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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


LEIGHTON, Aaron b.1808
LEIGHTON, Abigail b.1760
LEIGHTON, Abigail b.1807
LEIGHTON, Alice J. b.1862
LEIGHTON, Alice W. b.1806
LEIGHTON, Amos Gay b.1829
LEIGHTON, Andrew b.1762
LEIGHTON, Andrew Jackson b.1841
LEIGHTON, Ann b.1748
LEIGHTON, Asenath F. b.1871
LEIGHTON, Beatrice May b.1901
LEIGHTON, Benjamin b.1746
LEIGHTON, Benjamin b.1794
LEIGHTON, Benjamin F. b.1853
LEIGHTON, Benjamin Franklin b.1773
LEIGHTON, Burns A. b.1885
LEIGHTON, Caroline Wilda b.1884
LEIGHTON, Charles Augustus b.1879
LEIGHTON, Chase S. b.1872
LEIGHTON, Christiana J. b.1867
LEIGHTON, Clara b.1863
LEIGHTON, Coretta b.1855
LEIGHTON, Daniel b.1800
LEIGHTON, Daniel b.1787
LEIGHTON, Daniel b.1772
LEIGHTON, Deborah b.1773
LEIGHTON, Dolly G. b.1828
LEIGHTON, Dorcas b.1759
LEIGHTON, Dorothy b.1723
LEIGHTON, Ebenezer Jordan b.1801
LEIGHTON, Edward b.1820
LEIGHTON, Edward F. b.1886
LEIGHTON, Edward N. b.1874
LEIGHTON, Effie b.1890
LEIGHTON, Effie M. b.1881
LEIGHTON, Eleanor Dorothy b.1910
LEIGHTON, Elizabeth b.1582
LEIGHTON, Elizabeth b.1804
LEIGHTON, Elizabeth b.1792
LEIGHTON, Elizabeth b.1636
LEIGHTON, Elizabeth b.1776
LEIGHTON, Elizabeth b.1646
LEIGHTON, Elizabeth b.1676
LEIGHTON, Elizabeth b.1737
LEIGHTON, Elizabeth b.1750
LEIGHTON, Esther b.1764
LEIGHTON, Eudora E. b.1859
LEIGHTON, Eudora E. b.1851
LEIGHTON, Evangeline E. b.1897
LEIGHTON, Evangeline J. b.1888
LEIGHTON, Everett E. b.1856
LEIGHTON, Ezekiel b.1767
LEIGHTON, Francis b.1854
LEIGHTON, Franklin b.1829
LEIGHTON, Fred Perley b.1871
LEIGHTON, George b.1895
LEIGHTON, George b.1727
LEIGHTON, George B. b.1870
LEIGHTON, George Brown b.1842
LEIGHTON, George William b.1916
LEIGHTON, Gideon b.1731
LEIGHTON, Gladys Carolyn b.1917
LEIGHTON, Hannah b.1770
LEIGHTON, Hannah b.1761
LEIGHTON, Harold Victor b.1905
LEIGHTON, Harry A. b.1896
LEIGHTON, Harvey b.1876
LEIGHTON, Isaac b.1763
LEIGHTON, Jacob b.1795
LEIGHTON, James b.1805
LEIGHTON, James b.1699
LEIGHTON, James b.1769
LEIGHTON, James b.1798
LEIGHTON, James P. b.1813
LEIGHTON, Joanna b.1801
LEIGHTON, John b.1697
LEIGHTON, John b.1794
LEIGHTON, John b.1816
LEIGHTON, John b.1673
LEIGHTON, John b.1719
LEIGHTON, John Augustus b.1836
LEIGHTON, John Coffin b.1780
LEIGHTON, John H. b.1870
LEIGHTON, John L. b.1893
LEIGHTON, Joseph b.1790
LEIGHTON, Joseph b.1733
LEIGHTON, Joseph b.1755
LEIGHTON, Joseph L. b.1865
LEIGHTON, Joshua M. b.1808
LEIGHTON, Leeman P. b.1876
LEIGHTON, Lewis E. b.1827
LEIGHTON, Lillian R. b.1899
LEIGHTON, Linwood William b.1906
LEIGHTON, Lorana b.1825
LEIGHTON, Lucretia Small b.1864
LEIGHTON, Lucy Hope b.1793
LEIGHTON, Lucy W. b.1796
LEIGHTON, Lydia b.1770
LEIGHTON, Lydia b.1703
LEIGHTON, Marcy b.1789
LEIGHTON, Martha Upton b.1833
LEIGHTON, Martha Upton b.1831
LEIGHTON, Mary b.1765
LEIGHTON, Mary b.1644
LEIGHTON, Mary b.1762
LEIGHTON, Mary A. Wallace b.1838
LEIGHTON, Mary Strout b.1802
LEIGHTON, Maud E. b.1880
LEIGHTON, Montgomery Roger b.1916
LEIGHTON, N.N. de b.1297
LEIGHTON, N.N. de b.1295
LEIGHTON, Napoleon C. b.1854
LEIGHTON, Nathan Everett b.1858
LEIGHTON, Olive b.1774
LEIGHTON, Otis S. b.1857
LEIGHTON, Otis Smith b.1803
LEIGHTON, Patience b.1805
LEIGHTON, Perley Maynard b.1899
LEIGHTON, Persis b.1804
LEIGHTON, Phebe b.1775
LEIGHTON, Phineas b.1768
LEIGHTON, Rachel b.1797
LEIGHTON, Rebecca b.1782
LEIGHTON, Robert b.1795
LEIGHTON, Robert b.1800
LEIGHTON, Robert b.1791
LEIGHTON, Robert b.1778
LEIGHTON, Robert b.1758
LEIGHTON, Robert Otis b.1833
LEIGHTON, Robert W. b.1792
LEIGHTON, Ross b.1810
LEIGHTON, Ross b.1766
LEIGHTON, Samantha Almira b.1831
LEIGHTON, Samuel b.1797
LEIGHTON, Samuel b.1729
LEIGHTON, Sarah b.1797
LEIGHTON, Sarah b.1776
LEIGHTON, Sarah b.1780
LEIGHTON, Sarah b.1648
LEIGHTON, Sarah b.1701
LEIGHTON, Sarah b.1721
LEIGHTON, Sarah b.1752
LEIGHTON, Stephen b.1764
LEIGHTON, Stewart Duncan b.1919
LEIGHTON, Susanna b.1761
LEIGHTON, Susanna b.1758
LEIGHTON, Susanna b.1742
LEIGHTON, Susanna C. b.1847
LEIGHTON, Susannah b.1785
LEIGHTON, Sybil Strout b.1826
LEIGHTON, Theodore b.1757
LEIGHTON, Theodore b.1739
LEIGHTON, Thomas Knight b.1452
LEIGHTON, Thomas b.1814
LEIGHTON, Thomas b.1783
LEIGHTON, Thomas b.1604
LEIGHTON, Thomas b.1671
LEIGHTON, Thomas b.1642
LEIGHTON, Thomas b.1725
LEIGHTON, Thomas b.1765
LEIGHTON, Thomas b.1696
LEIGHTON, Thomas Parritt b.1766
LEIGHTON, Vera Pauline b.1903
LEIGHTON, Warren Wallace b.1845
LEIGHTON, Wesley Campbell b.1908
LEIGHTON, William b.1803
LEIGHTON, William de b.1270
LEIGHTON, William Henry b.1847


LEKAPENA, Agatha b.908
LEKAPENA, Helena b.906


LEKAPENOS, Christophoros b.904
LEKAPENOS, Romanus I Emperor of Byzantium b.880
LEKAPENOS, Theophylaktos b.855
LEKAPENOS, Theophylaktos b.917


LEKE, Anne b.1620
LEKE, Anne b.1421
LEKE, Catherine b.1622
LEKE, Charles b.1616
LEKE, Edward b.1614
LEKE, Elizabeth b.1610
LEKE, Elizabeth b.1418
LEKE, Frances b.1626
LEKE, Francis a.1609
LEKE, Francis Earl of Scarsdale b.1580
LEKE, Henry b.1624
LEKE, Margaret b.1416
LEKE, Mary b.1414
LEKE, Muriel b.1618
LEKE, Nicholas Earl of Scarsdale a.1612
LEKE, Penelope b.1628
LEKE, Simon Esquire b.1382


LELAND, Benjamin Franklin b.1828
LELAND, James b.1687
LELAND, Sarah b.1710
LELAND, Timothy b.1684


LEMON, Elizabeth a.1643
LEMON, Grace a.1639
LEMON, Hannah a.1650
LEMON, John a.1645
LEMON, John a.1643
LEMON, Martha a.1641
LEMON, Mary a.1639
LEMON, Robert b.1610
LEMON, Sarah b.1647


LEMONT, Martha b.1786


LENHAM, Nicholas de b.1237
LENHAM, Richard b.1573
LENHAM, Robert Esquire b.1452


LENNARD, Anne a.1572
LENNARD, Barbara a.1604
LENNARD, Edward a.1611
LENNARD, Elizabeth a.1581
LENNARD, Elizabeth a.1580
LENNARD, Fiennes a.1597
LENNARD, Frances a.1583
LENNARD, Francis Lord Dacre b.1619
LENNARD, George a.1573
LENNARD, Henry a.1622
LENNARD, Henry Lord Dacre a.1570
LENNARD, John a.1584
LENNARD, Katherine b.1629
LENNARD, Margaret a.1594
LENNARD, Margaret a.1578
LENNARD, Mary b.1561
LENNARD, Mary a.1574
LENNARD, Pembroke a.1602
LENNARD, Philadelphia a.1599
LENNARD, Richard a.1626
LENNARD, Richard a.1620
LENNARD, Richard Lord Dacre b.1596
LENNARD, Sampson Sheriff of Kent b.1544
LENNARD, Thomas a.1621
LENNARD, Thomas a.1577


LENNOX, Ada of b.1223
LENNOX, Alexander of b.1347
LENNOX, Alwyn of Earl of Lennox b.1130
LENNOX, Alwyn of Earl of Lennox b.1160
LENNOX, Aulay of b.1200
LENNOX, Donald of Earl of Lennox b.1295
LENNOX, Dugald of Rector of Kilpatrick b.1194
LENNOX, Duncan of b.1202
LENNOX, Duncan of Earl of Lennox b.1345
LENNOX, Elizabeth of b.1380
LENNOX, Eva of b.1198
LENNOX, Gilchrist of b.1204
LENNOX, Isabel of Countess of Lennox b.1376
LENNOX, Malcolm of b.1221
LENNOX, Malcolm of Earl of Lennox b.1265
LENNOX, Malcolm of Earl of Lennox b.1242
LENNOX, Malcolm of b.1196
LENNOX, Maldouen of Earl of Lennox b.1190
LENNOX, Margaret of b.1378
LENNOX, Margaret of Countess of Lennox b.1323
LENNOX, Murdach of b.1192


LENS, Judith of Countess of Huntingdon b.1054
LENS, N.N. of b.950


LENTHALL, Elizabeth b.1428
LENTHALL, Katherine b.1431
LENTHALL, Roland b.1425
LENTHALL, Roland Knight b.1383


LENTON, Agnes b.1526
LENTON, John Esquire b.1560
LENTON, John Esquire b.1501


LEON, Alfonso III de King of Leon b.848
LEON, Alfonso IV of King of Leon b.898
LEON, Alfonso IX of King of Leon b.1171
LEON, Alfonso V of King of Leon b.994
LEON, Anne de b.1050
LEON, Fernando II of King of Leon b.1136
LEON, Garcia I de King of Leon b.871
LEON, Jimena of b.1024
LEON, Ordono I de King of Leon b.829
LEON, Ordono III of King of Leon b.926
LEON, Ramiro I de King of Leon b.790
LEON, Ramiro II of King of Leon b.900
LEON, Ramiro III of King of Leon b.959
LEON, Sancha of b.1013
LEON, Sancho I of King of Leon b.933
LEON, Vermudo I de b.750
LEON, Vermudo II of King of Leon b.953
LEON, Vermudo III of King of Leon b.1011


LEONARD, Abel b.1656
LEONARD, Andrew b.1719
LEONARD, Benjamin b.1654
LEONARD, Deborah b.1663
LEONARD, Elizabeth b.1694
LEONARD, Elizabeth b.1686
LEONARD, Hannah b.1660
LEONARD, Hannah b.1667
LEONARD, Hannah b.1680
LEONARD, Hannah b.1658
LEONARD, Jacob b.1647
LEONARD, John b.1652
LEONARD, John b.1641
LEONARD, John b.1615
LEONARD, Jonas b.1717
LEONARD, Joseph b.1643
LEONARD, Joseph b.1644
LEONARD, Josiah b.1658
LEONARD, Lydia b.1650
LEONARD, Martha b.1649
LEONARD, Mary b.1647
LEONARD, Moses b.1677
LEONARD, Philip b.1718
LEONARD, Rachel b.1665
LEONARD, Rebecca b.1661
LEONARD, Sarah b.1645
LEONARD, Sarah b.1680
LEONARD, Sarah b.1723
LEONARD, Uriah b.1662


LESLIE, Alexander Earl of Leven b.1637
LESLIE, Alexander Earl of Ross b.1370
LESLIE, Andrew Knight b.1230
LESLIE, Andrew Knight b.1317
LESLIE, Andrew Knight b.1285
LESLIE, Ann b.1283
LESLIE, Euphemia Countess of Ross b.1395
LESLIE, George Lord Leslie b.1400
LESLIE, George Knight b.1323
LESLIE, George Knight b.1350
LESLIE, Margaret b.1281
LESLIE, Mary Countess of Ross b.1375
LESLIE, Norman b.1365
LESLIE, Norman Esquire b.1319
LESLIE, Norman b.1200
LESLIE, Norman Sheriff of Aberdeen b.1256
LESLIE, Walter Knight b.1321


LESMAYE, Katherine b.1224


LETHEMORE, Anne b.1660


LETTICE, Elizabeth b.1636


LEUCHARS, Nes de b.1107
LEUCHARS, Orable de Countess of Mar b.1133


LEVENTHORPE, Alice b.1481
LEVENTHORPE, Anne b.1518
LEVENTHORPE, Dorothy b.1523
LEVENTHORPE, Edward b.1514
LEVENTHORPE, Elizabeth b.1516
LEVENTHORPE, Elizabeth b.1579
LEVENTHORPE, John Sheriff of Hertfordshire b.1455
LEVENTHORPE, John Esquire b.1370
LEVENTHORPE, John b.1400
LEVENTHORPE, Katherine b.1430
LEVENTHORPE, Madeline b.1520
LEVENTHORPE, Nicholas Esquire b.1445
LEVENTHORPE, Robert b.1455
LEVENTHORPE, Robert b.1345
LEVENTHORPE, Robert b.1403
LEVENTHORPE, Thomas b.1526
LEVENTHORPE, Thomas Esquire b.1485
LEVENTHORPE, Thomas b.1424


LEVERETT, John a.1616


LEVERSEGE, Isota de b.1304
LEVERSEGE, Robert de Knight b.1279


LEVESON, Alice b.1520
LEVESON, Dorothy b.1514
LEVESON, Elizabeth b.1530
LEVESON, James Knight b.1497
LEVESON, John b.1315
LEVESON, John Esquire b.1518
LEVESON, John b.1494
LEVESON, Joyce b.1540
LEVESON, Mary b.1524
LEVESON, Nicholas b.1375
LEVESON, Nicholas b.1527
LEVESON, Nicholas b.1430
LEVESON, Nicholas Sheriff of London b.1492
LEVESON, Richard Knight b.1570
LEVESON, Richard b.1340
LEVESON, Richard b.1405
LEVESON, Richard b.1457
LEVESON, Thomas b.1516
LEVESON, William b.1522


LEVINGTON, Helwise de b.1220


LEWEN, Margaret b.1612


LEWES, Edward Knight b.1587


LEWIS, Abigail b.1679
LEWIS, Abraham b.1650
LEWIS, Abraham b.1660
LEWIS, Ann b.1631
LEWIS, Ann Caroline b.1816
LEWIS, Anna b.1650
LEWIS, Anne b.1684
LEWIS, Benjamin b.1668
LEWIS, Berrien McCrinean b.1819
LEWIS, Caroline Elizabeth b.1839
LEWIS, Christopher b.1636
LEWIS, Deborah b.1700
LEWIS, Ebenezer b.1681
LEWIS, Eliza Florence b.1857
LEWIS, Elizabeth b.1684
LEWIS, Elizabeth b.1642
LEWIS, Hannah b.1722
LEWIS, Hannah b.1662
LEWIS, Hannah b.1654
LEWIS, Hannah a.1649
LEWIS, Irwin James b.1817
LEWIS, Isaac b.1644
LEWIS, Isaac b.1656
LEWIS, Isabella b.1629
LEWIS, James Campbell b.1847
LEWIS, John b.1635
LEWIS, John b.1638
LEWIS, John b.1612
LEWIS, John a.1606
LEWIS, John b.1660
LEWIS, John b.1631
LEWIS, Jonathan b.1652
LEWIS, Joseph b.1724
LEWIS, Joseph a.1640
LEWIS, Josias b.1641
LEWIS, Jotham b.1656
LEWIS, Katherine b.1596
LEWIS, Leonard b.1728
LEWIS, Lydia b.1640
LEWIS, Mabel Elizabeth b.1875
LEWIS, Manzoni Lavincy b.1851
LEWIS, Margaret Lawson b.1854
LEWIS, Martha L. b.1845
LEWIS, Mary a.1646
LEWIS, Mary b.1714
LEWIS, Mary b.1665
LEWIS, Mary b.1653
LEWIS, Mary a.1640
LEWIS, Mary b.1657
LEWIS, Mary Ann b.1842
LEWIS, Nathaniel b.1672
LEWIS, Philip b.1628
LEWIS, Rebecca Jane b.1849
LEWIS, Ruth b.1685
LEWIS, Samuel b.1675
LEWIS, Samuel b.1641
LEWIS, Sarah b.1644
LEWIS, Sarah b.1647
LEWIS, Sarah b.1690
LEWIS, Sarah b.1717
LEWIS, Sarah Nancy b.1862
LEWIS, Susanna b.1669
LEWIS, Thomas b.1663
LEWIS, Thomas a.1630
LEWIS, Trial b.1658
LEWIS, Wiley b.1790
LEWIS, Wiley Walter b.1859
LEWIS, William b.1609


LEWKNOR, Agnes b.1392
LEWKNOR, Alice b.1436
LEWKNOR, Amy b.1449
LEWKNOR, Anne b.1540
LEWKNOR, Anne b.1493
LEWKNOR, Anne b.1548
LEWKNOR, Anne b.1611
LEWKNOR, Anne a.1577
LEWKNOR, Anthony b.1521
LEWKNOR, Barbara b.1513
LEWKNOR, Barbara b.1552
LEWKNOR, Clemence b.1494
LEWKNOR, Dorothy b.1498
LEWKNOR, Dorothy b.1486
LEWKNOR, Dorothy b.1554
LEWKNOR, Dorothy a.1575
LEWKNOR, Edmund b.1543
LEWKNOR, Edmund Esquire b.1496
LEWKNOR, Edward b.1454
LEWKNOR, Edward Esquire b.1517
LEWKNOR, Edward Esquire b.1481
LEWKNOR, Edward Esquire a.1614
LEWKNOR, Edward Knight a.1587
LEWKNOR, Edward b.1451
LEWKNOR, Edward Knight b.1541
LEWKNOR, Eleanor b.1479
LEWKNOR, Eleanor b.1507
LEWKNOR, Elizabeth b.1501
LEWKNOR, Elizabeth b.1538
LEWKNOR, Elizabeth b.1552
LEWKNOR, Elizabeth a.1591
LEWKNOR, Elizabeth b.1435
LEWKNOR, George b.1542
LEWKNOR, George b.1447
LEWKNOR, Henry a.1612
LEWKNOR, Hester b.1582
LEWKNOR, Jane b.1545
LEWKNOR, Jane b.1495
LEWKNOR, Jane b.1434
LEWKNOR, Joan b.1490
LEWKNOR, Joan b.1458
LEWKNOR, Joan b.1424
LEWKNOR, John b.1461
LEWKNOR, John Knight b.1422
LEWKNOR, John Knight b.1395
LEWKNOR, Katherine b.1467
LEWKNOR, Katherine a.1617
LEWKNOR, Lucrece b.1556
LEWKNOR, Margaret b.1441
LEWKNOR, Martha b.1573
LEWKNOR, Mary b.1510
LEWKNOR, Mary b.1550
LEWKNOR, Mary a.1618
LEWKNOR, Mary b.1634
LEWKNOR, Mary b.1443
LEWKNOR, Nicholas b.1432
LEWKNOR, Reynold b.1470
LEWKNOR, Richard Esquire b.1541
LEWKNOR, Richard b.1483
LEWKNOR, Richard b.1445
LEWKNOR, Richard Esquire b.1428
LEWKNOR, Robert Knight a.1588
LEWKNOR, Roger b.1495
LEWKNOR, Roger b.1437
LEWKNOR, Roger Knight b.1464
LEWKNOR, Roger Esquire b.1467
LEWKNOR, Roger Knight b.1368
LEWKNOR, Roger Knight b.1414
LEWKNOR, Sarah b.1584
LEWKNOR, Stephen b.1544
LEWKNOR, Susan b.1580
LEWKNOR, Susan a.1616
LEWKNOR, Sybil b.1461
LEWKNOR, Thomas b.1499
LEWKNOR, Thomas b.1539
LEWKNOR, Thomas b.1456
LEWKNOR, Thomas b.1542
LEWKNOR, Thomas Knight b.1439
LEWKNOR, Thomas b.1426
LEWKNOR, Thomas Knight b.1390
LEWKNOR, Walter b.1430
LEWKNOR, William b.1547
LEWKNOR, William b.1433


LEWSTON, Katherine b.1530


LEWYS, Angharad ferch b.1200
LEWYS, Anne ferch b.1490


LEXINGTON, Alice de b.1198
LEXINGTON, Cecilia de b.1191
LEXINGTON, Henry de Bishop of Lincoln b.1201
LEXINGTON, John de b.1195
LEXINGTON, Richard de b.1169
LEXINGTON, Robert de b.1193


LEY, James Earl of Marlborough b.1552


LEYBOURNE, Anne b.1537
LEYBOURNE, Elizabeth b.1535
LEYBOURNE, James Knight b.1490
LEYBOURNE, Thomas b.1533


LEYBURNE, Desideree de b.1270
LEYBURNE, Henry de Knight b.1277
LEYBURNE, Idonea de b.1282
LEYBURNE, Juliane de Countess of Huntingdon b.1303
LEYBURNE, Philip de b.1140
LEYBURNE, Robert de Sheriff of Lancashire b.1280
LEYBURNE, Robert de b.1168
LEYBURNE, Roger de Knight b.1245
LEYBURNE, Roger de Knight b.1193
LEYBURNE, Roger de Sheriff of Kent b.1220
LEYBURNE, Simon de b.1248
LEYBURNE, Thomas de Knight b.1274
LEYBURNE, William de Lord Leyburn b.1242


LEYCESTER, Elizabeth b.1530
LEYCESTER, Elizabeth de b.1337
LEYCESTER, John b.1469
LEYCESTER, John de b.1339
LEYCESTER, John de Vicar of Walleysey b.1279
LEYCESTER, Margaret de b.1304
LEYCESTER, Nicholas de Knight b.1252
LEYCESTER, Nicholas de b.1300
LEYCESTER, Ralph de b.1342
LEYCESTER, Robert de Knight b.1225
LEYCESTER, Roger de b.1302
LEYCESTER, Roger de Knight b.1277
LEYCESTER, Thomas b.1425
LEYCESTER, Thomas b.1435


LEYLAND, William Knight b.1489


LEYMAN, Margaret b.1405


LEYTON, Elizabeth b.1369


LIBBY, Abigail b.1707
LIBBY, Dorcas b.1706
LIBBY, Matthew b.1690
LIBBY, Nathan J. b.1831
LIBBY, Samuel b.1689
LIBBY, Sarah Ann b.1818


LICKFOLD, Alice b.1560


LIDCOTT, Dorothy b.1530


LIDGETT, Peter b.1629


LIGHTFOOT, Elizabeth b.1560
LIGHTFOOT, John b.1665


LIGO, Agnes b.1595


LIGURIA, Aleramo of Count of Savona b.940


LILLEBURNE, Christiana de b.1245


LILLS, Bridget b.1595


LILLY, Elizabeth b.1700
LILLY, Lydia b.1707
LILLY, William b.1540


LILLYNG, Elizabeth b.1375
LILLYNG, Nicholas Sheriff of Northampton b.1350


LIMBOURG, Henri I von b.1060
LIMBOURG, Henri II von Count of Limbourg b.1110
LIMBOURG, Henri III von b.1141
LIMBOURG, Margaret von b.1139
LIMBOURG, Mathilda von b.1095
LIMBOURG, Waleran II von b.1013
LIMBOURG, Waleran III von b.1085
LIMBOURG, Waleran IV von b.1170


LIMBURY, Elizabeth b.1358
LIMBURY, Philip b.1350
LIMBURY, Philip Knight b.1320


LIMESI, Alan de b.1171
LIMESI, Alan de b.1106
LIMESI, Alianor de b.1165
LIMESI, Amabilia de b.1177
LIMESI, Basilia de b.1180
LIMESI, Beatrice de b.1135
LIMESI, Gerard de b.1174
LIMESI, Gerard de b.1131
LIMESI, Hugh de b.1192
LIMESI, John de b.1168
LIMESI, Margery de b.1090
LIMESI, Maud de b.1082
LIMESI, Raerus de b.1108
LIMESI, Ralph I de b.1050
LIMESI, Ralph II de b.1080
LIMESI, Trianno de b.1134


LIMOGES, Ademar IV de b.1118
LIMOGES, Ademar V de b.1146
LIMOGES, Aimeri de b.964
LIMOGES, Almodis de b.958
LIMOGES, Gerald I de Count of Limoges b.910
LIMOGES, Gui I de Count of Limoges b.960
LIMOGES, Hildegar de b.864
LIMOGES, Marie de b.1261
LIMOGES, Rothilda de b.962


LINCOLN, Abraham b.1689
LINCOLN, Abraham b.1809
LINCOLN, Abraham b.1744
LINCOLN, Alfred I de b.1065
LINCOLN, Alfred II de b.1130
LINCOLN, Alfred III de b.1165
LINCOLN, Alfred IV de b.1201
LINCOLN, Anne b.1725
LINCOLN, Aubrey de b.1207
LINCOLN, Beatrice de b.1203
LINCOLN, Benjamin a.1643
LINCOLN, Colswein of b.1023
LINCOLN, Constant b.1665
LINCOLN, Deborah b.1718
LINCOLN, Deborah a.1645
LINCOLN, Ebenezer b.1673
LINCOLN, Elizabeth b.1669
LINCOLN, Geoffrey de b.1167
LINCOLN, Hannah b.1714
LINCOLN, Hannah b.1748
LINCOLN, Hannah b.1663
LINCOLN, Hannah b.1666
LINCOLN, Henry b.1392
LINCOLN, Isaac b.1750
LINCOLN, Isaac b.1691
LINCOLN, Isabella b.1417
LINCOLN, Jacob b.1751
LINCOLN, John b.1755
LINCOLN, John b.1716
LINCOLN, John a.1638
LINCOLN, John b.1679
LINCOLN, Jonah b.1660
LINCOLN, Joseph a.1640
LINCOLN, Josiah b.1773
LINCOLN, Lydia b.1748
LINCOLN, Margery de b.1205
LINCOLN, Mary b.1719
LINCOLN, Mary b.1775
LINCOLN, Mary b.1652
LINCOLN, Mary a.1642
LINCOLN, Mercy b.1670
LINCOLN, Mordecai b.1771
LINCOLN, Mordecai b.1686
LINCOLN, Mordecai b.1657
LINCOLN, Nancy b.1780
LINCOLN, Rachel b.1677
LINCOLN, Rebecca b.1767
LINCOLN, Robert de b.1095
LINCOLN, Samuel b.1658
LINCOLN, Samuel b.1664
LINCOLN, Samuel a.1638
LINCOLN, Sarah b.1727
LINCOLN, Sarah b.1757
LINCOLN, Sarah b.1807
LINCOLN, Sarah b.1694
LINCOLN, Sarah b.1654
LINCOLN, Sarah a.1650
LINCOLN, Sarah a.1645
LINCOLN, Thomas b.1761
LINCOLN, Thomas b.1813
LINCOLN, Thomas b.1778
LINCOLN, Thomas b.1656
LINCOLN, Thomas a.1638
LINCOLN, Thomas b.1603
LINCOLN, Thomas b.1683
LINCOLN, Thomas a.1607
LINCOLN, Thomas a.1638
LINCOLN, Thomasin b.1667


LINDALL, Abigail b.1637
LINDALL, Rebecca b.1653


LINDE, Enoch van der a.1591


LINDSAY, Alexander Knight b.1361
LINDSAY, Alexander Knight b.1329
LINDSAY, Alexander Earl of Crawford b.1387
LINDSAY, Alexander de Knight b.1293
LINDSAY, Alexander de Knight b.1258
LINDSAY, Beatrice de b.1298
LINDSAY, David b.1389
LINDSAY, David b.1325
LINDSAY, David Earl of Crawford b.1359
LINDSAY, David de Knight b.1181
LINDSAY, David de Knight b.1205
LINDSAY, David de Knight b.1229
LINDSAY, David de Knight b.1289
LINDSAY, Drogo de b.1103
LINDSAY, Duncan de b.1264
LINDSAY, Elizabeth b.1385
LINDSAY, Elizabeth b.1354
LINDSAY, Eve de b.1224
LINDSAY, Gerard b.1392
LINDSAY, Gilbert de Knight b.1280
LINDSAY, Gilbert de Knight b.1252
LINDSAY, Isabel b.1350
LINDSAY, James Knight b.1347
LINDSAY, James Knight b.1326
LINDSAY, John Lord Lindsay b.1435
LINDSAY, John Earl of Crawford b.1467
LINDSAY, John de Bishop of Glasgow b.1255
LINDSAY, John de Knight b.1231
LINDSAY, John de Knight b.1275
LINDSAY, Margaret b.1276
LINDSAY, Margaret de b.1234
LINDSAY, Margaret de b.1298
LINDSAY, Marjory b.1383
LINDSAY, N.N. b.1364
LINDSAY, Ranulf de b.1100
LINDSAY, Reginald de b.1291
LINDSAY, Walter de Knight b.1258
LINDSAY, Walter de Knight b.1095
LINDSAY, Walter de Knight b.1172
LINDSAY, Walter de Knight b.1070
LINDSAY, Walter de Knight b.1122
LINDSAY, Walter de Knight b.1229
LINDSAY, William Knight b.1331
LINDSAY, William de Canon of Glasgow b.1295
LINDSAY, William de Knight b.1261
LINDSAY, William de Knight b.1097
LINDSAY, William de Knight b.1147
LINDSAY, William de Knight b.1209
LINDSAY, William de Knight b.1184
LINDSAY, William I de Knight b.1198
LINDSAY, William II de Knight b.1250


LINDSEY, Elizabeth b.1742


LINES, Abiah b.1696
LINES, Alice b.1702
LINES, Alice b.1689
LINES, Benjamin b.1694
LINES, Benjamin b.1659
LINES, Daniel b.1686
LINES, Ebenezer b.1684
LINES, Esther b.1711
LINES, Hannah b.1716
LINES, Hannah b.1684
LINES, Hannah b.1665
LINES, Henry b.1618
LINES, John b.1676
LINES, John b.1655
LINES, Joseph a.1720
LINES, Joseph b.1686
LINES, Joseph b.1657
LINES, Lydia b.1714
LINES, Lydia b.1681
LINES, Mary a.1723
LINES, Mary b.1679
LINES, N.N. b.1692
LINES, Phebe b.1687
LINES, Rachel b.1718
LINES, Ralph b.1690
LINES, Ralph b.1683
LINES, Ralph b.1623
LINES, Ralph b.1652
LINES, Rebecca b.1698
LINES, Rebecca b.1682
LINES, Ruth b.1690
LINES, Samuel b.1677
LINES, Samuel b.1649


LINGAN, Anne b.1674
LINGAN, Catherine b.1671
LINGAN, George b.1639
LINGAN, Martha b.1680
LINGAN, Thomas b.1677


LINGWOOD, Agnes b.1570
LINGWOOD, Geoffrey b.1568
LINGWOOD, John b.1534
LINGWOOD, Susan b.1572


LINNELL, Abigail b.1664
LINNELL, Bethia a.1641
LINNELL, David b.1627
LINNELL, Elisha b.1658
LINNELL, Experience b.1666
LINNELL, Hannah b.1660
LINNELL, Hannah b.1625
LINNELL, John b.1671
LINNELL, Jonathan b.1668
LINNELL, Mary b.1662
LINNELL, Samuel b.1655
LINNELL, Susanna b.1673


LINSCOTT, John b.1667


LINSLEY, Abigail a.1720
LINSLEY, Abigail b.1678
LINSLEY, Daniel b.1715
LINSLEY, Hannah b.1654
LINSLEY, Israel b.1712
LINSLEY, Joanna b.1680
LINSLEY, John b.1671
LINSLEY, John b.1648
LINSLEY, John b.1622
LINSLEY, Jonathan b.1707
LINSLEY, Jonathan b.1675
LINSLEY, Mary b.1651
LINSLEY, Samuel b.1709
LINSLEY, Sarah b.1646


LINTON, Rachel b.1616


LIPPINCOTT, James b.1687


LISLE, Adelize de b.1085
LISLE, Agnes de b.1142
LISLE, Alice de b.1312
LISLE, Alice de b.1312
LISLE, Alice de b.1338
LISLE, Anne b.1647
LISLE, Bridget a.1645
LISLE, Cassandra de b.1183
LISLE, Cecily de b.1283
LISLE, Elizabeth a.1640
LISLE, Elizabeth de b.1350
LISLE, Elizabeth de b.1334
LISLE, Elizabeth de b.1310
LISLE, Gerard de b.1277
LISLE, Gerard de Lord Lisle b.1303
LISLE, Gerard de Knight b.1360
LISLE, Gerard de Knight b.1225
LISLE, Helewise de b.1249
LISLE, Humphrey de b.1060
LISLE, Idonea de b.1292
LISLE, Joan de b.1286
LISLE, John b.1637
LISLE, John Lord Lisle b.1609
LISLE, John b.1430
LISLE, John de b.1280
LISLE, John de Lord Lisle b.1308
LISLE, Mabel b.1649
LISLE, Margaret de Baroness Lisle b.1362
LISLE, Margery de b.1270
LISLE, Mary b.1652
LISLE, Mary de b.1272
LISLE, Robert de b.1121
LISLE, Robert de Lord Lisle b.1336
LISLE, Robert de b.1050
LISLE, Robert de b.1145
LISLE, Robert de b.1170
LISLE, Robert de b.1195
LISLE, Robert de b.1314
LISLE, Robert de Lord Lisle b.1289
LISLE, Robert de Knight b.1220
LISLE, Tryphena b.1638
LISLE, Walter de Knight b.1247
LISLE, Warin de b.1309
LISLE, Warin de Knight b.1275
LISLE, Warin de Lord Lisle b.1331
LISLE, Warin de Knight b.1252
LISLE, William b.1642
LISLE, William Knight b.1580
LISLE, William b.1570
LISLE, William de Lord Lisle b.1340


LISOURS, Aubrey de b.1125
LISOURS, Fulke de b.1057
LISOURS, Hugh de b.1189
LISOURS, Robert de b.1097
LISOURS, Sybil de b.1214


LISTER, Christopher Esquire b.1640
LISTER, Ellen b.1566
LISTER, William b.1584


LITSTER, Robert DeRell b.1916


LITTLE, Abigail b.1634
LITTLE, Ephraim b.1650
LITTLE, George b.1615
LITTLE, Hannah b.1636
LITTLE, Hannah b.1671
LITTLE, Isaac b.1646
LITTLE, Mercy b.1644
LITTLE, Patience b.1640
LITTLE, Ruth b.1638
LITTLE, Samuel b.1656
LITTLE, Thomas b.1653
LITTLE, Thomas b.1609


LITTLEBURY, Joan de b.1289
LITTLEBURY, John de b.1232


LITTLEFIELD, Abigail b.1662
LITTLEFIELD, Andrew b.1843
LITTLEFIELD, Anna a.1736
LITTLEFIELD, Anne a.1601
LITTLEFIELD, Anne a.1633
LITTLEFIELD, Anthony a.1621
LITTLEFIELD, Charity a.1734
LITTLEFIELD, Clarinda b.1840
LITTLEFIELD, Daniel b.1666
LITTLEFIELD, Daniel b.1712
LITTLEFIELD, David a.1738
LITTLEFIELD, David b.1696
LITTLEFIELD, David b.1670
LITTLEFIELD, David b.1782
LITTLEFIELD, David M. b.1917
LITTLEFIELD, David M. b.1877
LITTLEFIELD, Deliverance b.1655
LITTLEFIELD, Dependence b.1671
LITTLEFIELD, Dorcas b.1664
LITTLEFIELD, Dorothy b.1668
LITTLEFIELD, Edmund a.1592
LITTLEFIELD, Edward a.1618
LITTLEFIELD, Eleanor b.1740
LITTLEFIELD, Eleanor b.1698
LITTLEFIELD, Elisha b.1750
LITTLEFIELD, Eliza Baker b.1836
LITTLEFIELD, Elizabeth a.1627
LITTLEFIELD, Emily Frances b.1845
LITTLEFIELD, Frances a.1605
LITTLEFIELD, Francis a.1739
LITTLEFIELD, Francis a.1619
LITTLEFIELD, Francis a.1636
LITTLEFIELD, Francis b.1565
LITTLEFIELD, George Baker b.1838
LITTLEFIELD, Hannah b.1652
LITTLEFIELD, Hannah a.1748
LITTLEFIELD, Hannah b.1674
LITTLEFIELD, Hannah Jane b.1849
LITTLEFIELD, Isaac b.1660
LITTLEFIELD, Jabez b.1731
LITTLEFIELD, James b.1657
LITTLEFIELD, James a.1598
LITTLEFIELD, James A. b.1836
LITTLEFIELD, Jeremiah a.1708
LITTLEFIELD, Joanna b.1725
LITTLEFIELD, Joanna b.1668
LITTLEFIELD, John a.1744
LITTLEFIELD, John a.1611
LITTLEFIELD, John a.1624
LITTLEFIELD, John Prescott b.1825
LITTLEFIELD, Jonathan b.1662
LITTLEFIELD, Joseph b.1736
LITTLEFIELD, Joseph b.1657
LITTLEFIELD, Josiah b.1827
LITTLEFIELD, Josiah b.1801
LITTLEFIELD, Josie C. b.1875
LITTLEFIELD, Katherine b.1830
LITTLEFIELD, Lydia b.1733
LITTLEFIELD, Mary b.1727
LITTLEFIELD, Mary b.1689
LITTLEFIELD, Mary a.1746
LITTLEFIELD, Mary b.1630
LITTLEFIELD, Mary b.1666
LITTLEFIELD, Mary b.1705
LITTLEFIELD, Mary Ann b.1833
LITTLEFIELD, Mehitable b.1732
LITTLEFIELD, Meribah a.1710
LITTLEFIELD, Moses b.1664
LITTLEFIELD, Nathan b.1729
LITTLEFIELD, Nathan b.1728
LITTLEFIELD, Nathan a.1747
LITTLEFIELD, Nathan b.1659
LITTLEFIELD, Nathan b.1702
LITTLEFIELD, Nathaniel b.1787
LITTLEFIELD, Nehemiah a.1737
LITTLEFIELD, Nehemiah a.1710
LITTLEFIELD, Nicholas a.1608
LITTLEFIELD, Nicholas a.1595
LITTLEFIELD, Phebe b.1669
LITTLEFIELD, Phebe a.1726
LITTLEFIELD, Rebecca a.1741
LITTLEFIELD, Rebecca b.1672
LITTLEFIELD, Roger b.1738
LITTLEFIELD, Sarah b.1649
LITTLEFIELD, Sarah a.1740
LITTLEFIELD, Shuah a.1755
LITTLEFIELD, Shuah a.1750
LITTLEFIELD, Tabitha a.1743
LITTLEFIELD, Tabitha b.1672
LITTLEFIELD, Tabitha a.1713
LITTLEFIELD, Thomas a.1633
LITTLEFIELD, Uriah Warren b.1852
LITTLEFIELD, William a.1741


LITTLEHALE, Abigail b.1700
LITTLEHALE, Ebenezer b.1654
LITTLEHALE, Elizabeth b.1694
LITTLEHALE, Hannah b.1703
LITTLEHALE, Isaac b.1660
LITTLEHALE, James b.1709
LITTLEHALE, John b.1650
LITTLEHALE, John b.1691
LITTLEHALE, Joseph b.1658
LITTLEHALE, Joseph b.1656
LITTLEHALE, Joseph b.1706
LITTLEHALE, Mary b.1662
LITTLEHALE, Mary b.1649
LITTLEHALE, Mary b.1698
LITTLEHALE, Richard b.1653
LITTLEHALE, Richard b.1655
LITTLEHALE, Richard b.1620
LITTLEHALE, Sarah b.1663

Surname List