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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


HOLLINGSWORTH, Elizabeth b.1635
HOLLINGSWORTH, Margaret b.1522
HOLLINGSWORTH, Richard b.1630
HOLLINGSWORTH, Richard b.1594
HOLLINGSWORTH, Richard b.1680
HOLLINGSWORTH, William b.1628


HOLLIS, Abigail b.1642
HOLLIS, Catherine b.1423
HOLLIS, Jenkin b.1398


HOLLISTER, Elizabeth b.1640
HOLLISTER, Mary b.1546


HOLLOWAY, Dorothy a.1568
HOLLOWAY, Dorothy a.1574
HOLLOWAY, Ellen a.1579
HOLLOWAY, Grace b.1647
HOLLOWAY, Hannah b.1650
HOLLOWAY, Hugh b.1520
HOLLOWAY, Hugh b.1545
HOLLOWAY, Joan b.1541
HOLLOWAY, Polly b.1765
HOLLOWAY, Robert a.1576
HOLLOWAY, Sarah b.1587
HOLLOWAY, Susan b.1804
HOLLOWAY, William b.1616
HOLLOWAY, William a.1560


HOLLY, Elizabeth b.1643


HOLMAN, Abigail b.1693
HOLMAN, Abraham a.1635
HOLMAN, Abraham b.1672
HOLMAN, Deborah b.1665
HOLMAN, Elizabeth b.1644
HOLMAN, Hannah a.1627
HOLMAN, Isaac b.1638
HOLMAN, Isaac b.1663
HOLMAN, Jeremiah b.1695
HOLMAN, Jeremiah b.1670
HOLMAN, Jeremiah a.1629
HOLMAN, Mary a.1631
HOLMAN, Mary b.1698
HOLMAN, Mehitable b.1667
HOLMAN, Nathaniel b.1704
HOLMAN, Sarah a.1633
HOLMAN, Sarah b.1675
HOLMAN, Seeth b.1641
HOLMAN, William b.1595


HOLME, Agnes b.1318


HOLMES, Bathsheba b.1670
HOLMES, Christopher b.1530
HOLMES, Ebenezer b.1701
HOLMES, Esther b.1726
HOLMES, Experience b.1706
HOLMES, Fear b.1722
HOLMES, John b.1642
HOLMES, John b.1636
HOLMES, Martha b.1640
HOLMES, Nathaniel b.1639
HOLMES, Robert b.1647
HOLMES, Rose b.1674
HOLMES, Sarah b.1680
HOLMES, Spencer b.1785
HOLMES, Stephen b.1664
HOLMES, Temperance b.1700


HOLMSTEAD, Margaret b.1576


HOLT, Christian b.1440
HOLT, Elizabeth b.1636
HOLT, Hannah b.1648
HOLT, Henry b.1643
HOLT, James b.1650
HOLT, John b.1664
HOLT, Joseph b.1656
HOLT, Katherine a.1597
HOLT, Maria Ward b.1839
HOLT, Mary b.1638
HOLT, Nicholas b.1645
HOLT, Nicholas b.1608
HOLT, Priscilla b.1653
HOLT, Rebecca b.1662
HOLT, Samuel b.1641
HOLT, Sarah b.1655
HOLT, Sarah b.1679


HOLTBY, Joan de b.1272
HOLTBY, William de b.1246


HOLTE, Charles Knight b.1649
HOLTE, Robert Knight b.1619
HOLTE, Thomas Esquire b.1510


HOLTON, Abigail b.1708
HOLTON, Abigail b.1705
HOLTON, Anne b.1530
HOLTON, Benjamin b.1658
HOLTON, Ebenezer b.1699
HOLTON, Eliza Ann b.1843
HOLTON, Elizabeth b.1712
HOLTON, Elizabeth b.1655
HOLTON, Francis T. b.1804
HOLTON, Francis T. b.1824
HOLTON, Gideon Jackson b.1830
HOLTON, Hannah b.1696
HOLTON, Henry b.1661
HOLTON, James b.1690
HOLTON, James b.1665
HOLTON, James Madison b.1839
HOLTON, John b.1667
HOLTON, John Rich b.1842
HOLTON, John Wren b.1851
HOLTON, Joseph b.1652
HOLTON, Joseph b.1621
HOLTON, Juliana A. b.1834
HOLTON, Letitia Ann b.1836
HOLTON, Mark b.1779
HOLTON, Martha b.1826
HOLTON, Mary b.1636
HOLTON, Mary Jane b.1828
HOLTON, Nancy b.1838
HOLTON, Nathaniel Jackson b.1806
HOLTON, Rachel b.1645
HOLTON, Reuben b.1853
HOLTON, Robert Martin b.1846
HOLTON, Roxie b.1832
HOLTON, Samuel b.1703
HOLTON, Sarah b.1669
HOLTON, Sarah Ann b.1841
HOLTON, Timothy b.1693
HOLTON, William b.1755
HOLTON, William L. b.1808
HOLTON, William Seaborn b.1837


HOLYOKE, Ann a.1621
HOLYOKE, Edward b.1649
HOLYOKE, Edward a.1619
HOLYOKE, Edward a.1586
HOLYOKE, Elizabeth a.1615
HOLYOKE, Elizur b.1651
HOLYOKE, Elizur a.1617
HOLYOKE, Hannah b.1644
HOLYOKE, John b.1642
HOLYOKE, John b.1641
HOLYOKE, John a.1613
HOLYOKE, Mary b.1656
HOLYOKE, Mary a.1625
HOLYOKE, N.N. b.1646
HOLYOKE, Samuel b.1647
HOLYOKE, Sarah a.1623
HOLYOKE, Susanna a.1629


HOMAN, Edward b.1605
HOMAN, Edward b.1646
HOMAN, Edward b.1697
HOMAN, Edward b.1668
HOMAN, Elizabeth a.1702
HOMAN, Elizabeth b.1702
HOMAN, Gabriel b.1648
HOMAN, Hannah a.1733
HOMAN, John a.1699
HOMAN, John b.1671
HOMAN, John b.1694
HOMAN, Joseph b.1681
HOMAN, Joseph b.1708
HOMAN, Margaret b.1711
HOMAN, Margaret a.1731
HOMAN, Mary a.1696
HOMAN, Mary a.1728
HOMAN, Nathaniel a.1704
HOMAN, Peter b.1674
HOMAN, Peter b.1699
HOMAN, Philip b.1677
HOMAN, Rebecca a.1707
HOMAN, Sarah a.1739
HOMAN, Susannah a.1736
HOMAN, Susannah a.1737
HOMAN, Tabitha a.1700
HOMAN, William a.1725


HOME, Alexander Lord Home b.1535
HOME, Alexander Earl of Home b.1566
HOME, Alexander Lord Home b.1407
HOME, Alexander Lord Home b.1481
HOME, Alexander Knight b.1380
HOME, Alexander Lord Home b.1453
HOME, Alexander Knight b.1428
HOME, Andrew b.1495
HOME, Andrew Abbot of Jedburgh b.1538
HOME, Ann b.1616
HOME, David Prior of Coldingham b.1498
HOME, Elizabeth b.1477
HOME, George Lord Home b.1485
HOME, Isabel b.1569
HOME, James Earl of Home b.1607
HOME, John Abbot of Jedburgh b.1487
HOME, John b.1455
HOME, Margaret b.1533
HOME, Margaret b.1610
HOME, Mariot b.1479
HOME, Nichole b.1483
HOME, Patrick b.1489
HOME, William b.1492
HOME, William b.1613


HOMER, Michael b.1650


HOMES, Margaret b.1696


HOMMET, Agatha du b.1155
HOMMET, Agnes du b.1157
HOMMET, N.N. de b.1085
HOMMET, Nichole du b.1186
HOMMET, Richard du b.1153
HOMMET, Richard du Constable of Normandy b.1105
HOMMET, William du b.1060
HOMMET, William du Constable of Normandy b.1129


HONE, Margaret b.1512


HONFORD, Henry de b.1210
HONFORD, Henry de b.1250
HONFORD, John Esquire b.1414
HONFORD, John b.1474
HONFORD, John Esquire b.1435
HONFORD, John de b.1291
HONFORD, John de b.1350
HONFORD, Katherine b.1478
HONFORD, Margaret b.1507
HONFORD, Richard de b.1293
HONFORD, Sybil de b.1296
HONFORD, William Esquire b.1476


HONYPOT, Elizabeth b.1295
HONYPOT, Ernald b.1240
HONYPOT, John b.1265
HONYPOT, Valentine b.1289


HONYWOOD, Anna b.1588
HONYWOOD, Elizabeth a.1637
HONYWOOD, Henry b.1593
HONYWOOD, Hester b.1592
HONYWOOD, Isaac b.1601
HONYWOOD, John Lamotte a.1647
HONYWOOD, Mabel b.1595
HONYWOOD, Matthew b.1587
HONYWOOD, Michael Dean of Lincoln b.1596
HONYWOOD, N.N. b.1585
HONYWOOD, Peter b.1589
HONYWOOD, Robert b.1639
HONYWOOD, Robert a.1545
HONYWOOD, Thomas Lord Honywood b.1587


HOO, Anne b.1447
HOO, Anne b.1422
HOO, Cecily b.1300
HOO, Edmund b.1519
HOO, Eleanor b.1449
HOO, Elizabeth b.1451
HOO, Henry b.1510
HOO, Jeremy b.1549
HOO, Joan b.1557
HOO, John b.1508
HOO, John b.1546
HOO, John b.1450
HOO, John b.1475
HOO, John b.1552
HOO, Margaret b.1400
HOO, Robert Knight b.1255
HOO, Robert Knight b.1280
HOO, Robert b.1514
HOO, Robert b.1477
HOO, Thomas Knight b.1301
HOO, Thomas b.1410
HOO, Thomas K.G. b.1397
HOO, Thomas Knight b.1367
HOO, Walter b.1516
HOO, William Knight b.1336
HOO, William Knight b.1350
HOO, William b.1512


HOOD, Richard b.1625


HOOKE, Francis b.1635


HOOKER, Anne a.1626
HOOKER, Anne a.1594
HOOKER, Dorothy b.1589
HOOKER, Eleanor a.1571
HOOKER, Elizabeth a.1597
HOOKER, Frances a.1601
HOOKER, Joanna a.1612
HOOKER, Joanna b.1622
HOOKER, John b.1530
HOOKER, John b.1632
HOOKER, Katherine a.1614
HOOKER, Mary a.1619
HOOKER, Mary b.1624
HOOKER, Myles a.1565
HOOKER, Robert a.1609
HOOKER, Robert b.1577
HOOKER, Robert a.1568
HOOKER, Samuel b.1634
HOOKER, Sarah a.1630
HOOKER, Sarah a.1628
HOOKER, Stephen a.1617
HOOKER, Thomas Gentleman b.1560
HOOKER, Thomas b.1586
HOOKER, William a.1560


HOOPER, Benjamin b.1705
HOOPER, Clement b.1707
HOOPER, Elizabeth b.1694
HOOPER, Greenfield b.1684
HOOPER, Henry b.1660
HOOPER, Joseph b.1701
HOOPER, Joshua b.1703
HOOPER, Martha b.1682
HOOPER, Nathaniel a.1727
HOOPER, Nathaniel b.1700
HOOPER, Samuel b.1706
HOOPER, Sarah b.1697
HOOPER, Sarah b.1725
HOOPER, Thomas b.1660
HOOPER, Tristram b.1490


HOORE, Joan b.1394


HOOTON, David de b.1344
HOOTON, Henry de b.1315
HOOTON, Isabel b.1325
HOOTON, Isabel de b.1348
HOOTON, Joan de b.1346
HOOTON, Margery de b.1368
HOOTON, William de Knight b.1342


HOPE, Adam b.1730
HOPE, Agnes b.1732
HOPE, Jennet b.1736
HOPE, John b.1698
HOPE, Katherine b.1728
HOPE, Margaret b.1724
HOPE, Mary b.1726
HOPE, Richard b.1727
HOPE, Robert b.1722
HOPE, Sarah b.1739
HOPE, Thomas b.1670
HOPE, Thomas b.1701


HOPKIN, Efa ferch b.1297
HOPKIN, Gwladus ferch b.1295


HOPKINS, Abigail b.1644
HOPKINS, Alice a.1578
HOPKINS, Alice a.1582
HOPKINS, Ann b.1749
HOPKINS, Ashbel b.1737
HOPKINS, Bethiah b.1631
HOPKINS, Caleb b.1651
HOPKINS, Caleb b.1684
HOPKINS, Caleb b.1622
HOPKINS, Charles N. b.1824
HOPKINS, Consider b.1688
HOPKINS, Constance a.1606
HOPKINS, Damaris b.1628
HOPKINS, Damaris b.1618
HOPKINS, Daniel b.1732
HOPKINS, Deborah b.1648
HOPKINS, Deborah b.1625
HOPKINS, Dorcas b.1706
HOPKINS, Dorcas b.1661
HOPKINS, Ebenezer a.1728
HOPKINS, Ebenezer a.1693
HOPKINS, Ebenezer b.1699
HOPKINS, Ebenezer b.1668
HOPKINS, Edward b.1600
HOPKINS, Elias b.1741
HOPKINS, Elizabeth b.1664
HOPKINS, Elizabeth a.1610
HOPKINS, Elizabeth a.1604
HOPKINS, Elizabeth b.1631
HOPKINS, George A. b.1828
HOPKINS, Giles a.1608
HOPKINS, Hannah b.1699
HOPKINS, Hezekiah a.1701
HOPKINS, Huldah b.1748
HOPKINS, Isaac b.1708
HOPKINS, James b.1739
HOPKINS, John b.1686
HOPKINS, John b.1665
HOPKINS, John b.1605
HOPKINS, John b.1549
HOPKINS, John b.1643
HOPKINS, Jonathan b.1696
HOPKINS, Joseph b.1675
HOPKINS, Joshua b.1657
HOPKINS, Lydia b.1734
HOPKINS, Mary b.1697
HOPKINS, Mary a.1704
HOPKINS, Mary b.1670
HOPKINS, Mary b.1640
HOPKINS, N.N. b.1699
HOPKINS, N.N. b.1684
HOPKINS, Nathaniel b.1687
HOPKINS, Nehemiah b.1730
HOPKINS, Oceanus b.1620
HOPKINS, Ruth b.1653
HOPKINS, Ruth b.1629
HOPKINS, Samuel b.1693
HOPKINS, Sarah a.1710
HOPKINS, Sarah b.1755
HOPKINS, Sarah b.1639
HOPKINS, Stephen b.1689
HOPKINS, Stephen b.1706
HOPKINS, Stephen b.1663
HOPKINS, Stephen b.1634
HOPKINS, Stephen b.1642
HOPKINS, Stephen a.1581
HOPKINS, Susanna b.1743
HOPKINS, Susanna a.1584
HOPKINS, Tabitha b.1745
HOPKINS, Thankful b.1709
HOPKINS, Thomas b.1690
HOPKINS, Thomas b.1557
HOPKINS, Timothy b.1691
HOPKINS, Webster b.1672
HOPKINS, William b.1594
HOPKINS, William b.1630
HOPKINS, William a.1575
HOPKINS, William b.1660


HOPKINSON, John b.1706
HOPKINSON, John b.1646


HOPPIN, Stephen b.1624


HOPTON, Agnes b.1454
HOPTON, Anne b.1561
HOPTON, Arthur K.B. b.1551
HOPTON, Arthur Knight b.1489
HOPTON, Audrey b.1457
HOPTON, Cecily b.1559
HOPTON, Charles b.1535
HOPTON, Dorothy b.1531
HOPTON, Elizabeth b.1520
HOPTON, Elizabeth b.1437
HOPTON, Elizabeth b.1427
HOPTON, Frances b.1525
HOPTON, George b.1553
HOPTON, George Knight b.1461
HOPTON, Isabel b.1448
HOPTON, John b.1538
HOPTON, John Knight b.1408
HOPTON, John b.1487
HOPTON, John de Knight b.1303
HOPTON, Margaret b.1523
HOPTON, Margaret b.1430
HOPTON, Margaret b.1465
HOPTON, Mary b.1529
HOPTON, Mary b.1557
HOPTON, Owen Knight b.1519
HOPTON, Piers de Knight b.1240
HOPTON, Ralph Knight b.1521
HOPTON, Ralph b.1555
HOPTON, Robert Knight b.1527
HOPTON, Thomas b.1533
HOPTON, Thomas b.1385
HOPTON, Thomas Knight b.1399
HOPTON, Walter Esquire b.1429
HOPTON, Walter de Knight b.1301
HOPTON, Walter de Knight b.1255
HOPTON, Walter de Knight b.1212
HOPTON, William b.1564
HOPTON, William Sheriff of Suffolk b.1433


HORBURY, John de b.1264


HORDE, Alice b.1478
HORDE, Frances b.1530
HORDE, Joyce b.1474


HORN, Josiah Warren b.1833
HORN, Millicent b.1758


HORNACOTE, Cenota de b.1216
HORNACOTE, Gervas de b.1190
HORNACOTE, Gervas de b.1140
HORNACOTE, Sarah de b.1218


HORNBACH, Lambert of b.720


HORNBY, Margaret de b.1370
HORNBY, Robert b.1338


HORNE, Anne b.1450
HORNE, Comfort b.1762
HORNE, Jane b.1500
HORNE, Joan b.1440
HORNE, Juliana b.1394
HORNE, Leonora Taylor b.1849
HORNE, Margaret b.1570
HORNE, William b.1670


HORNER, Edward b.1609


HORNYOLD, Ursula b.1508


HORR, Hannah Diantha b.1836
HORR, Mary Lucretia b.1837


HORRELL, Humphrey b.1650


HORROCKS, Elizabeth b.1592


HORSALE, Henry b.1296


HORSEY, Eleanor b.1529


HORTON, David b.1694
HORTON, Elizabeth a.1583
HORTON, Hezekiah b.1714
HORTON, Isabel de b.1235
HORTON, John b.1696
HORTON, John b.1672
HORTON, John b.1587
HORTON, Jonathan b.1708
HORTON, Jotham b.1702
HORTON, Lawrence a.1581
HORTON, Margaret a.1584
HORTON, Mary b.1705
HORTON, Nathaniel b.1699
HORTON, Parnell b.1600
HORTON, Ralph de b.1232
HORTON, Richard de b.1230
HORTON, Sarah b.1692
HORTON, Sarah b.1598
HORTON, Thomas b.1690
HORTON, Thomas b.1677
HORTON, Thomas a.1580
HORTON, Thomas b.1555
HORTON, Walran de b.1228
HORTON, Walran de Knight b.1195
HORTON, William b.1603


HORVATH, Istvan a.1845
HORVATH, Istvan a.1819
HORVATH, Rosalia a.1842
HORVATH, Sandor a.1849


HOSE, Christiana de b.1219


HOSIER, Samuel b.1614


HOSKINS, Hannah b.1724
HOSKINS, Lydia b.1716
HOSKINS, Margaret b.1581
HOSKINS, Rebecca b.1643
HOSKINS, Rebecca b.1634
HOSKINS, Samuel b.1654
HOSKINS, Sarah b.1637
HOSKINS, Thomas b.1614
HOSKINS, William b.1647


HOSKINSON, Agnes b.1748
HOSKINSON, Ruth b.1744


HOSMER, Ann b.1635
HOSMER, Anne a.1611
HOSMER, Anne a.1578
HOSMER, Clemence b.1691
HOSMER, Clemence b.1642
HOSMER, Deborah a.1687
HOSMER, Dorothy a.1674
HOSMER, Dorothy b.1667
HOSMER, Esther b.1647
HOSMER, Hannah b.1669
HOSMER, Hannah b.1639
HOSMER, Hannah b.1644
HOSMER, Hannah a.1670
HOSMER, Hester a.1679
HOSMER, James a.1605
HOSMER, James b.1542
HOSMER, James a.1576
HOSMER, James b.1637
HOSMER, James b.1660
HOSMER, Jane a.1587
HOSMER, John a.1602
HOSMER, John a.1618
HOSMER, John a.1615
HOSMER, Martha b.1568
HOSMER, Mary a.1609
HOSMER, Mary b.1684
HOSMER, Mary a.1671
HOSMER, Mary b.1646
HOSMER, Mary b.1640
HOSMER, Mary b.1633
HOSMER, Mary b.1664
HOSMER, Sarah a.1681
HOSMER, Sarah b.1662
HOSMER, Stephen a.1621
HOSMER, Stephen a.1604
HOSMER, Stephen a.1679
HOSMER, Stephen b.1642
HOSMER, Stephen b.1645
HOSMER, Stephen a.1570
HOSMER, Thomas a.1676
HOSMER, Thomas a.1603
HOSMER, Thomas a.1572
HOSMER, Thomas b.1672
HOSMER, William a.1608
HOSMER, William a.1581


HOTCHKISS, Amanda b.1784
HOTCHKISS, Daniel b.1657
HOTCHKISS, Ephraim b.1747
HOTCHKISS, Joshua b.1675
HOTCHKISS, Mary b.1750
HOTCHKISS, Samuel b.1645


HOTHAM, Alice de b.1340
HOTHAM, Francis Knight b.1505
HOTHAM, John Esquire b.1435
HOTHAM, John Knight b.1483
HOTHAM, John Knight b.1458
HOTHAM, John de Knight b.1320
HOTHAM, Maud b.1375


HOTOFT, Idoine b.1419


HOUGH, Abiah b.1690
HOUGH, Abiah b.1648
HOUGH, Abigail b.1665
HOUGH, Anne b.1667
HOUGH, David b.1699
HOUGH, Deborah b.1662
HOUGH, Edward b.1585
HOUGH, Elizabeth b.1687
HOUGH, Hannah b.1688
HOUGH, Hannah b.1683
HOUGH, Hannah b.1646
HOUGH, Henry del b.1345
HOUGH, Hester b.1695
HOUGH, Jabez b.1702
HOUGH, Joan del b.1349
HOUGH, John b.1697
HOUGH, John b.1655
HOUGH, Jonathan b.1685
HOUGH, Jonathan b.1660
HOUGH, Mary b.1690
HOUGH, Richard del b.1315
HOUGH, Samuel b.1653
HOUGH, Sarah b.1684
HOUGH, Sarah b.1651
HOUGH, Simon b.1734
HOUGH, William b.1657
HOUGH, William b.1619


HOUGHTON, Abigail b.1698
HOUGHTON, Abigail b.1708
HOUGHTON, Abigail b.1664
HOUGHTON, Achsah b.1725
HOUGHTON, Adam de Knight b.1310
HOUGHTON, Adam de Knight b.1207
HOUGHTON, Adam de b.1240
HOUGHTON, Alice b.1421
HOUGHTON, Anna b.1684
HOUGHTON, Azubah b.1720
HOUGHTON, Beatrix b.1685
HOUGHTON, Benjamin a.1706
HOUGHTON, Benjamin b.1678
HOUGHTON, Benjamin b.1691
HOUGHTON, Benjamin b.1698
HOUGHTON, Bridget b.1572
HOUGHTON, Ebenezer b.1695
HOUGHTON, Edmund b.1570
HOUGHTON, Elizabeth b.1592
HOUGHTON, Ephah b.1731
HOUGHTON, Ephah b.1727
HOUGHTON, Ephe b.1731
HOUGHTON, Experience b.1659
HOUGHTON, Hannah b.1667
HOUGHTON, Henry b.1676
HOUGHTON, Henry Esquire b.1423
HOUGHTON, Hepzibah b.1690
HOUGHTON, Israel b.1700
HOUGHTON, Jacob b.1674
HOUGHTON, James b.1650
HOUGHTON, Jane b.1700
HOUGHTON, John b.1650
HOUGHTON, John b.1673
HOUGHTON, John b.1655
HOUGHTON, Jonathan b.1719
HOUGHTON, Jonathan b.1686
HOUGHTON, Joseph a.1704
HOUGHTON, Joseph b.1678
HOUGHTON, Joseph b.1657
HOUGHTON, Joyce b.1610
HOUGHTON, Katherine de b.1308
HOUGHTON, Keziah b.1717
HOUGHTON, Margaret b.1660
HOUGHTON, Martha b.1701
HOUGHTON, Mary b.1703
HOUGHTON, Mary b.1715
HOUGHTON, Mary b.1680
HOUGHTON, Mary b.1608
HOUGHTON, Mary b.1653
HOUGHTON, Mercy b.1682
HOUGHTON, N.N. b.1232
HOUGHTON, Nathaniel b.1696
HOUGHTON, Nicholas b.1613
HOUGHTON, Nicholas b.1580
HOUGHTON, Pyrha b.1721
HOUGHTON, Ralph b.1648
HOUGHTON, Ralph b.1623
HOUGHTON, Rebecca b.1707
HOUGHTON, Richard Knight b.1395
HOUGHTON, Richard b.1550
HOUGHTON, Richard de Knight b.1275
HOUGHTON, Richard de Sheriff of Lancashire b.1235
HOUGHTON, Robert b.1606
HOUGHTON, Rufus b.1722
HOUGHTON, Sarah b.1662
HOUGHTON, Sybil de b.1312
HOUGHTON, Thankful b.1714
HOUGHTON, Thomas b.1696
HOUGHTON, William b.1696
HOUGHTON, William de b.1209
HOUGHTON, Zerish b.1729


HOUSE, Benjamin b.1704
HOUSE, Coombs b.1735
HOUSE, David b.1731
HOUSE, David b.1709
HOUSE, Dorothy a.1619
HOUSE, Elizabeth b.1706
HOUSE, Eunice a.1739
HOUSE, Hannah b.1589
HOUSE, Joan a.1625
HOUSE, John b.1706
HOUSE, John a.1631
HOUSE, John a.1587
HOUSE, Jonathan a.1634
HOUSE, Joseph b.1706
HOUSE, Joseph b.1667
HOUSE, Rachel a.1621
HOUSE, Silvester a.1626
HOUSE, Thomasine a.1622


HOVE, John b.1594


HOVELL, Abria b.1580
HOVELL, Katherine b.1535
HOVELL, Robert de Knight b.1214
HOVELL, Thomas Gentleman b.1614
HOVELL, Thomasine b.1582


HOVENDEN, Richard b.1541


HOVERINGHAM, Hugh de b.1167
HOVERINGHAM, N.N. de b.1192


HOVEY, Abigail b.1655
HOVEY, Abigail b.1670
HOVEY, Caleb b.1687
HOVEY, Daniel b.1665
HOVEY, Daniel b.1642
HOVEY, Daniel a.1618
HOVEY, Dorcas b.1701
HOVEY, Ebenezer b.1680
HOVEY, Ebenezer b.1680
HOVEY, Elizabeth b.1745
HOVEY, Hannah b.1682
HOVEY, James b.1650
HOVEY, James b.1691
HOVEY, John b.1684
HOVEY, John b.1675
HOVEY, John b.1644
HOVEY, Joseph b.1678
HOVEY, Joseph b.1653
HOVEY, Joseph b.1704
HOVEY, Mary b.1678
HOVEY, Nathaniel b.1667
HOVEY, Nathaniel b.1657
HOVEY, Priscilla b.1708
HOVEY, Thomas b.1689
HOVEY, Thomas b.1673
HOVEY, Thomas b.1648


HOW, Jeremiah b.1650


HOWARD, Alathea b.1603
HOWARD, Alice b.1300
HOWARD, Ann b.1637
HOWARD, Anne a.1626
HOWARD, Anne b.1579
HOWARD, Anne b.1534
HOWARD, Anne b.1499
HOWARD, Anne b.1452
HOWARD, Anne b.1733
HOWARD, Bethia b.1671
HOWARD, Bethia b.1691
HOWARD, Catherine b.1592
HOWARD, Cecil b.1633
HOWARD, Charles Knight b.1591
HOWARD, Charles Earl of Carlisle b.1628
HOWARD, Charles Earl of Nottingham b.1579
HOWARD, Charles Knight b.1594
HOWARD, Charles Earl of Nottingham b.1536
HOWARD, Charles Knight b.1518
HOWARD, Charles b.1487
HOWARD, Cornelius b.1643
HOWARD, Deborah b.1672
HOWARD, Dorothy b.1508
HOWARD, Douglas b.1545
HOWARD, Edmund Knight b.1477
HOWARD, Edward a.1627
HOWARD, Edward Lord Howard b.1600
HOWARD, Edward b.1540
HOWARD, Edward b.1687
HOWARD, Edward Lord High Admiral b.1475
HOWARD, Elizabeth b.1609
HOWARD, Elizabeth b.1623
HOWARD, Elizabeth b.1587
HOWARD, Elizabeth b.1569
HOWARD, Elizabeth b.1559
HOWARD, Elizabeth a.1586
HOWARD, Elizabeth b.1410
HOWARD, Elizabeth b.1658
HOWARD, Elizabeth b.1504
HOWARD, Elizabeth b.1639
HOWARD, Elizabeth b.1481
HOWARD, Elizabeth b.1428
HOWARD, Ephraim b.1667
HOWARD, Ethel b.1898
HOWARD, Frances b.1635
HOWARD, Frances a.1566
HOWARD, Frances b.1590
HOWARD, Frances b.1577
HOWARD, Frances a.1623
HOWARD, Frances b.1550
HOWARD, Francis Knight b.1583
HOWARD, Francis Marion b.1907
HOWARD, Francis Marion b.1874
HOWARD, George Knight b.1516
HOWARD, George McIntyre Troup b.1816
HOWARD, George Willard b.1900
HOWARD, Goff Ives b.1909
HOWARD, Green Van Buren b.1919
HOWARD, Henry b.1589
HOWARD, Henry b.1562
HOWARD, Henry Earl of Northampton b.1540
HOWARD, Henry Earl of Surrey b.1516
HOWARD, Henry b.1542
HOWARD, Henry Esquire b.1514
HOWARD, Henry b.1489
HOWARD, Henry b.1483
HOWARD, Henry Esquire b.1400
HOWARD, Isabel b.1527
HOWARD, Isabel b.1449
HOWARD, Isabella Theresa Lucy b.1644
HOWARD, James Earl of Suffolk a.1620
HOWARD, James b.1662
HOWARD, James b.1696
HOWARD, Jane b.1545
HOWARD, Jane b.1455
HOWARD, Jeremiah b.1655
HOWARD, Joan b.1337
HOWARD, John b.1606
HOWARD, John b.1633
HOWARD, John b.1625
HOWARD, John b.1656
HOWARD, John Knight b.1479
HOWARD, John b.1641
HOWARD, John Knight b.1276
HOWARD, John Knight b.1310
HOWARD, John Duke of Norfolk b.1421
HOWARD, John Lord Plaiz b.1384
HOWARD, John Sheriff of Essex b.1362
HOWARD, Jonathan b.1664
HOWARD, Joyce b.1524
HOWARD, Katherine b.1626
HOWARD, Katherine b.1537
HOWARD, Katherine b.1518
HOWARD, Katherine b.1556
HOWARD, Katherine b.1501
HOWARD, Katherine b.1520
HOWARD, Katherine b.1427
HOWARD, Katherine b.1468
HOWARD, Margaret b.1593
HOWARD, Margaret b.1637
HOWARD, Margaret b.1572
HOWARD, Margaret a.1543
HOWARD, Margaret b.1560
HOWARD, Margaret b.1512
HOWARD, Margaret b.1423
HOWARD, Margaret b.1447
HOWARD, Margaret b.1379
HOWARD, Margaret b.1740
HOWARD, Marguerette b.1915
HOWARD, Martha b.1553
HOWARD, Martha b.1681
HOWARD, Mary b.1622
HOWARD, Mary b.1585
HOWARD, Mary b.1522
HOWARD, Mary b.1548
HOWARD, Mary b.1522
HOWARD, Mary b.1629
HOWARD, Mary b.1647
HOWARD, Matthew b.1645
HOWARD, Matthew Gentleman b.1609
HOWARD, Muriel b.1514
HOWARD, Muriel b.1485
HOWARD, Nathan b.1673
HOWARD, Nicholas b.1445
HOWARD, Pauline b.1904
HOWARD, Philip b.1612
HOWARD, Philip b.1629
HOWARD, Philip Knight b.1581
HOWARD, Philip a.1631
HOWARD, Philip Earl of Arundel b.1557
HOWARD, Philip b.1649
HOWARD, Philip b.1704
HOWARD, Philip b.1670
HOWARD, Priscilla b.1698
HOWARD, Rachel b.1771
HOWARD, Rachel b.1700
HOWARD, Rebecca b.1648
HOWARD, Richard b.1491
HOWARD, Robert K.B. b.1596
HOWARD, Robert b.1698
HOWARD, Robert Knight b.1398
HOWARD, Robert Knight b.1334
HOWARD, Ruth b.1674
HOWARD, Sadie b.1902
HOWARD, Samuel b.1694
HOWARD, Samuel b.1647
HOWARD, Sarah b.1660
HOWARD, Sarah b.1701
HOWARD, Sarah b.1676
HOWARD, Sarah b.1745
HOWARD, Susan b.1678
HOWARD, Susanna b.1683
HOWARD, Tabitha b.1669
HOWARD, Theophilus Earl of Suffolk a.1584
HOWARD, Thomas b.1631
HOWARD, Thomas b.1596
HOWARD, Thomas Lord Howard a.1625
HOWARD, Thomas Earl of Berkshire a.1587
HOWARD, Thomas Earl of Suffolk b.1561
HOWARD, Thomas Duke of Norfolk b.1538
HOWARD, Thomas Viscount Howard of Bindon b.1520
HOWARD, Thomas Knight b.1512
HOWARD, Thomas Duke of Norfolk b.1473
HOWARD, Thomas Duke of Norfolk b.1443
HOWARD, Thomas b.1646
HOWARD, Verna Ruth b.1911
HOWARD, William Knight b.1589
HOWARD, William b.1625
HOWARD, William Lord Howard b.1577
HOWARD, William Lord Howard a.1629
HOWARD, William K.B. b.1598
HOWARD, William Knight b.1601
HOWARD, William Knight b.1563
HOWARD, William Knight b.1538
HOWARD, William Knight b.1278
HOWARD, William Baron Howard of Effingham b.1510
HOWARD, William Knight b.1242
HOWARD, William b.1673


HOWD, Edward b.1735


HOWE, Abigail b.1766
HOWE, Abigail b.1675
HOWE, Abraham b.1649
HOWE, Abraham b.1628
HOWE, Abraham b.1670
HOWE, Abraham a.1635
HOWE, Alexander b.1661
HOWE, Alice a.1594
HOWE, Ann b.1770
HOWE, Anthony a.1583
HOWE, Anthony b.1548
HOWE, Bethia b.1684
HOWE, Betty b.1775
HOWE, Daniel b.1672
HOWE, Daniel b.1681
HOWE, Daniel b.1658
HOWE, Daniel b.1658
HOWE, David b.1674
HOWE, David b.1674
HOWE, Deborah b.1688
HOWE, Deborah b.1667
HOWE, Dorothy b.1676
HOWE, Edward a.1617
HOWE, Edward a.1611
HOWE, Edward a.1561
HOWE, Edward a.1588
HOWE, Eleazer b.1707
HOWE, Eleazer b.1692
HOWE, Eleazer b.1662
HOWE, Elisha b.1680
HOWE, Elizabeth a.1631
HOWE, Elizabeth b.1583
HOWE, Elizabeth a.1580
HOWE, Elizabeth a.1623
HOWE, Elizabeth b.1673
HOWE, Elizabeth b.1675
HOWE, Elizabeth b.1665
HOWE, Elizabeth b.1646
HOWE, Ephraim b.1699
HOWE, Erasmus a.1590
HOWE, Erasmus a.1554
HOWE, Esther b.1671
HOWE, Gershom b.1694
HOWE, Hannah b.1697
HOWE, Hannah b.1692
HOWE, Hannah b.1688
HOWE, Hannah b.1677
HOWE, Hannah b.1663
HOWE, Ida Mae b.1867
HOWE, Isaac a.1618
HOWE, Isaac b.1648
HOWE, James a.1634
HOWE, James b.1603
HOWE, Joan b.1592
HOWE, Joanne b.1567
HOWE, John b.1637
HOWE, John a.1629
HOWE, John a.1614
HOWE, John a.1577
HOWE, John b.1682
HOWE, John b.1680
HOWE, John b.1664
HOWE, John b.1671
HOWE, John b.1560
HOWE, John b.1682
HOWE, John b.1640
HOWE, John a.1617
HOWE, Joseph b.1621
HOWE, Joseph b.1662
HOWE, Josiah b.1678
HOWE, Josiah b.1651
HOWE, Katherine a.1581
HOWE, Lydia b.1666
HOWE, Margery a.1588
HOWE, Martha b.1686
HOWE, Martha b.1669
HOWE, Mary b.1639
HOWE, Mary a.1626
HOWE, Mary b.1665
HOWE, Mary a.1592
HOWE, Mary b.1677
HOWE, Mary b.1672
HOWE, Mary b.1674
HOWE, Mary b.1654
HOWE, Mary b.1646
HOWE, Mary b.1659
HOWE, Mary b.1674
HOWE, N.N. b.1629
HOWE, N.N. b.1703
HOWE, N.N. a.1585
HOWE, N.N. b.1589
HOWE, Nehemiah b.1776
HOWE, Patty b.1768
HOWE, Peter b.1783
HOWE, Phineas b.1773
HOWE, Phineas b.1735
HOWE, Rebecca b.1651
HOWE, Rebecca b.1668
HOWE, Rhoda b.1762
HOWE, Richard a.1573
HOWE, Ruth b.1785
HOWE, Ruth b.1684
HOWE, Samuel b.1781
HOWE, Samuel a.1617
HOWE, Samuel b.1668
HOWE, Samuel b.1642
HOWE, Sarah b.1645
HOWE, Sarah a.1620
HOWE, Sarah b.1668
HOWE, Sarah b.1675
HOWE, Sarah b.1672
HOWE, Sarah b.1644
HOWE, Sarah b.1655
HOWE, Susan b.1626
HOWE, Susanna b.1764
HOWE, Susanna a.1616
HOWE, Thankful b.1691
HOWE, Thomas a.1575
HOWE, Thomas b.1656
HOWE, Ursula a.1623
HOWE, William a.1618
HOWE, William a.1577
HOWE, William a.1621

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