert Gentleman b.1485
NICHOLLS, Susan b.1560
NICHOLLS, William b.1546


NICHOLS, Adam b.1606
NICHOLS, Benjamin b.1666
NICHOLS, Beulah Rosabelle b.1860
NICHOLS, Daniel b.1658
NICHOLS, Elizabeth b.1637
NICHOLS, Elizabeth b.1645
NICHOLS, Ephraim b.1705
NICHOLS, Ephraim b.1657
NICHOLS, Hannah b.1647
NICHOLS, Hannah b.1710
NICHOLS, Jane b.1697
NICHOLS, John b.1654
NICHOLS, John b.1698
NICHOLS, Jonathan b.1749
NICHOLS, Joseph b.1685
NICHOLS, Josiah b.1652
NICHOLS, Lois b.1764
NICHOLS, Mary b.1650
NICHOLS, Mary b.1666
NICHOLS, Nathaniel b.1655
NICHOLS, Patience b.1701
NICHOLS, Patience b.1660
NICHOLS, Rachel b.1691
NICHOLS, Randall b.1663
NICHOLS, Randall b.1613
NICHOLS, Sarah b.1643
NICHOLS, Sarah b.1643
NICHOLS, Sarah b.1651
NICHOLS, Silence b.1719
NICHOLS, Temperance b.1662
NICHOLS, William b.1657


NICHOLSON, Catherine b.1652
NICHOLSON, Henry b.1660
NICHOLSON, Isabel b.1502
NICHOLSON, Rebecca b.1603
NICHOLSON, William Esquire b.1477


NICK, William b.1640


NICKERSON, Anne a.1635
NICKERSON, Elizabeth a.1630
NICKERSON, John b.1664
NICKERSON, John b.1640
NICKERSON, Joseph a.1647
NICKERSON, Lydia b.1734
NICKERSON, Mary b.1668
NICKERSON, Mercy a.1746
NICKERSON, N.N. b.1666
NICKERSON, Nicholas a.1628
NICKERSON, Nicholas b.1694
NICKERSON, Patience b.1682
NICKERSON, Robert a.1631
NICKERSON, Samuel b.1638
NICKERSON, Sarah b.1643
NICKERSON, Sarah b.1674
NICKERSON, Thomas a.1634
NICKERSON, William a.1646
NICKERSON, William b.1604


NICOLLS, Richard Esquire b.1549


NIFTERIK, Gottschalk of Count of Zutphen b.1030
NIFTERIK, Hermann of b.1005


NIGHTINGALE, Bethia a.1680
NIGHTINGALE, Joseph a.1678


NILES, Ebenezer b.1683
NILES, Isaac b.1658
NILES, John b.1603




NOAKES, Walter b.1655


NOBLE, Adelaide Cameron b.1833
NOBLE, Agnes b.1199
NOBLE, Angeline Wilcox b.1831
NOBLE, Emily Electa b.1846
NOBLE, Jerome b.1843
NOBLE, Lucian b.1807
NOBLE, Lucian Gardurous b.1837
NOBLE, Martha Drury b.1811
NOBLE, Theodore Smith b.1840
NOBLE, Thomas b.1632


NOCK, James b.1685
NOCK, Sylvanus b.1657


NOEL, Alexander a.1602
NOEL, Alice b.1180
NOEL, Andrew Esquire b.1496
NOEL, Andrew Knight b.1552
NOEL, Anne b.1613
NOEL, Anne a.1593
NOEL, Anthony b.1498
NOEL, Arthur b.1494
NOEL, Arthur a.1598
NOEL, Baptist Viscount Campden a.1611
NOEL, Charles a.1591
NOEL, Edward Viscount Campden a.1582
NOEL, Elizabeth b.1555
NOEL, Elizabeth b.1607
NOEL, Elizabeth a.1588
NOEL, George b.1559
NOEL, Henry b.1553
NOEL, Henry Esquire a.1615
NOEL, Henry a.1586
NOEL, Humphrey b.1500
NOEL, James Esquire b.1467
NOEL, Joan b.1182
NOEL, John Esquire b.1529
NOEL, John Rector of Swynnerton b.1470
NOEL, Judith b.1557
NOEL, Leonard b.1505
NOEL, Lucy b.1580
NOEL, Mary a.1609
NOEL, Mary b.1643
NOEL, Penelope a.1610
NOEL, Richard b.1473
NOEL, Robert b.1492
NOEL, Robert Esquire b.1439
NOEL, Robert de b.1123
NOEL, Theodosia a.1585
NOEL, Thomas b.1502
NOEL, Thomas Knight b.1151
NOEL, William b.1561
NOEL, Wriothesley Baptist Earl of Gainsborough b.1663


NOERS, Hugh de b.1165
NOERS, Joan de b.1190


NONANT, Alice de b.1121
NONANT, Baldwin de b.1157
NONANT, Guy de b.1149
NONANT, Guy de b.1083
NONANT, Guy de Knight b.1205
NONANT, Henry de b.1085
NONANT, Henry de b.1152
NONANT, Joan de b.1288
NONANT, Richard de b.1126
NONANT, Roger de b.1058
NONANT, Roger de b.1119
NONANT, Roger de b.1165
NONANT, Roger de Knight b.1245
NONANT, William de b.1123


NOONE, Francis Gentleman b.1590


NORBURY, David de b.1300
NORBURY, Elizabeth b.1393
NORBURY, Joan b.1388
NORBURY, John Esquire b.1361
NORBURY, Sybil de b.1322
NORBURY, Thomas de b.1303


NORCLIFF, Catherine a.1648


NORCROSS, Nathaniel b.1619
NORCROSS, Sarah b.1657


NORDGAU, Berthold I of the b.915
NORDGAU, Eberhard of the b.911
NORDGAU, Liutpold of the Margrave of Bavaria b.860


NORDMARK, Othilde of b.985


NORFOLK, Gilbert de Lord of Beeston b.1151
NORFOLK, N.N. de b.1176


NORLEY, Adam de Knight b.1290
NORLEY, Katherine b.1364
NORLEY, Katherine de b.1320
NORLEY, Margaret de b.1317


NORMAN, Arabella b.1644
NORMAN, Arthur a.1598
NORMAN, Benjamin b.1668
NORMAN, Clement a.1596
NORMAN, Elizabeth a.1568
NORMAN, Elizabeth b.1662
NORMAN, Elizabeth a.1611
NORMAN, Florence a.1619
NORMAN, Hannah b.1642
NORMAN, Henry b.1608
NORMAN, James b.1605
NORMAN, James b.1678
NORMAN, John a.1573
NORMAN, John b.1610
NORMAN, John a.1561
NORMAN, John b.1658
NORMAN, John b.1750
NORMAN, John b.1637
NORMAN, John a.1607
NORMAN, Jonathan b.1671
NORMAN, Joseph b.1665
NORMAN, Joseph b.1656
NORMAN, Joseph b.1653
NORMAN, Lydia b.1640
NORMAN, Margaret a.1576
NORMAN, Margaret a.1615
NORMAN, Martha b.1646
NORMAN, Mary a.1566
NORMAN, Mary b.1591
NORMAN, Mary b.1651
NORMAN, Rebecca b.1650
NORMAN, Richard b.1652
NORMAN, Richard b.1651
NORMAN, Richard b.1623
NORMAN, Richard b.1580
NORMAN, Robert a.1563
NORMAN, Robert a.1603
NORMAN, Roger a.1598
NORMAN, Simon a.1564
NORMAN, Simon a.1593
NORMAN, Susan a.1571
NORMAN, Susan a.1601
NORMAN, Susan a.1617
NORMAN, Walter a.1596
NORMAN, William b.1535
NORMAN, William b.1655
NORMAN, William b.1625


NORMANDSELL, Richard b.1671


NORMANDY, Adela of b.1063
NORMANDY, Adelaide of b.1002
NORMANDY, Adelaide of Countess of Aumale b.1027
NORMANDY, Adele of b.909
NORMANDY, Alice of b.1021
NORMANDY, Beatrix of b.977
NORMANDY, Cecily of Abbess of Holy Trinity b.1059
NORMANDY, Emma of b.980
NORMANDY, Guillaume I "Longue Epe" of b.900
NORMANDY, Hawise of b.985
NORMANDY, Judith of b.1010
NORMANDY, Matilda of b.1065
NORMANDY, Mauger of Count of Corbeil b.967
NORMANDY, Nicholas of b.1023
NORMANDY, Richard I "The Fearless" Duke of Normandy b.933
NORMANDY, Richard II "The Good" of Duke of Normandy b.963
NORMANDY, Richard III of Duke of Normandy b.998
NORMANDY, Richard of b.1055
NORMANDY, Robert I of b.1000
NORMANDY, Robert of Duke of Normandy b.1054
NORMANDY, William I "The Conqueror" of King of England b.1024


NORMANTON, Elizabeth b.1638


NORMANVILLE, Alice de b.1272
NORMANVILLE, Annora de b.1204
NORMANVILLE, Ralph de b.1260
NORMANVILLE, Ralph de Knight b.1230
NORMANVILLE, Thomas de b.1257
NORMANVILLE, Thomas de b.1205
NORMANVILLE, Thomas de Knight b.1225


NORREYS, Adam le b.1206
NORREYS, Agnes b.1435
NORREYS, Alan le b.1229
NORREYS, Alan le b.1247
NORREYS, Alan le b.1202
NORREYS, Alan le b.1282
NORREYS, Alice b.1443
NORREYS, Anne b.1476
NORREYS, Beatrice b.1441
NORREYS, Catherine b.1433
NORREYS, Cecily le b.1395
NORREYS, Christopher b.1431
NORREYS, Edmund b.1427
NORREYS, Edward Knight b.1551
NORREYS, Edward Knight b.1463
NORREYS, Eleanor b.1380
NORREYS, Elizabeth b.1467
NORREYS, Elizabeth Baroness Norris b.1601
NORREYS, Elizabeth b.1437
NORREYS, Emma le b.1253
NORREYS, Francis Earl of Berkshire b.1579
NORREYS, Geoffrey le b.1198
NORREYS, George b.1471
NORREYS, Henry Knight b.1554
NORREYS, Henry Gentleman b.1495
NORREYS, Henry Lord Norris b.1525
NORREYS, Henry b.1429
NORREYS, Henry Esquire b.1480
NORREYS, Henry le b.1260
NORREYS, Henry le Knight b.1310
NORREYS, Henry le b.1383
NORREYS, Henry le Knight b.1360
NORREYS, Hugh le b.1200
NORREYS, Hugh le b.1150
NORREYS, Hugh le b.1240
NORREYS, Joan le b.1302
NORREYS, John Knight b.1549
NORREYS, John Knight b.1490
NORREYS, John b.1425
NORREYS, John Esquire b.1430
NORREYS, John le b.1256
NORREYS, John le Knight b.1335
NORREYS, John le b.1389
NORREYS, Katherine b.1563
NORREYS, Lettice b.1423
NORREYS, Mabel le b.1274
NORREYS, Margaret b.1466
NORREYS, Margaret b.1439
NORREYS, Mary b.1522
NORREYS, Maximilian b.1560
NORREYS, Richard b.1464
NORREYS, Richard b.1421
NORREYS, Richard le b.1250
NORREYS, Robert b.1423
NORREYS, Robert le b.1232
NORREYS, Robert le b.1208
NORREYS, Robert le b.1245
NORREYS, Simon le b.1242
NORREYS, Thomas Knight b.1557
NORREYS, Thomas Esquire b.1420
NORREYS, Thomas le b.1350
NORREYS, William b.1469
NORREYS, William Esquire b.1547
NORREYS, William Knight b.1441
NORREYS, William b.1424
NORREYS, William le b.1204
NORREYS, William le Esquire b.1386


NORRIDY, Grizell b.1600


NORRIS, Anne b.1503
NORRIS, George b.1606
NORRIS, Henry b.1639
NORRIS, Lillian Elizabeth b.1898
NORRIS, Margaret b.1495
NORRIS, Mary b.1680
NORRIS, Mary b.1588
NORRIS, Susan b.1575
NORRIS, William b.1615


NORTH, Christian b.1529
NORTH, Dorothy a.1605
NORTH, Dudley Lord North b.1602
NORTH, Dudley Lord North a.1582
NORTH, Edward Lord North b.1496
NORTH, Elizabeth b.1608
NORTH, Elizabeth a.1585
NORTH, Elizabeth b.1545
NORTH, Francis Lord Guilford b.1673
NORTH, Gilbert a.1596
NORTH, Henry Knight b.1556
NORTH, John Knight a.1587
NORTH, John Knight b.1552
NORTH, Mary b.1549
NORTH, Mary a.1590
NORTH, Mary b.1536
NORTH, Mary b.1645
NORTH, Mary b.1742
NORTH, Roger a.1588
NORTH, Roger b.1508
NORTH, Roger Lord North b.1531
NORTH, Samuel b.1643
NORTH, Sarah b.1653
NORTH, Thomas Knight b.1533
NORTH, Thomas b.1626


NORTHAM, James b.1615
NORTHAM, Susan b.1597


NORTHCOTE, Anne a.1564
NORTHCOTE, Elizabeth a.1565
NORTHCOTE, Honor a.1569
NORTHCOTE, John a.1570
NORTHCOTE, John b.1540
NORTHCOTE, Katherine a.1580
NORTHCOTE, Philip a.1575
NORTHCOTE, Richourd a.1573
NORTHCOTE, Walter a.1566
NORTHCOTE, William a.1573


NORTHCOTT, John b.1565


NORTHEIM, Benne von Count in the Rittegau b.985
NORTHEIM, Ethelinda von b.1057
NORTHEIM, Henry von Count of Northheim b.1060
NORTHEIM, Ida von b.1070
NORTHEIM, Kuno von Count of Beichlingen b.1064
NORTHEIM, Otto von Count in the Rittegau b.1020
NORTHEIM, Siegfried von Count in the Rittegau b.950


NORTHEND, Ednah b.1649
NORTHEND, Sarah b.1661


NORTHRUP, Abigail b.1724
NORTHRUP, Ann b.1708
NORTHRUP, Benjamin b.1729
NORTHRUP, Daniel a.1664
NORTHRUP, Ephraim b.1696
NORTHRUP, Hannah b.1699
NORTHRUP, Jeremiah b.1654
NORTHRUP, Job b.1705
NORTHRUP, John b.1656
NORTHRUP, John b.1703
NORTHRUP, Joseph b.1617
NORTHRUP, Joseph b.1698
NORTHRUP, Joseph b.1649
NORTHRUP, Mary b.1670
NORTHRUP, Samuel a.1651
NORTHRUP, Thomas b.1701
NORTHRUP, William b.1666
NORTHRUP, William b.1694
NORTHRUP, Zophar b.1661


NORTHUMBERLAND, Alice of b.1076
NORTHUMBERLAND, Osbeorn of b.1046
NORTHUMBERLAND, Siward of Earl of Northumberland b.1020
NORTHUMBERLAND, Waltheof II of Earl of Huntingdon b.1048


NORTHWELL, John de b.1333
NORTHWELL, John de b.1309


NORTHWODE, Agnes b.1359
NORTHWODE, Agnes de b.1329
NORTHWODE, Elizabeth de b.1301
NORTHWODE, Geoffrey de b.1328
NORTHWODE, James de b.1366
NORTHWODE, Joan de b.1357
NORTHWODE, John de b.1359
NORTHWODE, John de b.1309
NORTHWODE, John de Lord Northwode b.1254
NORTHWODE, John de b.1279
NORTHWODE, John de Lord Northwode b.1325
NORTHWODE, Juliana de b.1361
NORTHWODE, Julianne b.1357
NORTHWODE, Otes de b.1311
NORTHWODE, Robert de b.1318
NORTHWODE, Roger de Knight b.1226
NORTHWODE, Roger de b.1326
NORTHWODE, Roger de Lord Northwode b.1355
NORTHWODE, Roger de Lord Northwode b.1307
NORTHWODE, Thomas de b.1315
NORTHWODE, William de b.1313
NORTHWODE, William de b.1363


NORTHWOOD, William b.1542


NORTON, Abigail b.1643
NORTON, Abigail b.1651
NORTON, Abigail b.1630
NORTON, Agnes b.1450
NORTON, Anne b.1489
NORTON, Anne b.1632
NORTON, Deborah b.1637
NORTON, Dorothy b.1649
NORTON, Elizabeth b.1696
NORTON, Elizabeth b.1654
NORTON, Elizabeth b.1645
NORTON, Elizabeth b.1641
NORTON, Elizabeth de b.1343
NORTON, Felix b.1657
NORTON, Francis b.1588
NORTON, Francis b.1611
NORTON, Freegrace b.1635
NORTON, Frideswide b.1512
NORTON, George b.1670
NORTON, George a.1641
NORTON, George b.1610
NORTON, Grace a.1633
NORTON, Hannah b.1680
NORTON, Hannah b.1649
NORTON, Hannah b.1647
NORTON, Hannah b.1705
NORTON, Henry b.1495
NORTON, Isaac b.1665
NORTON, Jane b.1532
NORTON, Jane b.1499
NORTON, Jane b.1445
NORTON, Jerusha b.1708
NORTON, John Knight b.1434
NORTON, John Knight b.1486
NORTON, John Knight b.1460
NORTON, John Esquire b.1420
NORTON, John b.1638
NORTON, John a.1637
NORTON, John b.1651
NORTON, John b.1620
NORTON, John b.1624
NORTON, Jonathan b.1684
NORTON, Margaret b.1492
NORTON, Margaret b.1416
NORTON, Mary a.1673
NORTON, Mary b.1640
NORTON, Mary b.1838
NORTON, Mary b.1643
NORTON, Mary b.1633
NORTON, Mary b.1632
NORTON, Mehitable b.1645
NORTON, Nathaniel b.1667
NORTON, Nathaniel a.1639
NORTON, Peter b.1633
NORTON, Phoebe b.1831
NORTON, Richard de b.1315
NORTON, Samuel a.1659
NORTON, Sarah b.1676
NORTON, Sarah a.1647
NORTON, Thomas a.1635
NORTON, Thomas a.1609
NORTON, Thomas a.1660
NORTON, Thomas Kelley b.1849
NORTON, William b.1395


NORWICH, Alice de b.1308
NORWICH, Cecily de b.1308
NORWICH, John de Lord Norwich b.1351
NORWICH, John de Knight b.1298
NORWICH, Katherine de b.1304
NORWICH, Margaret de b.1344
NORWICH, Margaret de b.1300
NORWICH, Roger de Knight b.1306
NORWICH, Thomas de Knight b.1302
NORWICH, Walter de Knight b.1320
NORWICH, Walter de Knight b.1272


NORWOOD, Abigail b.1690
NORWOOD, Anne b.1566
NORWOOD, Caleb b.1685
NORWOOD, Charlotte Blatchford b.1831
NORWOOD, Deborah b.1677
NORWOOD, Elizabeth b.1669
NORWOOD, Francis b.1666
NORWOOD, Francis b.1638
NORWOOD, Hannah b.1679
NORWOOD, Josiah b.1682
NORWOOD, Madeline L. b.1917
NORWOOD, Margaret b.1393
NORWOOD, Mary b.1672
NORWOOD, Steven b.1674
NORWOOD, Susanna b.1643
NORWOOD, Thomas b.1664
NORWOOD, Warner b.1590


NOSZAK, Margaret b.1375


NOTBEAM, Margaret b.1378
NOTBEAM, Thomas Knight b.1337


NOTT, Abraham b.1719
NOTT, Josiah b.1820


NOTTINGHAM, Henry de b.1238
NOTTINGHAM, John b.1380
NOTTINGHAM, Margery de b.1263


NOTTON, Avina de b.1219
NOTTON, Gilbert de b.1194
NOTTON, Gilbert de b.1168
NOTTON, William de Lord of Breightmet b.1196


NOWELL, Mary b.1643
NOWELL, Peter b.1670


NOWY, Gwlyddien ap


NOYERS, Mathilda de b.1089


NOYES, Abigail b.1659
NOYES, Abigail a.1629
NOYES, Agnes b.1569
NOYES, Agnes b.1550
NOYES, Anna a.1604
NOYES, Anne a.1622
NOYES, Anne a.1588
NOYES, Cutting b.1649
NOYES, Dorothy a.1592
NOYES, Dorothy a.1627
NOYES, Eleanor a.1623
NOYES, Elizabeth a.1605
NOYES, Elizabeth b.1553
NOYES, Elizabeth a.1625
NOYES, Frances Harriette Wallace b.1863
NOYES, Hannah b.1643
NOYES, James b.1657
NOYES, James b.1640
NOYES, James b.1608
NOYES, James b.1665
NOYES, Joan b.1521
NOYES, John b.1645
NOYES, John a.1629
NOYES, John b.1590
NOYES, John b.1649
NOYES, John b.1674
NOYES, Joseph b.1637
NOYES, Joseph b.1663
NOYES, Joseph a.1633
NOYES, Joyce a.1607
NOYES, Katherine a.1611
NOYES, Marion Etta b.1904
NOYES, Martha b.1680
NOYES, Mary b.1641
NOYES, Mary b.1666
NOYES, Michael a.1595
NOYES, Moses b.1643
NOYES, Moses b.1667
NOYES, N.N. b.1611
NOYES, Nicholas b.1647
NOYES, Nicholas b.1614
NOYES, Peter b.1625
NOYES, Peter a.1593
NOYES, Peter b.1560
NOYES, Peter b.1517
NOYES, Peter a.1631
NOYES, Peter a.1590
NOYES, Rachel b.1661
NOYES, Rebecca b.1665
NOYES, Rebecca b.1651
NOYES, Rebecca b.1671
NOYES, Richard a.1600
NOYES, Richard b.1538
NOYES, Robert b.1519
NOYES, Samuel a.1602
NOYES, Sarah b.1653
NOYES, Sarah b.1651
NOYES, Sarah b.1641
NOYES, Sarah b.1656
NOYES, Sarah b.1669
NOYES, Susan a.1609
NOYES, Thomas b.1663
NOYES, Thomas b.1648
NOYES, Thomas b.1676
NOYES, Thomas b.1488
NOYES, Thomas a.1596
NOYES, Thomas b.1563
NOYES, Thomas a.1623
NOYES, Timothy b.1655
NOYES, William b.1568
NOYES, William a.1597
NOYES, William b.1653
NOYES, William b.1570
NOYES, William b.1541


NUDD, Thomas b.1605


NUGENT, Christopher Lord Delvin b.1544
NUGENT, Mabel b.1581
NUGENT, Richard Earl of Westmeath b.1583
NUGENT, Richard Lord Delvin b.1523


NUNEZ, Elvira b.1236


NUNN, Lorene Mae b.1893
NUNN, Rosa Lee b.1896


NUPTIAR, John b.1525


NURSE, Benjamin b.1666
NURSE, Ebenezer b.1693
NURSE, Elizabeth b.1657
NURSE, Francis b.1661
NURSE, Francis b.1618
NURSE, Hannah b.1735
NURSE, John b.1645
NURSE, Mary b.1654
NURSE, Rebecca b.1647
NURSE, Samuel b.1649
NURSE, Sarah b.1724
NURSE, Sarah b.1651
NURSE, Zeruiah b.1729


NUTE, Abraham b.1644
NUTE, James b.1610
NUTE, James b.1642
NUTE, Leah b.1656
NUTE, Martha b.1653
NUTE, Mary b.1649
NUTE, Sarah b.1646


NUTT, Ambrose a.1601
NUTT, Ambrose a.1591
NUTT, Anne a.1589
NUTT, Francis a.1607
NUTT, Mary a.1604
NUTT, Michael a.1587
NUTT, Michael b.1562
NUTT, Miles a.1598
NUTT, N.N. b.1627
NUTT, Sarah a.1624


NUTTER, Abigail b.1677
NUTTER, Abigail b.1635
NUTTER, Ann b.1675
NUTTER, Anthony b.1631
NUTTER, Edmund b.1560
NUTTER, Edwin R. b.1836
NUTTER, Elizabeth b.1673
NUTTER, Elizabeth b.1593
NUTTER, Elizabeth b.1645
NUTTER, Ellen a.1595
NUTTER, Hatevil b.1670
NUTTER, Hatevil b.1598
NUTTER, Henry b.1680
NUTTER, John b.1663
NUTTER, John b.1633
NUTTER, Mary b.1665
NUTTER, Mary b.1641
NUTTER, Sarah b.1668
NUTTER, Thomas b.1591


NUTTING, Hannah b.1764
NUTTING, John b.1625


NYE, Abigail b.1702
NYE, Benjamin b.1697
NYE, David b.1706
NYE, Ebenezer b.1647
NYE, Experience b.1682
NYE, Ichabod b.1689
NYE, Isaac b.1702
NYE, Jabez b.1680
NYE, Joanna b.1686
NYE, Jonathan b.1691
NYE, Jonathan b.1649
NYE, Joseph b.1695
NYE, Mary b.1643
NYE, Patience b.1693
NYE, Sarah b.1683
NYE, Thomas b.1699
NYE, Zerviah b.1706


O'BRIEN, Anne b.1619
O'BRIEN, Barnabas Earl of Thomond b.1590
O'BRIEN, Domnall b.1154
O'BRIEN, Donough Earl of Thomond b.1562
O'BRIEN, Elizabeth b.1615
O'BRIEN, Elizabeth b.1616
O'BRIEN, Henry Earl of Thomond b.1620
O'BRIEN, Henry Earl of Thomond b.1588
O'BRIEN, Honora b.1623
O'BRIEN, Margaret b.1612
O'BRIEN, Margaret b.1311
O'BRIEN, Mary b.1609
O'BRIEN, Mor b.1179
O'BRIEN, Murrough Lord Inchiquin b.1572


O'CATHAN, Agnes b.1294
O'CATHAN, Guy b.1269


O'CONNELL, Frances Eleanor b.1836


O'CONOR, Nuala b.1180
O'CONOR, Rose b.1159
O'CONOR, Ruaidri b.1150


O'HARA, George E. b.1887


O'NEAL, Sarah b.1720


O'NEIL, Myrtle Emily b.1896


O'NEILL, Brian Ruadh b.1202
O'NEILL, N.N. b.1200
O'NEILL, Niall Ruadh b.1175


O'TOOLE, Laurence Archbishop of Dublin b.1115


OAKES, Edwin b.1823
OAKES, Elizabeth b.1774
OAKES, Hannah b.1659
OAKES, John b.1766
OAKES, Mary a.1724
OAKES, Salome b.1764
OAKES, Sarah W. b.1833
OAKES, Simeon b.1803
OAKES, Thomas b.1620


OAKEY, Thomas a.1813

Surname List