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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


LITTLEPAGE, George b.1562


LITTLETON, Barbara b.1512
LITTLETON, Constance b.1520


LIVERMORE, Abigail b.1683
LIVERMORE, Abraham b.1724
LIVERMORE, Anna b.1690
LIVERMORE, Anna b.1669
LIVERMORE, Daniel b.1675
LIVERMORE, Daniel b.1708
LIVERMORE, Daniel b.1677
LIVERMORE, Daniel a.1643
LIVERMORE, Edmund b.1659
LIVERMORE, Grace b.1671
LIVERMORE, Hannah b.1723
LIVERMORE, Hannah b.1636
LIVERMORE, Hannah b.1670
LIVERMORE, Isaac b.1720
LIVERMORE, Isaac a.1715
LIVERMORE, James b.1680
LIVERMORE, John b.1681
LIVERMORE, John b.1690
LIVERMORE, John b.1668
LIVERMORE, John b.1638
LIVERMORE, John b.1606
LIVERMORE, Jonas b.1710
LIVERMORE, Jonathan b.1678
LIVERMORE, Joseph b.1675
LIVERMORE, Lydia b.1687
LIVERMORE, Martha b.1684
LIVERMORE, Martha b.1656
LIVERMORE, Mary a.1647
LIVERMORE, Mary b.1705
LIVERMORE, Mary b.1684
LIVERMORE, Matthew b.1680
LIVERMORE, Mehitable b.1713
LIVERMORE, N.N. a.1645
LIVERMORE, Nathan b.1727
LIVERMORE, Nathaniel b.1685
LIVERMORE, Nathaniel b.1653
LIVERMORE, Samuel b.1673
LIVERMORE, Samuel a.1641
LIVERMORE, Sarah b.1717
LIVERMORE, Sarah b.1672
LIVERMORE, Sarah b.1650
LIVERMORE, Thomas b.1676


LIVESAY, Martha a.1584


LIVINGSTON, John Knight b.1355
LIVINGSTON, William b.1270


LLES, Caradog ap b.835


LLOYD, Anne b.1591
LLOYD, Frances b.1558
LLOYD, George b.1560
LLOYD, Humphrey Esquire b.1534
LLOYD, John b.1533
LLOYD, Katherine b.1550
LLOYD, Mary b.1561


LLYWARCH, Dwywe ap b.570
LLYWARCH, Elen ferch b.893
LLYWARCH, Gwladus ferch b.1104
LLYWARCH, Iorwerth ap b.1102
LLYWARCH, Madog ap b.1110
LLYWARCH, Maredudd ap b.1106
LLYWARCH, Robert ap b.1108
LLYWARCH, Tangwystl ferch b.1166


LLYWELYN, Alice ferch b.1357
LLYWELYN, Alice ferch b.1300
LLYWELYN, Angharad ferch b.1194
LLYWELYN, Angharad ferch b.1202
LLYWELYN, David ap Knight b.1209
LLYWELYN, Gruffydd ap King of Wales b.1005
LLYWELYN, Gryffydd ap b.1196
LLYWELYN, Gwenllian ferch b.1198
LLYWELYN, Gwilym ap b.1359
LLYWELYN, Gwladys "Dhu" ferch b.1207
LLYWELYN, Helen ferch Countess of Huntingdon b.1211
LLYWELYN, Jenkin ap b.1363
LLYWELYN, Margaret ferch b.1204
LLYWELYN, Morgan ap b.1405
LLYWELYN, Richard ap b.1361
LLYWELYN, Susanna ferch b.1214
LLYWELYN, Tegwared ap b.1200


LOBDELL, Elizabeth a.1631
LOBDELL, Mary b.1679
LOBDELL, Rebecca b.1704
LOBDELL, Sarah b.1683


LOCHES, Adalard de Seigneur de Loches b.838
LOCHES, Roscille de b.882
LOCHES, Werner de Seigneur de Loches b.860
LOCHES, Werner de b.816


LOCKE, Anne b.1567
LOCKE, James b.1692
LOCKE, John b.1590
LOCKE, John a.1627
LOCKE, Judith b.1656
LOCKE, Mary b.1666
LOCKE, Rose b.1526
LOCKE, Ruhamah b.1705
LOCKE, William b.1659


LOCKHART, John Esquire b.1400


LOCKWOOD, Abigail b.1648
LOCKWOOD, Agnes b.1506
LOCKWOOD, Daniel b.1640
LOCKWOOD, Daniel b.1668
LOCKWOOD, Deborah b.1636
LOCKWOOD, Eliphalet b.1676
LOCKWOOD, Elizabeth b.1671
LOCKWOOD, Ephraim b.1673
LOCKWOOD, Ephraim b.1641
LOCKWOOD, Gershom b.1665
LOCKWOOD, Gershom b.1643
LOCKWOOD, Hannah b.1667
LOCKWOOD, James b.1683
LOCKWOOD, John b.1666
LOCKWOOD, John b.1646
LOCKWOOD, Jonathan b.1634
LOCKWOOD, Joseph b.1675
LOCKWOOD, Joseph b.1680
LOCKWOOD, Joseph b.1638
LOCKWOOD, Mary b.1654
LOCKWOOD, Robert a.1601
LOCKWOOD, Sarah b.1670
LOCKWOOD, Sarah b.1650
LOCKWOOD, Sarah a.1652
LOCKWOOD, Sarah b.1679
LOCKWOOD, Sarah b.1666


LODEVE, Nobilia de b.1010


LODINGTON, Thomas b.1550
LODINGTON, William b.1385


LOFTUS, Adam Viscount Lisburne b.1638


LOGAN, Gilbert b.1735
LOGAN, Robert Knight b.1533


LOGIE, John Knight b.1325


LOKER, Anne b.1615
LOKER, Bridget b.1613
LOKER, Daniel a.1563
LOKER, Elizabeth b.1648
LOKER, Henry a.1577
LOKER, Henry b.1609
LOKER, John a.1568
LOKER, John b.1611
LOKER, John b.1650
LOKER, Mary b.1653
LOKER, William a.1575


LOLLE, Amee b.1503


LOMAX, John b.1762


LOMBARD, Eliony b.1627
LOMBARD, Mercy b.1655
LOMBARD, Rufus M. b.1821


LOMENE, Juliane de b.1252


LOMME, Margaret b.1553
LOMME, Robert I of Count of Lomme b.940


LONDON, Alice b.1490
LONDON, Hawise de b.1212
LONDON, John b.1625
LONDON, Maud b.1305
LONDON, Robert Knight b.1280
LONDON, Robert de b.1166
LONDON, Thomas de b.1085
LONDON, Thomas de Lord of Kidwelly b.1182
LONDON, William de b.1157


LONE, Frances b.1587


LONG, Abiel b.1649
LONG, Anne a.1623
LONG, Charles b.1679
LONG, Dorris Anita b.1915
LONG, Elizabeth b.1571
LONG, Elizabeth b.1670
LONG, Elizabeth a.1621
LONG, Harwood b.1616
LONG, Henry Knight b.1480
LONG, Henry Esquire b.1544
LONG, Jane b.1542
LONG, John b.1674
LONG, John a.1629
LONG, Joseph b.1605
LONG, Katherine b.1545
LONG, Mary b.1547
LONG, Mary b.1676
LONG, Mary a.1627
LONG, Mary b.1676
LONG, Michael a.1615
LONG, Murray b.1926
LONG, Paul D. b.1917
LONG, Rebecca b.1625
LONG, Richard Knight b.1489
LONG, Robert a.1619
LONG, Robert b.1590
LONG, Samuel b.1667
LONG, Samuel a.1638
LONG, Sarah a.1616
LONG, Susanna b.1656
LONG, Thomas Knight b.1449
LONG, Timothy b.1636
LONG, Timothy b.1610
LONG, Vere b.1672
LONG, Willa b.1913
LONG, William Damon b.1872
LONG, Zachary a.1630


LONGBOTHAM, Brian a.1544
LONGBOTHAM, Brian b.1520
LONGBOTHAM, Edward a.1562
LONGBOTHAM, Elizabeth a.1560
LONGBOTHAM, John a.1567
LONGBOTHAM, Lawrence a.1565
LONGBOTHAM, Mary a.1569
LONGBOTHAM, Richard b.1557


LONGCHAMP, Henry de Abbot of Crowland b.1164
LONGCHAMP, Henry de b.1202
LONGCHAMP, Henry de Sheriff of Hereford b.1151
LONGCHAMP, Henry de Knight b.1192
LONGCHAMP, Hugh de b.1120
LONGCHAMP, Margaret de b.1179
LONGCHAMP, Maud de b.1159
LONGCHAMP, Maud de b.1236
LONGCHAMP, Osbert de b.1155
LONGCHAMP, Richeut de b.1157
LONGCHAMP, Stephen de b.1161
LONGCHAMP, William de b.1183
LONGCHAMP, William de Bishop of Ely b.1153


LONGCHAMPS, Sybil b.1238


LONGESPEE, Ela b.1227
LONGESPEE, Ela b.1216
LONGESPEE, Ela b.1246
LONGESPEE, Emmeline b.1252
LONGESPEE, Ida b.1206
LONGESPEE, Ida b.1229
LONGESPEE, Isabel b.1210
LONGESPEE, Margaret Countess of Lincoln b.1254
LONGESPEE, Mary b.1218
LONGESPEE, Nicholas Bishop of Salisbury b.1223
LONGESPEE, Pernel b.1220
LONGESPEE, Richard Canon of Salisbury b.1212
LONGESPEE, Richard b.1235
LONGESPEE, Stephen Justiciar of Ireland b.1214
LONGESPEE, William I Earl of Salisbury b.1170
LONGESPEE, William II Knight b.1208
LONGESPEE, William III Earl of Salisbury b.1231


LONGEVILLE, Margaret de b.1334


LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth b.1807
LONGFELLOW, Stephen b.1774


LONGFORD, Anne b.1478
LONGFORD, Dorothy b.1486
LONGFORD, Elizabeth b.1484
LONGFORD, Henry b.1496
LONGFORD, Isabel b.1480
LONGFORD, John b.1494
LONGFORD, John b.1451
LONGFORD, Margaret b.1442
LONGFORD, Margery b.1439
LONGFORD, Margery b.1489
LONGFORD, Margery de b.1287
LONGFORD, Mary b.1500
LONGFORD, Nicholas Knight b.1445
LONGFORD, Nicholas Knight b.1418
LONGFORD, Nicholas Esquire b.1476
LONGFORD, Nicholas Knight b.1288
LONGFORD, Nigel de b.1205
LONGFORD, Ralph Knight b.1448
LONGFORD, Richard b.1482
LONGFORD, Thomas b.1491
LONGFORD, William b.1499


LONGHORNE, Bethia b.1662
LONGHORNE, Constance b.1652
LONGHORNE, Elizabeth b.1649
LONGHORNE, Richard b.1665
LONGHORNE, Richard b.1617
LONGHORNE, Samuel b.1655
LONGHORNE, Sarah b.1660
LONGHORNE, Thomas b.1667
LONGHORNE, Thomas b.1657
LONGHORNE, Thomas b.1651


LONGLAND, Agnes b.1369
LONGLAND, Hugh de Sheriff of Somerset b.1295
LONGLAND, Joan b.1360
LONGLAND, John Knight b.1330
LONGLAND, Margaret b.1356
LONGLAND, Mary b.1340
LONGLAND, Nicholas de Sheriff of Somerset b.1270


LONGLEY, Nathaniel b.1731


LONGSLOW, Eleanor de b.1315
LONGSLOW, Hugh de b.1290


LONGUEVILLE, Charles b.1389
LONGUEVILLE, Henry Knight b.1571


LONGVILLERS, Agnes de b.1215
LONGVILLERS, Alan de b.1172
LONGVILLERS, Eudes de b.1143
LONGVILLERS, Eudes de Knight b.1169
LONGVILLERS, John de Knight b.1229
LONGVILLERS, John de Knight b.1193
LONGVILLERS, Margaret de b.1253


LOOK, Alice Maud b.1881
LOOK, Celia T. b.1900
LOOK, Charles b.1877
LOOK, Edith M. b.1888
LOOK, Enos H. b.1904
LOOK, Eola Mae b.1915
LOOK, Ira b.1884
LOOK, Leander Knowles b.1874
LOOK, Luther White b.1852
LOOK, Norma E. b.1913
LOOK, Orletta G. b.1925
LOOK, Raleigh Hillman b.1891
LOOK, Saloma M. b.1879


LOOMER, Stephen b.1658


LOOMIS, Abigail b.1691
LOOMIS, Abigail b.1659
LOOMIS, Ann b.1592
LOOMIS, Benjamin b.1667
LOOMIS, Caleb b.1693
LOOMIS, Daniel b.1723
LOOMIS, Daniel b.1657
LOOMIS, David b.1667
LOOMIS, David b.1665
LOOMIS, Ebenezer b.1765
LOOMIS, Ebenezer b.1730
LOOMIS, Ebenezer b.1675
LOOMIS, Edward b.1667
LOOMIS, Edward b.1648
LOOMIS, Edward b.1605
LOOMIS, Edward b.1565
LOOMIS, Elijah b.1725
LOOMIS, Elizabeth b.1704
LOOMIS, Elizabeth b.1655
LOOMIS, Elizabeth b.1671
LOOMIS, Elizabeth b.1657
LOOMIS, Elizabeth b.1682
LOOMIS, Elizabeth b.1596
LOOMIS, Elizabeth b.1620
LOOMIS, Ephraim b.1698
LOOMIS, Esther b.1721
LOOMIS, Florence M. b.1876
LOOMIS, Francis b.1645
LOOMIS, Francis b.1599
LOOMIS, Gamaliel b.1762
LOOMIS, Geoffrey b.1600
LOOMIS, Hannah b.1769
LOOMIS, Hannah b.1658
LOOMIS, Hezekiah b.1669
LOOMIS, Isaac b.1668
LOOMIS, James b.1659
LOOMIS, Jane b.1602
LOOMIS, Jane b.1598
LOOMIS, Jerusha b.1728
LOOMIS, Joanna b.1665
LOOMIS, John b.1649
LOOMIS, John b.1671
LOOMIS, John b.1637
LOOMIS, John b.1536
LOOMIS, John b.1622
LOOMIS, John a.1562
LOOMIS, Jonathan b.1664
LOOMIS, Jonathan b.1643
LOOMIS, Joseph b.1651
LOOMIS, Joseph b.1615
LOOMIS, Joseph b.1590
LOOMIS, Josiah b.1685
LOOMIS, Josiah b.1688
LOOMIS, Josiah b.1762
LOOMIS, Josiah b.1661
LOOMIS, Lydia b.1774
LOOMIS, Mary b.1686
LOOMIS, Mary b.1766
LOOMIS, Mary b.1679
LOOMIS, Mary b.1660
LOOMIS, Mary b.1673
LOOMIS, Mary b.1678
LOOMIS, Mary b.1669
LOOMIS, Mary b.1618
LOOMIS, Mindwell b.1673
LOOMIS, Mindwell b.1697
LOOMIS, Moses b.1671
LOOMIS, Nathaniel b.1700
LOOMIS, Nathaniel b.1657
LOOMIS, Nathaniel b.1663
LOOMIS, Nathaniel b.1641
LOOMIS, Nathaniel b.1626
LOOMIS, Nehemiah b.1670
LOOMIS, Philip b.1675
LOOMIS, Philomelia b.1760
LOOMIS, Phoebe b.1697
LOOMIS, Rachel a.1722
LOOMIS, Rebecca b.1682
LOOMIS, Ruth b.1660
LOOMIS, Ruth b.1698
LOOMIS, Samuel b.1666
LOOMIS, Samuel b.1655
LOOMIS, Samuel b.1655
LOOMIS, Samuel b.1679
LOOMIS, Samuel b.1639
LOOMIS, Samuel b.1628
LOOMIS, Sarah b.1732
LOOMIS, Sarah b.1758
LOOMIS, Sarah b.1662
LOOMIS, Sarah b.1665
LOOMIS, Sarah b.1594
LOOMIS, Sarah b.1617
LOOMIS, Tamasin b.1674
LOOMIS, Thankful a.1726
LOOMIS, Thomas b.1654
LOOMIS, Thomas b.1653
LOOMIS, Thomas b.1656
LOOMIS, Thomas b.1688
LOOMIS, Thomas b.1594
LOOMIS, Thomas b.1624
LOOMIS, Timothy b.1661
LOOMIS, William b.1757
LOOMIS, William b.1672
LOOMIS, William a.1596


LOOS, Agnes von b.1149
LOOS, Arnulf V von Count of Loos b.1062
LOOS, Emmo III von Count of Loos b.1025
LOOS, Gerhard II von Count of Loos b.1141
LOOS, Giselbert I von Count of Loos b.1000
LOOS, Imaine von b.1144
LOOS, Laurette von b.1146
LOOS, Louis von Count of Loos b.1100
LOOS, Sophia von b.1035


LOPEZ, Gabriela b.1820




LORD, Abraham b.1658
LORD, Hezekiah b.1698
LORD, John b.1653
LORD, John a.1624
LORD, Joseph b.1656
LORD, Margaret b.1713
LORD, Martha b.1671
LORD, Mary b.1649
LORD, Mary b.1669
LORD, Meribah b.1748
LORD, Richard b.1670
LORD, Richard b.1647
LORD, Robert b.1651
LORD, Samuel b.1640
LORD, Sarah b.1638
LORD, Sarah b.1659
LORD, Sarah Cole b.1849
LORD, Thomas a.1616
LORD, Thomas b.1645
LORD, William b.1643
LORD, William a.1618
LORD, William b.1577
LORD, William b.1680


LORENS, Eda b.1166
LORENS, Hugh b.1140


LORIMER, Agnes b.1534


LORING, Benjamin b.1644
LORING, Caleb b.1689
LORING, Daniel b.1672
LORING, Elizabeth b.1712
LORING, Isaac a.1642
LORING, Isaac a.1639
LORING, Isaac b.1699
LORING, Isaac b.1666
LORING, Isabel b.1356
LORING, Israel b.1682
LORING, Israel b.1678
LORING, Jacob b.1676
LORING, John b.1680
LORING, John b.1658
LORING, John b.1630
LORING, Joseph b.1684
LORING, Joseph b.1660
LORING, Joshua b.1688
LORING, Joshua b.1722
LORING, Josiah b.1636
LORING, Mary b.1695
LORING, Mary b.1692
LORING, Mary b.1668
LORING, Mary b.1702
LORING, Nathaniel b.1670
LORING, Nehemiah b.1686
LORING, Rachel b.1674
LORING, Ruth b.1696
LORING, Sarah b.1719
LORING, Sarah b.1714
LORING, Sarah b.1684
LORING, Sarah b.1693
LORING, Sarah b.1664
LORING, Submit b.1691
LORING, Thomas b.1719
LORING, Thomas a.1625
LORING, Thomas a.1626
LORING, Thomas b.1600
LORING, Thomas b.1662
LORING, William b.1700


LORKIN, Thomas b.1520


LORRAINE, Adalbert II of b.1009
LORRAINE, Adela of b.994
LORRAINE, Adelina of b.1251
LORRAINE, Agatha of b.1119
LORRAINE, Alberade de b.930
LORRAINE, Alix of b.1147
LORRAINE, Beatrix of b.1013
LORRAINE, Beatrix of b.939
LORRAINE, Bertha of b.863
LORRAINE, Charles I of b.953
LORRAINE, Conrad "The Wise" of Duke of Lorraine b.910
LORRAINE, Dietrich I of Duke of Lorraine b.1044
LORRAINE, Dietrich II of Count of Flanders b.1098
LORRAINE, Ermengarde of b.855
LORRAINE, Ermengarde of b.980
LORRAINE, Ermengarde of b.830
LORRAINE, Ezzo of Count of Lorraine b.955
LORRAINE, Frederick I of b.913
LORRAINE, Frederick II of Duke of Lorraine b.992
LORRAINE, Frederick III of b.1016
LORRAINE, Frederick of b.1240
LORRAINE, Gerberga of b.932
LORRAINE, Gerberga of b.975
LORRAINE, Gerberga of b.935
LORRAINE, Gertrude of b.1136
LORRAINE, Gisela of b.1100
LORRAINE, Giselbert of Duke of Lorraine b.897
LORRAINE, Godfrey II "The Bearded" of b.1006
LORRAINE, Godfrey of Duke of Lorraine b.911
LORRAINE, Gozelon I of Duke of Lower Lorraine b.967
LORRAINE, Hildegarde of b.974
LORRAINE, Ida of b.1040
LORRAINE, Judith of b.1149
LORRAINE, Lothaire II of King of Lorraine b.827
LORRAINE, Louis II of King of Italy b.823
LORRAINE, Marguerite of b.1144
LORRAINE, Marie de b.1515
LORRAINE, Matthew I of Duke of Lorraine b.1110
LORRAINE, Matthew II of Count of Boulogne b.1138
LORRAINE, N.N. of b.957
LORRAINE, Otto of b.1004
LORRAINE, Otto of Duke of Carinthia b.948
LORRAINE, Petronilla of b.1096
LORRAINE, Philip of Count of Flanders b.1135
LORRAINE, Pierre of Count of Nevers b.1141
LORRAINE, Regilinde of b.1004
LORRAINE, Richenza of b.1035
LORRAINE, Richenza of b.997
LORRAINE, Simon I of Duke of Upper Lorraine b.1080
LORRAINE, Sophia of b.1000
LORRAINE, Thierry I of Duke of Upper Lorraine b.960
LORRAINE, Uda of b.1002


LORRAN, Joan b.1577


LORTY, John de Lord Lorty b.1294
LORTY, N.N. de b.1297


LOSS, Winifred b.1530


LOSTOK, Dionysia de b.1220
LOSTOK, Henry de b.1195
LOSTOK, Joan de b.1270


LOTTEN, Mary b.1614


LOUCHES, Elizabeth b.1363


LOUDHAM, Eustace de b.1195
LOUDHAM, Matilda de b.1253
LOUDHAM, Walter de b.1250
LOUDHAM, Walter de b.1220


LOUDON, Margaret de b.1164


LOUTHAM, Eleanor b.1416


LOUVAIN, Adele of b.929
LOUVAIN, Adelheid of b.1023
LOUVAIN, Adeliza of Queen of England b.1103
LOUVAIN, Godfrey I "A La Barbe" of Duke of Lorraine b.1060
LOUVAIN, Godfrey II of b.1101
LOUVAIN, Godfrey III of Duke of Brabant b.1142
LOUVAIN, Henri II of Count of Lorraine b.1021
LOUVAIN, Ida of b.1063
LOUVAIN, Jocelin of b.1120
LOUVAIN, Lambert I of b.898
LOUVAIN, Lambert II "The Bearded" of Count of Louvain b.952
LOUVAIN, Lambert III of b.994
LOUVAIN, Matilda of b.1006


LOUVIGNY, Clarmunda de b.1263


LOVAINE, Alice de b.1293
LOVAINE, Eleanor de b.1345
LOVAINE, Eleanor de b.1312
LOVAINE, Eleanor de b.1269
LOVAINE, Godfrey de Knight b.1175
LOVAINE, Hawise de b.1220
LOVAINE, Isabel de b.1341
LOVAINE, John de Knight b.1315
LOVAINE, Matthew de Knight b.1195
LOVAINE, Matthew de b.1237
LOVAINE, Thomas de Knight b.1291


LOVE, Margaret b.1493
LOVE, Mary b.1686
LOVE, Richard Gentleman b.1467
LOVE, Rosie Emma b.1914
LOVE, William b.1639


LOVEDAY, Henry b.1326
LOVEDAY, John b.1526
LOVEDAY, Margaret b.1357


LOVEJOY, Abigail b.1669
LOVEJOY, Ann a.1617
LOVEJOY, Anne b.1659
LOVEJOY, Benjamin b.1664
LOVEJOY, Christopher b.1662
LOVEJOY, Deborah b.1671
LOVEJOY, Ebenezer b.1673
LOVEJOY, Grace a.1620
LOVEJOY, Joan a.1615
LOVEJOY, John b.1655
LOVEJOY, John a.1622
LOVEJOY, Joseph b.1663
LOVEJOY, Mary a.1626
LOVEJOY, Mary b.1652
LOVEJOY, Nathaniel b.1667
LOVEJOY, Richard a.1624
LOVEJOY, Sarah b.1654
LOVEJOY, William a.1614
LOVEJOY, William b.1587
LOVEJOY, William b.1657


LOVEL, Agnes b.1179
LOVEL, Alice b.1429
LOVEL, Alice Baroness Morley b.1467
LOVEL, Baldwin b.1105
LOVEL, Eleanor b.1307
LOVEL, Elizabeth b.1494
LOVEL, Francis Lord Lovel b.1455
LOVEL, Frideswide b.1462
LOVEL, Henry b.1440
LOVEL, Henry Lord Morley b.1465
LOVEL, Henry I b.1155
LOVEL, Henry II b.1189
LOVEL, Henry III b.1216
LOVEL, Hugh Knight b.1250
LOVEL, Isabel b.1343
LOVEL, Isabella b.1308
LOVEL, James b.1290
LOVEL, James Knight b.1305
LOVEL, Joan b.1458
LOVEL, Joan b.1311
LOVEL, Joan b.1303
LOVEL, John Lord Lovel b.1432
LOVEL, John Lord Lovel b.1339
LOVEL, John Lord Lovel b.1314
LOVEL, John Lord Lovel b.1341
LOVEL, John Lord Lovel b.1373
LOVEL, John Lord Lovel b.1288
LOVEL, John Knight b.1222
LOVEL, John Knight b.1190
LOVEL, John Lord Lovel b.1255
LOVEL, Matilda b.1279
LOVEL, Maud b.1405
LOVEL, Maud b.1190
LOVEL, Maud b.1253
LOVEL, Muriel b.1332
LOVEL, Olivia de b.1255
LOVEL, Philippe b.1391
LOVEL, Ralph Rector of Stanton Harcourt b.1385
LOVEL, Ralph I b.1080
LOVEL, Ralph II b.1130
LOVEL, Ralph III b.1187
LOVEL, Richard b.1334
LOVEL, Richard I b.1191
LOVEL, Richard II b.1248
LOVEL, Richard III Knight b.1276
LOVEL, Robert b.1437
LOVEL, Robert Knight b.1375
LOVEL, Thomas K.G. b.1449
LOVEL, Thomas Knight b.1258
LOVEL, Thomas b.1379
LOVEL, Thomas Knight b.1450
LOVEL, Ursula b.1495
LOVEL, William Lord Morley b.1434
LOVEL, William b.1401
LOVEL, William Lord Lovel b.1396
LOVEL, William de b.1140
LOVEL, William de Seigneur de Ivry b.1105


LOVELACE, Richard Knight b.1474


LOVELL, Andrew b.1668
LOVELL, Anna b.1697
LOVELL, Anne b.1619
LOVELL, Deborah b.1665
LOVELL, Elizabeth b.1679
LOVELL, Elizabeth b.1653
LOVELL, Elizabeth b.1660
LOVELL, Ellen b.1629
LOVELL, Enoch b.1670
LOVELL, Hannah b.1668
LOVELL, Huldah b.1785
LOVELL, James b.1662
LOVELL, James b.1633
LOVELL, James b.1667
LOVELL, Jane b.1670
LOVELL, John b.1676
LOVELL, John b.1658
LOVELL, John b.1651
LOVELL, John b.1626
LOVELL, Joseph b.1684
LOVELL, Mary b.1674
LOVELL, Phebe b.1656
LOVELL, Robert b.1595
LOVELL, William b.1665
LOVELL, Zaccheus b.1621


LOVERING, John b.1556
LOVERING, William b.1645


LOVETT, Abigail b.1654
LOVETT, Amy b.1495
LOVETT, Anne b.1612
LOVETT, Anne b.1503
LOVETT, Anne b.1520
LOVETT, Benjamin b.1678
LOVETT, Bethia a.1682
LOVETT, Bethia a.1652
LOVETT, Bridget b.1506
LOVETT, Catherine b.1470
LOVETT, Cecilia b.1239
LOVETT, Constance b.1501
LOVETT, Ebenezer b.1702
LOVETT, Elizabeth b.1518
LOVETT, Henry b.1237
LOVETT, Jane b.1540
LOVETT, Jane b.1786
LOVETT, John b.1522
LOVETT, John b.1256
LOVETT, John b.1665
LOVETT, John b.1718
LOVETT, John b.1612
LOVETT, John b.1639
LOVETT, Joseph b.1645
LOVETT, Josiah a.1669
LOVETT, Lancaster b.1720
LOVETT, Margaret b.1497
LOVETT, Mary a.1650
LOVETT, Maud b.1337
LOVETT, Samuel b.1650
LOVETT, Samuel a.1675
LOVETT, Simon b.1663
LOVETT, Simon b.1642
LOVETT, Susanna a.1668
LOVETT, Thomas Esquire b.1445
LOVETT, Thomas Esquire b.1473
LOVETT, Thomas Esquire b.1493
LOVETT, Thomas b.1671
LOVETT, Thomas Esquire b.1516
LOVETT, William b.1499


LOVEYNE, Margaret de b.1336
LOVEYNE, Margaret de b.1371
LOVEYNE, Nicholas de Knight b.1351
LOVEYNE, Nicholas de Knight b.1330


LOVINGCOTT, Anne b.1467
LOVINGCOTT, Thomas b.1442


LOW, Alice b.1686
LOW, Dorcas b.1674
LOW, Elizabeth b.1695
LOW, Elizabeth b.1667
LOW, Hannah b.1685
LOW, Joanna b.1680
LOW, Job b.1677
LOW, John b.1665
LOW, John b.1630
LOW, John a.1634
LOW, Joseph b.1681
LOW, Margaret a.1632
LOW, Margaret b.1669
LOW, Martha b.1679
LOW, Sarah b.1637
LOW, Sarah b.1721
LOW, Symonds b.1689
LOW, Thomas a.1631
LOW, Thomas b.1605
LOW, Thorndike b.1672


LOWDEN, Richard b.1615


LOWE, Anne b.1582
LOWE, Edward b.1635
LOWE, Eleanor b.1425
LOWE, Hercules b.1630
LOWE, Isabel a.1590


LOWELL, Agnes a.1603
LOWELL, Andrew a.1563
LOWELL, Anne b.1616
LOWELL, Benjamin b.1642
LOWELL, Christian a.1600
LOWELL, Edward a.1611
LOWELL, Elizabeth b.1646
LOWELL, Elizabeth a.1664
LOWELL, Gerard a.1610
LOWELL, James b.1637
LOWELL, Joanna b.1619
LOWELL, John b.1655
LOWELL, John a.1604
LOWELL, John b.1631
LOWELL, Joseph b.1639
LOWELL, Margaret a.1574
LOWELL, Mary b.1658
LOWELL, Mary b.1633
LOWELL, Patience b.1662
LOWELL, Percival Gentleman b.1571
LOWELL, Percival b.1639
LOWELL, Peter b.1635
LOWELL, Peter a.1614
LOWELL, Rebecca b.1642
LOWELL, Richard a.1564
LOWELL, Richard a.1577
LOWELL, Richard Gentleman b.1535
LOWELL, Richard a.1602
LOWELL, Samuel b.1645
LOWELL, Thomas b.1644
LOWELL, Thomas a.1576
LOWELL, Thomas a.1608
LOWELL, Thomas b.1649


LOWER, Elinor a.1602
LOWER, George a.1595
LOWER, Jane b.1561
LOWER, Margaret a.1592
LOWER, Nicholas a.1601
LOWER, Peter a.1594
LOWER, Peter Esquire b.1564
LOWER, Thomas Esquire a.1591
LOWER, Thomas b.1535
LOWER, William a.1591


LOWREY, Robert A. b.1901
LOWREY, Robert Denton b.1872


LOWTH, Margaret b.1531


LUCAS, Anne b.1604
LUCAS, Anne b.1568
LUCAS, Anne b.1656
LUCAS, Anne b.1541
LUCAS, Charles Knight b.1610
LUCAS, Charles Lord Lucas b.1631
LUCAS, Constance b.1566
LUCAS, Elizabeth b.1612
LUCAS, Jasper b.1466
LUCAS, John Knight b.1606
LUCAS, John b.1576
LUCAS, John b.1604
LUCAS, Katherine b.1614
LUCAS, Margaret b.1617
LUCAS, Mary b.1608
LUCAS, Mary b.1570
LUCAS, Nicholas b.1690
LUCAS, Penelope b.1663
LUCAS, Robert Lord Lucas b.1649
LUCAS, Thomas Knight b.1597
LUCAS, Thomas Esquire b.1573
LUCAS, Thomas Knight b.1531


LUCE, Josiah b.1685
LUCE, Remembrance b.1669
LUCE, Sarah Elizabeth b.1828
LUCE, Thankful b.1715


LUCELLES, Beatrice de b.1145
LUCELLES, Hugh de b.1120
LUCELLES, Richard de b.1095


LUCERNE, Hodierna de b.1150


LUCKE, Elizabeth b.1534


LUCY, Alice b.1409
LUCY, Alice de b.1280
LUCY, Alice de b.1204
LUCY, Alice de b.1137
LUCY, Amabel de b.1202
LUCY, Anna b.1601
LUCY, Anne b.1519
LUCY, Anne a.1550
LUCY, Anthony de Lord Lucy b.1334
LUCY, Anthony de Lord Lucy b.1282
LUCY, Aveline de b.1130
LUCY, Barbara b.1522
LUCY, Berkeley a.1700
LUCY, Berkeley Knight a.1673
LUCY, Bridget b.1604
LUCY, Edmund Knight b.1464
LUCY, Edward a.1549
LUCY, Edward b.1516
LUCY, Eleanor b.1407
LUCY, Elizabeth b.1588
LUCY, Elizabeth b.1539
LUCY, Francis b.1599
LUCY, Geoffrey de Knight b.1320
LUCY, Geoffrey de Knight b.1288
LUCY, Geoffrey de b.1267
LUCY, Geoffrey de b.1237
LUCY, Geoffrey de b.1210
LUCY, Geoffrey de b.1170
LUCY, Geoffrey de b.1128
LUCY, George b.1592
LUCY, Godfrey de Bishop of Winchester b.1132
LUCY, Herbert de b.1159
LUCY, Jane b.1533
LUCY, Joan de b.1314
LUCY, Joyce a.1546
LUCY, Joyce a.1578
LUCY, Katherine de b.1353
LUCY, Kingsmill Knight b.1644
LUCY, Lucy de b.1321
LUCY, Martha a.1545
LUCY, Mary a.1678
LUCY, Mary a.1709
LUCY, Mary b.1535
LUCY, Matilda de Baroness Lucy b.1340
LUCY, Maud b.1412
LUCY, Maud de b.1162
LUCY, Maud de Lady of Diss b.1135
LUCY, Maud de b.1239
LUCY, N.N. de b.1170
LUCY, N.N. de b.1208
LUCY, Reginald de Knight b.1359
LUCY, Reynold de b.1332
LUCY, Reynold de b.1130
LUCY, Richard Knight a.1591
LUCY, Richard b.1537
LUCY, Richard de b.1160
LUCY, Richard de b.1165
LUCY, Richard de Justiciar of England b.1099
LUCY, Robert a.1597
LUCY, Rohese de b.1156
LUCY, Susan a.1543
LUCY, Theodocia b.1642
LUCY, Theophilia a.1671
LUCY, Thomas Knight b.1586
LUCY, Thomas b.1576
LUCY, Thomas b.1337
LUCY, Thomas Sheriff of Warwickshire b.1373
LUCY, Thomas b.1513
LUCY, Thomas Knight b.1484
LUCY, Thomas Knight b.1552
LUCY, Thomas Sheriff of Worcestershire b.1532
LUCY, Thomas de b.1278
LUCY, Thomas de Knight b.1225
LUCY, Thomas de Lord Lucy b.1311
LUCY, Timothy a.1547
LUCY, Walter Knight b.1388
LUCY, Walter de Abbot of Battle b.1103
LUCY, William Bishop of St. David's b.1594
LUCY, William b.1541
LUCY, William Knight b.1404
LUCY, William Knight b.1312
LUCY, William b.1340
LUCY, William Sheriff of Warwickshire b.1401
LUCY, William Sheriff of Warwickshire b.1441
LUCY, William Esquire b.1511


LUDDEN, Benjamin b.1650


LUDDINGTON, Jane b.1521
LUDDINGTON, John b.1694
LUDDINGTON, William b.1607


LUDLAM, Anthony b.1632
LUDLAM, Charles b.1691
LUDLAM, Clemence b.1684
LUDLAM, Frances a.1640
LUDLAM, Grace b.1630
LUDLAM, Henry a.1638
LUDLAM, John b.1635
LUDLAM, Joseph b.1689
LUDLAM, Joseph a.1646
LUDLAM, Mary a.1639
LUDLAM, William b.1628
LUDLAM, William b.1604
LUDLAM, William b.1575


LUDLOW, Alice b.1483
LUDLOW, Anne a.1628
LUDLOW, Anne a.1591
LUDLOW, Anne b.1541
LUDLOW, Anne b.1481
LUDLOW, Benedicta b.1400
LUDLOW, Edmund Knight b.1543
LUDLOW, Edward b.1493
LUDLOW, Elizabeth a.1632
LUDLOW, Francis a.1626
LUDLOW, Gabriel a.1622
LUDLOW, Gabriel Esquire a.1587
LUDLOW, George Esquire a.1596
LUDLOW, George b.1583
LUDLOW, George Esquire b.1515
LUDLOW, Jane b.1549
LUDLOW, Joan b.1466
LUDLOW, John b.1634
LUDLOW, John Knight b.1459
LUDLOW, Margaret b.1547
LUDLOW, Margaret b.1325
LUDLOW, Margery b.1390
LUDLOW, Mary b.1545
LUDLOW, Philippe b.1555
LUDLOW, Richard Knight b.1434
LUDLOW, Roger a.1590
LUDLOW, Sarah b.1637
LUDLOW, Thomas a.1624
LUDLOW, Thomas a.1593
LUDLOW, Thomas Gentleman b.1551
LUDLOW, Thomas Knight b.1301
LUDLOW, Thomas de Knight b.1279
LUDLOW, Ursula b.1553


LUGG, Elizabeth b.1638
LUGG, Esther a.1633
LUGG, Jane a.1629
LUGG, John a.1644
LUGG, John a.1595
LUGG, Mary a.1642


LUKE, Agnes a.1580
LUKE, Anne a.1578
LUKE, Elizabeth a.1588
LUKE, Isabel a.1585
LUKE, John a.1605
LUKE, John a.1576
LUKE, Judith a.1583
LUKE, Katherine a.1591
LUKE, Nicholas b.1607
LUKE, Nicholas Knight b.1549
LUKE, Oliver Knight a.1574
LUKE, Samuel Knight a.1603
LUKE, Thomas a.1585


LUKIN, Anne b.1574
LUKIN, Clemence a.1563
LUKIN, Edward Gentleman b.1567
LUKIN, Isabel a.1561
LUKIN, Jane a.1569
LUKIN, John a.1558
LUKIN, Judith b.1565
LUKIN, Thomas Gentleman a.1555
LUKIN, Walter b.1571
LUKIN, William a.1562
LUKIN, William Gentleman b.1530

Surname List