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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


HOWELL, Abigail b.1670
HOWELL, Leslie Bird b.1888
HOWELL, Sarah b.1663
HOWELL, Susanna b.1658
HOWELL, Susie Wilson b.1891
HOWELL, Varina Banks b.1826


HOWEN, Mary b.1687


HOWES, Elizabeth b.1664
HOWES, Hope b.1684
HOWES, Thomas b.1601


HOWLAND, Anne b.1670
HOWLAND, Arthur b.1601
HOWLAND, Desire b.1624
HOWLAND, Elizabeth b.1613
HOWLAND, Elizabeth b.1655
HOWLAND, Elizabeth b.1632
HOWLAND, Experience b.1668
HOWLAND, George b.1609
HOWLAND, Hannah b.1661
HOWLAND, Hannah a.1641
HOWLAND, Henry b.1607
HOWLAND, Henry b.1573
HOWLAND, Hope b.1629
HOWLAND, Humphrey b.1597
HOWLAND, Isaac b.1659
HOWLAND, Isaac b.1649
HOWLAND, Jabez b.1644
HOWLAND, John b.1674
HOWLAND, John b.1627
HOWLAND, John b.1599
HOWLAND, Joseph b.1639
HOWLAND, Lydia b.1665
HOWLAND, Lydia b.1635
HOWLAND, Margaret b.1605
HOWLAND, Mary b.1653
HOWLAND, Mercy b.1663
HOWLAND, Ruth b.1730
HOWLAND, Ruth b.1646
HOWLAND, Shubael b.1672
HOWLAND, Simon a.1604
HOWLAND, Walter a.1638


HOWLETT, Agnes b.1530
HOWLETT, John b.1732
HOWLETT, Mary b.1664


HOXIE, Hannah b.1680


HOYLAND, Robert de b.1210


HOYLE, Anna a.1707
HOYLE, Anna a.1687
HOYLE, Christian b.1669
HOYLE, John a.1701
HOYLE, John b.1671
HOYLE, John b.1646
HOYLE, Joseph b.1683
HOYLE, Martin b.1680
HOYLE, Mary a.1685
HOYLE, Mary a.1703
HOYLE, Samuel a.1710
HOYLE, Samuel a.1705
HOYLE, Samuel b.1677
HOYLE, Susanna a.1691


HOYT, Abigail b.1700
HOYT, David b.1651
HOYT, Deborah b.1679
HOYT, Elizabeth b.1662
HOYT, Frances b.1638
HOYT, Hannah b.1646
HOYT, John b.1674
HOYT, Josiah Miller b.1863
HOYT, Mary b.1646


HOYVILLE, Hugh de Knight b.1220
HOYVILLE, Joan de b.1255
HOYVILLE, Philip de Knight b.1250
HOYVILLE, Richard de b.1195


HOZ, Antolina de la b.1229


HROLFSDOTTIR, Ragnhild b.847


HUBBARD, Abigail b.1671
HUBBARD, Abigail b.1699
HUBBARD, Abraham b.1701
HUBBARD, Austis b.1768
HUBBARD, Bela b.1739
HUBBARD, Daniel b.1666
HUBBARD, Daniel b.1731
HUBBARD, Daniel b.1697
HUBBARD, Daniel b.1694
HUBBARD, Daniel a.1644
HUBBARD, Diana b.1733
HUBBARD, Dorothy b.1673
HUBBARD, Dudley b.1765
HUBBARD, Ebenezer b.1673
HUBBARD, Ebenezer b.1700
HUBBARD, Elizabeth a.1730
HUBBARD, Elizabeth b.1694
HUBBARD, Elizabeth b.1692
HUBBARD, Elizabeth b.1668
HUBBARD, Elizabeth b.1691
HUBBARD, Hannah b.1685
HUBBARD, Hannah b.1658
HUBBARD, John b.1749
HUBBARD, John b.1619
HUBBARD, John a.1722
HUBBARD, John b.1675
HUBBARD, John b.1699
HUBBARD, John b.1678
HUBBARD, John b.1693
HUBBARD, Jonathan b.1683
HUBBARD, Jonathan b.1659
HUBBARD, Joseph b.1689
HUBBARD, Katherine b.1767
HUBBARD, Levi b.1736
HUBBARD, Lucy b.1727
HUBBARD, Lydia b.1756
HUBBARD, Margaret b.1636
HUBBARD, Martha a.1772
HUBBARD, Martha b.1613
HUBBARD, Mary b.1753
HUBBARD, Mary b.1615
HUBBARD, Mary a.1718
HUBBARD, Mary b.1675
HUBBARD, Mary b.1700
HUBBARD, Mary b.1720
HUBBARD, Mary b.1682
HUBBARD, Nathaniel b.1629
HUBBARD, Nathaniel a.1727
HUBBARD, Nathaniel b.1673
HUBBARD, Oliver b.1770
HUBBARD, Philip b.1661
HUBBARD, Rachel b.1628
HUBBARD, Richard b.1699
HUBBARD, Richard a.1725
HUBBARD, Richard a.1715
HUBBARD, Richard b.1631
HUBBARD, Richard b.1671
HUBBARD, Samuel b.1687
HUBBARD, Sarah b.1761
HUBBARD, Sarah b.1669
HUBBARD, Sarah b.1636
HUBBARD, Sarah b.1633
HUBBARD, Simon b.1678
HUBBARD, Thankful b.1742
HUBBARD, Thomas b.1696
HUBBARD, William b.1621
HUBBARD, William b.1585
HUBBARD, William b.1666


HUBBELL, Abigail b.1672
HUBBELL, Ebenezer b.1659
HUBBELL, Elizabeth a.1629
HUBBELL, Elizabeth b.1659
HUBBELL, James b.1656
HUBBELL, James b.1674
HUBBELL, John b.1691
HUBBELL, John b.1652
HUBBELL, Jonathan a.1631
HUBBELL, Joseph b.1689
HUBBELL, Mabel b.1724
HUBBELL, Martha b.1663
HUBBELL, Mary a.1627
HUBBELL, Mary b.1661
HUBBELL, Richard b.1593
HUBBELL, Richard b.1654
HUBBELL, Richard a.1626
HUBBELL, Samuel a.1633
HUBBELL, Samuel b.1657
HUBBELL, Samuel b.1670
HUBBELL, Sarah a.1624
HUBBELL, Sarah b.1678


HUBER, Anna Barbara b.1744
HUBER, John Paul b.1849
HUBER, Joseph Edward b.1852
HUBER, Louise Christina b.1886


HUBERD, Margaret b.1573


HUCKER, Robert b.1675


HUCKINS, Elizabeth b.1698
HUCKINS, Hannah b.1695
HUCKINS, James b.1701
HUCKINS, John b.1703
HUCKINS, John b.1649
HUCKINS, Joseph b.1714
HUCKINS, Mary b.1693
HUCKINS, Rachel b.1705
HUCKINS, Robert b.1708
HUCKINS, Robert b.1672
HUCKINS, Sarah b.1707
HUCKINS, Thomas b.1710
HUCKINS, Thomas b.1651


HUCKLE, Richard b.1533


HUCKLEY, Walter a.1579


HUCKSTEPP, John a.1586
HUCKSTEPP, Lydia a.1588
HUCKSTEPP, Stephen b.1548
HUCKSTEPP, Thomas Gentleman a.1584


HUDDESFIELD, Elizabeth b.1480
HUDDESFIELD, Katherine b.1464
HUDDESFIELD, William Knight b.1429


HUDDLESTON, Adam de b.1245
HUDDLESTON, John Knight b.1442
HUDDLESTON, John de Knight b.1242
HUDDLESTON, John de Knight b.1218
HUDDLESTON, Richard Esquire b.1527
HUDDLESTON, Richard Esquire b.1545
HUDDLESTON, Richard de Knight b.1240
HUDDLESTON, Robert de b.1248


HUDSON, Abigail b.1654
HUDSON, Anne b.1615
HUDSON, Daniel b.1651
HUDSON, Hannah b.1621
HUDSON, John b.1662
HUDSON, Mary b.1644
HUDSON, Robert b.1670
HUDSON, Robert b.1640
HUDSON, William b.1560


HUETT, Mary a.1608
HUETT, Nicholas b.1575


HUFFMAN, Henry b.1768


HUGFORD, Alice b.1376
HUGFORD, William Knight b.1350


HUGGINS, Anna b.1659
HUGGINS, Bridget b.1651
HUGGINS, Elizabeth b.1648
HUGGINS, Esther b.1643
HUGGINS, James b.1709
HUGGINS, John b.1646
HUGGINS, John b.1609
HUGGINS, Martha b.1654
HUGGINS, Mary b.1650
HUGGINS, Nathaniel b.1660
HUGGINS, Susanna a.1640


HUGHES, Anne b.1600
HUGHES, Eileen Louise b.1946
HUGHES, Grisold b.1559
HUGHES, James Joseph b.1895
HUGHES, Katherine b.1587
HUGHES, Nicholas b.1645


HUGHEY, Frances b.1792
HUGHEY, Sarah Elizabeth b.1835


HUGLEVILLE, Ada de b.1042
HUGLEVILLE, Richard de b.1007


HUGON, Cecily b.1410


HUICK, Atalanta b.1554


HUISH, William b.1343


HULBERT, Anne b.1565


HULL, Abigail b.1762
HULL, Abigail b.1669
HULL, Agnes b.1578
HULL, Alice b.1688
HULL, Andrew b.1685
HULL, Benjamin b.1672
HULL, Benjamin a.1639
HULL, Concurrence b.1693
HULL, Cornelius b.1654
HULL, Cornelius a.1628
HULL, Dodavah b.1643
HULL, Dorothy b.1632
HULL, Ebenezer b.1679
HULL, Ebenezer b.1705
HULL, Elinor b.1542
HULL, Elizabeth b.1691
HULL, Elizabeth b.1680
HULL, Elizabeth b.1628
HULL, Elizabeth a.1625
HULL, Elizabeth b.1647
HULL, Ephraim a.1650
HULL, Esther b.1672
HULL, Francis a.1592
HULL, George a.1590
HULL, George b.1662
HULL, Griffith Esquire b.1360
HULL, Griselda b.1630
HULL, Hannah b.1656
HULL, Hannah b.1640
HULL, Hannah b.1714
HULL, Henry b.1441
HULL, Hopewell b.1636
HULL, Hugh b.1310
HULL, Isaac a.1651
HULL, James b.1545
HULL, Jeremiah b.1680
HULL, Joanna b.1620
HULL, John b.1685
HULL, John b.1654
HULL, John b.1662
HULL, John a.1704
HULL, John a.1640
HULL, John b.1712
HULL, John b.1549
HULL, John a.1587
HULL, John b.1678
HULL, John b.1644
HULL, John b.1739
HULL, Joseph b.1679
HULL, Joseph b.1652
HULL, Joseph b.1668
HULL, Joseph b.1622
HULL, Joseph a.1594
HULL, Joseph a.1596
HULL, Joseph b.1652
HULL, Joshua a.1630
HULL, Josiah b.1716
HULL, Josiah b.1707
HULL, Josiah b.1642
HULL, Josiah b.1676
HULL, Josiah a.1616
HULL, Lemuel b.1711
HULL, Martha b.1662
HULL, Martha b.1650
HULL, Martha a.1620
HULL, Mary b.1682
HULL, Mary b.1645
HULL, Mary b.1636
HULL, Mary b.1666
HULL, Mary b.1682
HULL, Mary a.1576
HULL, Mary b.1648
HULL, Mary a.1618
HULL, Mary b.1701
HULL, Mary b.1709
HULL, Mercy b.1703
HULL, Naomi a.1640
HULL, Naomi b.1656
HULL, Naomi b.1632
HULL, Nathaniel b.1699
HULL, Phineas b.1647
HULL, Priscilla a.1652
HULL, Raynold b.1540
HULL, Rebecca b.1656
HULL, Rebecca b.1659
HULL, Reuben a.1649
HULL, Richard b.1674
HULL, Richard b.1515
HULL, Richard a.1579
HULL, Robert b.1603
HULL, Robert a.1584
HULL, Ruth a.1642
HULL, Samuel b.1664
HULL, Samuel b.1645
HULL, Samuel b.1659
HULL, Samuel b.1737
HULL, Sarah b.1647
HULL, Sarah b.1650
HULL, Sarah b.1665
HULL, Sarah b.1654
HULL, Temperance a.1626
HULL, Theophilus b.1670
HULL, Theophilus b.1696
HULL, Thomas b.1688
HULL, Thomas b.1538
HULL, Thomas a.1582
HULL, Thomas b.1547
HULL, Thomas b.1665
HULL, Tristram b.1677
HULL, Tristram b.1624
HULL, William b.1335
HULL, William Priest b.1536
HULL, William a.1574


HULLE, John de Knight b.1245


HULLES, John de b.1280


HULME, Agnes de b.1354
HULME, Beatrix de b.1207
HULME, Bertram de b.1182
HULME, Felice de b.1350
HULME, John de b.1325
HULME, Mary a.1614


HULSE, Edmund de b.1407
HULSE, Eleanor de b.1398
HULSE, Hugh de b.1340
HULSE, Hugh de Knight b.1363
HULSE, Isabella de b.1404
HULSE, Philippa de b.1411
HULSE, Thomas de b.1401
HULSE, William de Knight b.1316


HULTER, Mary b.1596


HULTON, Blethyn de b.1145
HULTON, Christopher b.1466
HULTON, Ellen de b.1328
HULTON, Jorveth de b.1170
HULTON, Katherine de b.1201
HULTON, Mrs. Helen b.1485
HULTON, Richard de b.1195


HUMBERD, Audie B. b.1893


HUMBERSTONE, William Esquire b.1518


HUME, John b.1557


HUMES, Joanna b.1733
HUMES, Rachel b.1735


HUMEZ, Lucy de b.1209




HUMPHREY, Abigail b.1698
HUMPHREY, Ebenezer b.1692
HUMPHREY, Elizabeth b.1685
HUMPHREY, Elizabeth a.1608
HUMPHREY, Hannah b.1692
HUMPHREY, Hopestill a.1649
HUMPHREY, Isaac b.1652
HUMPHREY, James b.1665
HUMPHREY, James b.1610
HUMPHREY, John b.1658
HUMPHREY, Jonas a.1621
HUMPHREY, Jonas b.1587
HUMPHREY, Jonas b.1655
HUMPHREY, Margery b.1572
HUMPHREY, Mary a.1645
HUMPHREY, Mary a.1602
HUMPHREY, Mary b.1715
HUMPHREY, Nathaniel b.1652
HUMPHREY, Richard Esquire b.1490
HUMPHREY, Ruth b.1687
HUMPHREY, Samuel b.1649
HUMPHREY, Sarah b.1690
HUMPHREY, Sarah b.1661
HUMPHREY, Sarah a.1613
HUMPHREY, Susanna b.1695
HUMPHREY, Thankful b.1734


HUNE, Alice b.1360
HUNE, John b.1335


HUNGARY, Adelaide of b.1040
HUNGARY, Almos of Duke of Croatia b.1075
HUNGARY, Andras I of King of Hungary b.1016
HUNGARY, Andras II of King of Hungary b.1176
HUNGARY, Andras of b.1210
HUNGARY, Andras of Duke of Slovenia b.1268
HUNGARY, Anna of b.1226
HUNGARY, Anna of b.1259
HUNGARY, Beatrice of b.1290
HUNGARY, Bela I of King of Hungary b.1014
HUNGARY, Bela II "The Blind" of b.1108
HUNGARY, Bela III of King of Hungary b.1148
HUNGARY, Bela IV of King of Hungary b.1206
HUNGARY, Bela of Duke of Slovenia b.1245
HUNGARY, Catherine of b.1256
HUNGARY, Charles I "Martel" of King of Hungary b.1271
HUNGARY, Charles II of b.1288
HUNGARY, Clementia of b.1293
HUNGARY, Constance of b.1231
HUNGARY, David of b.1043
HUNGARY, Elizabeth of b.1236
HUNGARY, Elizabeth of b.1264
HUNGARY, Elizabeth of b.1150
HUNGARY, Elizabeth of b.1205
HUNGARY, Geza I of b.949
HUNGARY, Geza I of King of Hungary b.1039
HUNGARY, Geza II of King of Hungary b.1130
HUNGARY, Helen of b.1243
HUNGARY, Helene of b.1158
HUNGARY, Jolanta of b.1216
HUNGARY, Judith of b.969
HUNGARY, Kolman of b.1208
HUNGARY, Koloman of King of Hungary b.1064
HUNGARY, Kunigunde of b.1224
HUNGARY, Ladislas I of King of Hungary b.1040
HUNGARY, Ladislas II of King of Hungary b.1132
HUNGARY, Ladislas IV of King of Hungary b.1261
HUNGARY, Lambert of b.1046
HUNGARY, Levente of b.1012
HUNGARY, Margaret of b.1169
HUNGARY, Maria of b.992
HUNGARY, Maria of b.1203
HUNGARY, Marie of b.1257
HUNGARY, N.N. of b.990
HUNGARY, Peter of b.1019
HUNGARY, Prisca of b.1088
HUNGARY, Solomon of King of Hungary b.1051
HUNGARY, Sophia of b.1043
HUNGARY, Stephen I of King of Hungary b.972
HUNGARY, Stephen III of King of Hungary b.1147
HUNGARY, Stephen V of King of Hungary b.1239
HUNGARY, Taksony of b.930


HUNGATE, Agnes b.1442
HUNGATE, Alice b.1403
HUNGATE, Anne b.1602
HUNGATE, Henry Knight b.1598
HUNGATE, William Esquire b.1569
HUNGATE, William b.1375


HUNGERFORD, Alianor b.1523
HUNGERFORD, Anne b.1526
HUNGERFORD, Anne b.1570
HUNGERFORD, Anthony b.1634
HUNGERFORD, Anthony Knight b.1587
HUNGERFORD, Anthony Knight b.1608
HUNGERFORD, Anthony Knight b.1540
HUNGERFORD, Anthony Knight a.1567
HUNGERFORD, Arnold b.1430
HUNGERFORD, Barbara b.1595
HUNGERFORD, Bridget b.1588
HUNGERFORD, Bridget b.1610
HUNGERFORD, Catherine a.1642
HUNGERFORD, Diana a.1648
HUNGERFORD, Edmund Knight b.1412
HUNGERFORD, Edward K.B. b.1632
HUNGERFORD, Edward Knight b.1535
HUNGERFORD, Edward b.1559
HUNGERFORD, Edward Knight b.1480
HUNGERFORD, Edward b.1433
HUNGERFORD, Eleanor b.1434
HUNGERFORD, Elizabeth a.1643
HUNGERFORD, Elizabeth a.1593
HUNGERFORD, Elizabeth b.1408
HUNGERFORD, Frances a.1635
HUNGERFORD, Giles a.1639
HUNGERFORD, Giles Knight a.1614
HUNGERFORD, Hannah b.1659
HUNGERFORD, Henry Gentleman a.1611
HUNGERFORD, Isabel b.1495
HUNGERFORD, Jane b.1532
HUNGERFORD, John b.1592
HUNGERFORD, John Gentleman a.1606
HUNGERFORD, John Knight a.1566
HUNGERFORD, John b.1483
HUNGERFORD, John b.1375
HUNGERFORD, Katherine b.1432
HUNGERFORD, Leonard b.1454
HUNGERFORD, Lucy a.1650
HUNGERFORD, Lucy b.1561
HUNGERFORD, Margaret a.1631
HUNGERFORD, Margaret b.1417
HUNGERFORD, Mary a.1645
HUNGERFORD, Mary b.1524
HUNGERFORD, Mary b.1598
HUNGERFORD, Mary Baroness Botreaux b.1468
HUNGERFORD, Mary b.1437
HUNGERFORD, Mary b.1681
HUNGERFORD, Rachel a.1637
HUNGERFORD, Richard a.1590
HUNGERFORD, Robert Lord Hungerford b.1428
HUNGERFORD, Robert Lord Hungerford b.1410
HUNGERFORD, Robert b.1371
HUNGERFORD, Robert de Knight b.1294
HUNGERFORD, Sarah a.1641
HUNGERFORD, Sarah a.1606
HUNGERFORD, Thomas Knight b.1448
HUNGERFORD, Thomas b.1414
HUNGERFORD, Thomas b.1373
HUNGERFORD, Thomas Knight b.1330
HUNGERFORD, Thomas b.1605
HUNGERFORD, Walter a.1617
HUNGERFORD, Walter Knight b.1529
HUNGERFORD, Walter Lord Hungerford b.1502
HUNGERFORD, Walter b.1431
HUNGERFORD, Walter Knight b.1451
HUNGERFORD, Walter b.1230
HUNGERFORD, Walter b.1265
HUNGERFORD, Walter Knight b.1304
HUNGERFORD, Walter Knight b.1406
HUNGERFORD, Walter Lord Hungerford b.1378
HUNGERFORD, Walter de b.1200
HUNGERFORD, William b.1487
HUNGERFORD, William b.1630


HUNKES, Ann b.1498
HUNKES, Robert b.1473


HUNKING, Hercules b.1605


HUNN, Nathaniel b.1708


HUNSTANTON, Herlewin de b.1043
HUNSTANTON, Maud de b.1100
HUNSTANTON, Ralph de b.1068


HUNT, Alice b.1539
HUNT, Anne a.1639
HUNT, Benjamin b.1668
HUNT, Daniel b.1665
HUNT, Edmund b.1617
HUNT, Elizabeth b.1654
HUNT, Elizabeth b.1637
HUNT, Elizabeth b.1600
HUNT, Enoch b.1652
HUNT, Enoch b.1588
HUNT, Ephraim b.1661
HUNT, Hannah b.1641
HUNT, Hannah b.1653
HUNT, Hannah b.1733
HUNT, Idonea b.1366
HUNT, Isaac b.1646
HUNT, Joanna b.1712
HUNT, John b.1656
HUNT, John b.1339
HUNT, John a.1633
HUNT, Jonathan a.1637
HUNT, Judith b.1648
HUNT, Katherine a.1642
HUNT, Mary b.1658
HUNT, Mary a.1640
HUNT, Mary b.1712
HUNT, Nathaniel b.1670
HUNT, Nehemiah b.1631
HUNT, Peter b.1650
HUNT, Peter b.1615
HUNT, Rebecca b.1740
HUNT, Samuel b.1633
HUNT, Sarah b.1647
HUNT, Sarah b.1626
HUNT, Tabitha b.1663
HUNT, Thomas a.1634
HUNT, Thomas a.1604
HUNT, William b.1692
HUNT, William a.1605
HUNT, William b.1680


HUNTER, Betsey b.1783
HUNTER, Christian a.1615
HUNTER, Edwin Van Ivey b.1871
HUNTER, Elizabeth a.1617
HUNTER, Esther Pauline b.1900
HUNTER, George a.1627
HUNTER, George b.1598
HUNTER, Hannah b.1661
HUNTER, John b.1780
HUNTER, John a.1623
HUNTER, Linnie Mozelle b.1904
HUNTER, Margaret b.1553
HUNTER, Marie a.1626
HUNTER, Martha a.1626
HUNTER, Mary b.1665
HUNTER, Mary b.1659
HUNTER, N.N. b.1899
HUNTER, Robert b.1752
HUNTER, Sarah b.1663
HUNTER, Thomas a.1620
HUNTER, Thomas b.1590
HUNTER, William a.1623


HUNTERCOMBE, Walter de Lord Huntercombe b.1247
HUNTERCOMBE, William de Knight b.1221


HUNTING, Ann a.1614
HUNTING, Esther a.1631
HUNTING, Ferol b.1897
HUNTING, Richard b.1515


HUNTINGDON, Ada of b.1148
HUNTINGDON, Ada of b.1200
HUNTINGDON, David of Earl of Huntingdon b.1144
HUNTINGDON, Henry de b.1198
HUNTINGDON, Henry of Earl of Northumberland b.1118
HUNTINGDON, Isabella of b.1195
HUNTINGDON, John of Earl of Huntingdon b.1204
HUNTINGDON, Margaret of b.1146
HUNTINGDON, Margaret of b.1193
HUNTINGDON, Matilda of Queen of Scots b.1072
HUNTINGDON, Maud of b.1150
HUNTINGDON, Robert de b.1191


HUNTINGFIELD, Alice de b.1194
HUNTINGFIELD, Elizabeth de b.1327
HUNTINGFIELD, Isabel de b.1241
HUNTINGFIELD, Isabel de b.1200
HUNTINGFIELD, Joan de b.1281
HUNTINGFIELD, Joan de b.1281
HUNTINGFIELD, John de Knight b.1259
HUNTINGFIELD, John de b.1345
HUNTINGFIELD, Katherine de b.1277
HUNTINGFIELD, Margery de b.1202
HUNTINGFIELD, Roger de Knight b.1305
HUNTINGFIELD, Roger de b.1244
HUNTINGFIELD, Roger de b.1162
HUNTINGFIELD, Roger de Knight b.1284
HUNTINGFIELD, Roger de b.1080
HUNTINGFIELD, Roger de Lord of East Bradenham b.1139
HUNTINGFIELD, Roger de Knight b.1196
HUNTINGFIELD, Roger de Knight b.1257
HUNTINGFIELD, Saher de Knight b.1261
HUNTINGFIELD, Sarah de b.1198
HUNTINGFIELD, Thomas de b.1165
HUNTINGFIELD, Walter de b.1239
HUNTINGFIELD, William Lord Huntingfield a.1330
HUNTINGFIELD, William de b.1112
HUNTINGFIELD, William de b.1279
HUNTINGFIELD, William de Knight b.1160
HUNTINGFIELD, William de Knight b.1237


HUNTINGTON, Abigail b.1687
HUNTINGTON, Abigail b.1710
HUNTINGTON, Ann a.1627
HUNTINGTON, Anne b.1675
HUNTINGTON, Caleb b.1694
HUNTINGTON, Christopher b.1707
HUNTINGTON, Christopher b.1686
HUNTINGTON, Christopher b.1660
HUNTINGTON, Christopher b.1653
HUNTINGTON, Christopher a.1624
HUNTINGTON, Daniel b.1676
HUNTINGTON, Dorcas b.1737
HUNTINGTON, Edward b.1542
HUNTINGTON, Eleazer b.1697
HUNTINGTON, Elizabeth b.1740
HUNTINGTON, Elizabeth b.1695
HUNTINGTON, Elizabeth b.1664
HUNTINGTON, Elizabeth b.1688
HUNTINGTON, Elizabeth b.1669
HUNTINGTON, Hannah b.1694
HUNTINGTON, Henry a.1631
HUNTINGTON, Hezekiah b.1696
HUNTINGTON, Isaac b.1688
HUNTINGTON, Jabez b.1691
HUNTINGTON, James b.1680
HUNTINGTON, Jedidiah b.1693
HUNTINGTON, Jeremiah b.1702
HUNTINGTON, John b.1691
HUNTINGTON, John b.1688
HUNTINGTON, John b.1666
HUNTINGTON, John b.1706
HUNTINGTON, Joseph b.1661
HUNTINGTON, Lydia b.1702
HUNTINGTON, Lydia b.1672
HUNTINGTON, Martha b.1696
HUNTINGTON, Mary b.1735
HUNTINGTON, Mary b.1657
HUNTINGTON, Mary b.1696
HUNTINGTON, Matthew b.1694
HUNTINGTON, Nathaniel b.1672
HUNTINGTON, Rebecca b.1699
HUNTINGTON, Ruth b.1699
HUNTINGTON, Ruth b.1682
HUNTINGTON, Ruth b.1658
HUNTINGTON, Samuel b.1665
HUNTINGTON, Samuel b.1691
HUNTINGTON, Sarah b.1700
HUNTINGTON, Sarah b.1718
HUNTINGTON, Sarah b.1654
HUNTINGTON, Sarah b.1701
HUNTINGTON, Simon b.1710
HUNTINGTON, Simon b.1583
HUNTINGTON, Simon b.1708
HUNTINGTON, Simon a.1629
HUNTINGTON, Simon b.1659
HUNTINGTON, Susanna b.1668
HUNTINGTON, Thomas b.1688
HUNTINGTON, Thomas b.1626
HUNTINGTON, Thomas b.1664
HUNTINGTON, William b.1705


HUNTLEY, Jacob b.1723
HUNTLEY, John b.1614


HUNTRESS, Abigail b.1694
HUNTRESS, Ann b.1674
HUNTRESS, George b.1680
HUNTRESS, George b.1647
HUNTRESS, Hannah b.1692
HUNTRESS, John b.1690
HUNTRESS, Mary b.1676
HUNTRESS, Samuel b.1687


HURD, Abigail b.1679
HURD, Abigail b.1705
HURD, Abraham b.1677
HURD, Adam b.1607
HURD, Benjamin b.1667
HURD, Daniel a.1696
HURD, Ebenezer b.1668
HURD, Elnathan b.1699
HURD, Esther b.1676
HURD, Hannah b.1667
HURD, Hannah b.1709
HURD, Hannah b.1707
HURD, Isaac b.1669
HURD, Jacob b.1671
HURD, John b.1664
HURD, John b.1639
HURD, John b.1673
HURD, John b.1632
HURD, Joseph b.1665
HURD, Joshua b.1769
HURD, Josiah b.1701
HURD, Mary b.1673
HURD, Rebecca b.1725
HURD, Rebecca b.1703
HURD, Robert a.1693
HURD, Ruth a.1697
HURD, Ruth b.1670
HURD, Sarah b.1666
HURD, Sarah b.1663


HURLBUT, Abigail b.1728
HURLBUT, Adrea b.1675
HURLBUT, Ann b.1730
HURLBUT, Chloe b.1743
HURLBUT, Cornelius b.1658
HURLBUT, Ebenezer b.1683
HURLBUT, Elijah a.1696
HURLBUT, Elijah b.1732
HURLBUT, Elisha b.1726
HURLBUT, Gideon a.1688
HURLBUT, Jemima a.1680
HURLBUT, Jerusha a.1682
HURLBUT, Jerusha b.1741
HURLBUT, John b.1642
HURLBUT, Joseph b.1650
HURLBUT, Kezia b.1692
HURLBUT, Mary b.1652
HURLBUT, Mary b.1737
HURLBUT, Nathaniel b.1682
HURLBUT, Nathaniel b.1739
HURLBUT, Prudence b.1734
HURLBUT, Samuel b.1644
HURLBUT, Stephen b.1655
HURLBUT, Thomas b.1614
HURLBUT, Thomas a.1684
HURLBUT, Thomas b.1648
HURLBUT, Timothy b.1680


HURRALL, Mrs. Margery b.1620


HURST, Agnes a.1565
HURST, Ann b.1575
HURST, Henry a.1561
HURST, Joan a.1563
HURST, Joan a.1568
HURST, John b.1564
HURST, Margaret b.1628
HURST, Mary a.1605
HURST, Patience b.1610
HURST, William b.1530


HUSEE, Elizabeth b.1319
HUSEE, Elizabeth b.1400
HUSEE, Erneburgh b.1329
HUSEE, Henry b.1202
HUSEE, Henry b.1120
HUSEE, Henry b.1177
HUSEE, Henry b.1147
HUSEE, Henry Knight b.1387
HUSEE, Henry Lord Husee b.1265
HUSEE, Henry Lord Husee b.1290
HUSEE, Henry Knight b.1317
HUSEE, Henry Knight b.1240
HUSEE, Henry Knight b.1361
HUSEE, Joan b.1391
HUSEE, Mark Knight b.1315
HUSEE, Mary b.1403
HUSEE, Mathew Knight b.1205
HUSEE, Richard b.1321


HUSSEY, Alvered b.1528
HUSSEY, Anne b.1513
HUSSEY, Anne b.1517
HUSSEY, Anne b.1511
HUSSEY, Bridget Countess of Bedford b.1527
HUSSEY, Catherine b.1524
HUSSEY, Charles Knight b.1530
HUSSEY, Charles b.1532
HUSSEY, Christopher a.1599
HUSSEY, Dorothy b.1517
HUSSEY, Dorothy b.1518
HUSSEY, Edmund Knight b.1324
HUSSEY, Elizabeth b.1520
HUSSEY, Elizabeth b.1522
HUSSEY, Elizabeth b.1477
HUSSEY, Elizabeth b.1512
HUSSEY, Elizabeth b.1532
HUSSEY, Gilbert b.1516
HUSSEY, Giles Knight b.1514
HUSSEY, Joan b.1349
HUSSEY, John b.1539
HUSSEY, John Lord Hussey b.1465
HUSSEY, Margaret b.1511
HUSSEY, Margaret b.1515
HUSSEY, Mary b.1515
HUSSEY, Mary b.1474
HUSSEY, Mary b.1520
HUSSEY, Nicholas b.1536
HUSSEY, Reginald b.1524
HUSSEY, Reginald b.1299
HUSSEY, Robert b.1526
HUSSEY, Robert Knight b.1471
HUSSEY, Thomas b.1509
HUSSEY, Thomas Knight a.1613
HUSSEY, Thomas b.1522
HUSSEY, William b.1534
HUSSEY, William Knight b.1468
HUSSEY, William Knight b.1494
HUSSEY, William Knight b.1440
HUSSEY, Winifred Kate b.1887


HUTCHESON, Katherine b.1648


HUTCHINS, Alpheus Follett b.1891
HUTCHINS, Elizabeth a.1596
HUTCHINS, John b.1668
HUTCHINS, Joseph b.1674
HUTCHINS, Judith b.1772
HUTCHINS, Samuel b.1682


HUTCHINSON, Abigail a.1636
HUTCHINSON, Alice b.1554
HUTCHINSON, Alice a.1628
HUTCHINSON, Anne a.1638
HUTCHINSON, Anne a.1603
HUTCHINSON, Anne a.1626
HUTCHINSON, Anne a.1643
HUTCHINSON, Arthur b.1551
HUTCHINSON, Benjamin b.1656
HUTCHINSON, Bridget a.1619
HUTCHINSON, Charles a.1636
HUTCHINSON, Dorothy b.1558
HUTCHINSON, Edward a.1629
HUTCHINSON, Edward a.1607
HUTCHINSON, Edward b.1564
HUTCHINSON, Edward a.1651
HUTCHINSON, Edward a.1613
HUTCHINSON, Elisha b.1668
HUTCHINSON, Elisha b.1641
HUTCHINSON, Elishua a.1637
HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth a.1631
HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth b.1670
HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth a.1629
HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth b.1639
HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth a.1622
HUTCHINSON, Emme a.1642
HUTCHINSON, Esther a.1593
HUTCHINSON, Faith a.1617
HUTCHINSON, Francis a.1620
HUTCHINSON, George b.1618
HUTCHINSON, George a.1589
HUTCHINSON, Hannah b.1672
HUTCHINSON, Hannah a.1639
HUTCHINSON, Hannah b.1658
HUTCHINSON, Isabella a.1635
HUTCHINSON, Jane a.1591
HUTCHINSON, Jane b.1545
HUTCHINSON, John a.1615
HUTCHINSON, John a.1635
HUTCHINSON, John a.1634
HUTCHINSON, John b.1549
HUTCHINSON, John Mayor of Lincoln b.1515
HUTCHINSON, John b.1643
HUTCHINSON, John a.1595
HUTCHINSON, Joseph b.1634
HUTCHINSON, Katherine b.1673
HUTCHINSON, Katherine b.1653
HUTCHINSON, Katherine a.1648
HUTCHINSON, Katherine a.1629
HUTCHINSON, Margery a.1575
HUTCHINSON, Mary b.1676
HUTCHINSON, Mary b.1666
HUTCHINSON, Mary b.1561
HUTCHINSON, Mary a.1605
HUTCHINSON, Mary a.1627
HUTCHINSON, Mary a.1630
HUTCHINSON, Mary b.1705
HUTCHINSON, Rebecca b.1632
HUTCHINSON, Richard a.1640
HUTCHINSON, Richard a.1597
HUTCHINSON, Richard a.1615
HUTCHINSON, Richard b.1603
HUTCHINSON, Samuel Mayor of Boston a.1644
HUTCHINSON, Samuel a.1590
HUTCHINSON, Samuel a.1624
HUTCHINSON, Stanhope a.1634
HUTCHINSON, Susanna a.1636
HUTCHINSON, Susanna a.1601
HUTCHINSON, Susanna a.1599
HUTCHINSON, Susanna a.1649
HUTCHINSON, Susanna a.1633
HUTCHINSON, Susanna a.1614
HUTCHINSON, Theophilus a.1588
HUTCHINSON, Thomas Esquire b.1561
HUTCHINSON, Thomas Gentleman b.1529
HUTCHINSON, Thomas Knight b.1587
HUTCHINSON, Thomas b.1675
HUTCHINSON, Thomas b.1547
HUTCHINSON, William a.1628
HUTCHINSON, William b.1543
HUTCHINSON, William a.1645
HUTCHINSON, William a.1631
HUTCHINSON, William a.1623
HUTCHINSON, William a.1586
HUTCHINSON, Zuriel a.1636


HUTFORD, Thomas b.1410


HUTTOF, Katherine b.1556


HUTTON, Richard b.1643


HUXLEGH, Ellen de b.1336


HUXLEY, George Esquire b.1561


HYCKES, Margaret b.1542
HYCKES, Richard b.1517


HYDE, Abiah b.1749
HYDE, Abiel b.1757
HYDE, Alice b.1498
HYDE, Alice de la b.1258
HYDE, Anne Duchess of York b.1637
HYDE, Anne b.1492
HYDE, Catherine b.1586
HYDE, Cecily de b.1360
HYDE, Deborah b.1716
HYDE, Dolly b.1762
HYDE, Ebenezer b.1748
HYDE, Edward a.1640
HYDE, Edward Earl of Clarendon b.1609
HYDE, Eleazer b.1704
HYDE, Eliab b.1760
HYDE, Elizabeth b.1659
HYDE, Elizabeth b.1660
HYDE, Elizabeth b.1680
HYDE, Esther b.1709
HYDE, Esther b.1634
HYDE, Experience b.1700
HYDE, Frances b.1649
HYDE, Hamon b.1415
HYDE, Hawise de la b.1262
HYDE, Henry Earl of Clarendon a.1638
HYDE, Hugh de b.1351
HYDE, Jabez b.1677
HYDE, James b.1752
HYDE, James b.1707
HYDE, James b.1645
HYDE, Joan de la b.1260
HYDE, John b.1698
HYDE, John b.1667
HYDE, John b.1400
HYDE, John b.1399
HYDE, John b.1430
HYDE, John b.1501
HYDE, John atte b.1360
HYDE, John de b.1348
HYDE, John de Knight b.1307
HYDE, Laurence Earl of Rochester a.1642
HYDE, Lucy b.1713
HYDE, Margaret b.1702
HYDE, Margaret b.1488
HYDE, Margery de b.1340
HYDE, Mary b.1674
HYDE, Mary b.1545
HYDE, Matthew b.1711
HYDE, Nicholas b.1624
HYDE, Oliver Esquire b.1462
HYDE, Percy M. Jr. b.1917
HYDE, Phebe b.1663
HYDE, Ralph de b.1345
HYDE, Robert de b.1342
HYDE, Robert de la b.1225
HYDE, Roger de b.1334
HYDE, Samuel b.1665
HYDE, Samuel b.1636
HYDE, Sarah b.1685
HYDE, Sarah b.1676
HYDE, Sarah b.1645
HYDE, Simeon b.1755
HYDE, Susan b.1577
HYDE, Thomas b.1464
HYDE, Thomas Esquire b.1495
HYDE, Thomas b.1672
HYDE, Walter de la Knight b.1235
HYDE, William b.1608
HYDE, William b.1670
HYDE, William b.1490
HYDE, William de b.1337

Surname List