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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


LAMBART, Oliver Baron of Cavan b.1570


LAMBERT, Alice b.1554
LAMBERT, Anne b.1637
LAMBERT, Hiram Anderson b.1838
LAMBERT, Isaac W. b.1830
LAMBERT, Jesse b.1655
LAMBERT, John b.1630
LAMBERT, John b.1625
LAMBERT, Nancy b.1833
LAMBERT, Rebecca b.1845
LAMBERT, Thomas Knight b.1550
LAMBERT, Thomas b.1645
LAMBERT, Thomas b.1671
LAMBERT, Thomas b.1540


LAMBERTON, Deliverance b.1639
LAMBERTON, Desire a.1643
LAMBERTON, Elizabeth a.1635
LAMBERTON, George b.1600
LAMBERTON, Hannah a.1633
LAMBERTON, Hope b.1637
LAMBERTON, Margaret de b.1325
LAMBERTON, Mercy a.1641
LAMBERTON, Obedience a.1645
LAMBERTON, Patience b.1630


LAMBOURNE, Annora b.1371
LAMBOURNE, John b.1320
LAMBOURNE, John b.1292
LAMBOURNE, William b.1318
LAMBOURNE, William Knight b.1346


LAMBSON, Julina b.1849
LAMBSON, Martha a.1634


LAMONT, Christina b.1378
LAMONT, Isabel b.1327
LAMONT, John Knight b.1300


LaMOTTE, Hester b.1606


LAMPECK, Katherine b.1475


LAMPETT, Ellen b.1279


LAMPHERE, Harry Richardson b.1880


LAMPMAN, Sally b.1811


LAMPSON, Thomas b.1625


LAMSON, Abigail b.1695
LAMSON, Clara b.1873
LAMSON, Elizabeth b.1666
LAMSON, John b.1698
LAMSON, John b.1669
LAMSON, Martha b.1702
LAMSON, Peter b.1706
LAMSON, Priscilla a.1714
LAMSON, Sarah b.1645


LAMSYTT, Wilmot b.1625


LANCASTER, Alice de b.1202
LANCASTER, Ann b.1675
LANCASTER, Antigone of b.1419
LANCASTER, Avice de b.1090
LANCASTER, Avice de b.1147
LANCASTER, Blanche of b.1392
LANCASTER, Blanche of b.1358
LANCASTER, Blanche of b.1342
LANCASTER, Blanche of b.1302
LANCASTER, Edward of Earl of Chester b.1453
LANCASTER, Edward of b.1364
LANCASTER, Eleanor of b.1316
LANCASTER, Elizabeth of b.1363
LANCASTER, Gilbert Knight b.1385
LANCASTER, Hannah b.1686
LANCASTER, Hawise de Baroness Kendal b.1182
LANCASTER, Hawise de b.1198
LANCASTER, Henry b.1682
LANCASTER, Henry IV of King of England b.1367
LANCASTER, Henry of Earl of Lancaster b.1310
LANCASTER, Henry of Earl of Lancaster b.1281
LANCASTER, Henry V of King of England b.1387
LANCASTER, Henry VI of King of England b.1421
LANCASTER, Humphrey of Duke of Gloucester b.1390
LANCASTER, Isabel of b.1369
LANCASTER, Isabel of Prioress of Amesbury b.1308
LANCASTER, Joan of b.1314
LANCASTER, John b.1671
LANCASTER, John de Lord Lancaster b.1265
LANCASTER, John of Duke of Bedford b.1389
LANCASTER, John of b.1375
LANCASTER, John of b.1361
LANCASTER, John of Seigneur de Beaufort b.1286
LANCASTER, Joseph b.1666
LANCASTER, Joseph b.1640
LANCASTER, Katherine of b.1373
LANCASTER, Margaret b.1450
LANCASTER, Mary b.1667
LANCASTER, Mary of b.1320
LANCASTER, Mary of b.1288
LANCASTER, Maud of Countess of Leicester b.1340
LANCASTER, Maud of b.1305
LANCASTER, Peter b.1783
LANCASTER, Philippe of b.1394
LANCASTER, Philippe of Queen of Portugal b.1360
LANCASTER, Richard Gentleman b.1425
LANCASTER, Roger de b.1268
LANCASTER, Roger de Knight b.1210
LANCASTER, Samuel b.1679
LANCASTER, Serota de b.1205
LANCASTER, Thomas b.1669
LANCASTER, Thomas of Duke of Clarence b.1388
LANCASTER, Thomas of Earl of Lancaster b.1278
LANCASTER, Warin de b.1113
LANCASTER, William b.1673
LANCASTER, William I de Baron Kendal b.1110
LANCASTER, William II de Baron Kendal b.1150
LANCASTER, William III de Lord of Kendal b.1200


LANCEY, George b.1575


LANDEN, Pepin I of Mayor of the Palace b.580


LANDERS, Deborah b.1702
LANDERS, Maria b.1719
LANDERS, Mary b.1625


LANDON, Elizabeth a.1683
LANDON, James b.1685


LANDSALL, Frances b.1608


LANDSDALE, Margaret b.1374


LANE, Abigail b.1644
LANE, Andrew a.1646
LANE, Andrew a.1610
LANE, Anne a.1587
LANE, Anthony b.1690
LANE, Avis a.1606
LANE, Caleb a.1657
LANE, Catherine b.1633
LANE, Daniel b.1671
LANE, Deborah a.1652
LANE, Deborah b.1724
LANE, Dorothy b.1650
LANE, Dorothy b.1528
LANE, Dorothy b.1563
LANE, Dorothy a.1589
LANE, Elizabeth b.1501
LANE, Elizabeth a.1591
LANE, Elizabeth b.1715
LANE, Elizabeth b.1622
LANE, Elizabeth b.1677
LANE, Ephraim a.1650
LANE, Frances b.1511
LANE, George b.1612
LANE, Hannah a.1658
LANE, Hannah b.1668
LANE, Helen b.1517
LANE, Irene b.1726
LANE, James b.1696
LANE, Jane b.1687
LANE, Jane b.1538
LANE, Jemima b.1688
LANE, Job b.1689
LANE, Job b.1684
LANE, John b.1508
LANE, John b.1722
LANE, John b.1661
LANE, John b.1691
LANE, John a.1648
LANE, John b.1525
LANE, John b.1652
LANE, John b.1674
LANE, Jonathan b.1685
LANE, Joseph b.1699
LANE, Joshua a.1654
LANE, Katherine b.1540
LANE, Katherine b.1717
LANE, Lettice b.1530
LANE, Margaret b.1679
LANE, Martha b.1694
LANE, Mary b.1536
LANE, Mary a.1600
LANE, Mary b.1686
LANE, Mary b.1642
LANE, Mary b.1614
LANE, Mary b.1688
LANE, Matthew b.1724
LANE, Nancy Maria b.1838
LANE, Ralph Knight b.1532
LANE, Ralph Knight b.1505
LANE, Rebecca b.1682
LANE, Richard Knight a.1584
LANE, Richard b.1559
LANE, Robert Knight b.1527
LANE, Robert Knight b.1503
LANE, Robert b.1673
LANE, Robert b.1639
LANE, Samuel b.1727
LANE, Sarah a.1593
LANE, Sarah b.1617
LANE, Sarah b.1667
LANE, Susanna b.1683
LANE, Susanna b.1720
LANE, William b.1534
LANE, William b.1478
LANE, William Esquire b.1514
LANE, William a.1595
LANE, William a.1608
LANE, William b.1580
LANE, William b.1716


LANG, Mary b.1678


LANGDALE, Marmaduke Lord Langdale b.1685
LANGDALE, Marmaduke Lord Langdale b.1656
LANGDALE, Marmaduke Lord Langdale b.1628


LANGDON, Tobias b.1631


LANGE, Christian b.1593
LANGE, Grace a.1548


LANGELEE, Elena de b.1320
LANGELEE, John de b.1295
LANGELEE, Thomas de b.1322


LANGENFELD, Heilika von b.1096


LANGETOT, Alice de b.1074
LANGETOT, Cecilia de b.1161
LANGETOT, Emma de b.1125
LANGETOT, Maud de b.1086
LANGETOT, Miles de b.1084
LANGETOT, Muriel b.1155
LANGETOT, Ralph I de b.1049
LANGETOT, Ralph II de b.1080
LANGETOT, Ralph III de b.1120


LANGFIELD, Ellen de b.1326


LANGFORD, Alice b.1447
LANGFORD, Edward b.1416
LANGFORD, Lois Franklin b.1915
LANGFORD, Margaret b.1438
LANGFORD, Mary b.1524
LANGFORD, Roger b.1499
LANGFORD, Sancha b.1454
LANGFORD, Thomas b.1440


LANGHAM, George b.1575
LANGHAM, John b.1572
LANGHAM, Margaret b.1553
LANGHAM, Simon b.1547


LANGLEY, Abel b.1625
LANGLEY, Agnes a.1576
LANGLEY, Agnes b.1591
LANGLEY, Alianora de b.1249
LANGLEY, Edmund a.1589
LANGLEY, Edward b.1524
LANGLEY, Elizabeth b.1437
LANGLEY, Geoffrey de Knight b.1228
LANGLEY, Geoffrey de Knight b.1200
LANGLEY, Henry de b.1238
LANGLEY, Joan de b.1335
LANGLEY, Joan de b.1342
LANGLEY, John a.1586
LANGLEY, Maria b.1559
LANGLEY, Millicent a.1580
LANGLEY, Mrs. Mary b.1585
LANGLEY, Nicholas de b.1231
LANGLEY, Robert a.1582
LANGLEY, Robert de b.1242
LANGLEY, Roger a.1552
LANGLEY, Swithin a.1574
LANGLEY, Thomas b.1439
LANGLEY, Thomas a.1578
LANGLEY, Thomas b.1549
LANGLEY, Walter de Knight b.1226
LANGLEY, Walter de b.1175


LANGRIDGE, Juliana b.1348


LANGRISH, Elizabeth a.1630
LANGRISH, Martha a.1636
LANGRISH, N.N. b.1632
LANGRISH, Richard a.1638
LANGRISH, Samuel b.1640
LANGRISH, William a.1633
LANGRISH, William b.1596


LANGSFORD, Abigail b.1729
LANGSFORD, Anna b.1738
LANGSFORD, Elizabeth b.1720
LANGSFORD, John b.1722
LANGSFORD, Martha b.1727
LANGSFORD, Mary b.1724
LANGSFORD, Richard b.1732
LANGSFORD, Richard b.1690
LANGSFORD, Sarah b.1725
LANGSFORD, Thomas b.1734
LANGSFORD, Thomas b.1732


LANGSTAFF, Henry b.1646
LANGSTAFF, Henry b.1609
LANGSTAFF, John b.1640
LANGSTAFF, Mary b.1650
LANGSTAFF, Sarah b.1643


LANGSTON, Alice Ann b.1865
LANGSTON, Elizabeth b.1428
LANGSTON, John b.1400
LANGSTON, John b.1425
LANGSTON, Katherine b.1512
LANGSTON, Thomas b.1431


LANGTON, Deliverance b.1627
LANGTON, Elizabeth b.1404
LANGTON, Eupheme b.1446
LANGTON, Hannah b.1629
LANGTON, Henry de Esquire b.1365
LANGTON, Isabel de b.1363
LANGTON, John b.1535
LANGTON, John de Bishop of Chichester b.1265
LANGTON, John de b.1319
LANGTON, John de Knight b.1270
LANGTON, Joseph b.1624
LANGTON, Mary b.1626
LANGTON, Mary b.1654
LANGTON, Rachel b.1652
LANGTON, Ralph de Knight b.1340
LANGTON, Robert de b.1321
LANGTON, Robert de Knight b.1298
LANGTON, Robert de b.1240
LANGTON, Roger b.1598
LANGTON, Sarah b.1629
LANGTON, Walter de b.1205


LANGTREE, Richard de b.1380
LANGTREE, Siward de b.1138


LANHADRON, Joan b.1349
LANHADRON, John b.1314


LANHERNE, Alice de b.1248
LANHERNE, John de Knight b.1220
LANHERNE, Margery de b.1245


LANIER, Sabra b.1774


LANPHEAR, Elizabeth b.1689
LANPHEAR, Seth b.1683
LANPHEAR, Shadrack b.1671


LANVALAY, Gunnora de b.1189
LANVALAY, Hawise de b.1214
LANVALAY, William I de b.1141
LANVALAY, William II de b.1167
LANVALAY, William III de b.1187


LAON, Bertrada of b.727
LAON, Charibert of Count of Laon b.696
LAON, Chariveus of b.670
LAON, N.N. of b.733


LARA, Mafalda Gonzalez de b.1220
LARA, Teresa Gonzalez de b.1224


LARCOM, Elizabeth b.1688
LARCOM, Rebecca b.1671


LARKE, Dorothy b.1598


LARKIN, Edward b.1669
LARKIN, Edward b.1611
LARKIN, Elizabeth b.1641
LARKIN, Hannah b.1643
LARKIN, Joanna b.1610
LARKIN, Joanna b.1649
LARKIN, Joanna b.1673
LARKIN, Joanna b.1676
LARKIN, John b.1670
LARKIN, John b.1640
LARKIN, N.N. b.1651
LARKIN, Robert b.1674
LARKIN, Sarah b.1647
LARKIN, Sarah b.1677
LARKIN, Thomas b.1644


LaROCHE, Mathilda of b.1122


LARRABEE, Mary b.1683


LARRIFORD, Sarah b.1622


LARRON, Aznar Sanchez of Lord of Larron b.860
LARRON, Tota of b.885


LARSON, Ina b.1890




LASCELLES, Avice de b.1212
LASCELLES, Avice de b.1271
LASCELLES, Barbara de b.1347
LASCELLES, Emma de b.1117
LASCELLES, Enisan de b.1155
LASCELLES, Flandria de b.1193
LASCELLES, Geoffrey de b.1180
LASCELLES, Joan de b.1269
LASCELLES, Maud de b.1195
LASCELLES, Maud de b.1273
LASCELLES, Picot de b.1062
LASCELLES, Picot de b.1125
LASCELLES, Picot de b.1185
LASCELLES, Robert de b.1152
LASCELLES, Robert de b.1187
LASCELLES, Robert de b.1120
LASCELLES, Roger de b.1214
LASCELLES, Roger de b.1095
LASCELLES, Roger de b.1150
LASCELLES, Roger de Knight b.1230
LASCELLES, Theobald de b.1191
LASCELLES, Theophania de b.1275
LASCELLES, Thomas de Knight b.1236
LASCELLES, Tiffany de b.1189


LASING, Phillippa b.1577


LASKARINA, Marie b.1206


LASKARIS, Manuel b.1140
LASKARIS, Theodore I Emperor of Byzantium b.1173


LASKIN, Edith b.1612
LASKIN, Hugh b.1586
LASKIN, Timothy b.1619
LASKIN, William b.1735


LASSELL, Abigail b.1708
LASSELL, Elizabeth b.1687
LASSELL, Hannah b.1696
LASSELL, James b.1704
LASSELL, John b.1701
LASSELL, Joshua b.1689
LASSELL, Mary b.1693
LASSELL, Ruth b.1711
LASSELL, Sarah b.1699
LASSELL, Thomas b.1691
LASSELL, Thomas b.1652


LASTINGER, Amelia b.1784
LASTINGER, Andrew b.1778
LASTINGER, David b.1773
LASTINGER, Elizabeth b.1778
LASTINGER, Hannah b.1768
LASTINGER, Johann Michael b.1740
LASTINGER, John George b.1776
LASTINGER, Mary b.1780
LASTINGER, Sarah b.1782
LASTINGER, Tabitha b.1786


LATHAM, Chilton b.1671
LATHAM, Elizabeth b.1665
LATHAM, Hannah b.1660
LATHAM, James b.1658
LATHAM, Joseph b.1663
LATHAM, Mary b.1653
LATHAM, Mercy b.1650
LATHAM, Robert b.1623
LATHAM, Susanna b.1656


LATHOM, Alice de b.1299
LATHOM, Cecily de b.1373
LATHOM, Edward de b.1332
LATHOM, Edward de Knight b.1361
LATHOM, Henry de b.1260
LATHOM, Hugh de b.1303
LATHOM, Isabel de b.1364
LATHOM, Joan de b.1297
LATHOM, Katherine de b.1370
LATHOM, Margaret de b.1378
LATHOM, Mary b.1628
LATHOM, Philip de b.1306
LATHOM, Richard de b.1263
LATHOM, Richard de b.1172
LATHOM, Robert Knight b.1440
LATHOM, Robert de b.1335
LATHOM, Robert de b.1135
LATHOM, Robert de Knight b.1209
LATHOM, Robert de Knight b.1266
LATHOM, Robert de Prior of Burscough b.1367
LATHOM, Thomas de b.1359
LATHOM, Thomas de Knight b.1330
LATHOM, Thomas de Knight b.1301


LATHROP, Abigail a.1639
LATHROP, Abigail b.1665
LATHROP, Anne a.1616
LATHROP, Anne b.1667
LATHROP, Barbara a.1619
LATHROP, Barnabus a.1636
LATHROP, Bathshua a.1642
LATHROP, Benjamin a.1626
LATHROP, Bethia a.1649
LATHROP, Elizabeth b.1647
LATHROP, Elizabeth b.1648
LATHROP, Hannah b.1642
LATHROP, Israel b.1659
LATHROP, Jane a.1614
LATHROP, John a.1618
LATHROP, John a.1584
LATHROP, John a.1645
LATHROP, John a.1645
LATHROP, Joseph a.1624
LATHROP, Joseph b.1661
LATHROP, Joseph b.1698
LATHROP, Martha b.1657
LATHROP, Mary a.1640
LATHROP, Melatiah b.1646
LATHROP, Mercy b.1736
LATHROP, N.N. b.1638
LATHROP, N.N. b.1650
LATHROP, Samuel b.1650
LATHROP, Samuel b.1621
LATHROP, Sarah b.1655
LATHROP, Sarah b.1681
LATHROP, Tabitha b.1671
LATHROP, Thomas a.1644
LATHROP, Thomas b.1612
LATHROP, Thomas a.1612


LATIMER, Christiana le b.1279
LATIMER, Edith b.1460
LATIMER, Edward le Lord Latimer b.1344
LATIMER, Elizabeth le b.1335
LATIMER, Elizabeth le b.1334
LATIMER, Elizabeth le Baroness Latimer b.1357
LATIMER, Joan le b.1269
LATIMER, Joan le b.1302
LATIMER, John le Lord Latimer b.1332
LATIMER, John le b.1271
LATIMER, John le Knight b.1245
LATIMER, Katherine le b.1337
LATIMER, Margaret le b.1329
LATIMER, Thomas b.1332
LATIMER, Thomas le Lord Latimer b.1341
LATIMER, Thomas le Lord Latimer b.1270
LATIMER, Thomas le b.1316
LATIMER, Warin le Lord Latimer b.1339
LATIMER, Warin le Lord Latimer b.1303
LATIMER, Warin le b.1304
LATIMER, William I le Sheriff of Yorkshire b.1218
LATIMER, William II le Lord Latimer b.1243
LATIMER, William III le Lord Latimer b.1274
LATIMER, William IV le Lord Latimer b.1300
LATIMER, William le Lord Latimer b.1330


LaTOUR, Lillian Lucretia b.1903


LATTIN, Thomas b.1643


LAUDER, Anne b.1312
LAUDER, Marion b.1409
LAUDER, Robert Sheriff of Inverness b.1305
LAUDER, Robert Knight b.1280


LAUFEN, Adelaide von b.1070
LAUFEN, Henry von Count of Laufen b.1035


LAUGHINGHOUSE, Julia H. b.1888


LAUNCE, Darcy a.1660
LAUNCE, Darcy a.1624
LAUNCE, Elizabeth a.1630
LAUNCE, Elizabeth a.1667
LAUNCE, Frances a.1622
LAUNCE, Grace a.1600
LAUNCE, Grace a.1632
LAUNCE, Isabella a.1654
LAUNCE, Isabella a.1628
LAUNCE, James a.1658
LAUNCE, James Esquire b.1620
LAUNCE, John a.1595
LAUNCE, John b.1648
LAUNCE, John a.1652
LAUNCE, John b.1634
LAUNCE, John a.1623
LAUNCE, John b.1597
LAUNCE, Mary b.1626
LAUNCE, Rebecca a.1656
LAUNCE, Robert Gentleman b.1558
LAUNCE, Robert a.1663
LAUNCE, Susan a.1602
LAUNCE, Susanna b.1650
LAUNCE, Thomas a.1594
LAUNCE, Urania a.1670


LAUNCELYN, Bennett b.1464


LAUNDE, Thomas de la Knight b.1437


LAUNDER, Mary b.1611


LAVAL, Adenor de b.1077
LAVAL, Guy I de b.1000
LAVAL, Guy II de b.1050
LAVAL, Guy III de b.1075
LAVAL, Guy VIII de Count of Caserta b.1240
LAVAL, Hamon de b.1025


LAVOR, Joan b.1585


LAVYNTON, Eleanor b.1352


LAW, A. W. b.1911
LAW, Gerald T. b.1934
LAW, Mary b.1682
LAW, N.N. b.1936
LAW, Odessa N. b.1917
LAW, Wayne Doyle b.1932


LAWES, Mary b.1620


LAWRENCE, Anne b.1592
LAWRENCE, Anne b.1586
LAWRENCE, Anne b.1582
LAWRENCE, Benjamin b.1666
LAWRENCE, Daniel b.1666
LAWRENCE, Edward a.1582
LAWRENCE, Elizabeth a.1585
LAWRENCE, Elizabeth b.1659
LAWRENCE, Frances a.1586
LAWRENCE, George b.1668
LAWRENCE, George b.1636
LAWRENCE, Grace b.1680
LAWRENCE, Hannah b.1662
LAWRENCE, Hannah b.1658
LAWRENCE, James Knight b.1427
LAWRENCE, Jane a.1614
LAWRENCE, Joan b.1595
LAWRENCE, Joan a.1610
LAWRENCE, Joan a.1570
LAWRENCE, John a.1584
LAWRENCE, John b.1569
LAWRENCE, John a.1618
LAWRENCE, John b.1664
LAWRENCE, Judith b.1660
LAWRENCE, Margaret a.1625
LAWRENCE, Martha b.1677
LAWRENCE, Martha b.1748
LAWRENCE, Martha a.1646
LAWRENCE, Mary b.1641
LAWRENCE, Mary a.1603
LAWRENCE, Mary a.1601
LAWRENCE, Mary a.1616
LAWRENCE, Mary a.1625
LAWRENCE, Mary b.1670
LAWRENCE, Mary b.1671
LAWRENCE, Nicholas b.1620
LAWRENCE, Olive b.1808
LAWRENCE, Olive b.1760
LAWRENCE, Richard a.1587
LAWRENCE, Richard b.1550
LAWRENCE, Robert b.1578
LAWRENCE, Sarah b.1674
LAWRENCE, Thomas a.1620
LAWRENCE, Thomas a.1648
LAWRENCE, Thomas b.1580
LAWRENCE, Thomas a.1589
LAWRENCE, Thomas b.1620
LAWRENCE, William a.1580
LAWRENCE, William a.1622


LAWSON, Anthony b.1630
LAWSON, Roger Esquire b.1573


LAWTER, Anne b.1580


LAWTON, Isabel de b.1392


LAY, Abigail b.1673
LAY, Catherine b.1671
LAY, Edward b.1668
LAY, Elizabeth b.1681
LAY, John b.1683
LAY, John b.1633
LAY, Maria b.1678
LAY, Mary Helen b.1815
LAY, Phebe b.1685
LAY, Rebecca b.1666
LAY, Sarah b.1664


LAYER, Elizabeth b.1580


LAYNHAM, Millicent b.1409
LAYNHAM, Robert b.1384


LAYTON, Bartholomew b.1586


LAZENBY, Margaret b.1605


Le CRAW, Alice a.1734
Le CRAW, Ann a.1743
Le CRAW, Benjamin a.1729
Le CRAW, N.N. b.1740
Le CRAW, Philip b.1701
Le CRAW, Philip a.1745
Le CRAW, Richard b.1695


LEA, Henry de b.1145
LEA, Henry de Sheriff of Lancaster b.1210
LEA, Henry de Knight b.1281
LEA, John de b.1175
LEA, Sybil de b.1284
LEA, Thomas b.1585
LEA, William de Knight b.1245


LEACH, Abigail b.1683
LEACH, Abigail b.1658
LEACH, Agnes a.1608
LEACH, Bethia b.1661
LEACH, Clement b.1611
LEACH, David a.1561
LEACH, Dorothy a.1594
LEACH, Edwin Morse b.1915
LEACH, Elizabeth a.1653
LEACH, Elizabeth b.1668
LEACH, Frances a.1691
LEACH, Hannah a.1662
LEACH, Hannah b.1679
LEACH, Henry a.1615
LEACH, Irving Leslie b.1886
LEACH, James b.1626
LEACH, John b.1645
LEACH, John a.1616
LEACH, Lawrence b.1577
LEACH, Lawrence I. b.1911
LEACH, Lydia b.1690
LEACH, Margaret a.1621
LEACH, Mary b.1685
LEACH, Mary a.1654
LEACH, N.N. a.1665
LEACH, Rachel a.1668
LEACH, Rachel a.1651
LEACH, Rachel a.1621
LEACH, Richard a.1656
LEACH, Richard a.1619
LEACH, Richard a.1593
LEACH, Richard a.1716
LEACH, Robert b.1650
LEACH, Robert a.1614
LEACH, Ruth b.1692
LEACH, Samuel b.1677
LEACH, Samuel b.1654
LEACH, Sarah b.1739
LEACH, Sarah b.1673
LEACH, Sarah a.1648
LEACH, Zilpah b.1738


LEADBETTER, Catherine b.1662
LEADBETTER, Deliverance b.1667


LEAMING, Jane b.1678


LEAND, David L. b.1878


LEAR, John b.1625
LEAR, Martha b.1669
LEAR, Tobias b.1632


LEARNED, Abigail a.1618
LEARNED, Abigail b.1700
LEARNED, Abigail a.1743
LEARNED, Abijah b.1715
LEARNED, Amariah b.1726
LEARNED, Bathsheba b.1708
LEARNED, Benjamin b.1686
LEARNED, Benjamin b.1714
LEARNED, Benoni b.1657
LEARNED, Bethia a.1612
LEARNED, Bezaleel b.1721
LEARNED, David b.1710
LEARNED, Edward b.1705
LEARNED, Elizabeth a.1621
LEARNED, Elizabeth b.1694
LEARNED, Elizabeth b.1717
LEARNED, Elizabeth b.1734
LEARNED, Elizabeth a.1741
LEARNED, Hannah b.1649
LEARNED, Hannah b.1690
LEARNED, Henry b.1719
LEARNED, Isaac b.1655
LEARNED, Isaac a.1623
LEARNED, John b.1696
LEARNED, Jonas b.1728
LEARNED, Jonathan b.1708
LEARNED, Joshua b.1712
LEARNED, Mary a.1615
LEARNED, Mary b.1647
LEARNED, Mary b.1688
LEARNED, Mary b.1722
LEARNED, Mary b.1720
LEARNED, Mercy b.1725
LEARNED, Mercy a.1737
LEARNED, Paul a.1740
LEARNED, Robert b.1732
LEARNED, Ruth b.1684
LEARNED, Sarah a.1607
LEARNED, Sarah b.1653
LEARNED, Sarah b.1692
LEARNED, Tabitha b.1698
LEARNED, Thankful b.1702
LEARNED, Thomas b.1717
LEARNED, Thomas b.1682
LEARNED, William b.1582
LEARNED, William b.1650


LEATHERS, Abigail b.1706
LEATHERS, Edward b.1639
LEATHERS, Ezekiel b.1701


LEAVER, Alice b.1589
LEAVER, Prudence b.1644
LEAVER, Thomas b.1620


LEAVINS, Nicholas b.1751
LEAVINS, Rebecca b.1767


LEAVITT, Elizabeth b.1668
LEAVITT, Hannah b.1664
LEAVITT, Mary b.1601
LEAVITT, Mary b.1679
LEAVITT, Sarah b.1659
LEAVITT, Susanna b.1754


LECHE, Richard Esquire b.1569


LECHFORD, Thomas b.1614


LEDES, Alexander de Knight b.1260
LEDES, Thomas de b.1137


LEDET, Alice b.1251
LEDET, Christiana b.1253
LEDET, Christiana b.1194
LEDET, Walter b.1230
LEDET, Wischard b.1170
LEDET, Wischard b.1210


LEE, Algernon Sydney b.1795
LEE, Alice b.1474
LEE, Anna Maria a.1601
LEE, Anne b.1587
LEE, Anne a.1715
LEE, Anne b.1776
LEE, Anne b.1693
LEE, Anne b.1671
LEE, Anne Kinloch b.1800
LEE, Bridget b.1599
LEE, Catherine Mildred b.1811
LEE, Charles Knight a.1620
LEE, Charles b.1758
LEE, Charles Carter b.1798
LEE, David b.1674
LEE, Dorothy b.1577
LEE, Edmund Jennings b.1772
LEE, Elizabeth b.1610
LEE, Elizabeth b.1674
LEE, Elizabeth b.1557
LEE, Frances b.1603
LEE, Francis a.1608
LEE, Francis b.1685
LEE, George b.1714
LEE, Hannah b.1695
LEE, Hannah b.1770
LEE, Henry b.1631
LEE, Henry Knight b.1571
LEE, Henry a.1605
LEE, Henry b.1756
LEE, Henry b.1729
LEE, Henry b.1691
LEE, Henry Knight b.1575
LEE, Henry b.1686
LEE, Hugh b.1591
LEE, Isabel de la b.1310
LEE, Jane a.1640
LEE, Joane b.1581
LEE, John b.1659
LEE, John b.1620
LEE, John Knight b.1585
LEE, John b.1616
LEE, John b.1724
LEE, John a.1678
LEE, Joyce b.1535
LEE, Judith b.1765
LEE, Katherine b.1612
LEE, Letitia b.1731
LEE, Lettice a.1713
LEE, Lucy b.1774
LEE, Lydia b.1669
LEE, Martha a.1712
LEE, Mary b.1769
LEE, Mary b.1664
LEE, Mary b.1432
LEE, Mary b.1630
LEE, Matilda b.1762
LEE, N.N. b.1402
LEE, Philip b.1681
LEE, Rebecca b.1667
LEE, Richard b.1726
LEE, Richard b.1679
LEE, Richard b.1647
LEE, Richard Bland b.1761
LEE, Robert Knight a.1604
LEE, Robert Knight b.1573
LEE, Robert Lord Mayor of London b.1550
LEE, Robert Edward b.1807
LEE, Ruth b.1600
LEE, Samuel b.1623
LEE, Stephen b.1667
LEE, Sydney Smith b.1802
LEE, Tabitha b.1677
LEE, Theodorick b.1766
LEE, Thomas b.1671
LEE, Thomas b.1689
LEE, Tryphosa b.1597
LEE, William b.1422
LEE, William de la b.1285


LEECH, Ann a.1588
LEECH, Arthur a.1592
LEECH, Dennis b.1440
LEECH, Francis a.1586
LEECH, James a.1583
LEECH, Joan b.1465
LEECH, Richard b.1551
LEECH, Thomas a.1579
LEECH, William a.1581


LEEDS, Alexander de b.1298
LEEDS, Elizabeth de b.1340
LEEDS, Felix b.1687
LEEDS, Ruth b.1652
LEEDS, Thomas de Knight b.1340


LEEKE, Elizabeth b.1489
LEEKE, Elizabeth b.1494
LEEKE, Joanna b.1658
LEEKE, John Knight b.1477
LEEKE, John Esquire b.1380
LEEKE, John Esquire b.1452
LEEKE, Katherine b.1481
LEEKE, Muriel b.1479
LEEKE, Philip b.1646
LEEKE, Thomas b.1485
LEEKE, Thomas b.1455
LEEKE, William b.1410


LEESE, Thomas b.1549


LEESON, Margaret b.1503


LEETE, Abigail b.1683
LEETE, Dorothy b.1712
LEETE, Katherine b.1618
LEETE, William b.1611
LEETE, William b.1642


LeFAVOUR, Philip b.1749


LEFFINGWELL, Hannah b.1646
LEFFINGWELL, Mary b.1654
LEFFINGWELL, Naomi b.1638
LEFFINGWELL, Nathaniel b.1684
LEFFINGWELL, Thomas b.1649


LEGARD, Anne b.1525
LEGARD, Christopher b.1578
LEGARD, Christopher b.1527
LEGARD, Constance b.1488
LEGARD, Eleanor b.1339
LEGARD, Elizabeth b.1521
LEGARD, Elizabeth b.1486
LEGARD, Frances b.1523
LEGARD, Joan b.1529
LEGARD, John b.1576
LEGARD, John Esquire b.1533
LEGARD, Ralph b.1314
LEGARD, Ralph b.1535
LEGARD, Ralph Esquire b.1490
LEGARD, Ralph Esquire b.1437
LEGARD, Richard b.1531
LEGARD, Robert b.1412
LEGARD, Robert b.1537
LEGARD, Robert b.1493
LEGARD, Robert b.1462
LEGARD, Susan b.1580


LEGATE, Thomas b.1561


LEGENDRE, Roux b.1685


LEGH, Agnes b.1452
LEGH, Agnes de b.1278
LEGH, Agnes de b.1305
LEGH, Agnes de b.1240
LEGH, Alice b.1489
LEGH, Alice b.1530
LEGH, Aline de b.1220
LEGH, Blanche b.1421
LEGH, Dulce b.1440
LEGH, Edmund b.1420
LEGH, Elizabeth b.1438
LEGH, Elizabeth b.1460
LEGH, Elizabeth b.1523
LEGH, Elizabeth b.1324
LEGH, Ellen b.1450
LEGH, Ellen b.1392
LEGH, Ellen b.1412
LEGH, George b.1517
LEGH, Gilbert de b.1301
LEGH, Gouther b.1491
LEGH, Gouther b.1466
LEGH, Hamond b.1456
LEGH, Isabel b.1442
LEGH, James b.1430
LEGH, James b.1481
LEGH, James b.1458
LEGH, James b.1395
LEGH, Jane b.1519
LEGH, Joan b.1438
LEGH, Joan b.1384
LEGH, John b.1485
LEGH, John b.1462
LEGH, John de b.1340
LEGH, John de b.1391
LEGH, John de Knight b.1291
LEGH, John de b.1270
LEGH, John de Esquire b.1312
LEGH, Katherine b.1525
LEGH, Lucy a.1596
LEGH, Margaret b.1432
LEGH, Margaret b.1477
LEGH, Margaret b.1464
LEGH, Margaret b.1435
LEGH, Margaret b.1419
LEGH, Margaret b.1417
LEGH, Margaret b.1483
LEGH, Margaret b.1332
LEGH, Margaret de b.1337
LEGH, Margery b.1436
LEGH, Margery b.1402
LEGH, Mary b.1527
LEGH, Maud b.1448
LEGH, Maud de b.1343
LEGH, Maud de b.1339
LEGH, Maud de la b.1161
LEGH, Peter b.1434
LEGH, Peter b.1415
LEGH, Peter Esquire b.1433
LEGH, Peter Sheriff of Cheshire b.1515
LEGH, Peter Esquire b.1479
LEGH, Peter Knight b.1455
LEGH, Peter Knight b.1390
LEGH, Peter de b.1298
LEGH, Piers Esquire b.1595
LEGH, Piers de b.1389
LEGH, Piers de b.1346
LEGH, Reginald b.1444
LEGH, Reynold b.1398
LEGH, Richard b.1487
LEGH, Richard b.1468
LEGH, Richard de b.1212
LEGH, Robert Esquire b.1428
LEGH, Robert b.1521
LEGH, Robert b.1390
LEGH, Robert Esquire b.1387
LEGH, Robert Esquire b.1409
LEGH, Robert de b.1195
LEGH, Robert de b.1325
LEGH, Robert de Knight b.1363
LEGH, Robert de Esquire b.1293
LEGH, Thomas Esquire b.1593
LEGH, Thomas Esquire b.1452
LEGH, Thomas de b.1340
LEGH, Thomas de b.1258
LEGH, William b.1446
LEGH, William de Knight b.1339
LEGH, William de Knight b.1295


LEIGH, Agnes b.1512
LEIGH, Alice a.1602
LEIGH, Alice b.1468
LEIGH, Allen b.1470
LEIGH, Anne a.1605
LEIGH, Anne b.1624
LEIGH, Barnabas b.1571
LEIGH, Bartholomew de b.1156
LEIGH, Dorothy b.1639
LEIGH, Elizabeth a.1607
LEIGH, Elizabeth a.1633
LEIGH, Elizabeth b.1619
LEIGH, Elizabeth b.1359
LEIGH, Frances b.1531
LEIGH, Frances a.1625
LEIGH, Francis K.B. b.1574
LEIGH, Francis Earl of Chichester a.1598
LEIGH, Giles b.1485
LEIGH, Hugh de b.1126
LEIGH, Isabel b.1508
LEIGH, Jane Abbess of St. Mary b.1472
LEIGH, Jane b.1520
LEIGH, Joan b.1535
LEIGH, John a.1611
LEIGH, John Esquire b.1534
LEIGH, John b.1466
LEIGH, John Knight b.1500
LEIGH, John Knight a.1575
LEIGH, John a.1637
LEIGH, John b.1631
LEIGH, John K.B. b.1458
LEIGH, John b.1428
LEIGH, John b.1470
LEIGH, Juliana a.1610
LEIGH, Katherine b.1462
LEIGH, Margaret b.1464
LEIGH, Margaret b.1460
LEIGH, Margaret b.1510
LEIGH, Margery de b.1374
LEIGH, Mary a.1600
LEIGH, Mary b.1621
LEIGH, Mary a.1629
LEIGH, Nichole de b.1185
LEIGH, Paul a.1638
LEIGH, Philip a.1628
LEIGH, Ralph Esquire b.1432
LEIGH, Ralph b.1503
LEIGH, Ralph b.1475
LEIGH, Thomas a.1636
LEIGH, Thomas b.1627
LEIGH, Thomas Esquire b.1605
LEIGH, Thomas Knight b.1555
LEIGH, Thomas de b.1350
LEIGH, William Knight b.1550
LEIGH, Winifred b.1585

Surname List