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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


MONTGOMERY, Agnes b.1427
MONTGOMERY, Agnes b.1387
MONTGOMERY, Alan de b.1260
MONTGOMERY, Alan de Knight b.1194
MONTGOMERY, Alan de b.1150
MONTGOMERY, Alexander b.1443
MONTGOMERY, Alexander b.1364
MONTGOMERY, Alexander Master of Montgomery b.1417
MONTGOMERY, Alexander Lord Montgomery b.1389
MONTGOMERY, Alexander Knight b.1335
MONTGOMERY, Arnulf de b.1045
MONTGOMERY, Elizabeth b.1441
MONTGOMERY, Elizabeth b.1424
MONTGOMERY, Ellen b.1476
MONTGOMERY, Emma de Abbess of Almeneches b.1047
MONTGOMERY, George b.1419
MONTGOMERY, Gilbert de b.1029
MONTGOMERY, Hugh b.1367
MONTGOMERY, Hugh b.1415
MONTGOMERY, Hugh b.1449
MONTGOMERY, Hugh Earl of Eglinton b.1459
MONTGOMERY, Hugh de b.1024
MONTGOMERY, Hugh de Earl of Shrewsbury b.1049
MONTGOMERY, Hugh de b.965
MONTGOMERY, Isabel b.1395
MONTGOMERY, Joanna b.1370
MONTGOMERY, John Knight b.1390
MONTGOMERY, John Knight b.1300
MONTGOMERY, John Lord of Ardrossan b.1362
MONTGOMERY, John de Knight b.1257
MONTGOMERY, John de Knight b.1172
MONTGOMERY, John de Knight b.1220
MONTGOMERY, Mabel de b.1055
MONTGOMERY, Margaret b.1431
MONTGOMERY, Margaret b.1445
MONTGOMERY, Margaret de b.1254
MONTGOMERY, Matilda b.1374
MONTGOMERY, Maud de b.1041
MONTGOMERY, Nicholas de Knight b.1449
MONTGOMERY, Philip de b.1061
MONTGOMERY, Philip de b.1101
MONTGOMERY, Ponce de b.1092
MONTGOMERY, Robert b.1447
MONTGOMERY, Robert b.1392
MONTGOMERY, Robert de b.1122
MONTGOMERY, Robert de b.1026
MONTGOMERY, Roger "The Great" de b.990
MONTGOMERY, Roger de b.1043
MONTGOMERY, Roger de Count of La Marche b.1058
MONTGOMERY, Roger de Earl of Shrewsbury b.1020
MONTGOMERY, Sybil de b.1064
MONTGOMERY, Thomas Rector of Glasgow University b.1422
MONTGOMERY, Thomas K.G. b.1460
MONTGOMERY, Walter de Knight b.1314
MONTGOMERY, Walter de Knight b.1275
MONTGOMERY, William de b.1022


MONTHERMER, Edward Knight b.1304
MONTHERMER, Joan de Nun b.1299
MONTHERMER, Margaret de Lady Monthermer b.1329
MONTHERMER, Mary de Countess of Fife b.1298
MONTHERMER, Ralph de Lord Monthermer b.1262
MONTHERMER, Thomas de Lord Monthermer b.1301


MONTIER, Francis b.1579


MONTLHERY, Elizabeth de b.1040
MONTLHERY, Guy I de Seigneur de Montlhery b.1009
MONTLHERY, Guy II de b.1038
MONTLHERY, Isabel de b.1073
MONTLHERY, Melisende de b.1048
MONTLHERY, Miles II de Seigneur de Montlhery b.1036
MONTLHERY, Milicent de b.1042
MONTLHERY, N.N. de b.988
MONTLHERY, N.N. de b.1073
MONTLHERY, Thibaud de b.963


MONTLUCON, Beatrix de b.1200


MONTMIRAIL, Jean de b.1160
MONTMIRAIL, Marie de b.1192


MONTMORENCY, Adelaide de b.1101
MONTMORENCY, Aelis de b.1129
MONTMORENCY, Alice de b.1176
MONTMORENCY, Bouchard I de Seigneur de Montmorency b.953
MONTMORENCY, Bouchard II de Seigneur de Montmorency b.979
MONTMORENCY, Bouchard III de Seigneur de Montmorency b.1005
MONTMORENCY, Bouchard IV de Seigneur de Montmorency b.1077
MONTMORENCY, Bouchard V de Seigneur de Montmorency b.1131
MONTMORENCY, Geoffroy de b.1079
MONTMORENCY, Henri de b.1127
MONTMORENCY, Herve de Abbot of St. Martin b.1135
MONTMORENCY, Herve de Bishop of Ely b.1082
MONTMORENCY, Herve de Seigneur de Montmorency b.1035
MONTMORENCY, Jeanne de b.1180
MONTMORENCY, Mathieu de b.1138
MONTMORENCY, Mathieu de b.1174
MONTMORENCY, Mathieu de Seigneur de Montmorency b.1099
MONTMORENCY, Mathieu de b.1198
MONTMORENCY, Thibaud de b.1178
MONTMORENCY, Thibaud de b.1133
MONTMORENCY, Thibault de Seigneur de Montmorency b.1030


MONTON, Hugh de b.1177


MONTPELLIER, Guillem I de b.965
MONTPELLIER, Guillem II de b.990
MONTPELLIER, Guillem III de b.1015
MONTPELLIER, Guillem IV de b.1039
MONTPELLIER, Guillem V de b.1064
MONTPELLIER, Guillem VI de b.1100
MONTPELLIER, Guillem VII de b.1130
MONTPELLIER, Guillem VIII de b.1160
MONTPELLIER, Marie de b.1182


MONTREAL, Anseric de b.1118
MONTREAL, Hugues de b.1097


MONTREUIL, Hugh de b.931
MONTREUIL, Roger de Count of Montreuil b.909


MONTSOREL, Mahet de b.1185


MONTZ, Ebles de b.1225
MONTZ, Eleanor de b.1257


MONVILLE, Matilda de b.1092
MONVILLE, Nigel de b.1065


MONYNS, William Knight b.1569


MONZON, Ramiro II de Lord of Monzon b.1070


MOOAR, Benjamin b.1716


MOODY, Apphia b.1693
MOODY, Samuel b.1630


MOOR, Franklin C. b.1851
MOOR, Hiram Dunlap b.1812
MOOR, John b.1785
MOOR, Palmer H. b.1848
MOOR, Sarah Jane b.1841
MOOR, Victoria Josephine b.1846


MOORE, Abel b.1674
MOORE, Abigail b.1696
MOORE, Abigail b.1762
MOORE, Abigail b.1712
MOORE, Abraham a.1717
MOORE, Alice b.1584
MOORE, Amos a.1712
MOORE, Anna a.1634
MOORE, Anne b.1593
MOORE, Anne b.1666
MOORE, Asa b.1744
MOORE, Asa b.1719
MOORE, Azubah b.1726
MOORE, Benjamin b.1651
MOORE, Betty b.1757
MOORE, Cason b.1655
MOORE, Christopher b.1489
MOORE, Daniel b.1687
MOORE, Daniel b.1743
MOORE, Daniel b.1759
MOORE, Dinah a.1714
MOORE, Edward Knight b.1529
MOORE, Eleanor b.1508
MOORE, Eleanor b.1713
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1495
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1544
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1501
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1653
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1657
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1649
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1641
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1787
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1515
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1711
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1579
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1675
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1734
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1450
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1613
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1559
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1638
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1626
MOORE, Ellen b.1498
MOORE, Florence May b.1864
MOORE, George b.1552
MOORE, George b.1595
MOORE, Gerald Viscount Moore of Drogheda b.1564
MOORE, Grace b.1577
MOORE, Grace b.1605
MOORE, Grace b.1709
MOORE, Hannah b.1631
MOORE, Hannah a.1710
MOORE, Hannah b.1643
MOORE, Hannah b.1680
MOORE, Hannah b.1750
MOORE, Helen b.1680
MOORE, Henry b.1706
MOORE, Humphrey b.1492
MOORE, Increase b.1723
MOORE, Isaac b.1622
MOORE, Isaac b.1748
MOORE, Isaac b.1740
MOORE, Isaac a.1719
MOORE, Isabel b.1448
MOORE, Jacob a.1719
MOORE, Jacob b.1745
MOORE, Jacob b.1742
MOORE, Jacob b.1668
MOORE, Jacob b.1645
MOORE, James b.1741
MOORE, James b.1690
MOORE, Jane b.1503
MOORE, Jasper Knight b.1552
MOORE, John Esquire b.1512
MOORE, John b.1478
MOORE, John b.1547
MOORE, John b.1545
MOORE, John Esquire b.1581
MOORE, John b.1662
MOORE, John b.1601
MOORE, John a.1628
MOORE, John b.1602
MOORE, John b.1673
MOORE, John b.1746
MOORE, Jonathan b.1704
MOORE, Jonathan b.1669
MOORE, Jonathan b.1691
MOORE, Joseph b.1702
MOORE, Joseph b.1664
MOORE, Joseph b.1603
MOORE, Joseph b.1770
MOORE, Joseph a.1661
MOORE, Joseph b.1647
MOORE, Joshua b.1708
MOORE, Judith b.1708
MOORE, Lydia b.1660
MOORE, Lydia b.1643
MOORE, Margaret b.1505
MOORE, Maria b.1708
MOORE, Maria b.1671
MOORE, Martha b.1752
MOORE, Martha b.1750
MOORE, Mary b.1664
MOORE, Mary a.1640
MOORE, Mary b.1573
MOORE, Mary b.1752
MOORE, Mary b.1740
MOORE, Mary b.1655
MOORE, Mary b.1638
MOORE, Mary b.1702
MOORE, Mary a.1581
MOORE, Mary b.1641
MOORE, Maurice b.1459
MOORE, Miriam b.1647
MOORE, Nathaniel b.1715
MOORE, Nathaniel b.1678
MOORE, Nicholas b.1587
MOORE, Olive b.1757
MOORE, Oliver b.1706
MOORE, Oliver b.1755
MOORE, Paul b.1730
MOORE, Phebe b.1669
MOORE, Reuben b.1721
MOORE, Richard b.1560
MOORE, Richard b.1638
MOORE, Richard b.1670
MOORE, Richard b.1423
MOORE, Robert b.1519
MOORE, Robert b.1589
MOORE, Robert Esquire b.1549
MOORE, Roger b.1398
MOORE, Ruth b.1657
MOORE, Ruth b.1628
MOORE, Sally b.1774
MOORE, Samuel b.1689
MOORE, Saphira b.1701
MOORE, Sarah b.1662
MOORE, Sarah b.1704
MOORE, Sarah b.1684
MOORE, Sarah b.1682
MOORE, Sarah b.1736
MOORE, Sarah b.1748
MOORE, Silas b.1732
MOORE, Silas b.1728
MOORE, Susan b.1575
MOORE, Susan a.1630
MOORE, Sybil b.1717
MOORE, Thaddeus b.1754
MOORE, Thomas b.1634
MOORE, Uriah b.1752
MOORE, William b.1591
MOORE, William b.1631
MOORE, William b.1602
MOORE, William b.1660
MOORE, William b.1692
MOORE, William b.1636
MOORE, William b.1765
MOORE, William b.1650
MOORE, Zerviah b.1700


MOORER, Faith a.1576


MOORING, Anthony b.1590


MOR, John Knight b.1270


MORAVIA, Andrew de b.1200
MORAVIA, Christian de b.1246
MORAVIA, Freskin de b.1220
MORAVIA, Hugh de b.1162
MORAVIA, Margaret de b.1234
MORAVIA, Mary de b.1255
MORAVIA, Walter de b.1229
MORAVIA, Walter de Knight b.1186
MORAVIA, Walter de b.1197
MORAVIA, William de Knight b.1207
MORAVIA, William de b.1165
MORAVIA, William de b.1135
MORAVIA, William de Earl of Sutherland b.1195


MORAY, Andrew Knight b.1268
MORAY, Dovenald of b.1135
MORAY, Duncan of b.1132
MORAY, Dunegal of b.1100
MORAY, Finlac of Mormaer of Moray b.982
MORAY, Fonia of b.1162
MORAY, Gillepatrick of b.1130
MORAY, Joan b.1340
MORAY, John Knight b.1315
MORAY, Maurice Earl of Strathearn b.1308
MORAY, Ranulf of b.1128
MORAY, Thomas Knight b.1317
MORAY, Thomas of Sheriff of Dumfries-shire b.1172


MORCOCHE, Jean de b.1678


MORDAUNT, Anne b.1540
MORDAUNT, Anne b.1504
MORDAUNT, Anne b.1596
MORDAUNT, Charles Knight b.1615
MORDAUNT, Dorothy b.1512
MORDAUNT, Edith b.1502
MORDAUNT, Edmund Esquire b.1510
MORDAUNT, Elizabeth b.1536
MORDAUNT, Elizabeth b.1573
MORDAUNT, Elizabeth b.1518
MORDAUNT, Etheldred Nun b.1523
MORDAUNT, George b.1520
MORDAUNT, Henry Lord Mordaunt b.1567
MORDAUNT, Joan b.1487
MORDAUNT, John Knight b.1455
MORDAUNT, John Lord Mordaunt b.1481
MORDAUNT, John Lord Mordaunt b.1508
MORDAUNT, Katherine b.1570
MORDAUNT, Lewis Lord Mordaunt b.1538
MORDAUNT, Margaret b.1534
MORDAUNT, Margaret b.1506
MORDAUNT, Mary b.1564
MORDAUNT, Robert b.1490
MORDAUNT, Ursula b.1542
MORDAUNT, William b.1484
MORDAUNT, William b.1514
MORDAUNT, Winifred b.1516


MORDINGTON, Agnes de b.1269
MORDINGTON, Peter de Knight b.1244


MORE, Anne b.1604
MORE, Anne a.1584
MORE, Anne b.1542
MORE, Augustine b.1533
MORE, Bartholomew b.1540
MORE, Caleb a.1644
MORE, Cecily b.1507
MORE, Christian a.1652
MORE, Edward Esquire b.1550
MORE, Edward b.1535
MORE, Elizabeth a.1586
MORE, Elizabeth b.1506
MORE, Elizabeth b.1550
MORE, Frances b.1615
MORE, Frances b.1589
MORE, Francis b.1545
MORE, George b.1608
MORE, George a.1587
MORE, George K.G. b.1553
MORE, Jerome b.1537
MORE, John b.1594
MORE, John b.1509
MORE, Joshua a.1646
MORE, Margaret b.1602
MORE, Margaret a.1583
MORE, Margaret b.1505
MORE, Mary b.1798
MORE, Mary a.1582
MORE, Nicholas b.1613
MORE, Poynings Knight b.1606
MORE, Rebecca a.1701
MORE, Richard a.1648
MORE, Richard a.1614
MORE, Robert b.1618
MORE, Robert Knight a.1581
MORE, Samuel a.1642
MORE, Susanna a.1650
MORE, Thomas a.1642
MORE, Thomas b.1538
MORE, Thomas b.1531
MORE, Thomas Lord Chancellor of England b.1478
MORE, William a.1611
MORE, William b.1591
MORE, William b.1699


MOREBREAD, Mrs. Joan b.1580


MOREBY, Robert de Knight b.1273
MOREBY, William de b.1313


MOREHOUSE, Abigail b.1731
MOREHOUSE, Rebecca b.1667
MOREHOUSE, Thomas b.1650


MOREL, Arkil b.1055
MOREL, Sybil b.1085


MORELLS, Richard b.1527


MORESBY, Anne b.1464
MORESBY, Christopher b.1458
MORESBY, Christopher Knight b.1435


MOREY, Benjamin b.1690
MOREY, Martha b.1699
MOREY, Nicholas b.1648
MOREY, Sarah b.1682
MOREY, Thankful b.1696


MORGAN, Aaron a.1663
MORGAN, Anna b.1684
MORGAN, Anne b.1530
MORGAN, Benjamin b.1647
MORGAN, Bethia b.1818
MORGAN, Bethiah a.1653
MORGAN, Blanche b.1527
MORGAN, Catherine b.1566
MORGAN, Catherine ferch b.1437
MORGAN, Edward b.1542
MORGAN, Edward Esquire b.1517
MORGAN, Elizabeth b.1471
MORGAN, Elizabeth b.1540
MORGAN, Elizabeth b.1678
MORGAN, Fulke b.1545
MORGAN, Hannah b.1642
MORGAN, Hannah b.1816
MORGAN, Henry b.1493
MORGAN, Idwallon ap b.960
MORGAN, James b.1521
MORGAN, Jane B. b.1829
MORGAN, John b.1491
MORGAN, John a.1673
MORGAN, John b.1627
MORGAN, John b.1673
MORGAN, John S. b.1832
MORGAN, Joseph b.1643
MORGAN, Joseph a.1666
MORGAN, Joseph a.1681
MORGAN, Judith b.1822
MORGAN, Keziah b.1827
MORGAN, Lonnie D. b.1905
MORGAN, Luke b.1640
MORGAN, Luke b.1671
MORGAN, Margaret b.1524
MORGAN, Margaret ferch b.1432
MORGAN, Mary b.1652
MORGAN, Mary Ann b.1824
MORGAN, Maud b.1475
MORGAN, Meribah b.1826
MORGAN, Moses b.1691
MORGAN, Polly b.1811
MORGAN, Robert b.1465
MORGAN, Robert a.1650
MORGAN, Robert b.1600
MORGAN, Robert a.1670
MORGAN, Rosamond b.1814
MORGAN, Sally b.1809
MORGAN, Samuel a.1666
MORGAN, Samuel b.1700
MORGAN, Samuel b.1637
MORGAN, Sarah b.1709
MORGAN, Solomon b.1820
MORGAN, Solomon b.1785
MORGAN, Sybil ferch b.1459
MORGAN, Thomas Knight b.1495
MORGAN, William b.1595
MORGAN, William b.1675
MORGAN, Zaccheus b.1812


MORGENEU, Morien ap b.1014


MORHAM, Ada de b.1217
MORHAM, Adam de Knight b.1215
MORHAM, Eupheme de b.1300
MORHAM, Herbert de Knight b.1273
MORHAM, John de b.1213
MORHAM, Thomas de Knight b.1245
MORHAM, Thomas de Knight b.1270


MORIALME, Arnoul II de b.1173
MORIALME, Isabel de Dame de Morialme b.1197


MORICE, Evan b.1557
MORICE, Laurence a.1604
MORICE, William Knight b.1602


MORIEN, Einudd ap b.1042


MORIEUX, Thomas Knight b.1357


MORIN, N.N. de b.1227
MORIN, Ralph de Knight b.1192


MORLAY, Jane b.1583


MORLEY, Abel b.1689
MORLEY, Ann a.1565
MORLEY, Anne b.1593
MORLEY, Anne a.1654
MORLEY, Anne b.1420
MORLEY, Anthony b.1572
MORLEY, Chrysogona b.1599
MORLEY, Ebenezer b.1701
MORLEY, Eleanor Baroness Morley b.1442
MORLEY, Elizabeth b.1691
MORLEY, Elizabeth b.1424
MORLEY, Frances a.1629
MORLEY, Henry de b.1334
MORLEY, Herbert a.1652
MORLEY, Herbert a.1616
MORLEY, Herbert Esquire a.1561
MORLEY, Joan de b.1328
MORLEY, John b.1699
MORLEY, John de b.1347
MORLEY, John de Knight b.1332
MORLEY, Judith b.1588
MORLEY, Judith b.1655
MORLEY, Margaret a.1619
MORLEY, Margaret b.1596
MORLEY, Margaret b.1543
MORLEY, Margery b.1430
MORLEY, Martha b.1682
MORLEY, Mary b.1568
MORLEY, Mary a.1626
MORLEY, Mary b.1686
MORLEY, Matthew de Knight b.1200
MORLEY, Maud de b.1355
MORLEY, Mercy b.1695
MORLEY, Robert Esquire b.1590
MORLEY, Robert b.1656
MORLEY, Robert a.1650
MORLEY, Robert Lord Morley b.1418
MORLEY, Robert de Knight b.1330
MORLEY, Robert de b.1225
MORLEY, Robert de Lord Morley b.1291
MORLEY, Robert de Knight b.1375
MORLEY, Susan a.1624
MORLEY, Thankful b.1693
MORLEY, Thomas b.1684
MORLEY, Thomas b.1659
MORLEY, Thomas Lord Morley b.1394
MORLEY, Thomas de b.1336
MORLEY, Thomas de Lord Morley b.1354
MORLEY, William b.1540
MORLEY, William a.1621
MORLEY, William a.1653
MORLEY, William de Lord Morley b.1255
MORLEY, William de Lord Morley b.1319


MORRELL, Abraham b.1684
MORRELL, Adah b.1680
MORRELL, Elizabeth b.1676
MORRELL, Hannah b.1674
MORRELL, Isaac b.1646
MORRELL, John b.1640
MORRELL, John b.1670
MORRELL, John b.1545
MORRELL, Nicholas b.1667
MORRELL, Prudence b.1769
MORRELL, Sarah b.1667
MORRELL, Sarah b.1678


MORRIS, Adonijah a.1696
MORRIS, Bridget b.1594
MORRIS, Charles b.1711
MORRIS, Elizabeth b.1586
MORRIS, Joan b.1569
MORRIS, John b.1684
MORRIS, John b.1624
MORRIS, John b.1681
MORRIS, Martha b.1600
MORRIS, Mary a.1573
MORRIS, Mehitable b.1698
MORRIS, Richard Vaughan b.1830
MORRIS, Samuel b.1670
MORRIS, Tennie Angeline b.1860
MORRIS, Virginia Richardson b.1914
MORRIS, William b.1614


MORRISON, Abigail b.1700
MORRISON, Abigail a.1726
MORRISON, Baptist b.1615
MORRISON, Beriah b.1710
MORRISON, Bridget a.1575
MORRISON, Charles Knight b.1587
MORRISON, Charles Knight b.1548
MORRISON, Daniel b.1665
MORRISON, Daniel b.1716
MORRISON, Daniel b.1691
MORRISON, David b.1720
MORRISON, Ebenezer a.1734
MORRISON, Ebenezer b.1697
MORRISON, Eleanor a.1722
MORRISON, Elizabeth a.1610
MORRISON, Elizabeth a.1578
MORRISON, Elizabeth b.1550
MORRISON, Elizabeth b.1720
MORRISON, Hannah b.1718
MORRISON, Hannah b.1696
MORRISON, Hicks a.1621
MORRISON, Jane Sibell b.1554
MORRISON, John a.1734
MORRISON, John b.1693
MORRISON, Joseph a.1728
MORRISON, Kate b.1735
MORRISON, Katherine a.1582
MORRISON, Lettice b.1612
MORRISON, Lydia a.1724
MORRISON, Lydia b.1710
MORRISON, Margaret b.1731
MORRISON, Mary b.1552
MORRISON, Mary b.1741
MORRISON, Mary b.1699
MORRISON, Millie Burnetta b.1885
MORRISON, Morrison a.1608
MORRISON, Nathaniel Littlefield a.1730
MORRISON, Richard Knight b.1513
MORRISON, Robert b.1615
MORRISON, Robert b.1784
MORRISON, Samuel a.1732
MORRISON, Tabitha a.1739
MORRISON, Wilson Kirkwood b.1859


MORROW, James H. b.1821


MORSE, Abigail b.1696
MORSE, Abigail b.1647
MORSE, Ada Maria b.1846
MORSE, Alice b.1538
MORSE, Anne a.1633
MORSE, Anthony a.1632
MORSE, Anthony b.1580
MORSE, Anthony b.1606
MORSE, Anthony b.1722
MORSE, Augusta Jane b.1855
MORSE, Benjamin b.1692
MORSE, Benjamin b.1640
MORSE, Bethia b.1651
MORSE, Daniel a.1583
MORSE, Daniel a.1580
MORSE, Daniel b.1610
MORSE, Dorcas b.1645
MORSE, Eleanor b.1604
MORSE, Elizabeth b.1678
MORSE, Elizabeth b.1682
MORSE, Elizabeth b.1647
MORSE, Elizabeth a.1606
MORSE, Ephraim b.1648
MORSE, Esther a.1630
MORSE, Esther b.1651
MORSE, Eunice b.1706
MORSE, Ezra a.1644
MORSE, Florence S. b.1876
MORSE, George Augustine b.1852
MORSE, Hannah b.1641
MORSE, Hannah b.1665
MORSE, Hannah b.1645
MORSE, Harold Wilbur b.1881
MORSE, Henry Everett b.1872
MORSE, Ida Estelle b.1886
MORSE, Irvin b.1841
MORSE, James a.1590
MORSE, James Henry b.1844
MORSE, Jedidiah b.1700
MORSE, Jeremiah b.1679
MORSE, Jeremiah b.1651
MORSE, Jeremiah a.1588
MORSE, Jesse b.1734
MORSE, Joan b.1524
MORSE, John b.1704
MORSE, John b.1639
MORSE, John b.1533
MORSE, John b.1520
MORSE, John a.1575
MORSE, John a.1608
MORSE, John b.1463
MORSE, John b.1639
MORSE, Joseph b.1637
MORSE, Joseph a.1641
MORSE, Joseph b.1649
MORSE, Joseph b.1671
MORSE, Joseph b.1586
MORSE, Joseph a.1613
MORSE, Joseph b.1643
MORSE, Joshua b.1653
MORSE, Katherine b.1536
MORSE, Lancelot b.1550
MORSE, Lenora Augusta b.1879
MORSE, Lizzie Belle b.1877
MORSE, Lydia b.1647
MORSE, Margaret b.1601
MORSE, Margaret b.1527
MORSE, Margaret b.1547
MORSE, Mariah b.1677
MORSE, Mary b.1685
MORSE, Mary b.1654
MORSE, Mary b.1672
MORSE, Mary a.1620
MORSE, Mary b.1649
MORSE, N.N. b.1857
MORSE, Nathaniel b.1653
MORSE, Nathaniel a.1593
MORSE, Nicholas b.1610
MORSE, Peter b.1637
MORSE, Phillip a.1621
MORSE, Phillip a.1618
MORSE, Phillip a.1596
MORSE, Rachel a.1640
MORSE, Richard a.1635
MORSE, Richard b.1531
MORSE, Richard b.1544
MORSE, Robert b.1495
MORSE, Robert b.1539
MORSE, Robert a.1629
MORSE, Rufus Osgood b.1883
MORSE, Ruth b.1637
MORSE, Samuel b.1694
MORSE, Samuel a.1640
MORSE, Samuel b.1640
MORSE, Samuel a.1603
MORSE, Samuel a.1576
MORSE, Sarah b.1643
MORSE, Sarah a.1578
MORSE, Sarah a.1616
MORSE, Sarah b.1641
MORSE, Solace b.1807
MORSE, Tabitha b.1732
MORSE, Thomas Rector of Foxearth b.1541
MORSE, Thomas b.1518
MORSE, Thomas b.1559
MORSE, Timothy b.1687
MORSE, William a.1614




MORTAIN, Agnes de b.1066
MORTAIN, Denise de b.1060
MORTAIN, Emma de b.1057
MORTAIN, Robert de Count of Mortain b.1031
MORTAIN, William de Count of Mortain b.1063


MORTEYN, Adam de b.1165
MORTEYN, Adam de b.1140
MORTEYN, Edmund de b.1300
MORTEYN, Elizabeth de b.1309
MORTEYN, Eustace de b.1168
MORTEYN, Eustace de b.1250
MORTEYN, Eustace de b.1195
MORTEYN, Hugo de b.1171
MORTEYN, Isabel de b.1290
MORTEYN, Joan de b.1298
MORTEYN, John de Knight b.1326
MORTEYN, John de Knight b.1302
MORTEYN, John de b.1225
MORTEYN, John de Knight b.1248
MORTEYN, John de Knight b.1270
MORTEYN, Lucy de b.1304
MORTEYN, Robert de b.1110
MORTEYN, Robert de b.1227
MORTEYN, Roger de b.1223
MORTEYN, Roger de b.1262
MORTEYN, Thomas de b.1296
MORTEYN, William de b.1197
MORTEYN, William de b.1142
MORTEYN, William de b.1287
MORTEYN, William de b.1306
MORTEYN, William de Knight b.1221


MORTIMER, Agnes de b.1320
MORTIMER, Anne de b.1390
MORTIMER, Avice de b.1403
MORTIMER, Bartholomew de Knight b.1142
MORTIMER, Beatrice de b.1318
MORTIMER, Blanche de b.1322
MORTIMER, Cecily de b.1375
MORTIMER, Constantine de b.1329
MORTIMER, Constantine de Knight b.1278
MORTIMER, Constantine de Knight b.1300
MORTIMER, Dorothy b.1603
MORTIMER, Edmund "The Good" de Earl of March b.1352
MORTIMER, Edmund de Rector of Hodnet b.1297
MORTIMER, Edmund de Knight b.1376
MORTIMER, Edmund de Earl of March b.1391
MORTIMER, Edmund de Lord Mortimer b.1303
MORTIMER, Edmund de Lord Mortimer of Wigmore b.1252
MORTIMER, Eleanor de b.1289
MORTIMER, Eleanor de b.1395
MORTIMER, Eleanor de b.1321
MORTIMER, Elizabeth b.1477
MORTIMER, Elizabeth b.1459
MORTIMER, Elizabeth Nun b.1303
MORTIMER, Elizabeth de b.1371
MORTIMER, Geoffrey de Knight b.1258
MORTIMER, Geoffrey de Knight b.1307
MORTIMER, Hawise de b.1084
MORTIMER, Henry de Knight b.1320
MORTIMER, Hugh Knight b.1383
MORTIMER, Hugh de Knight b.1298
MORTIMER, Hugh de Rector of Radnor b.1293
MORTIMER, Hugh de b.1266
MORTIMER, Hugh de b.1190
MORTIMER, Hugh de b.1156
MORTIMER, Hugh de b.1233
MORTIMER, Hugh de b.1048
MORTIMER, Hugh de b.1120
MORTIMER, Hugh de b.1087
MORTIMER, Hugh I de Knight b.1219
MORTIMER, Hugh II de Lord Mortimer b.1272
MORTIMER, Isabel b.1403
MORTIMER, Isabel de b.1277
MORTIMER, Isabel de b.1314
MORTIMER, Isabel de b.1194
MORTIMER, Isabel de b.1248
MORTIMER, Iseult de b.1262
MORTIMER, Joan b.1422
MORTIMER, Joan de b.1284
MORTIMER, Joan de a.1291
MORTIMER, Joan de b.1240
MORTIMER, Joan de Nun b.1291
MORTIMER, Joan de b.1179
MORTIMER, Joan de b.1312
MORTIMER, John Knight b.1464
MORTIMER, John de b.1300
MORTIMER, John de b.1237
MORTIMER, John de b.1309
MORTIMER, John de b.1330
MORTIMER, Katherine de b.1316
MORTIMER, Llywelyn de b.1264
MORTIMER, Margaret de b.1295
MORTIMER, Margaret de b.1260
MORTIMER, Margaret de b.1304
MORTIMER, Margery de b.1377
MORTIMER, Maud de b.1310
MORTIMER, Maud de b.1285
MORTIMER, Peter de b.1235
MORTIMER, Philippe de b.1375
MORTIMER, Ralph de b.1250
MORTIMER, Ralph de Lord Mortimer of Wigmore b.1192
MORTIMER, Ralph de Seigneur de St. Victor-en-Caux b.1050
MORTIMER, Robert Knight b.1445
MORTIMER, Robert de b.1143
MORTIMER, Robert de b.1105
MORTIMER, Robert de b.1155
MORTIMER, Robert de b.1213
MORTIMER, Robert de Knight b.1169
MORTIMER, Robert de Knight b.1302
MORTIMER, Robert de Knight b.1246
MORTIMER, Roger de b.1393
MORTIMER, Roger de b.1350
MORTIMER, Roger de b.1117
MORTIMER, Roger de Knight b.1305
MORTIMER, Roger de Lord Mortimer of Chirk b.1254
MORTIMER, Roger de Earl of March b.1374
MORTIMER, Roger de Earl of March b.1328
MORTIMER, Roger de Lord Mortimer of Wigmore b.1158
MORTIMER, Roger de Lord Mortimer of Wigmore b.1231
MORTIMER, Roger de Earl of March b.1287
MORTIMER, Roger de b.1027
MORTIMER, Sybil de b.1373
MORTIMER, Thomas b.1620
MORTIMER, Thomas de Knight b.1325
MORTIMER, Thomas de Knight b.1354
MORTIMER, Walter de Rector of Kingston b.1295
MORTIMER, William b.1564
MORTIMER, William de Canon of Lincoln b.1305
MORTIMER, William de Knight b.1215
MORTIMER, William de b.1130
MORTIMER, William de b.1178
MORTIMER, William de Knight b.1249
MORTIMER, William de Knight b.1256
MORTIMER, William de b.1046
MORTIMER, William de b.1082


MORTON, Deborah b.1652
MORTON, Eleazer b.1659
MORTON, Elizabeth b.1686
MORTON, Elizabeth b.1503
MORTON, Ephraim b.1671
MORTON, Ephraim b.1648
MORTON, Ephraim b.1653
MORTON, Ephraim b.1623
MORTON, Esther b.1661
MORTON, George b.1679
MORTON, George b.1645
MORTON, George b.1587
MORTON, Hannah b.1666
MORTON, Hannah b.1659
MORTON, Joanna b.1673
MORTON, John b.1650
MORTON, John b.1649
MORTON, John b.1617
MORTON, John Esquire b.1498
MORTON, Josiah b.1653
MORTON, Josiah b.1713
MORTON, Manasseh b.1669
MORTON, Manasseh b.1653
MORTON, Margaret b.1522
MORTON, Margaret b.1539
MORTON, Martha b.1656
MORTON, Mary b.1654
MORTON, Mary b.1522
MORTON, Mercy b.1655
MORTON, Nathaniel b.1657
MORTON, Nathaniel b.1613
MORTON, Nathaniel b.1695
MORTON, Patience b.1615
MORTON, Patience b.1663
MORTON, Rebecca b.1684
MORTON, Rebecca b.1651
MORTON, Ruth b.1676
MORTON, Sarah b.1620
MORTON, Thomas b.1690
MORTON, Thomas b.1667
MORTON, Timothy b.1682
MORTON, William b.1564


MORVILLE, Ada de b.1141
MORVILLE, Ada de b.1186
MORVILLE, Elena de b.1166
MORVILLE, Ellen de b.1232
MORVILLE, Eudes de b.1239
MORVILLE, Hugh de b.1143
MORVILLE, Hugh de b.1194
MORVILLE, Hugh de Constable of Scotland b.1105
MORVILLE, Hugh de b.1153
MORVILLE, Ives de b.1207
MORVILLE, Joan de b.1188
MORVILLE, Malcolm de b.1147
MORVILLE, Maud de b.1145
MORVILLE, Maud de b.1264
MORVILLE, Richard de b.1075
MORVILLE, Richard de b.1155
MORVILLE, Richard de Constable of Scotland b.1139
MORVILLE, Roger de b.1150
MORVILLE, Simon de b.1110
MORVILLE, William de b.1169
MORVILLE, William de Constable of Scotland b.1137


MORWICK, Beatrice de b.1258
MORWICK, Ernulf de b.1125
MORWICK, Hugh de b.1150
MORWICK, Hugh de b.1179
MORWICK, Hugh de Knight b.1220
MORWICK, Margery de Nun b.1262
MORWICK, Nicholas de b.1152
MORWICK, Richard de Prior of Watton b.1181
MORWICK, Sybil de b.1247
MORWICK, Theophania de b.1217
MORWICK, Theophania de b.1253


MOSE, Thomas de Knight b.1279


MOSELEY, William b.1634


MOSELL, Jane b.1438
MOSELL, Margaret b.1415
MOSELL, Thomas b.1413


MOSEMAN, Sarah b.1706


MOSES, John b.1616


MOSLEY, Lettice a.1593


MOSMAN, Timothy b.1679


MOSS, Esther b.1679
MOSS, Esther b.1654
MOSS, John a.1700
MOSS, Mark a.1705
MOSS, Mark b.1665
MOSS, Mercy a.1649
MOSS, Sarah b.1609
MOSS, William a.1702


MOTLEY, Ann a.1601
MOTLEY, Catherine a.1609
MOTLEY, Robert a.1595
MOTLEY, Thomas a.1606
MOTLEY, Thomas b.1570
MOTLEY, William a.1599


MOTON, Alan b.1380
MOTON, Alan b.1359
MOTON, Alice b.1356
MOTON, Anne b.1436
MOTON, Elizabeth b.1438
MOTON, Emma de b.1292
MOTON, Margery b.1412
MOTON, Reginald Esquire b.1409
MOTON, Richard b.1377
MOTON, Robert Knight b.1328
MOTON, Robert Knight b.1375
MOTON, William Knight b.1354
MOTON, William Knight b.1294
MOTON, William de Knight b.1267


MOTT, Adrian a.1578
MOTT, Alice a.1604
MOTT, Anne a.1622
MOTT, Dorcas a.1619
MOTT, Dorothy a.1621
MOTT, Dorothy b.1606
MOTT, Edward a.1590
MOTT, Elizabeth b.1550
MOTT, Frances a.1618
MOTT, Frances a.1608
MOTT, Henry a.1620
MOTT, James b.1622
MOTT, John b.1536
MOTT, John a.1614
MOTT, John b.1574
MOTT, Joseph a.1586
MOTT, Margery b.1541
MOTT, Mark a.1624
MOTT, Mark a.1612
MOTT, Mark b.1580
MOTT, Mark a.1582
MOTT, Mark Gentleman a.1549
MOTT, Mary a.1626
MOTT, Mary a.1610
MOTT, Mary b.1584
MOTT, Mary a.1588
MOTT, Mercy a.1617
MOTT, Mrs. Katherine b.1720
MOTT, Sarah b.1629
MOTT, Sarah b.1616
MOTT, Sarah b.1576
MOTT, Thomas a.1603
MOTT, Thomas b.1510


MOTTRAM, Agnes b.1336


MOUCHY, Dreux III de b.1086
MOUCHY, Dreux IV de b.1108
MOUCHY, Ermengarde de b.1134

Surname List