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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


MOULTHROP, Abigail b.1753
MOULTHROP, Abigail b.1670
MOULTHROP, Abigail b.1693
MOULTHROP, Abijah b.1769
MOULTHROP, Adonijah b.1739
MOULTHROP, Chauncey b.1778
MOULTHROP, Daniel b.1703
MOULTHROP, Delia Eliza b.1811
MOULTHROP, Dorothy a.1635
MOULTHROP, Elihu b.1747
MOULTHROP, Elizabeth a.1605
MOULTHROP, Elizabeth b.1638
MOULTHROP, Hannah b.1749
MOULTHROP, Hannah b.1663
MOULTHROP, Hannah b.1665
MOULTHROP, Hannah Maria b.1815
MOULTHROP, Irene b.1767
MOULTHROP, Israel b.1706
MOULTHROP, Jane a.1606
MOULTHROP, Jared b.1775
MOULTHROP, John b.1603
MOULTHROP, John b.1579
MOULTHROP, John b.1668
MOULTHROP, John b.1696
MOULTHROP, Joseph b.1773
MOULTHROP, Joseph b.1744
MOULTHROP, Joseph b.1708
MOULTHROP, Joseph Chauncey b.1822
MOULTHROP, Jude a.1758
MOULTHROP, Keziah b.1682
MOULTHROP, Laura Ann b.1819
MOULTHROP, Lucretia b.1756
MOULTHROP, Lucretia Bradley b.1812
MOULTHROP, Lydia b.1674
MOULTHROP, Mary b.1612
MOULTHROP, Mary b.1641
MOULTHROP, Mary b.1751
MOULTHROP, Mary b.1699
MOULTHROP, Matthew a.1608
MOULTHROP, Matthew a.1634
MOULTHROP, Matthew b.1670
MOULTHROP, Rhoda b.1771
MOULTHROP, Rhoda b.1741
MOULTHROP, Samuel b.1679
MOULTHROP, Samuel b.1677
MOULTHROP, Sarah b.1701
MOULTHROP, Timothy b.1708


MOULTON, Abigail b.1642
MOULTON, Abigail b.1648
MOULTON, Ann b.1590
MOULTON, Anne b.1538
MOULTON, Benjamin b.1592
MOULTON, Bridget a.1601
MOULTON, Cecily b.1459
MOULTON, Daniel a.1642
MOULTON, Edward a.1604
MOULTON, Edward b.1574
MOULTON, Elizabeth a.1610
MOULTON, Grace b.1560
MOULTON, Hannah b.1649
MOULTON, Hannah b.1619
MOULTON, Hannah b.1645
MOULTON, Henry b.1605
MOULTON, Hester a.1602
MOULTON, Isabel b.1510
MOULTON, James b.1603
MOULTON, Jeremiah b.1656
MOULTON, John b.1654
MOULTON, John b.1563
MOULTON, John b.1507
MOULTON, John b.1599
MOULTON, John b.1434
MOULTON, Joseph b.1657
MOULTON, Joseph b.1587
MOULTON, Joseph b.1653
MOULTON, Lydia b.1730
MOULTON, Margaret b.1554
MOULTON, Margaret b.1504
MOULTON, Martha b.1595
MOULTON, Mary b.1661
MOULTON, Mary b.1559
MOULTON, Mary b.1652
MOULTON, Mary a.1625
MOULTON, Mary a.1608
MOULTON, Miriam b.1659
MOULTON, Miriam b.1614
MOULTON, Rebecca b.1597
MOULTON, Robert a.1644
MOULTON, Robert b.1616
MOULTON, Robert b.1585
MOULTON, Robert b.1501
MOULTON, Robert b.1557
MOULTON, Robert b.1475
MOULTON, Robert a.1622
MOULTON, Robert b.1564
MOULTON, Ruth b.1617
MOULTON, Samuel b.1646
MOULTON, Samuel a.1628
MOULTON, Samuel Vicar of Potton b.1596
MOULTON, Sarah a.1600
MOULTON, Thomas b.1514
MOULTON, Thomas a.1639
MOULTON, Thomas a.1608
MOULTON, William b.1616
MOULTON, William b.1569


MOUNTJOY, Isolde de b.1323
MOUNTJOY, Mary b.1634


MOURNE, Christian de b.1294


MOUSALL, Thomas b.1590


MOUSER, Robert b.1599


MOWAT, Janet b.1407


MOWBRAY, Alexander de b.1288
MOWBRAY, Anne Baroness Mowbray b.1472
MOWBRAY, Blanche de b.1338
MOWBRAY, Christiana de b.1306
MOWBRAY, Eleanor de b.1342
MOWBRAY, Eleanor de Baroness Welles b.1364
MOWBRAY, Elizabeth de b.1352
MOWBRAY, Elizabeth de b.1392
MOWBRAY, Isabel de b.1249
MOWBRAY, Isabel de b.1396
MOWBRAY, Joan de b.1247
MOWBRAY, Joan de b.1361
MOWBRAY, John Duke of Norfolk b.1415
MOWBRAY, John Earl of Surrey and Warenne b.1444
MOWBRAY, John de Duke of Norfolk b.1390
MOWBRAY, John de Earl of Nottingham b.1365
MOWBRAY, John de Lord Mowbray b.1286
MOWBRAY, John de Lord Mowbray b.1310
MOWBRAY, John de Lord Mowbray b.1340
MOWBRAY, Margaret b.1399
MOWBRAY, Margaret de b.1359
MOWBRAY, Maud de b.1255
MOWBRAY, Nigel de b.1216
MOWBRAY, Nigel de b.1146
MOWBRAY, Robert de b.1149
MOWBRAY, Robert de Earl of Northumbria b.1075
MOWBRAY, Roger de b.1119
MOWBRAY, Roger de Knight b.1218
MOWBRAY, Roger de Lord Mowbray b.1257
MOWBRAY, Thomas de Earl of Norfolk b.1385
MOWBRAY, Thomas de Duke of Norfolk b.1367
MOWBRAY, William de Baron of Axholme b.1172


MOWER, John b.1640
MOWER, Samuel b.1642


MOWRY, Eunice E. b.1835


MOWSE, Richard b.1608


MOYCE, Martha b.1619


MOYER, Frederic Derr b.1910


MOYLE, Amy b.1524
MOYLE, Anne b.1589
MOYLE, Anne b.1552
MOYLE, Anne a.1617
MOYLE, Anthony a.1618
MOYLE, Bridget a.1620
MOYLE, Daniel b.1593
MOYLE, Elizabeth b.1554
MOYLE, George b.1558
MOYLE, Joan b.1550
MOYLE, Joan b.1523
MOYLE, John b.1525
MOYLE, John b.1614
MOYLE, John Esquire b.1591
MOYLE, John Esquire b.1435
MOYLE, Joseph a.1636
MOYLE, Katherine b.1527
MOYLE, Loveday b.1573
MOYLE, Mary b.1600
MOYLE, Mary a.1625
MOYLE, Nathaniel a.1598
MOYLE, Nathaniel a.1629
MOYLE, Richard b.1496
MOYLE, Robert b.1521
MOYLE, Robert b.1556
MOYLE, Robert a.1622
MOYLE, Roger a.1624
MOYLE, Thomas Knight b.1494
MOYLE, Walter Knight a.1627
MOYLE, William b.1561
MOYLE, William b.1528
MOYLE, Zacharias a.1596


MOYNE, Henry b.1369
MOYNE, Joan b.1394




MUCHMORE, Walter b.1626


MUCKLOW, John a.1542


MUDD, Henry b.1628


MUDGE, Martha b.1662


MUDGETT, Wilmer Charles b.1920


MULFORD, Hannah b.1645
MULFORD, Martha b.1665
MULFORD, Mary b.1658
MULFORD, Samuel b.1645
MULFORD, Thomas b.1688


MULKEY, Joseph A. b.1851


MULLENS, Mary b.1808


MULLINS, Mary b.1570


MULSHO, Elizabeth b.1400


MULTNEY, Arnold de b.1365
MULTNEY, Margaret de b.1390


MULTON, Alan de b.1197
MULTON, Alan de b.1168
MULTON, Alice de b.1320
MULTON, Aline de b.1246
MULTON, Bartholomew de b.1143
MULTON, Edmund de b.1244
MULTON, Elizabeth de b.1306
MULTON, Hubert de b.1249
MULTON, James de b.1252
MULTON, Joan de b.1235
MULTON, Joan de b.1304
MULTON, John de Lord Multon b.1308
MULTON, Julian de b.1191
MULTON, Lambert de b.1117
MULTON, Lambert de b.1195
MULTON, Margaret de Baroness Multon b.1300
MULTON, Margaret de b.1311
MULTON, Thomas de b.1140
MULTON, Thomas de Lord Multon b.1276
MULTON, Thomas I de b.1166
MULTON, Thomas II de b.1220
MULTON, Thomas III de b.1242
MULTON, Thomas IV de b.1262
MULTON, Thomas V de Lord Multon b.1281


MUMBY, Ursula b.1578


MUMFORD, Hannah b.1611


MUMM, Frank Harriman b.1918


MUNCEY, Francis b.1635


MUNCHENSY, Alice de b.1156
MUNCHENSY, Denise de b.1283
MUNCHENSY, Frethesant de b.1158
MUNCHENSY, Geoffrey de b.1110
MUNCHENSY, Gilbert de b.1088
MUNCHENSY, Hubert de b.1154
MUNCHENSY, Hubert de Knight b.1166
MUNCHENSY, Hubert de b.1091
MUNCHENSY, Hubert de b.1035
MUNCHENSY, Hubert de b.1060
MUNCHENSY, Hugh de b.1094
MUNCHENSY, Joan de b.1383
MUNCHENSY, Joan de b.1230
MUNCHENSY, John de b.1223
MUNCHENSY, N.N. de b.1085
MUNCHENSY, Ralph de Knight b.1150
MUNCHENSY, Robert de b.1130
MUNCHENSY, Roger de b.1108
MUNCHENSY, Sarah de b.1099
MUNCHENSY, Stephen de b.1132
MUNCHENSY, Thomas I de Knight b.1315
MUNCHENSY, Thomas II de Knight b.1350
MUNCHENSY, Warin de b.1106
MUNCHENSY, Warin de Lord of Swanscomb b.1192
MUNCHENSY, William de Knight b.1240
MUNCHENSY, William de b.1190
MUNCHENSY, William de Knight b.1152
MUNCHENSY, William I de b.1191
MUNCHENSY, William II de Knight b.1230
MUNCHENSY, William III de b.1278


MUNDAY, Joan b.1522


MUNDEFORD, Elizabeth a.1607
MUNDEFORD, Temperance a.1565


MUNDEN, Abraham b.1620
MUNDEN, Elizabeth b.1520
MUNDEN, Mary b.1645


MUNDUBLEIL, Payn de b.1073
MUNDUBLEIL, Wilburga de b.1098


MUNDY, Joan b.1505


MUNN, Abigail b.1650
MUNN, Benjamin b.1655
MUNN, Benjamin b.1619
MUNN, James b.1657
MUNN, Jane b.1676
MUNN, John b.1653
MUNN, Nathaniel b.1661


MUNNINGS, Anne b.1500
MUNNINGS, Edmund b.1666
MUNNINGS, Edmund b.1595
MUNNINGS, Elizabeth b.1596
MUNNINGS, George b.1655
MUNNINGS, Hannah b.1657
MUNNINGS, Hannah a.1629
MUNNINGS, Hopestill b.1637
MUNNINGS, Jeremiah b.1674
MUNNINGS, Mahalaleel b.1655
MUNNINGS, Mahalaleel b.1632
MUNNINGS, Mary b.1626
MUNNINGS, Mehitable b.1659
MUNNINGS, Rebecca b.1670
MUNNINGS, Rebecca b.1634
MUNNINGS, Repentance b.1659
MUNNINGS, Return b.1640
MUNNINGS, Sarah b.1669
MUNNINGS, Takeheed b.1642


MUNNION, Edward b.1676


MUNOZ, Alvaro b.972
MUNOZ, Ansur b.960
MUNOZ, Flain b.990
MUNOZ, Gonzalo Count of Asturias b.1007
MUNOZ, Jimena b.1050
MUNOZ, N.N. b.966


MUNPINCUN, Hugh de b.1151


MUNRO, Anna b.1743


MUNSELL, Jacob b.1692


MUNSON, Anne b.1623
MUNSON, Caleb b.1682
MUNSON, Ebenezer b.1717
MUNSON, Elizabeth b.1645
MUNSON, Eunice b.1713
MUNSON, Hannah b.1705
MUNSON, Hannah a.1648
MUNSON, Israel b.1687
MUNSON, Joanna b.1707
MUNSON, John b.1673
MUNSON, Joseph b.1677
MUNSON, Joshua b.1685
MUNSON, Lydia b.1696
MUNSON, Martha b.1667
MUNSON, Mary b.1700
MUNSON, Obadiah b.1703
MUNSON, Rachel b.1709
MUNSON, Samuel b.1669
MUNSON, Samuel a.1643
MUNSON, Stephen b.1679
MUNSON, Thankful b.1715
MUNSON, Theophilus b.1747
MUNSON, Theophilus b.1675
MUNSON, Thomas a.1612
MUNSON, Thomas b.1698
MUNSON, Thomas b.1671


MUNT, Henry b.1562


MUNTER, Frances b.1599


MURDAC, Alice de b.1142
MURDAC, Alice de b.1192
MURDAC, Beatrice de b.1197
MURDAC, Geoffrey de b.1101
MURDAC, Joan de b.1193
MURDAC, Juliana de b.1126
MURDAC, Maud de b.1195
MURDAC, Ralph de b.1105
MURDAC, Ralph de b.1140


MURE, Adam Knight b.1326
MURE, Adam Knight b.1295
MURE, Agnes b.1323
MURE, Alicia b.1320
MURE, Anice b.1255
MURE, Archibald b.1480
MURE, Archibald b.1385
MURE, Archibald b.1349
MURE, Archibald b.1250
MURE, Christian b.1456
MURE, Christina b.1334
MURE, Elizabeth b.1252
MURE, Elizabeth Countess of Strathearn b.1320
MURE, Gilchrist b.1275
MURE, Gilchrist b.1317
MURE, Gilchrist Knight b.1200
MURE, James b.1454
MURE, John b.1450
MURE, John b.1478
MURE, John Vicar of Kincardine b.1323
MURE, Marjory b.1433
MURE, N.N. b.1329
MURE, Reginald Chamberlain of Scotland b.1280
MURE, Robert b.1452
MURE, Robert b.1425
MURE, Robert b.1379
MURE, William b.1459
MURE, William b.1315
MURE, William Knight b.1272


MURFYN, Frances b.1515


MURPHY, Daniel b.1809
MURPHY, Simon Fredrick b.1846


MURRAY, David Knight b.1368
MURRAY, Elizabeth Countess of Dysart b.1627
MURRAY, James b.1675
MURRAY, Margaret b.1556
MURRAY, Margaret b.1727
MURRAY, Mariota b.1427
MURRAY, Patrick b.1535
MURRAY, Thomas b.1700
MURRAY, Vilate b.1806


MUSARD, Enisan b.1073
MUSARD, Garsiena b.1098
MUSARD, Isabel b.1185
MUSARD, Matilda b.1165


MUSCEGROS, Hawise de b.1276
MUSCEGROS, John de Knight b.1232
MUSCEGROS, Mabel de b.1226
MUSCEGROS, N.N. de b.1238
MUSCEGROS, Richard de b.1147
MUSCEGROS, Richard de Knight b.1173
MUSCEGROS, Robert de Knight b.1252
MUSCEGROS, Robert de Knight b.1198


MUSCHAMP, Cecily de b.1220
MUSCHAMP, Cecily de b.1105
MUSCHAMP, Isabel de b.1225
MUSCHAMP, Margery de b.1222
MUSCHAMP, N.N. de b.1342
MUSCHAMP, Ranulf de b.1102
MUSCHAMP, Robert de Knight b.1179
MUSCHAMP, Robert de b.1070
MUSCHAMP, Thomas de b.1100
MUSCHAMP, Thomas de b.1130


MUSCHET, Joan b.1344


MUSGRAVE, Elizabeth b.1499
MUSGRAVE, Lydia b.1645
MUSGRAVE, Richard b.1425
MUSGRAVE, Thomas de b.1281
MUSGRAVE, Thomas de Lord Musgrave b.1301


MUSICK, Abraham b.1712
MUSICK, Abraham b.1745
MUSICK, Abraham b.1780
MUSICK, Agnes b.1716
MUSICK, Ambrose b.1708
MUSICK, Daniel b.1706
MUSICK, David b.1752
MUSICK, Elexious b.1718
MUSICK, Elexious b.1788
MUSICK, Elijah b.1782
MUSICK, Elizabeth b.1714
MUSICK, Ephraim b.1723
MUSICK, George b.1710
MUSICK, George b.1678
MUSICK, James b.1748
MUSICK, Jonathan b.1742
MUSICK, Kezia b.1720
MUSICK, Phoebe b.1791
MUSICK, Samuel b.1785


MUSKET, Richard b.1500


MUSSETT, Elizabeth b.1713


MUSSEY, Robert b.1599


MUSTON, Elizabeth b.1478
MUSTON, Thomas a.1654
MUSTON, Thomas b.1620


MUZZY, Amos b.1700
MUZZY, Benjamin b.1689
MUZZY, Benjamin b.1657
MUZZY, Benjamin b.1631
MUZZY, Bethiah b.1701
MUZZY, Joseph b.1659
MUZZY, Mary b.1683
MUZZY, Sarah b.1653


MYCHELL, John a.1542
MYCHELL, Sybil b.1440


MYLDE, Katherine b.1352
MYLDE, William Esquire b.1327


MYLES, Katherine a.1576


MYLL, Elizabeth b.1400
MYLL, John b.1502
MYLL, Margaret b.1524
MYLL, N.N. b.1397
MYLL, Thomas b.1395
MYLL, Thomas Knight b.1360


MYLLES, John a.1580


MYLNE, Elizabeth b.1563


MYLWARD, Robert b.1510


MYNNE, Nicholas Esquire b.1548


MYNNS, Agnes b.1440


MYNORS, Mary b.1485


NAGY, Anna a.1816
NAGY, Anna a.1845
NAGY, Erzsebet a.1820
NAGY, Erzsebet a.1841
NAGY, Ferencz a.1838
NAGY, Ferencz a.1809
NAGY, Gyorgy a.1808
NAGY, Istvan a.1816
NAGY, Janos a.1843
NAGY, Jozsef b.1783
NAGY, Katalin a.1848
NAGY, Rosalia a.1835


NAMUR, Adelaide of b.1068
NAMUR, Albert I of Count of Namur b.970
NAMUR, Albert II of Count of Namur b.1000
NAMUR, Albert III of Count of Namur b.1030
NAMUR, Alix of b.1115
NAMUR, Beatrix of b.1111
NAMUR, Elizabeth de b.1092
NAMUR, Ermensende of b.1186
NAMUR, Godfrey of Count of Namur b.1070
NAMUR, Hedwig of b.1010
NAMUR, Henry "The Blind" of Count of Luxembourg b.1113
NAMUR, Henry of Count of La Roche b.1072


NANFAN, John Knight b.1400


NANNY, Mary b.1661


NANTES, Lambert I of Count of Nantes b.780
NANTES, Lambert II of Count of Nantes b.812


NAPLES, Atanasio II of Bishop of Naples b.859
NAPLES, Gemma of b.894
NAPLES, Gregorio III of Duke of Naples b.830
NAPLES, Marino of b.780
NAPLES, Robert of King of Naples b.1277
NAPLES, Sergio I of Duke of Naples b.805


NAPPARIUS, N.N. b.1223
NAPPARIUS, Rober Lord of Pushull b.1198


NAPPER, Agnes b.1600


NAPTON, Adam Knight b.1224
NAPTON, Adam b.1333
NAPTON, Adam Knight b.1245
NAPTON, Adam de b.1200
NAPTON, Joan b.1365
NAPTON, John b.1367
NAPTON, Robert Knight b.1270


NARBONNE, Aubri de Count of Macon b.875
NARBONNE, Aymeri I of Viscount of Narbonne b.1055
NARBONNE, Aymeri II of b.1086
NARBONNE, Firmius de Bishop of Uzes b.512
NARBONNE, Gersende de b.925
NARBONNE, Guiscard of b.1088
NARBONNE, Mayeul de Vicomte de Narbonne b.845
NARBONNE, Rixinde de b.1009


NARBOROUGH, William b.1401


NARFORD, John de Knight b.1295


NARSWORTHY, Joan b.1623


NASH, Abigail b.1673
NASH, Alice b.1685
NASH, Benjamin b.1685
NASH, Charles R. b.1821
NASH, Elizabeth a.1647
NASH, Experience b.1690
NASH, Hannah b.1652
NASH, Isaac b.1660
NASH, Jacob b.1667
NASH, Jacob b.1640
NASH, James b.1678
NASH, John b.1671
NASH, Joseph b.1669
NASH, Joseph b.1645
NASH, Lydia b.1740
NASH, Mary b.1675
NASH, Robert b.1602
NASH, Sarah a.1649
NASH, Sarah b.1688
NASH, Sarah b.1627
NASH, Sarah b.1669
NASH, Thomas b.1681


NASON, Abigail b.1676
NASON, Adah b.1715
NASON, Alice b.1672
NASON, Azariah b.1716
NASON, Baker b.1662
NASON, Benjamin b.1656
NASON, Charity b.1678
NASON, Elizabeth b.1727
NASON, John b.1645
NASON, John b.1704
NASON, Jonathan b.1647
NASON, Jonathan b.1710
NASON, Jonathan b.1680
NASON, Joseph b.1652
NASON, Mary a.1720
NASON, Mary b.1659
NASON, Mary b.1674
NASON, Mary b.1706
NASON, Philadelphia b.1719
NASON, Rachel b.1724
NASON, Richard b.1670
NASON, Richard b.1650
NASON, Richard b.1615
NASON, Richard b.1703
NASON, Sarah b.1682
NASON, Sarah b.1654
NASON, Sarah b.1708
NASON, Thomas b.1573
NASON, Thomas b.1535
NASON, Uriah b.1713


NAUNTON, Anne b.1532
NAUNTON, Anthony b.1534
NAUNTON, Bartholomew Knight b.1335
NAUNTON, Charles b.1536
NAUNTON, Henry b.1549
NAUNTON, Henry Esquire b.1540
NAUNTON, Joan b.1530
NAUNTON, John b.1544
NAUNTON, Margery b.1440
NAUNTON, Margery b.1375
NAUNTON, Thomas Knight b.1352
NAUNTON, Tristram b.1538
NAUNTON, Ursula b.1542
NAUNTON, William b.1546
NAUNTON, William Esquire b.1508


NAVARRE, Agnes de b.1340
NAVARRE, Beatrix de b.1242
NAVARRE, Berengaria de Countess of Champagne b.1163
NAVARRE, Blanca de b.1177
NAVARRE, Blanca of b.1134
NAVARRE, Blanche de b.1333
NAVARRE, Blanche de b.1226
NAVARRE, Charles II de King of Navarre b.1332
NAVARRE, Charles III de King of Navarre b.1361
NAVARRE, Garcia IV de King of Navarre b.1021
NAVARRE, Garcia Jimenez of King of Navarre b.835
NAVARRE, Garcia Sanchez II of King of Navarre b.909
NAVARRE, Garcia Sanchez III of King of Navarre b.964
NAVARRE, Garcia VII "El Restaurador" of King of Navarre b.1110
NAVARRE, Henri "le Gros" de King of Navarre b.1244
NAVARRE, Jeanne de b.1342
NAVARRE, Jeanne de b.1331
NAVARRE, Jeanne de b.1370
NAVARRE, Jeanne de Countess of Champagne b.1272
NAVARRE, Lopa of b.890
NAVARRE, Louis de b.1339
NAVARRE, Marie de b.1335
NAVARRE, Oneca of b.907
NAVARRE, Philippe de Count of Longueville b.1337
NAVARRE, Pierre de Count of Mortain b.1366
NAVARRE, Sancha of b.905
NAVARRE, Sancho Garces I of King of Navarre b.865
NAVARRE, Sancho Garces II of King of Navarre b.935
NAVARRE, Sancho VI of King of Navarre b.1131
NAVARRE, Sancho VII of King of Navarre b.1171
NAVARRE, Theobald I de Count of Champagne b.1201
NAVARRE, Theobald II de b.1238
NAVARRE, Urraca of b.912
NAVARRE, Urraca of b.995


NAYLOR, Elizabeth b.1691
NAYLOR, George b.1686
NAYLOR, George b.1654
NAYLOR, James b.1688
NAYLOR, Nicholas b.1756
NAYLOR, Richard b.1454


NEAL, Amy b.1675
NEAL, Mary b.1695
NEAL, Mary b.1668


NEALE, Anne b.1806
NEALE, Ellen b.1580
NEALE, Jane b.1546
NEALE, Jane b.1542
NEALE, John b.1616


NEEDHAM, Agnes b.1542
NEEDHAM, Anne b.1517
NEEDHAM, Anne b.1547
NEEDHAM, Anne b.1562
NEEDHAM, Dorothy b.1570
NEEDHAM, Eleanor b.1627
NEEDHAM, Elizabeth b.1567
NEEDHAM, Elizabeth b.1680
NEEDHAM, Jane b.1558
NEEDHAM, Joan b.1544
NEEDHAM, John b.1511
NEEDHAM, John b.1536
NEEDHAM, John b.1620
NEEDHAM, Margaret b.1538
NEEDHAM, Mary b.1540
NEEDHAM, Mary b.1573
NEEDHAM, Mary b.1629
NEEDHAM, Maud b.1505
NEEDHAM, Maud b.1565
NEEDHAM, Mehitable b.1687
NEEDHAM, Robert b.1514
NEEDHAM, Robert Knight b.1482
NEEDHAM, Robert Viscount Kilmorey b.1556
NEEDHAM, Robert Esquire b.1534
NEEDHAM, Thomas b.1560
NEEDHAM, Thomas Esquire b.1508


NEEDLER, Sarah a.1606


NEGUS, Isaac b.1650
NEGUS, Jonathan b.1601
NEGUS, Mary b.1653
NEGUS, Susannah b.1761




NEIGHBOR, Elizabeth b.1638


NELLENBURG, Adelaide of b.1043
NELLENBURG, Eberhard III of b.1020


NELSON, Dorothy a.1633
NELSON, Elizabeth b.1672
NELSON, Ephraim b.1681
NELSON, Jemima b.1686
NELSON, Jeremiah b.1674
NELSON, Jeremiah b.1670
NELSON, John b.1668
NELSON, John b.1643
NELSON, Joseph b.1682
NELSON, Julia P. b.1896
NELSON, Katherine a.1630
NELSON, Lucy b.1689
NELSON, Martha b.1677
NELSON, Mary a.1632
NELSON, Mercy b.1669
NELSON, Peleg b.1810
NELSON, Philip a.1635
NELSON, Robert Esquire b.1656
NELSON, Ruth b.1680
NELSON, Sarah a.1673
NELSON, Thomas a.1628
NELSON, Thomas Gentleman b.1600
NELSON, Thomas a.1636


NEMETH, Janos a.1869
NEMETH, Janos a.1841
NEMETH, Jozsef a.1868
NEMETH, Rosalia a.1871


NERFORD, Adam de b.1205
NERFORD, Maud de b.1295


NESBITT, Hugh b.1655


NESLE, Jean de Seigneur de Falvy b.1218
NESLE, Jeanne de b.1261


NETTLETON, Abigail b.1713
NETTLETON, Alpheus b.1799
NETTLETON, Betty b.1646
NETTLETON, Elizabeth b.1703
NETTLETON, Elizabeth b.1680
NETTLETON, George b.1682
NETTLETON, Hannah b.1634
NETTLETON, Isabel b.1640
NETTLETON, John b.1694
NETTLETON, John b.1671
NETTLETON, John b.1644
NETTLETON, Joseph b.1685
NETTLETON, Josiah b.1709
NETTLETON, Josiah b.1678
NETTLETON, Lucy b.1699
NETTLETON, Martha b.1675
NETTLETON, Martha b.1692
NETTLETON, Martha b.1636
NETTLETON, Mary b.1701
NETTLETON, Mary b.1638
NETTLETON, Samuel b.1713
NETTLETON, Samuel b.1673
NETTLETON, Samuel b.1608
NETTLETON, Samuel b.1649
NETTLETON, Sarah b.1697
NETTLETON, Sarah b.1642
NETTLETON, Thankful b.1706


NEUCHATEL, Agnes de b.1208
NEUCHATEL, Ulrich III de b.1160


NEUENBERG, N.N. of b.1070
NEUENBERG, Ulrich of b.1045


NEUFMARCHE, Bernard de Lord of Brecon b.1065
NEUFMARCHE, Geoffrey de b.1025
NEUFMARCHE, Mahel de b.1091
NEUFMARCHE, Sybil de b.1093
NEUFMARCHE, Thurcytel de b.1000


NEVERD, William b.1563


NEVERS, Adele de b.1179
NEVERS, Agnes de Countess of Nevers b.1170
NEVERS, Aldesinde de b.1080
NEVERS, Ermengard de b.1051
NEVERS, Ermengarde de b.1073
NEVERS, Eudes de Count of Vendome b.997
NEVERS, Guillaume I de Count of Nevers b.1023
NEVERS, Guillaume II de Count of Tonnerre b.1049
NEVERS, Landry III de Seigneur de Meers b.960
NEVERS, Renaud de Seigneur de Craon b.1046
NEVERS, Renaud I de Count of Nevers b.999
NEVERS, Renaud II de Count of Nevers b.1047
NEVERS, Robert de b.1044
NEVERS, Robert de b.1025


NEVILLE, Adeline b.1549
NEVILLE, Agnes de b.1209
NEVILLE, Agnes de b.1224
NEVILLE, Alan de b.1125
NEVILLE, Alexander Knight b.1390
NEVILLE, Alexander de Knight b.1359
NEVILLE, Alexander de Archbishop of York b.1331
NEVILLE, Alexander de Knight b.1297
NEVILLE, Alexander de b.1236
NEVILLE, Alexander de b.1175
NEVILLE, Alexander de b.1203
NEVILLE, Alianor b.1408
NEVILLE, Alice b.1434
NEVILLE, Alice b.1437
NEVILLE, Alice b.1453
NEVILLE, Alice b.1430
NEVILLE, Alice de b.1386
NEVILLE, Alice de b.1358
NEVILLE, Anastasia b.1289
NEVILLE, Anastasia de b.1270
NEVILLE, Anne b.1485
NEVILLE, Anne b.1611
NEVILLE, Anne b.1478
NEVILLE, Anne b.1534
NEVILLE, Anne b.1460
NEVILLE, Anne b.1457
NEVILLE, Anne b.1508
NEVILLE, Anne b.1456
NEVILLE, Anne Duchess of Buckingham b.1409
NEVILLE, Anne b.1556
NEVILLE, Anne de b.1394
NEVILLE, Audrey b.1478
NEVILLE, Cecily b.1415
NEVILLE, Cecily b.1424
NEVILLE, Cecily de b.1227
NEVILLE, Charles a.1617
NEVILLE, Charles Earl of Westmorland b.1543
NEVILLE, Christopher b.1511
NEVILLE, Christopher b.1513
NEVILLE, Clara b.1507
NEVILLE, Clare b.1507
NEVILLE, Cuthbert b.1411
NEVILLE, Dorothy b.1522
NEVILLE, Dorothy a.1593
NEVILLE, Dorothy b.1547
NEVILLE, Dorothy b.1526
NEVILLE, Dorothy b.1490
NEVILLE, Dorothy b.1496
NEVILLE, Edmund de Knight b.1301
NEVILLE, Edmund de b.1277
NEVILLE, Edward b.1598
NEVILLE, Edward b.1451
NEVILLE, Edward b.1566
NEVILLE, Edward Lord Abergavenny b.1517
NEVILLE, Edward Knight b.1477
NEVILLE, Edward Lord Abergavenny b.1417
NEVILLE, Eleanor b.1547
NEVILLE, Eleanor b.1435
NEVILLE, Eleanor b.1403
NEVILLE, Eleanor de b.1360
NEVILLE, Eleanor de b.1343
NEVILLE, Elena de b.1239
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1517
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1578
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1499
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1423
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1586
NEVILLE, Elizabeth a.1611
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1550
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1435
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1527
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1496
NEVILLE, Elizabeth Nun b.1390
NEVILLE, Elizabeth Nun b.1371
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1500
NEVILLE, Elizabeth a.1561
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1518
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1438
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1473
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1440
NEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1463
NEVILLE, Elizabeth de b.1286
NEVILLE, Elizabeth de b.1384
NEVILLE, Ellen b.1445
NEVILLE, Emma de b.1159
NEVILLE, Eupheme de b.1301
NEVILLE, Eupheme de b.1337
NEVILLE, Floria de b.1209
NEVILLE, Frances b.1588
NEVILLE, Frances b.1524
NEVILLE, Francis b.1495
NEVILLE, Francis b.1568
NEVILLE, Geoffrey de b.1135
NEVILLE, Geoffrey de b.1154
NEVILLE, Geoffrey de Knight b.1190
NEVILLE, Geoffrey de b.1090
NEVILLE, Geoffrey de b.1275
NEVILLE, Geoffrey de b.1333
NEVILLE, Geoffrey de b.1140
NEVILLE, Geoffrey de Sheriff of Northumberland b.1197
NEVILLE, Geoffrey de Knight b.1229
NEVILLE, George Lord Abergavenny b.1665
NEVILLE, George Knight b.1460
NEVILLE, George Esquire b.1517
NEVILLE, George Duke of Bedford b.1458
NEVILLE, George Archdeacon of Carlisle b.1509
NEVILLE, George Lord Abergavenny b.1469
NEVILLE, George Lord Abergavenny b.1440
NEVILLE, George Archbishop of York b.1433
NEVILLE, George Lord Latimer b.1413
NEVILLE, Gertrude b.1528
NEVILLE, Gilbert de b.1060
NEVILLE, Gilbert de b.1121
NEVILLE, Giles de b.1327
NEVILLE, Henry a.1619
NEVILLE, Henry Knight b.1585
NEVILLE, Henry Lord Abergavenny b.1576
NEVILLE, Henry Lord Abergavenny b.1528
NEVILLE, Henry Earl of Westmorland b.1524
NEVILLE, Henry b.1406
NEVILLE, Henry Knight a.1564
NEVILLE, Henry Knight b.1520
NEVILLE, Henry Knight b.1438
NEVILLE, Henry de b.1267
NEVILLE, Henry de b.1172
NEVILLE, Herbert de b.1212
NEVILLE, Hugh de Knight b.1231
NEVILLE, Hugh de Sheriff of Essex b.1175
NEVILLE, Hugh de Lord Neville b.1276
NEVILLE, Humphrey b.1486
NEVILLE, Humphrey b.1505
NEVILLE, Ida de b.1295
NEVILLE, Idoine b.1368
NEVILLE, Isabel b.1582
NEVILLE, Isabel b.1470
NEVILLE, Isabel b.1451
NEVILLE, Isabel de b.1339
NEVILLE, Isabel de b.1176
NEVILLE, Jane b.1415
NEVILLE, Jane b.1494
NEVILLE, Jane b.1512
NEVILLE, Jane b.1414
NEVILLE, Jane b.1451
NEVILLE, Jane de b.1266
NEVILLE, Joan b.1504
NEVILLE, Joan b.1428
NEVILLE, Joan b.1433
NEVILLE, Joan Nun b.1421
NEVILLE, Joan b.1504
NEVILLE, Joan b.1435
NEVILLE, Joan b.1467
NEVILLE, Joan b.1426
NEVILLE, Joan de b.1274
NEVILLE, Joan de b.1245
NEVILLE, Joan de b.1233
NEVILLE, Joan de b.1225
NEVILLE, Joan de b.1403
NEVILLE, Joan de b.1215
NEVILLE, John Esquire b.1431
NEVILLE, John Lord Latimer b.1520
NEVILLE, John b.1530
NEVILLE, John b.1488
NEVILLE, John b.1419
NEVILLE, John Esquire b.1416
NEVILLE, John b.1471
NEVILLE, John Knight b.1449
NEVILLE, John Earl of Northumberland b.1431
NEVILLE, John Lord Neville b.1410
NEVILLE, John Lord Latimer b.1493
NEVILLE, John Knight b.1427
NEVILLE, John b.1260
NEVILLE, John de Knight b.1299
NEVILLE, John de b.1352
NEVILLE, John de b.1299
NEVILLE, John de b.1200
NEVILLE, John de Knight b.1384
NEVILLE, John de Lord Latimer b.1382
NEVILLE, John de Knight b.1206
NEVILLE, John de b.1243
NEVILLE, John de b.1269
NEVILLE, John de b.1325
NEVILLE, John de Lord Neville of Raby b.1329
NEVILLE, John de Knight b.1239
NEVILLE, Juliana de b.1233
NEVILLE, Katherine b.1501
NEVILLE, Katherine b.1589
NEVILLE, Katherine b.1622
NEVILLE, Katherine b.1546
NEVILLE, Katherine b.1545
NEVILLE, Katherine b.1522
NEVILLE, Katherine b.1499
NEVILLE, Katherine b.1462
NEVILLE, Katherine a.1570
NEVILLE, Katherine b.1443
NEVILLE, Katherine b.1522
NEVILLE, Katherine b.1438
NEVILLE, Katherine b.1440
NEVILLE, Katherine Duchess of Norfolk b.1398
NEVILLE, Katherine de b.1328
NEVILLE, Lucy b.1549
NEVILLE, Lucy b.1467
NEVILLE, Margaret b.1520
NEVILLE, Margaret b.1517
NEVILLE, Margaret b.1524
NEVILLE, Margaret b.1529
NEVILLE, Margaret b.1404
NEVILLE, Margaret b.1495
NEVILLE, Margaret b.1454
NEVILLE, Margaret b.1443
NEVILLE, Margaret b.1465
NEVILLE, Margaret de b.1261
NEVILLE, Margaret de b.1230
NEVILLE, Margaret de b.1396
NEVILLE, Margaret de b.1273
NEVILLE, Margaret de b.1383
NEVILLE, Margaret de b.1334
NEVILLE, Margaret de b.1365
NEVILLE, Marmaduke b.1508
NEVILLE, Mary Baroness le Despenser b.1555
NEVILLE, Mary b.1591
NEVILLE, Mary a.1613
NEVILLE, Mary b.1520
NEVILLE, Mary b.1528
NEVILLE, Mary b.1526
NEVILLE, Mary de b.1293
NEVILLE, Maud b.1366
NEVILLE, Maud de b.1383
NEVILLE, Maud de b.1391
NEVILLE, Merisia de b.1268
NEVILLE, N.N. b.1285
NEVILLE, Nicholas de b.1225
NEVILLE, Philip de Knight b.1210
NEVILLE, Philippa a.1620
NEVILLE, Philippe de b.1388
NEVILLE, Ralph Esquire b.1469
NEVILLE, Ralph b.1542
NEVILLE, Ralph Lord Neville b.1474
NEVILLE, Ralph Earl of Westmorland b.1456
NEVILLE, Ralph Earl of Westmorland b.1498
NEVILLE, Ralph b.1449
NEVILLE, Ralph b.1440
NEVILLE, Ralph Earl of Westmorland b.1406
NEVILLE, Ralph de b.1050
NEVILLE, Ralph de b.1080
NEVILLE, Ralph de b.1110
NEVILLE, Ralph de b.1145
NEVILLE, Ralph de Knight b.1180
NEVILLE, Ralph de b.1264
NEVILLE, Ralph de b.1222
NEVILLE, Ralph de Knight b.1336
NEVILLE, Ralph de Knight b.1392
NEVILLE, Ralph de b.1150
NEVILLE, Ralph de Earl of Westmorland b.1364
NEVILLE, Ralph de Lord Neville of Raby b.1291
NEVILLE, Ranulph de Lord Neville of Raby b.1262
NEVILLE, Reynold de b.1271
NEVILLE, Richard Esquire b.1510
NEVILLE, Richard b.1601
NEVILLE, Richard Esquire a.1615
NEVILLE, Richard Lord Latimer b.1466
NEVILLE, Richard Knight b.1482
NEVILLE, Richard b.1436
NEVILLE, Richard Earl of Warwick b.1428
NEVILLE, Richard Earl of Salisbury b.1399
NEVILLE, Robert Bishop of Durham b.1404
NEVILLE, Robert Knight b.1411
NEVILLE, Robert b.1446
NEVILLE, Robert de Knight b.1175
NEVILLE, Robert de Knight b.1235
NEVILLE, Robert de Knight b.1341
NEVILLE, Robert de b.1263
NEVILLE, Robert de b.1287
NEVILLE, Robert de b.1241
NEVILLE, Robert de Knight b.1221
NEVILLE, Robert de Knight b.1271
NEVILLE, Robert de Knight b.1300
NEVILLE, Robert de Sheriff of Yorkshire b.1323
NEVILLE, Roger b.1492
NEVILLE, Sara de b.1167
NEVILLE, Susanne b.1501
NEVILLE, Thomas Knight b.1425
NEVILLE, Thomas Knight b.1399
NEVILLE, Thomas Knight b.1501
NEVILLE, Thomas b.1534
NEVILLE, Thomas b.1484
NEVILLE, Thomas Esquire b.1456
NEVILLE, Thomas b.1407
NEVILLE, Thomas Knight b.1502
NEVILLE, Thomas Esquire b.1469
NEVILLE, Thomas Knight b.1479
NEVILLE, Thomas Knight b.1429
NEVILLE, Thomas Knight b.1412
NEVILLE, Thomas b.1443
NEVILLE, Thomas de Knight b.1377
NEVILLE, Thomas de Canon of York b.1332
NEVILLE, Thomas de Archdeacon of Durham b.1303
NEVILLE, Thomas de Lord Furnival b.1362
NEVILLE, Thomas de b.1329
NEVILLE, Thomas de b.1358
NEVILLE, Ursula b.1532
NEVILLE, Ursula b.1482
NEVILLE, Walter de b.1147
NEVILLE, William b.1446
NEVILLE, William b.1424
NEVILLE, William a.1596
NEVILLE, William b.1480
NEVILLE, William b.1497
NEVILLE, William a.1573
NEVILLE, William b.1475
NEVILLE, William Earl of Kent b.1401
NEVILLE, William de b.1142
NEVILLE, William de b.1185
NEVILLE, William de Knight b.1345
NEVILLE, William de b.1280
NEVILLE, William de b.1325
NEVILLE, William de b.1331

Surname List