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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


LUM, Abraham a.1617
LUM, Abraham a.1581
LUM, Alice a.1544
LUM, George a.1550
LUM, Grace b.1624
LUM, Grace a.1585
LUM, John b.1628
LUM, John a.1615
LUM, John a.1547
LUM, John b.1515
LUM, John a.1619
LUM, John b.1587
LUM, Judith b.1640
LUM, Margaret a.1548
LUM, Martha b.1591
LUM, Matthew b.1555
LUM, Matthew a.1583
LUM, Susan a.1616
LUM, Timothy a.1621
LUM, William a.1589
LUM, William a.1552


LUMBER, Susanna b.1620


LUMBERT, Elizabeth b.1668


LUMLEY, Alice de b.1323
LUMLEY, Anne b.1484
LUMLEY, Anne b.1415
LUMLEY, Anthony b.1495
LUMLEY, Barbara b.1537
LUMLEY, Eleanor b.1410
LUMLEY, Elizabeth b.1480
LUMLEY, Elizabeth b.1396
LUMLEY, George b.1512
LUMLEY, George Lord Lumley b.1436
LUMLEY, George de b.1385
LUMLEY, Isabel de b.1359
LUMLEY, Jane b.1535
LUMLEY, Joan b.1430
LUMLEY, John b.1459
LUMLEY, John Lord Lumley b.1533
LUMLEY, John Lord Lumley b.1492
LUMLEY, John b.1465
LUMLEY, John de b.1318
LUMLEY, John de Knight b.1383
LUMLEY, Katherine de b.1399
LUMLEY, Margaret de b.1393
LUMLEY, Marmaduke de Bishop of Lincoln b.1390
LUMLEY, Marmaduke de Knight b.1314
LUMLEY, Maud b.1412
LUMLEY, Ralph de Lord Lumley b.1361
LUMLEY, Richard Lord Lumley b.1474
LUMLEY, Robert de Knight b.1265
LUMLEY, Robert de Knight b.1287
LUMLEY, Robert de Knight b.1357
LUMLEY, Roger b.1456
LUMLEY, Roger de Knight b.1267
LUMLEY, Roger de Knight b.1240
LUMLEY, Sibyl b.1486
LUMLEY, Thomas b.1454
LUMLEY, Thomas Lord Lumley b.1408
LUMLEY, Thomas de b.1320
LUMLEY, Thomas de b.1363
LUMLEY, Thomas de b.1381
LUMLEY, William de Knight b.1190
LUMLEY, William de b.1387
LUMLEY, William de b.1365
LUMLEY, William de Knight b.1215


LUMNER, Margery b.1448


LUMPKIN, Ann b.1564
LUMPKIN, Richard a.1582


LUND, Thomas b.1660


LUNDIN, Margaret b.1405
LUNDIN, Thomas de b.1178


LUNDY, Elizabeth b.1693


LUNELL, Catherine b.1344
LUNELL, John b.1349
LUNELL, Philip b.1342
LUNELL, Philip b.1313
LUNELL, Richard b.1279
LUNELL, Richard b.1339
LUNELL, Richard b.1346


LUNSFORD, Anne b.1545
LUNSFORD, Anne b.1518
LUNSFORD, Anne b.1615
LUNSFORD, Bridget b.1514
LUNSFORD, Eleanor b.1445
LUNSFORD, Elizabeth a.1642
LUNSFORD, Henry a.1611
LUNSFORD, Herbert b.1613
LUNSFORD, Isabel b.1547
LUNSFORD, Isabel b.1512
LUNSFORD, James b.1554
LUNSFORD, Jane b.1510
LUNSFORD, John a.1610
LUNSFORD, John Knight b.1551
LUNSFORD, John Esquire b.1520
LUNSFORD, Lisle b.1606
LUNSFORD, Margaret b.1523
LUNSFORD, Mary b.1549
LUNSFORD, Mary b.1516
LUNSFORD, Mary b.1647
LUNSFORD, Moyses b.1575
LUNSFORD, Philippa b.1644
LUNSFORD, Sarah b.1618
LUNSFORD, Thomas a.1604
LUNSFORD, Thomas Gentleman b.1573
LUNSFORD, Thomas Knight b.1613
LUNSFORD, William a.1608
LUNSFORD, William Esquire b.1480


LUNT, Anne b.1683
LUNT, Benjamin b.1686
LUNT, Daniel b.1667
LUNT, Daniel b.1641
LUNT, Elizabeth b.1650
LUNT, Hannah b.1665
LUNT, Henry b.1652
LUNT, Henry b.1613
LUNT, Henry b.1669
LUNT, John b.1671
LUNT, John b.1643
LUNT, Joseph b.1681
LUNT, Mary b.1677
LUNT, Mary b.1648
LUNT, Priscilla b.1645
LUNT, Sarah b.1674
LUNT, Sarah b.1639


LUPSON, Mrs. Elizabeth b.1560


LUPTON, Mrs. Joan b.1592


LURVEY, Sarah b.1708


LUSCOTE, Joan de b.1345
LUSCOTE, William de Knight b.1310


LUSHER, Richard b.1555


LUSIGNAN, Agnes de b.1235
LUSIGNAN, Alice de b.1242
LUSIGNAN, Alice de b.1229
LUSIGNAN, Aumauri de King of Jerusalem b.1145
LUSIGNAN, Bourgogne de b.1176
LUSIGNAN, Geoffrey de Vicomte de Chatellerault b.1223
LUSIGNAN, Geoffrey de b.1137
LUSIGNAN, Guy de Knight b.1222
LUSIGNAN, Guy de King of Jerusalem b.1139
LUSIGNAN, Hugh de b.1135
LUSIGNAN, Hugh I de b.890
LUSIGNAN, Hugh II de b.915
LUSIGNAN, Hugh III de b.940
LUSIGNAN, Hugh IV de b.970
LUSIGNAN, Hugh IX "Le Brun" de Count of La Marche b.1162
LUSIGNAN, Hugh V de b.1010
LUSIGNAN, Hugh VI de b.1032
LUSIGNAN, Hugh VII de b.1075
LUSIGNAN, Hugh VIII de b.1106
LUSIGNAN, Hugh X de Count of la Marche b.1183
LUSIGNAN, Hugh XI de Count de la Marche b.1221
LUSIGNAN, Hugh XII de Count de la Marche b.1237
LUSIGNAN, Isabel de b.1231
LUSIGNAN, Jeanne de b.1262
LUSIGNAN, Marguerite de b.1227
LUSIGNAN, Mary de b.1240
LUSIGNAN, Pierre de b.1143
LUSIGNAN, Robert de b.1141


LUTEGARESHALE, Piers de b.1134


LUTEMAN, Jane b.1615


LUTHER, Samuel b.1689


LUTMAN, Roger b.1529


LUTTCHURCH, Hugh de b.1150
LUTTCHURCH, Mabel de b.1174


LUTTRELL, Albreda b.1286
LUTTRELL, Alexander b.1452
LUTTRELL, Alexander Knight b.1285
LUTTRELL, Alexander Knight b.1230
LUTTRELL, Andrew b.1290
LUTTRELL, Andrew Knight b.1255
LUTTRELL, Andrew b.1532
LUTTRELL, Andrew Knight b.1493
LUTTRELL, Andrew Knight b.1330
LUTTRELL, Andrew Sheriff of Lincoln b.1208
LUTTRELL, Andrew b.1284
LUTTRELL, Andrew Lord Luttrell b.1309
LUTTRELL, Andrew Lord Luttrell b.1364
LUTTRELL, Anne b.1392
LUTTRELL, Annora b.1232
LUTTRELL, Catherine b.1537
LUTTRELL, Cecily b.1526
LUTTRELL, Dorothy b.1539
LUTTRELL, Eleanor b.1495
LUTTRELL, Elizabeth b.1491
LUTTRELL, Elizabeth b.1388
LUTTRELL, Elizabeth b.1289
LUTTRELL, Elizabeth b.1529
LUTTRELL, Geoffrey Knight b.1311
LUTTRELL, Geoffrey Lord Luttrell b.1384
LUTTRELL, Geoffrey I Knight b.1175
LUTTRELL, Geoffrey II Knight b.1228
LUTTRELL, Geoffrey III Lord Luttrell b.1276
LUTTRELL, Guy b.1280
LUTTRELL, Hawise Baroness Luttrell b.1390
LUTTRELL, Honor b.1538
LUTTRELL, Hugh Knight b.1457
LUTTRELL, Hugh Knight b.1364
LUTTRELL, Isabella Nun b.1319
LUTTRELL, James Knight b.1426
LUTTRELL, Jane b.1489
LUTTRELL, Jane b.1454
LUTTRELL, Joan Nun b.1399
LUTTRELL, Joan b.1313
LUTTRELL, John b.1423
LUTTRELL, John b.1497
LUTTRELL, John Knight b.1295
LUTTRELL, John b.1362
LUTTRELL, John Knight b.1394
LUTTRELL, John Knight b.1519
LUTTRELL, Lucy Nun b.1282
LUTTRELL, Margaret b.1390
LUTTRELL, Margaret b.1535
LUTTRELL, Margery Nun b.1278
LUTTRELL, Mary b.1542
LUTTRELL, Nicholas b.1523
LUTTRELL, Robert Knight b.1316
LUTTRELL, Robert b.1307
LUTTRELL, Robert Canon of Salisbury b.1235
LUTTRELL, Robert Lord Luttrell b.1255
LUTTRELL, Thomas b.1500
LUTTRELL, Thomas Esquire b.1521
LUTTRELL, William b.1396


LUVETOT, John de b.1077
LUVETOT, Maud de b.1178
LUVETOT, Nigel de b.1128
LUVETOT, Richard de b.1130
LUVETOT, William de b.1102
LUVETOT, William de b.1155


LUXEMBOURG, Andre de Bishop of Cambrai b.1370
LUXEMBOURG, Catherine de b.1426
LUXEMBOURG, Catherine de b.1385
LUXEMBOURG, Conrad I of b.1030
LUXEMBOURG, Ermisende of b.1078
LUXEMBOURG, Frederick I of Count of Luxembourg b.965
LUXEMBOURG, Frederick II of b.1001
LUXEMBOURG, Giselbert of b.1004
LUXEMBOURG, Gisele of b.1007
LUXEMBOURG, Guy de Count of St. Pol b.1330
LUXEMBOURG, Henri II of Count of Luxembourg b.1217
LUXEMBOURG, Imagi of b.998
LUXEMBOURG, Isabel de b.1424
LUXEMBOURG, Isabelle of b.1247
LUXEMBOURG, Jacques de b.1428
LUXEMBOURG, Jacquetta de b.1416
LUXEMBOURG, Jean de b.1432
LUXEMBOURG, Jean de Count of Ligny b.1393
LUXEMBOURG, Jean de Knight b.1364
LUXEMBOURG, Jeanne de b.1387
LUXEMBOURG, Jeanne de b.1360
LUXEMBOURG, Jutta of b.1042
LUXEMBOURG, Louis de Archbishop of Rouen b.1391
LUXEMBOURG, Louis de Count of St. Pol b.1418
LUXEMBOURG, Luitgard of b.963
LUXEMBOURG, Marguerite de b.1362
LUXEMBOURG, Marie de b.1358
LUXEMBOURG, Marie of b.1304
LUXEMBOURG, Otgiva of b.995
LUXEMBOURG, Philippe de b.1420
LUXEMBOURG, Philippe of b.1252
LUXEMBOURG, Pierre de Bishop of Metz b.1367
LUXEMBOURG, Pierre de Count of St. Pol b.1389
LUXEMBOURG, Robert de b.1356
LUXEMBOURG, Siegfried of Count of Luxembourg b.922
LUXEMBOURG, Thibaut de b.1422
LUXEMBOURG, Valeran de b.1430
LUXEMBOURG, Valeran de Count of St. Pol b.1354
LUXEMBOURG, Waleran III de Count of St. Pol b.1354


LYDIARD, Alice b.1440
LYDIARD, John b.1415


LYDLWM, Grwst ap b.438


LYDSTON, Bathsheba b.1699
LYDSTON, Gideon b.1701
LYDSTON, John b.1697
LYDSTON, John b.1672
LYDSTON, Martha b.1695
LYDSTON, Mary b.1665


LYFFE, Amicia b.1379


LYGON, Anne b.1511
LYGON, Arnold Knight b.1556
LYGON, Barbara b.1528
LYGON, Cecily b.1540
LYGON, Edward b.1496
LYGON, Elizabeth b.1550
LYGON, Elizabeth b.1516
LYGON, Elizabeth b.1558
LYGON, Ferdinand b.1526
LYGON, Ferdinando b.1534
LYGON, Francis b.1544
LYGON, George b.1305
LYGON, George b.1498
LYGON, Henry b.1560
LYGON, Henry b.1522
LYGON, Hugh b.1542
LYGON, Jane b.1464
LYGON, John b.1494
LYGON, John b.1524
LYGON, Katherine b.1546
LYGON, Margaret b.1548
LYGON, Mary b.1518
LYGON, Mary b.1562
LYGON, Michael b.1504
LYGON, Ralph b.1538
LYGON, Richard b.1360
LYGON, Richard b.1532
LYGON, Richard Knight b.1466
LYGON, Richard Knight b.1490
LYGON, Roger b.1502
LYGON, Susanna b.1520
LYGON, Thomas Gentleman b.1536
LYGON, Thomas b.1492
LYGON, Thomas Esquire b.1430
LYGON, Thomas b.1390
LYGON, Ursula b.1514
LYGON, William b.1530
LYGON, William b.1330
LYGON, William b.1500
LYGON, William b.1425
LYGON, William Sheriff of Worcestershire b.1512


LYHART, Margaret b.1455


LYLE, Margaret b.1462


LYMAN, Anne a.1621
LYMAN, Asa b.1785
LYMAN, Benjamin b.1674
LYMAN, Caleb b.1678
LYMAN, Clarissa b.1790
LYMAN, Dorothy b.1665
LYMAN, Eliza b.1801
LYMAN, Elizabeth b.1655
LYMAN, Elizabeth b.1652
LYMAN, Experience b.1670
LYMAN, George b.1797
LYMAN, Hannah b.1660
LYMAN, Hepzibah b.1643
LYMAN, Hill b.1784
LYMAN, Joanna b.1658
LYMAN, John b.1655
LYMAN, John b.1660
LYMAN, John b.1623
LYMAN, Joseph b.1671
LYMAN, Joseph b.1774
LYMAN, Lydia b.1795
LYMAN, Mary b.1800
LYMAN, Mary b.1668
LYMAN, Moses b.1663
LYMAN, Philomelia b.1786
LYMAN, Phyllis a.1611
LYMAN, Richard a.1613
LYMAN, Richard a.1580
LYMAN, Richard b.1794
LYMAN, Richard b.1757
LYMAN, Richard b.1647
LYMAN, Richard a.1618
LYMAN, Robert b.1629
LYMAN, Sarah a.1620
LYMAN, Sarah b.1792
LYMAN, Sarah b.1645
LYMAN, Sarah b.1658
LYMAN, Sophia b.1788
LYMAN, Thomas b.1649
LYMAN, William a.1616
LYMAN, William b.1615


LYMME, Alan de b.1225
LYMME, Beatrix de b.1227
LYMME, Gilbert de b.1175
LYMME, Hugh de b.1200
LYMME, Richard de b.1230
LYMME, Simon de b.1233
LYMME, Thomas de b.1202


LYNCHE, Elizabeth b.1508
LYNCHE, William b.1494


LYNDE, Benjamin b.1666
LYNDE, Elizabeth b.1662
LYNDE, Enoch b.1674
LYNDE, Enoch b.1627
LYNDE, Hannah b.1670
LYNDE, James b.1675
LYNDE, James a.1630
LYNDE, James a.1622
LYNDE, Joan de la b.1285
LYNDE, John b.1648
LYNDE, John b.1657
LYNDE, John de la b.1210
LYNDE, Joseph b.1664
LYNDE, Martha b.1700
LYNDE, Matthew b.1620
LYNDE, Nathaniel b.1659
LYNDE, Samuel b.1653
LYNDE, Sarah b.1672
LYNDE, Sarah b.1666
LYNDE, Simon b.1668
LYNDE, Simon b.1655
LYNDE, Simon Esquire a.1624
LYNDE, Walter de la b.1240
LYNDE, William b.1406


LYNDON, Augustine b.1620


LYNE, David de b.1150
LYNE, Margaret de b.1208
LYNE, Robert de b.1178
LYNE, William b.1542


LYNN, Ellen b.1636
LYNN, Joanna b.1639


LYNNE, Agnes b.1480
LYNNE, Alice b.1420
LYNNE, Audrey b.1491
LYNNE, Joan b.1429


LYNTON, Margaret de b.1200


LYON, Andrew b.1675
LYON, Benjamin b.1732
LYON, George b.1636
LYON, Hannah b.1691
LYON, Hannah b.1779
LYON, Israel b.1666
LYON, Johanna b.1674
LYON, John Knight b.1340
LYON, John Lord Glamis b.1491
LYON, Peter b.1686
LYON, Thomas Knight b.1537
LYON, William b.1660
LYON, William b.1620
LYON, Zachariah b.1691


LYTE, Gertrude b.1544
LYTE, Katherine b.1540


LYTTELTON, Thomas Knight b.1596


LYTTLETON, Elizabeth b.1545
LYTTLETON, Joan b.1475


LYTTON, Anne b.1541
LYTTON, Anne a.1619
LYTTON, Anne b.1585
LYTTON, Anne b.1644
LYTTON, Arbella a.1626
LYTTON, Dorothy b.1615
LYTTON, Dorothy b.1511
LYTTON, Elizabeth b.1544
LYTTON, Elizabeth a.1624
LYTTON, Elizabeth b.1595
LYTTON, Frances b.1553
LYTTON, Helen b.1539
LYTTON, Jane b.1617
LYTTON, Jane b.1597
LYTTON, Judith b.1593
LYTTON, Judith a.1639
LYTTON, Margaret b.1612
LYTTON, Mary a.1622
LYTTON, Philip b.1591
LYTTON, Rebecca Viscountess Falkland a.1662
LYTTON, Robert K.B. b.1446
LYTTON, Robert K.B. b.1513
LYTTON, Robert Knight b.1360
LYTTON, Rowland b.1589
LYTTON, Rowland Esquire b.1516
LYTTON, Rowland Knight b.1550
LYTTON, Rowland a.1646
LYTTON, Rowland Knight b.1614
LYTTON, Thomas b.1490
LYTTON, William Knight b.1487
LYTTON, William Knight b.1587
LYTTON, William Knight a.1642


MABER, Mary b.1680


MABEY, Henry Miller b.1886


MABLETHORPE, Isabella b.1349
MABLETHORPE, John Knight b.1319


MacALAN, John Lord of Lorn b.1310
MacALAN, John Lord of Lorn b.1335


MacALPIN, Domnall I King of Scots b.812
MacALPIN, Kenneth I King of Scots b.810


MacARKIL, Alwyn b.1070


MacARTHUR, Arthur b.1876
MacARTHUR, Arthur b.1845
MacARTHUR, Arthur b.1815
MacARTHUR, Douglas b.1880
MacARTHUR, Frank b.1853
MacARTHUR, Malcolm b.1878


MacBRICC, Muirchertach King of Deisi Muman b.1008
MacBRICC, Sadb ingen b.1033


MacCARTER, John b.1650


MacCARTY, Helen b.1639


MACCLESFIELD, Agnes de b.1265
MACCLESFIELD, Dionisia de b.1275
MACCLESFIELD, Gilbert de b.1189
MACCLESFIELD, Jordan de Mayor of Macclesfield b.1270
MACCLESFIELD, Robert de b.1272
MACCLESFIELD, Roger de b.1214
MACCLESFIELD, Roger de b.1267
MACCLESFIELD, Thomas de Knight b.1239


MacCRINAN, Duncan I King of Scots b.1006
MacCRINAN, Maldred King of Strathclyde b.1010
MacCRINAN, N.N. b.1008


MacCUBIN, James b.1630
MacCUBIN, John b.1667


MacDONALD, Agnes b.1410
MacDONALD, Agnes b.1367
MacDONALD, Alexander b.1281
MacDONALD, Alexander Earl of Ross b.1404
MacDONALD, Angus b.1380
MacDONALD, Angus b.1469
MacDONALD, Angus Mor b.1240
MacDONALD, Angus Og Lord of the Isles b.1283
MacDONALD, Donald Lord of the Isles b.1362
MacDONALD, John b.1364
MacDONALD, John Lord of the Isles b.1312
MacDONALD, Mariota b.1406
MacDONALD, Mary b.1316
MacDONALD, Mora b.1248
MacDONALD, Mora b.1398


MacDOUGALL, Alexander Lord of Argyll b.1231
MacDOUGALL, Donnchad b.1233
MacDOUGALL, Donnchad King of Argyll b.1175
MacDOUGALL, Dugal b.1172
MacDOUGALL, Eoghan King of the Isles b.1205
MacDOUGALL, John "The Lame" King of Man b.1265
MacDOUGALL, Mary Countess of Strathearn b.1235
MacDOUGALL, Morna b.1267


MacDOWAL, Duncan b.1409


MacDUFF, Ada b.1184
MacDUFF, Aufrica b.1145
MacDUFF, Colbran Earl of Fife b.1244
MacDUFF, David b.1181
MacDUFF, Duncan Earl of Fife b.1120
MacDUFF, Duncan Earl of Fife b.1150
MacDUFF, Duncan b.1178
MacDUFF, Duncan Earl of Fife b.1285
MacDUFF, Duncan Earl of Fife b.1262
MacDUFF, Gillemichel Earl of Fife b.1090
MacDUFF, Isabel Countess of Fife b.1322
MacDUFF, Isabel b.1265
MacDUFF, Macduff b.1247
MacDUFF, Malcolm Earl of Fife b.1175
MacDUFF, Malcolm Earl of Fife b.1205
MacDUFF, N.N. b.1210


MACE, Wandle Henry b.1872


MacFARLANE, Duncan b.1373


MacFINDLAECH, Macbeth King of Scots b.1015


MACHELL, Anne b.1585
MACHELL, Anne a.1553
MACHELL, Dorothy b.1571
MACHELL, Elizabeth b.1576
MACHELL, Elizabeth a.1551
MACHELL, Grissell a.1600
MACHELL, Jane a.1603
MACHELL, Jane b.1573
MACHELL, Jane b.1557
MACHELL, John a.1601
MACHELL, John Sheriff of London b.1509
MACHELL, John Gentleman b.1579
MACHELL, John a.1546
MACHELL, Katherine b.1544
MACHELL, Mary b.1582
MACHELL, Matthew b.1608
MACHELL, Matthew Gentleman a.1542
MACHELL, N.N. b.1548
MACHELL, Nicholas b.1605
MACHELL, Thomas b.1608
MACHELL, Thomas a.1554


MACHYN, Alice b.1532


MACK, Daniel b.1771
MACK, Jason b.1762
MACK, John b.1682
MACK, Lovina b.1769
MACK, Lovisa b.1767
MACK, Lucy b.1775
MACK, Lydia b.1764
MACK, Solomon b.1773
MACK, Solomon b.1732
MACK, Stephen b.1766


MACKELROY, John b.1685


MACKERELL, Ralph Esquire b.1367


MacKINTOSH, Alexander b.1244
MacKINTOSH, Angus b.1270
MacKINTOSH, Angus "Og" b.1313
MacKINTOSH, Duncan b.1242
MacKINTOSH, Duncan b.1165
MacKINTOSH, Duncan b.1319
MacKINTOSH, Edward b.1193
MacKINTOSH, Ferquhard b.1188
MacKINTOSH, Ferquhard b.1317
MacKINTOSH, Ferquhard b.1240
MacKINTOSH, Ferquhard b.1386
MacKINTOSH, John b.1311
MacKINTOSH, Lachlan b.1345
MacKINTOSH, Malcolm b.1249
MacKINTOSH, Malcolm b.1186
MacKINTOSH, Malcolm b.1163
MacKINTOSH, Malcolm b.1315
MacKINTOSH, Malcolm "Beg" b.1381
MacKINTOSH, Margaret b.1384
MacKINTOSH, Shaw b.1246
MacKINTOSH, Shaw b.1136
MacKINTOSH, Shaw b.1161
MacKINTOSH, Shaw b.1321
MacKINTOSH, Shaw b.1215
MacKINTOSH, William b.1190
MacKINTOSH, William b.1309


MACKWILLIAMS, Margaret b.1568


MACKWORTH, George Sheriff of Rutland b.1541


MacLEOD, Margaret b.1362
MacLEOD, Torquil b.1255
MacLEOD, Torquil b.1475


MacMALDOUEN, Murdac b.1100


MacMAURICE, Gerald b.1173


MacMURCHADA, Aife Countess of Strigoil b.1141
MacMURCHADA, Conchobor b.1143
MacMURCHADA, Diarmait King of Laigin b.1100


MacMURDAC, Maldouen b.1075


MACOMBER, Edith b.1646
MACOMBER, Sarah b.1644


MACON, Attala de b.893
MACON, Aubri de Count of Macon b.938
MACON, Beatrix de b.1159
MACON, Beatrix de b.974
MACON, Gerberga de b.941
MACON, Girard de Count of Vienne b.1130
MACON, Lutaud de Count of Macon b.910
MACON, N.N. de b.950
MACON, Ranulf de Count of Macon b.868


MacRORY, James Lord of Bute b.1199
MacRORY, Jean b.1228


MacTAGGART, Ferquhard Earl of Ross b.1170


MACY, Mary b.1648
MACY, Rebecca b.1656


MADDADSON, Harald Earl of Orkney b.1134


MADDISON, Edward Sheriff of Lincolnshire a.1594


MADDIVER, Joel b.1670
MADDIVER, Joel b.1640
MADDIVER, Judith b.1666
MADDIVER, Martha b.1675
MADDIVER, Mercy b.1677
MADDIVER, Michael b.1610
MADDIVER, N.N. b.1636


MADDOCKS, Edmund b.1630
MADDOCKS, Henry b.1630
MADDOCKS, John b.1657
MADDOCKS, John b.1663
MADDOCKS, Mary b.1655
MADDOCKS, Sarah b.1736


MADELYN, Isabel b.1504


MADGWICK, Dorothy b.1585


MADISON, Ambrose b.1755
MADISON, Catlett b.1758
MADISON, Eleanor b.1760
MADISON, Elizabeth b.1768
MADISON, Frances b.1774
MADISON, Francis b.1753
MADISON, James b.1751
MADISON, James b.1723
MADISON, Reuben b.1771
MADISON, Sarah b.1764
MADISON, William b.1762


MADOG, Angharad ferch b.1197
MADOG, Gruffydd ap b.1298
MADOG, Gryffydd "Maelor" I ap b.1122
MADOG, Gryffydd "Maelor" II ap Lord of Bromfield b.1200
MADOG, Gryffydd ap Knight b.1295
MADOG, Gwenllian ferch b.1130
MADOG, Hywel ap b.1145
MADOG, Hywel ap b.1203
MADOG, Madog "Fychan" ap b.1206
MADOG, Maredudd ap b.1209
MADOG, Margred ferch b.1135
MADOG, Wenllian ferch b.1240


MADSON, William b.1587


MAELGWN, Rhun "Hir" ap b.492


MAENYRCH, Bleddyn ap b.1025


MAGNAVILLE, Ernulf de b.1160


MAGNUSSON, Erik King of Norway b.1268
MAGNUSSON, Gilbert Earl of Caithness b.1205


MAGOUN, James b.1666


MAGRUDER, Alexander b.1672
MAGRUDER, Alexander b.1569
MAGRUDER, Alexander b.1704
MAGRUDER, Alexander b.1610
MAGRUDER, Eleanor b.1702
MAGRUDER, Elizabeth b.1674
MAGRUDER, Elizabeth b.1687
MAGRUDER, James b.1652
MAGRUDER, James b.1519
MAGRUDER, James b.1607
MAGRUDER, James b.1695
MAGRUDER, John b.1660
MAGRUDER, John b.1544
MAGRUDER, John b.1613
MAGRUDER, John b.1691
MAGRUDER, Margaret b.1616
MAGRUDER, Mary b.1693
MAGRUDER, Nathaniel b.1676
MAGRUDER, Nathaniel b.1700
MAGRUDER, Ninean b.1686
MAGRUDER, Samuel b.1684
MAGRUDER, Samuel b.1654
MAGRUDER, Sarah b.1689
MAGRUDER, Verlinda b.1698
MAGRUDER, William b.1697




MAINARD, Florence b.1862


MAINE, Amos b.1850
MAINE, Andrew b.1723
MAINE, Andrew b.1778
MAINE, Anna b.1715
MAINE, Anne b.1732
MAINE, Blanche de b.1020
MAINE, Elizabeth b.1703
MAINE, Elizabeth b.1740
MAINE, Elizabeth b.1646
MAINE, Eremburge de b.1096
MAINE, Ezekiel b.1670
MAINE, Ezekiel b.1645
MAINE, Ezekiel b.1742
MAINE, Geoffrey de b.985
MAINE, Gersende de b.1023
MAINE, Hannah a.1675
MAINE, Hannah a.1702
MAINE, Hannah b.1652
MAINE, Hepzibah b.1710
MAINE, Herbert I de Count of Maine b.989
MAINE, Hugh I de Count of Maine b.891
MAINE, Hugh II de Count of Maine b.920
MAINE, Hugh III de Count of Maine b.950
MAINE, Hugh V de Count of Maine b.1057
MAINE, Jeremiah b.1708
MAINE, Jeremiah b.1672
MAINE, John b.1716
MAINE, John b.1614
MAINE, Jonas b.1735
MAINE, Joshua b.1729
MAINE, Judith de b.898
MAINE, Lydia b.1705
MAINE, Lydia b.1658
MAINE, Mary a.1677
MAINE, N.N. de b.825
MAINE, Nathaniel b.1714
MAINE, Paula de b.1021
MAINE, Peter b.1718
MAINE, Phebe a.1681
MAINE, Phoebe b.1747
MAINE, Priscilla b.1655
MAINE, Rachel b.1660
MAINE, Raoul III de Vicomte de Maine b.947
MAINE, Raoul IV de Vicomte de Maine b.980
MAINE, Raoul V de Vicomte de Maine b.1005
MAINE, Richilde de b.893
MAINE, Rodgar de Count of Maine b.865
MAINE, Rorick de Count of Maine b.800
MAINE, Sarah b.1706
MAINE, Sarah b.1650
MAINE, Thomas a.1679
MAINE, Thomas b.1721
MAINE, Thomas b.1700
MAINE, Thomas b.1648
MAINE, Timothy b.1727


MAINWARING, Adam b.1546
MAINWARING, Adam b.1534
MAINWARING, Agnes b.1482
MAINWARING, Agnes b.1405
MAINWARING, Alice b.1472
MAINWARING, Ann a.1682
MAINWARING, Anne b.1544
MAINWARING, Anne a.1619
MAINWARING, Arthur Knight b.1520
MAINWARING, Bathsheba a.1680
MAINWARING, Bertrade b.1196
MAINWARING, Cecily b.1542
MAINWARING, Cecily b.1470
MAINWARING, Cecily b.1398
MAINWARING, Christopher b.1532
MAINWARING, Christopher b.1595
MAINWARING, Christopher a.1620
MAINWARING, Edmund b.1496
MAINWARING, Edward b.1508
MAINWARING, Edward b.1530
MAINWARING, Edward b.1589
MAINWARING, Elizabeth b.1624
MAINWARING, Elizabeth b.1524
MAINWARING, Elizabeth b.1548
MAINWARING, Elizabeth a.1658
MAINWARING, Elizabeth b.1665
MAINWARING, Elizabeth b.1423
MAINWARING, Elizabeth b.1396
MAINWARING, Elizabeth b.1451
MAINWARING, Ellen b.1408
MAINWARING, Esse a.1655
MAINWARING, Esse a.1651
MAINWARING, Esse a.1626
MAINWARING, George b.1514
MAINWARING, George Knight b.1543
MAINWARING, George b.1477
MAINWARING, George b.1592
MAINWARING, George b.1446
MAINWARING, Griffith b.1527
MAINWARING, Hannah b.1663
MAINWARING, Henry b.1516
MAINWARING, James b.1536
MAINWARING, Jasper b.1523
MAINWARING, Joan b.1479
MAINWARING, Joan b.1466
MAINWARING, Joan b.1350
MAINWARING, Joan b.1400
MAINWARING, John Esquire b.1445
MAINWARING, John b.1498
MAINWARING, John Knight b.1471
MAINWARING, John Knight b.1474
MAINWARING, John Priest b.1475
MAINWARING, John Sheriff of Cheshire b.1358
MAINWARING, John Knight b.1393
MAINWARING, Judith a.1676
MAINWARING, Katherine b.1502
MAINWARING, Katherine b.1527
MAINWARING, Katherine b.1540
MAINWARING, Love a.1671
MAINWARING, Loveday a.1670
MAINWARING, Loveday a.1666
MAINWARING, Loveday a.1625
MAINWARING, Margaret b.1499
MAINWARING, Margaret b.1521
MAINWARING, Margaret b.1425
MAINWARING, Margaret b.1402
MAINWARING, Margaret b.1463
MAINWARING, Margery b.1545
MAINWARING, Margery b.1444
MAINWARING, Margery b.1352
MAINWARING, Margery b.1451
MAINWARING, Mary b.1526
MAINWARING, Mary b.1541
MAINWARING, Mary a.1664
MAINWARING, Mary b.1584
MAINWARING, Matilda b.1293
MAINWARING, Maud b.1473
MAINWARING, Mercy b.1685
MAINWARING, Nicholas b.1505
MAINWARING, Oliver a.1663
MAINWARING, Oliver a.1679
MAINWARING, Oliver Gentleman b.1558
MAINWARING, Oliver a.1634
MAINWARING, Oliver Gentleman b.1587
MAINWARING, Philip b.1507
MAINWARING, Phillip a.1668
MAINWARING, Piers b.1501
MAINWARING, Prudence a.1653
MAINWARING, Prudence a.1623
MAINWARING, Prudence b.1668
MAINWARING, Ralph Knight b.1155
MAINWARING, Randall Knight b.1495
MAINWARING, Randle b.1394
MAINWARING, Randle b.1200
MAINWARING, Randle b.1469
MAINWARING, Randle Esquire b.1360
MAINWARING, Randle b.1442
MAINWARING, Richard b.1529
MAINWARING, Richard Knight b.1499
MAINWARING, Richard b.1628
MAINWARING, Richard a.1673
MAINWARING, Robert b.1476
MAINWARING, Robert b.1510
MAINWARING, Roger b.1521
MAINWARING, Roger b.1274
MAINWARING, Roger b.1130
MAINWARING, Roger Knight b.1198
MAINWARING, Thomas b.1513
MAINWARING, Thomas b.1538
MAINWARING, Thomas b.1448
MAINWARING, Thomas b.1472
MAINWARING, Thomas Knight b.1230
MAINWARING, Warin Knight b.1265
MAINWARING, William b.1511
MAINWARING, William b.1504
MAINWARING, William b.1524
MAINWARING, William a.1666
MAINWARING, William a.1661
MAINWARING, William b.1631
MAINWARING, William b.1421
MAINWARING, William b.1354
MAINWARING, William Esquire b.1295
MAINWARING, William b.1321
MAINWARING, William b.1253
MAINWARING, William Knight b.1232
MAINWARING, William b.1411


MAINZ, Agnes of b.1082
MAINZ, Gerhard of b.1057


MAITLAND, John Earl of Guilford b.1616


MAJOR, Juda b.1603


MAJORCA, Sancha of b.1278


MAKEPEACE, Ambrose a.1569
MAKEPEACE, Andrew a.1617
MAKEPEACE, Annys a.1593
MAKEPEACE, Elizabeth b.1495
MAKEPEACE, Elizabeth b.1571
MAKEPEACE, Elizabeth a.1610
MAKEPEACE, George a.1582
MAKEPEACE, George a.1600
MAKEPEACE, Giles b.1564
MAKEPEACE, Hannah b.1626
MAKEPEACE, Henry b.1460
MAKEPEACE, Henry b.1490
MAKEPEACE, Henry a.1584
MAKEPEACE, Henry a.1608
MAKEPEACE, Hester b.1632
MAKEPEACE, Joan b.1542
MAKEPEACE, Joan a.1568
MAKEPEACE, John b.1492
MAKEPEACE, John b.1573
MAKEPEACE, Joseph a.1646
MAKEPEACE, Mary a.1566
MAKEPEACE, Mary b.1635
MAKEPEACE, N.N. b.1601
MAKEPEACE, Richard b.1516
MAKEPEACE, Richard a.1576
MAKEPEACE, Robert a.1615
MAKEPEACE, Sarah b.1638
MAKEPEACE, Susanna a.1591
MAKEPEACE, Thomas b.1518
MAKEPEACE, Thomas b.1623
MAKEPEACE, Thomas Gentleman a.1595
MAKEPEACE, Waitawhile a.1642
MAKEPEACE, William b.1520
MAKEPEACE, William b.1540
MAKEPEACE, William a.1597
MAKEPEACE, William Gentleman b.1562
MAKEPEACE, William b.1629


MALBANK, Ada de b.1174
MALBANK, Eleanor de b.1171
MALBANK, Elen de b.1228
MALBANK, Elizabeth de b.1358
MALBANK, Hugh de b.1089
MALBANK, Philip de b.1127
MALBANK, Phillipa de b.1169
MALBANK, Piers de Knight b.1330
MALBANK, William de b.1065
MALBANK, William de b.1125


MALBONE, Randolphus b.1670


MALET, Agatha b.1533
MALET, Baldwin b.1318
MALET, Baldwin Knight b.1236
MALET, Baldwin Knight b.1284
MALET, Baldwin Knight b.1347
MALET, Baldwin Knight b.1135
MALET, Baldwin Knight b.1127
MALET, Baldwin Knight b.1473
MALET, Barnabas b.1531
MALET, Beatrice b.1049
MALET, Bertha b.1204
MALET, Dorothy b.1539
MALET, Elizabeth b.1468
MALET, Elizabeth b.1536
MALET, Ernest b.1108
MALET, Gilbert b.1055
MALET, Gilbert b.1150
MALET, Hawise b.1466
MALET, Hawise b.1200
MALET, Hugh b.1496
MALET, Hugh b.1403
MALET, Jane b.1504
MALET, Joan b.1434
MALET, Joan b.1498
MALET, Joan b.1525
MALET, John Knight b.1260
MALET, John Knight b.1315
MALET, Mabel b.1202
MALET, Margaret b.1432
MALET, Margaret b.1464
MALET, Mary b.1527
MALET, N.N. b.1046
MALET, Philippa b.1400
MALET, Ralph Knight b.1177
MALET, Raymond b.1239
MALET, Richard b.1500
MALET, Richard Esquire b.1523
MALET, Robert b.1044
MALET, Robert b.1090
MALET, Thomas b.1494
MALET, Thomas Sheriff of Somerset b.1551
MALET, Thomas b.1521
MALET, Thomas Esquire b.1437
MALET, William b.1440
MALET, William b.1502
MALET, William b.1529
MALET, William b.1125
MALET, William b.1155
MALET, William Knight b.1214
MALET, William Knight b.1180
MALET, William b.1075
MALET, William b.1470
MALET, William Sheriff of York b.1019
MALET, William I b.1125
MALET, William II Sheriff of Somerset b.1175


MALEWAYN, John Esquire b.1344


MALHERBE, Clemence b.1173
MALHERBE, John b.1182
MALHERBE, John b.1175
MALHERBE, John b.1130
MALHERBE, Mabel b.1178
MALHERBE, Thomas b.1155


MALLETT, David b.1705
MALLETT, Dorothy b.1579
MALLETT, Edmund b.1753
MALLETT, Eunice b.1744
MALLETT, Hannah a.1739
MALLETT, Henry E. b.1759
MALLETT, Hosea b.1640
MALLETT, Johanna b.1710
MALLETT, John b.1741
MALLETT, John b.1672
MALLETT, John b.1712
MALLETT, Lewis b.1708
MALLETT, Mary b.1463
MALLETT, Matthew b.1731
MALLETT, Mehitable b.1737
MALLETT, Mercy b.1747
MALLETT, Olive b.1756
MALLETT, Peter b.1711
MALLETT, Prudence b.1733
MALLETT, Ruth b.1750
MALLETT, Sarah a.1735

Surname List