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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


HILL, Abiah b.1717
HILL, Abigail b.1700
HILL, Abraham b.1643
HILL, Abraham a.1615
HILL, Ann b.1644
HILL, Anne b.1628
HILL, Anne b.1598
HILL, Anne b.1690
HILL, Asenath b.1778
HILL, Beatrice b.1413
HILL, Beatrice b.1493
HILL, Benjamin b.1674
HILL, Charity b.1697
HILL, Charles b.1671
HILL, Daniel b.1692
HILL, Dorcas b.1608
HILL, Dorcas b.1708
HILL, Dorothy a.1587
HILL, Ebenezer b.1680
HILL, Edward b.1560
HILL, Eleanor b.1548
HILL, Eliphalet b.1663
HILL, Elizabeth b.1523
HILL, Elizabeth b.1679
HILL, Elizabeth b.1648
HILL, Ellen b.1545
HILL, Ephraim b.1800
HILL, Eunice b.1707
HILL, Francis b.1489
HILL, Freddie Elizabeth b.1890
HILL, Genevieve b.1451
HILL, Giles b.1463
HILL, Grace a.1554
HILL, Hannah b.1707
HILL, Hannah b.1664
HILL, Hannah b.1767
HILL, Hannah b.1652
HILL, Humphrey b.1487
HILL, Humphrey b.1385
HILL, Isaac b.1641
HILL, Isaac b.1685
HILL, Jabez b.1744
HILL, Jacob b.1657
HILL, James b.1463
HILL, James b.1688
HILL, James b.1646
HILL, Jane b.1465
HILL, Jane b.1491
HILL, Jane b.1620
HILL, Joan b.1442
HILL, John b.1592
HILL, John b.1665
HILL, John b.1602
HILL, John b.1666
HILL, John b.1635
HILL, John b.1650
HILL, John b.1694
HILL, John b.1615
HILL, Jonathan b.1786
HILL, Joseph b.1668
HILL, Joseph b.1657
HILL, Joseph b.1670
HILL, Judith b.1700
HILL, Margaret b.1401
HILL, Margaret b.1468
HILL, Margery b.1496
HILL, Mary b.1652
HILL, Mary b.1812
HILL, Mary b.1672
HILL, Mary b.1701
HILL, Michael b.1698
HILL, Miriam b.1658
HILL, Nathaniel b.1660
HILL, Otwell Esquire b.1558
HILL, Penelope b.1620
HILL, Peter b.1606
HILL, Ralph b.1417
HILL, Robert b.1430
HILL, Robert b.1496
HILL, Roger b.1635
HILL, Rosanna b.1605
HILL, Ruth b.1640
HILL, Samuel b.1668
HILL, Sarah b.1649
HILL, Sarah b.1647
HILL, Sarah b.1659
HILL, Sarah b.1661
HILL, Sarah a.1621
HILL, Sarah b.1642
HILL, Sarah b.1683
HILL, Sidwell a.1619
HILL, Susanna b.1603
HILL, Thomas a.1603
HILL, Thomas Esquire b.1457
HILL, Thomas b.1420
HILL, William b.1661
HILL, William Esquire b.1415
HILL, William Esquire b.1460
HILL, William b.1632
HILL, Zachary b.1668
HILL, Zachary b.1638


HILLARY, Edward Knight b.1325
HILLARY, Henry Knight b.1280
HILLARY, Joan b.1322
HILLARY, Roger Knight b.1325
HILLARY, Roger Knight b.1300


HILLER, Grace b.1600


HILLES, Margaret b.1545


HILLHOUSE, Bertha Isabella b.1897


HILLIARD, Emanuel b.1618
HILLIARD, Timothy b.1646
HILLIARD, William b.1596
HILLIARD, Zoa b.1764


HILLIER, Abigail b.1654
HILLIER, Andrew b.1646
HILLIER, Deborah b.1643
HILLIER, James b.1644
HILLIER, John b.1637
HILLIER, John b.1610
HILLIER, Lydia b.1662
HILLIER, Mary b.1639
HILLIER, Nathaniel b.1651
HILLIER, Sarah b.1652
HILLIER, Simon b.1648
HILLIER, Timothy b.1642


HILLS, Abigail b.1663
HILLS, Abigail a.1604
HILLS, Abigail b.1658
HILLS, Abigail b.1686
HILLS, Benjamin b.1680
HILLS, Deborah b.1657
HILLS, Dorothy b.1667
HILLS, Ebenezer b.1719
HILLS, Ebenezer b.1660
HILLS, Ebenezer b.1683
HILLS, Elizabeth b.1662
HILLS, Elizabeth b.1669
HILLS, Elizabeth a.1627
HILLS, Frances a.1605
HILLS, George b.1570
HILLS, Gershom b.1639
HILLS, Hannah b.1657
HILLS, Hannah b.1655
HILLS, James a.1631
HILLS, John b.1666
HILLS, John a.1606
HILLS, John a.1632
HILLS, Joseph b.1674
HILLS, Joseph b.1655
HILLS, Joseph a.1650
HILLS, Joseph a.1629
HILLS, Joseph a.1602
HILLS, Margaret b.1716
HILLS, Martha a.1611
HILLS, Mary b.1672
HILLS, Mary a.1625
HILLS, Mehitable b.1641
HILLS, N.N. b.1677
HILLS, Nathaniel b.1653
HILLS, Rebecca a.1608
HILLS, Rebecca a.1634
HILLS, Samuel b.1668
HILLS, Samuel b.1652
HILLS, Sarah b.1722
HILLS, Sarah a.1600
HILLS, Sarah a.1637
HILLS, Sarah b.1674
HILLS, Stephen a.1636
HILLS, Tabitha b.1689


HILTON, Alexander de Lord Hilton b.1305
HILTON, Alexander de Knight b.1205
HILTON, Alexander de Knight b.1258
HILTON, Denise b.1360
HILTON, Eleanor b.1449
HILTON, Elizabeth b.1400
HILTON, Elizabeth b.1456
HILTON, German de b.1263
HILTON, Godfrey Knight b.1454
HILTON, Godfrey Knight b.1370
HILTON, Godfrey Knight b.1419
HILTON, Hawise b.1458
HILTON, Hawise b.1417
HILTON, Isabel b.1394
HILTON, Isabel de b.1323
HILTON, Magdalen b.1672
HILTON, Mainwaring b.1639
HILTON, Mary b.1645
HILTON, Maud b.1356
HILTON, Maud de b.1325
HILTON, Robert Lord Hilton b.1379
HILTON, Robert Knight b.1365
HILTON, Robert de Lord Hilton b.1281
HILTON, Robert de Lord Hilton b.1330
HILTON, Robert de Lord Hilton b.1230
HILTON, Robert de Knight b.1336
HILTON, Robert de Knight b.1316
HILTON, Robert de Knight b.1290
HILTON, Sarah b.1641
HILTON, Stilson b.1700
HILTON, Thomas Lord Hilton b.1508
HILTON, Thomas b.1382
HILTON, William Lord Hilton b.1510
HILTON, William Lord Hilton b.1451
HILTON, William Lord Hilton b.1408
HILTON, William Lord Hilton b.1485
HILTON, William de Lord Hilton a.1355
HILTON, William de Knight b.1260


HINCKLEY, Abigail b.1669
HINCKLEY, Admire b.1661
HINCKLEY, Alonzo Arza b.1870
HINCKLEY, Amelia Clarissa b.1863
HINCKLEY, Anne a.1539
HINCKLEY, Arza Erastus b.1826
HINCKLEY, Bathshua b.1657
HINCKLEY, Bryant Stringham b.1867
HINCKLEY, Catherine a.1584
HINCKLEY, Clement a.1570
HINCKLEY, Deborah b.1762
HINCKLEY, Ebenezer b.1673
HINCKLEY, Ebenezer b.1662
HINCKLEY, Elijah b.1750
HINCKLEY, Elijah b.1783
HINCKLEY, Elizabeth a.1582
HINCKLEY, Elizabeth a.1633
HINCKLEY, Elizabeth a.1635
HINCKLEY, Elmer Eugene b.1872
HINCKLEY, Elnathan b.1697
HINCKLEY, Elnathan b.1686
HINCKLEY, Emily Angeline b.1856
HINCKLEY, Erastus Nathaniel b.1794
HINCKLEY, Experience b.1664
HINCKLEY, Gordon Bitner b.1910
HINCKLEY, Hannah b.1650
HINCKLEY, Harvey b.1804
HINCKLEY, Harvey Noble b.1865
HINCKLEY, Ira Nathaniel b.1828
HINCKLEY, Ira Noble b.1860
HINCKLEY, Isaac b.1767
HINCKLEY, Isaac a.1747
HINCKLEY, Isaac a.1571
HINCKLEY, Job b.1688
HINCKLEY, John b.1667
HINCKLEY, John b.1532
HINCKLEY, John b.1591
HINCKLEY, John b.1507
HINCKLEY, John a.1644
HINCKLEY, John a.1622
HINCKLEY, John a.1634
HINCKLEY, Joshua b.1707
HINCKLEY, Josiah b.1695
HINCKLEY, Laverna Noble b.1858
HINCKLEY, Levi b.1797
HINCKLEY, Levi Silas b.1824
HINCKLEY, Margaret b.1709
HINCKLEY, Margaret a.1580
HINCKLEY, Mark Snow b.1763
HINCKLEY, Mary a.1737
HINCKLEY, Mary a.1741
HINCKLEY, Mary b.1678
HINCKLEY, Mary b.1644
HINCKLEY, Mary a.1587
HINCKLEY, Mary a.1628
HINCKLEY, Mary a.1631
HINCKLEY, Mehitable b.1679
HINCKLEY, Mehitable b.1659
HINCKLEY, Melatiah b.1648
HINCKLEY, Mercy b.1771
HINCKLEY, Mercy b.1692
HINCKLEY, Mercy a.1745
HINCKLEY, Mercy b.1663
HINCKLEY, Moses b.1774
HINCKLEY, N.N. b.1640
HINCKLEY, N.N. b.1641
HINCKLEY, N.N. b.1641
HINCKLEY, Nathaniel b.1769
HINCKLEY, Nathaniel b.1738
HINCKLEY, Polly b.1802
HINCKLEY, Rachel b.1776
HINCKLEY, Reliance b.1675
HINCKLEY, Rhoda b.1799
HINCKLEY, Rhoda Lurinda b.1830
HINCKLEY, Robert b.1535
HINCKLEY, Ruth b.1914
HINCKLEY, Ruth a.1745
HINCKLEY, Samuel b.1684
HINCKLEY, Samuel b.1653
HINCKLEY, Samuel a.1642
HINCKLEY, Samuel a.1637
HINCKLEY, Samuel a.1639
HINCKLEY, Samuel a.1589
HINCKLEY, Sarah b.1646
HINCKLEY, Sarah a.1629
HINCKLEY, Seth b.1730
HINCKLEY, Seth b.1683
HINCKLEY, Sherman Bitner b.1911
HINCKLEY, Shubael b.1689
HINCKLEY, Silas b.1811
HINCKLEY, Silas b.1793
HINCKLEY, Stephen a.1579
HINCKLEY, Stephen a.1576
HINCKLEY, Susannah a.1625
HINCKLEY, Thankful b.1671
HINCKLEY, Thomas b.1731
HINCKLEY, Thomas b.1773
HINCKLEY, Thomas b.1709
HINCKLEY, Thomas b.1681
HINCKLEY, Thomas b.1654
HINCKLEY, Thomas a.1562
HINCKLEY, Thomas a.1620


HINDE, Joan b.1565


HINDLEY, Adam de b.1245


HINDS, Clement b.1549
HINDS, Elizabeth a.1597
HINDS, Jacob b.1731
HINDS, John b.1687
HINDS, Sarah a.1602


HINES, Abigail a.1685
HINES, Esther b.1695
HINES, Ruby b.1899
HINES, Sarah a.1704


HINKLEY, Alice b.1402
HINKLEY, Catherine b.1408
HINKLEY, Cecily b.1405
HINKLEY, John Esquire b.1379


HINMAN, Amasa b.1763
HINMAN, Samuel b.1658


HINSDALE, Ann b.1667
HINSDALE, Barnabas b.1639
HINSDALE, Elizabeth b.1637
HINSDALE, Ephraim b.1650
HINSDALE, Experience b.1646
HINSDALE, Gamaliel b.1643
HINSDALE, John b.1648
HINSDALE, Mahuman b.1673
HINSDALE, Mary b.1644
HINSDALE, Mary b.1665
HINSDALE, Mehitable b.1663
HINSDALE, Robert b.1615
HINSDALE, Samuel b.1671
HINSDALE, Samuel b.1641
HINSDALE, Sarah b.1669


HINSON, Mrs. Christian b.1530
HINSON, Thomas Esquire b.1551


HINTON, Amy Anna b.1822
HINTON, Ann b.1755
HINTON, Anne a.1674
HINTON, Anthony Esquire b.1621
HINTON, Anthony a.1575
HINTON, Anthony Knight b.1596
HINTON, Anthony b.1532
HINTON, Bainey b.1872
HINTON, Candice b.1869
HINTON, Catherine a.1598
HINTON, Clement a.1626
HINTON, Coleman Carlisle b.1828
HINTON, Dorothy b.1538
HINTON, Edward Rector of Sheering a.1671
HINTON, Edward a.1579
HINTON, Edward b.1637
HINTON, Edward b.1819
HINTON, Elizabeth a.1631
HINTON, Elizabeth b.1570
HINTON, Elizabeth b.1536
HINTON, Elizabeth b.1720
HINTON, Elizabeth b.1826
HINTON, Ellafair Enor b.1834
HINTON, Elsey Ann b.1843
HINTON, Emma b.1889
HINTON, Eva Louise b.1895
HINTON, Exer b.1863
HINTON, Frances b.1817
HINTON, George b.1607
HINTON, Hannah b.1832
HINTON, Inez Mahalie b.1865
HINTON, James b.1642
HINTON, James b.1747
HINTON, James b.1785
HINTON, James b.1833
HINTON, James H. b.1820
HINTON, James Wesley b.1819
HINTON, Jane b.1832
HINTON, Jane b.1824
HINTON, Jeremiah b.1814
HINTON, Jeremiah Craven b.1822
HINTON, Jeremiah Selby b.1794
HINTON, Jeremiah Thomas b.1842
HINTON, John b.1480
HINTON, John Rector of Newbury a.1635
HINTON, John Knight b.1603
HINTON, John b.1688
HINTON, John b.1734
HINTON, John A. b.1826
HINTON, John J. b.1827
HINTON, Lawson Benjamin b.1830
HINTON, Lucy K. b.1891
HINTON, Mahulty b.1821
HINTON, Margaret b.1818
HINTON, Margaret Rebecca b.1838
HINTON, Martha b.1572
HINTON, Martha b.1816
HINTON, Martha b.1826
HINTON, Mary b.1624
HINTON, Mary a.1601
HINTON, Mary b.1669
HINTON, Mary b.1753
HINTON, Mary b.1805
HINTON, Mary b.1809
HINTON, Mary b.1828
HINTON, Mary J. b.1834
HINTON, Michael b.1751
HINTON, Michael Craven b.1787
HINTON, Nancy b.1791
HINTON, Nancy A. b.1836
HINTON, Nancy M. b.1875
HINTON, Nancy M. b.1847
HINTON, Palmer a.1628
HINTON, Philip b.1722
HINTON, Phillip b.1749
HINTON, Phillip Wesley b.1831
HINTON, Rachel b.1758
HINTON, Rebecca b.1836
HINTON, Rebecca b.1829
HINTON, Rebecca b.1802
HINTON, Richard Esquire b.1510
HINTON, Robert b.1583
HINTON, Robert b.1534
HINTON, Sally Ann b.1832
HINTON, Samuel b.1731
HINTON, Samuel b.1796
HINTON, Samuel Craven b.1837
HINTON, Samuel Selby b.1812
HINTON, Samuel Wilson b.1826
HINTON, Sarah b.1799
HINTON, Sarah b.1639
HINTON, Sarah b.1724
HINTON, Sarah b.1819
HINTON, Sarah Ann b.1835
HINTON, Susan b.1581
HINTON, Susannah b.1726
HINTON, Sylvester b.1824
HINTON, Thomas a.1620
HINTON, Thomas b.1542
HINTON, Thomas a.1600
HINTON, Thomas Knight b.1574
HINTON, Thomas a.1632
HINTON, Thomas b.1745
HINTON, Thomas b.1719
HINTON, Thomas b.1693
HINTON, Thomas Esquire b.1507
HINTON, Thomas H. b.1824
HINTON, Thomas R. b.1845
HINTON, Thomas Zachariah b.1789
HINTON, Vachel b.1737
HINTON, Vachel b.1817
HINTON, Vinson b.1879
HINTON, William b.1867
HINTON, William Gentleman a.1577
HINTON, William b.1540
HINTON, William Knight a.1605
HINTON, William b.1690
HINTON, William b.1667
HINTON, William Craven b.1829
HINTON, William Robert b.1728


HIPSLEY, Bridget b.1594


HISPANIA, Alured de b.1050
HISPANIA, Goscelin de b.1025
HISPANIA, Isabel de b.1083


HITCHCOCK, Abigail b.1674
HITCHCOCK, Benjamin b.1696
HITCHCOCK, Damaris b.1693
HITCHCOCK, David b.1679
HITCHCOCK, Elizabeth b.1684
HITCHCOCK, Hannah b.1691
HITCHCOCK, Hannah b.1668
HITCHCOCK, Hannah b.1645
HITCHCOCK, Jerusha b.1653
HITCHCOCK, John b.1685
HITCHCOCK, John b.1670
HITCHCOCK, John b.1642
HITCHCOCK, John b.1648
HITCHCOCK, Jonathan b.1682
HITCHCOCK, Luke b.1675
HITCHCOCK, Luke b.1655
HITCHCOCK, Luke b.1615
HITCHCOCK, Lydia b.1658
HITCHCOCK, Margery b.1681
HITCHCOCK, Mary b.1676
HITCHCOCK, Matthias b.1688
HITCHCOCK, N.N. b.1671
HITCHCOCK, Nathaniel b.1679
HITCHCOCK, Nathaniel b.1677
HITCHCOCK, Samuel b.1672
HITCHCOCK, Samuel b.1672
HITCHCOCK, Sarah b.1687


HIXSON, Elizabeth b.1705


HLODVERSSON, Sigurd II Earl of Orkney b.960


HOADLY, Athaya b.1648
HOADLY, Benjamin Bishop of Winchester a.1676
HOADLY, Elizabeth a.1673
HOADLY, Frances a.1674
HOADLY, John b.1647
HOADLY, John b.1645
HOADLY, John Archbishop of Armagh b.1678
HOADLY, John Rector of Halstead b.1650
HOADLY, John b.1676
HOADLY, John b.1617
HOADLY, Katherine a.1672
HOADLY, Martha a.1670
HOADLY, Nathaniel b.1652
HOADLY, Samuel a.1675
HOADLY, Samuel b.1643
HOADLY, Stephen b.1654


HOAG, Frederick B. b.1867
HOAG, Helen Marion b.1869
HOAG, John a.1644
HOAG, Joseph b.1636
HOAG, Mary b.1647
HOAG, Mary a.1641
HOAG, Mildred I. b.1890
HOAG, Richard b.1610
HOAG, Russell Frederick b.1895
HOAG, Thomas b.1840


HOAR, Barnard a.1605
HOAR, Barnard b.1568
HOAR, Bridget b.1673
HOAR, Edward b.1663
HOAR, Elizabeth b.1660
HOAR, Elizabeth a.1613
HOAR, Elizabeth b.1646
HOAR, Elizabeth b.1642
HOAR, Hezekiah b.1678
HOAR, Hezekiah a.1608
HOAR, Leonard b.1630
HOAR, Lydia b.1665
HOAR, Mary b.1669
HOAR, Mary a.1610
HOAR, Mercy b.1654
HOAR, Nathaniel b.1656
HOAR, Rebecca a.1696
HOAR, Rebecca b.1672
HOAR, Sarah b.1658
HOAR, Tryphena b.1670


HOBART, Aaron a.1661
HOBART, Alice a.1627
HOBART, Anna Mary b.1861
HOBART, Anne b.1557
HOBART, Audrey a.1570
HOBART, Bridget b.1642
HOBART, Caleb b.1665
HOBART, Caleb b.1630
HOBART, Catherine a.1563
HOBART, Catherine b.1499
HOBART, Catherine b.1482
HOBART, Charles Frank b.1864
HOBART, Charles Peter b.1837
HOBART, Christopher b.1576
HOBART, Daniel b.1797
HOBART, Daniel O. b.1842
HOBART, Dorothy b.1654
HOBART, Dorothy a.1625
HOBART, Dorothy b.1592
HOBART, Dorothy b.1679
HOBART, Drew a.1583
HOBART, Edmund b.1602
HOBART, Edward Esquire a.1564
HOBART, Edward Esquire b.1651
HOBART, Edward b.1616
HOBART, Elizabeth b.1559
HOBART, Elizabeth a.1639
HOBART, Elizabeth b.1526
HOBART, Elizabeth a.1609
HOBART, Elizabeth b.1479
HOBART, Elizabeth b.1667
HOBART, Ellen b.1551
HOBART, Frances b.1612
HOBART, George Ralph b.1839
HOBART, Hannah b.1668
HOBART, Hannah b.1638
HOBART, Henry Esquire b.1553
HOBART, Henry Esquire b.1503
HOBART, Henry b.1619
HOBART, Henry a.1610
HOBART, Henry b.1591
HOBART, Henry b.1575
HOBART, Henry Knight b.1553
HOBART, Henry b.1623
HOBART, Ida b.1865
HOBART, James b.1555
HOBART, James b.1649
HOBART, James Esquire b.1612
HOBART, James Esquire b.1518
HOBART, James Esquire a.1603
HOBART, James Knight b.1450
HOBART, James Esquire b.1524
HOBART, John Knight b.1566
HOBART, John Esquire b.1525
HOBART, John Knight b.1593
HOBART, John Knight a.1628
HOBART, John Henry b.1829
HOBART, Jonas Dorr b.1831
HOBART, Joshua a.1629
HOBART, Josiah b.1670
HOBART, Martha b.1529
HOBART, Mary a.1574
HOBART, Mary b.1614
HOBART, Mary b.1549
HOBART, Mary b.1664
HOBART, Mary A. b.1832
HOBART, Mary Silence b.1875
HOBART, Miles b.1645
HOBART, Miles Esquire b.1547
HOBART, Miles Esquire b.1485
HOBART, Miles a.1624
HOBART, Miles Esquire b.1595
HOBART, Nathaniel Knight a.1600
HOBART, Nazareth a.1601
HOBART, Nehemiah b.1648
HOBART, Nicholas b.1556
HOBART, Peter b.1673
HOBART, Peter Edwin b.1872
HOBART, Prudence b.1561
HOBART, Richard b.1559
HOBART, Robert Gentleman a.1572
HOBART, Robert a.1606
HOBART, Ruth b.1690
HOBART, Sarah a.1640
HOBART, Thomas a.1605
HOBART, Thomas a.1597
HOBART, Thomas Knight b.1579
HOBART, Thomas Esquire b.1522
HOBART, Walter b.1521
HOBART, Walter Knight b.1476
HOBART, William b.1568
HOBART, William b.1551
HOBART, William b.1640
HOBART, William Henry b.1856


HOBBS, Abigail b.1664
HOBBS, Mary b.1646
HOBBS, Morris b.1677


HOBBY, Benjamin b.1662
HOBBY, Elizabeth b.1672
HOBBY, Hannah b.1668
HOBBY, John b.1658
HOBBY, John b.1632
HOBBY, Jonathan b.1682
HOBBY, Martha b.1674
HOBBY, Mary b.1664
HOBBY, Rachel b.1678
HOBBY, Rebecca b.1666
HOBBY, Thomas b.1660


HOBRUGG, Joan de b.1215
HOBRUGG, Maud de b.1217
HOBRUGG, William de b.1190


HOBSON, Henry b.1530
HOBSON, Joan b.1555
HOBSON, Mary b.1553
HOBSON, Mary b.1553
HOBSON, Richard b.1557


HOBY, Anne a.1564
HOBY, Edward Knight a.1560
HOBY, Elizabeth a.1562
HOBY, Thomas Knight b.1530
HOBY, Thomas Posthumous Knight b.1566


HOCKER, Joseph b.1621


HODGDON, Dorcas b.1788


HODGES, Adriana a.1566
HODGES, Anna a.1564
HODGES, Elizabeth b.1700
HODGES, George b.1642
HODGES, Hannah b.1737
HODGES, William Gentleman b.1524
HODGES, William b.1624


HODGKINS, Abigail b.1676
HODGKINS, Abigail b.1699
HODGKINS, Anna b.1705
HODGKINS, Christopher b.1670
HODGKINS, Christopher a.1730
HODGKINS, Daniel b.1690
HODGKINS, David b.1702
HODGKINS, Edward b.1664
HODGKINS, Elizabeth b.1613
HODGKINS, Elizabeth R. b.1899
HODGKINS, Esther b.1705
HODGKINS, Experience b.1708
HODGKINS, Ezekiel b.1700
HODGKINS, Hannah a.1716
HODGKINS, Hannah b.1654
HODGKINS, Hannah b.1686
HODGKINS, Hezekiah b.1696
HODGKINS, Hezekiah b.1666
HODGKINS, Jedidiah b.1696
HODGKINS, John a.1713
HODGKINS, John b.1537
HODGKINS, John b.1672
HODGKINS, John b.1688
HODGKINS, Jonathan b.1706
HODGKINS, Lowell G. b.1873
HODGKINS, Lowell W. b.1903
HODGKINS, Martha b.1674
HODGKINS, Martha b.1704
HODGKINS, Mary b.1661
HODGKINS, Mercy b.1700
HODGKINS, Mildred L. b.1895
HODGKINS, N.N. b.1694
HODGKINS, Patience b.1697
HODGKINS, Philip b.1690
HODGKINS, Samuel b.1658
HODGKINS, Samuel b.1684
HODGKINS, Samuel b.1662
HODGKINS, Thomas b.1692
HODGKINS, Thomas b.1668
HODGKINS, William b.1656
HODGKINS, William b.1691
HODGKINS, William b.1622


HODGKINSON, Mrs. Ann b.1809


HODGSON, Christopher b.1624
HODGSON, Frances Countess of Sutherland b.1678
HODGSON, Susan b.1595


HODSDON, Abigail b.1672
HODSDON, Benoni a.1647
HODSDON, Elizabeth b.1678
HODSDON, Esther b.1690
HODSDON, Esther a.1640
HODSDON, Hannah b.1687
HODSDON, Hannah b.1655
HODSDON, Israel a.1646
HODSDON, Jeremiah a.1643
HODSDON, John b.1681
HODSDON, John b.1657
HODSDON, Joseph b.1675
HODSDON, Joseph b.1651
HODSDON, Lucy b.1653
HODSDON, Mehitable a.1641
HODSDON, Nicholas b.1615
HODSDON, Samuel b.1693
HODSDON, Sarah b.1649
HODSDON, Thomas b.1684
HODSDON, Timothy b.1660


HODSOLL, Anne a.1587
HODSOLL, Anne a.1580
HODSOLL, Bennett a.1596
HODSOLL, Christian a.1602
HODSOLL, Clement a.1585
HODSOLL, Elizabeth a.1588
HODSOLL, Henry b.1553
HODSOLL, Jane a.1595
HODSOLL, Joan b.1561
HODSOLL, John b.1499
HODSOLL, John b.1527
HODSOLL, John a.1589
HODSOLL, John Gentleman b.1555
HODSOLL, Katherine a.1592
HODSOLL, Margaret a.1597
HODSOLL, Robert a.1565
HODSOLL, Thomas b.1558
HODSOLL, Thomas a.1584
HODSOLL, William a.1615
HODSOLL, William a.1593
HODSOLL, William b.1525


HODY, Margaret b.1427


HOEDLIW, Genelles ferch b.1079


HOEKSTRA, Louis Cornelius b.1892


HOFFMAN, Samuel b.1822


HOGAN, Henry b.1565
HOGAN, Robert b.1592


HOHENSTAUFEN, Konrad III von Holy Roman Emperor b.1095


HOHENWART, Atha von Countess of Hohenwart b.885


HOLAND, Alan de b.1326
HOLAND, Alice de b.1390
HOLAND, Anne b.1428
HOLAND, Anne b.1455
HOLAND, Bridget de Nun b.1390
HOLAND, Constance de b.1387
HOLAND, Edmund de b.1352
HOLAND, Edmund de Earl of Kent b.1383
HOLAND, Edward de Knight b.1398
HOLAND, Eleanor b.1405
HOLAND, Eleanor de b.1318
HOLAND, Eleanor de b.1387
HOLAND, Eleanor de b.1373
HOLAND, Elizabeth de b.1388
HOLAND, Elizabeth de b.1381
HOLAND, Elizabeth de b.1324
HOLAND, Gilbert de Monk b.1337
HOLAND, Henry Duke of Exeter b.1430
HOLAND, Isabel de b.1322
HOLAND, Jane de b.1349
HOLAND, Joan de b.1348
HOLAND, Joan de Duchess of York b.1378
HOLAND, Joan de b.1316
HOLAND, John de Knight b.1382
HOLAND, John de Knight b.1343
HOLAND, John de Duke of Exeter b.1396
HOLAND, John de Duke of Exeter b.1356
HOLAND, Margaret de b.1385
HOLAND, Margaret de b.1339
HOLAND, Margaret de b.1385
HOLAND, Margaret de b.1308
HOLAND, Margaret de b.1278
HOLAND, Maud de b.1354
HOLAND, Maud de b.1356
HOLAND, Maud de b.1310
HOLAND, Otes de K.G. b.1320
HOLAND, Richard de Canon of Lincoln b.1375
HOLAND, Richard de b.1393
HOLAND, Robert de b.1333
HOLAND, Robert de b.1193
HOLAND, Robert de Lord Holand b.1312
HOLAND, Robert de Knight b.1245
HOLAND, Robert de Lord Holand b.1272
HOLAND, Thomas de Earl of Kent b.1371
HOLAND, Thomas de b.1335
HOLAND, Thomas de Earl of Kent b.1350
HOLAND, Thomas de Earl of Kent b.1314
HOLAND, Thurstan de Knight b.1292
HOLAND, Thurstan de b.1219
HOLAND, William de Knight b.1270


HOLBEACH, Martin a.1597


HOLBECK, Alice b.1570


HOLBIDGE, Arthur b.1613


HOLBOROUGH, Agnes b.1561


HOLBROOK, Abiah b.1696
HOLBROOK, Abiezer b.1650
HOLBROOK, Abigail b.1697
HOLBROOK, Ann b.1627
HOLBROOK, Bazelle a.1603
HOLBROOK, Cornelius b.1662
HOLBROOK, Elizabeth b.1648
HOLBROOK, Elizabeth b.1695
HOLBROOK, Elizabeth b.1684
HOLBROOK, Elizabeth b.1594
HOLBROOK, Elizabeth b.1648
HOLBROOK, Elizabeth a.1631
HOLBROOK, Eunice b.1658
HOLBROOK, Experience b.1703
HOLBROOK, Experience b.1661
HOLBROOK, Hannah b.1712
HOLBROOK, Hannah b.1654
HOLBROOK, Hannah b.1713
HOLBROOK, Hannah b.1652
HOLBROOK, Hopestill b.1666
HOLBROOK, Ichabod b.1662
HOLBROOK, Jane b.1646
HOLBROOK, Jane a.1635
HOLBROOK, Joan b.1588
HOLBROOK, Joanna b.1656
HOLBROOK, John b.1653
HOLBROOK, John b.1690
HOLBROOK, John a.1563
HOLBROOK, John b.1654
HOLBROOK, John a.1598
HOLBROOK, John a.1618
HOLBROOK, Joseph b.1717
HOLBROOK, Joseph b.1660
HOLBROOK, Joseph b.1694
HOLBROOK, Lois b.1658
HOLBROOK, Margaret b.1540
HOLBROOK, Margery a.1555
HOLBROOK, Mary b.1762
HOLBROOK, Mary b.1700
HOLBROOK, Mary a.1650
HOLBROOK, Mary b.1679
HOLBROOK, Mary b.1663
HOLBROOK, Mary b.1686
HOLBROOK, Mehitable b.1650
HOLBROOK, Persis b.1659
HOLBROOK, Peter b.1655
HOLBROOK, Polly b.1771
HOLBROOK, Rebecca a.1598
HOLBROOK, Robert a.1559
HOLBROOK, Samuel b.1714
HOLBROOK, Samuel b.1653
HOLBROOK, Samuel b.1656
HOLBROOK, Samuel b.1688
HOLBROOK, Sarah b.1692
HOLBROOK, Sarah b.1646
HOLBROOK, Susanna b.1666
HOLBROOK, Thomas b.1651
HOLBROOK, Thomas b.1552
HOLBROOK, Thomas b.1527
HOLBROOK, Thomas b.1623
HOLBROOK, Thomas b.1590
HOLBROOK, Thomas b.1534
HOLBROOK, William b.1709
HOLBROOK, William b.1657
HOLBROOK, William b.1600
HOLBROOK, William b.1561
HOLBROOK, William a.1620


HOLCOMB, Rebecca Jane b.1875


HOLCOMBE, Jane b.1470
HOLCOMBE, Thomas b.1605


HOLCROFT, Isabel b.1552
HOLCROFT, Margaret b.1485
HOLCROFT, Margaret de b.1315
HOLCROFT, N.N. de b.1299
HOLCROFT, Robert de Knight b.1274


HOLDEN, Herbert Wendal b.1919
HOLDEN, Mary b.1648
HOLDEN, Mary b.1608
HOLDEN, Thomas b.1383


HOLDICH, Anne b.1429
HOLDICH, Dorothy b.1534
HOLDICH, Parthesy a.1594
HOLDICH, Richard Esquire b.1402


HOLDROIDE, Annis b.1600


HOLEBECHE, Margaret b.1297


HOLES, Mrs. Susanna b.1590


HOLFORD, Alice b.1510
HOLFORD, Anne b.1556
HOLFORD, Christopher Esquire b.1531
HOLFORD, Christopher b.1515
HOLFORD, Constance b.1476
HOLFORD, Dorothy b.1542
HOLFORD, Elizabeth b.1548
HOLFORD, Ellen b.1540
HOLFORD, George b.1482
HOLFORD, George Knight b.1445
HOLFORD, George b.1544
HOLFORD, John b.1559
HOLFORD, John b.1512
HOLFORD, John Knight b.1479
HOLFORD, John b.1551
HOLFORD, Mary a.1562
HOLFORD, Thomas b.1546
HOLFORD, Thomas Esquire b.1508
HOLFORD, Thomas b.1553


HOLGATE, Samuel a.1575


HOLGRAVE, Elizabeth a.1640
HOLGRAVE, John b.1589
HOLGRAVE, Joshua b.1615
HOLGRAVE, Love a.1642
HOLGRAVE, Lydia b.1619
HOLGRAVE, Martha b.1617


HOLLAMAN, Lillian Viola b.1917


HOLLAND, Adela of b.984
HOLLAND, Adelaide of b.1227
HOLLAND, Ann b.1705
HOLLAND, Ann b.1727
HOLLAND, Arnulf of b.961
HOLLAND, Bertha of b.1055
HOLLAND, Bertrade of b.1021
HOLLAND, Elizabeth b.1676
HOLLAND, Elizabeth b.1552
HOLLAND, Elizabeth b.1512
HOLLAND, Elizabeth b.1806
HOLLAND, Florent I of Count of Holland b.1017
HOLLAND, Florent II of Count of Holland b.1085
HOLLAND, Florent III of Count of Holland b.1141
HOLLAND, Florent IV of b.1210
HOLLAND, Gerulf of Count of Holland b.863
HOLLAND, John b.1674
HOLLAND, John Knight b.1603
HOLLAND, John a.1602
HOLLAND, John de Count of Holland b.1281
HOLLAND, Joseph b.1659
HOLLAND, Kizanna b.1830
HOLLAND, Mary b.1678
HOLLAND, Nathaniel b.1668
HOLLAND, Nathaniel b.1631
HOLLAND, Phoebe b.1812
HOLLAND, Richard Knight b.1507
HOLLAND, Ruth b.1666
HOLLAND, Sarah b.1662
HOLLAND, Thierry I of Count of Holland b.888
HOLLAND, Thierry II of Count of West Friesland b.924
HOLLAND, Thierry III of Count of Holland b.981
HOLLAND, Thierry IV of Count of Holland b.1015
HOLLAND, Thierry V of Count of Holland b.1052
HOLLAND, Thierry VI of Count of Holland b.1114
HOLLAND, Thomas b.1602
HOLLAND, Thomas Knight b.1580
HOLLAND, Thomas a.1577
HOLLAND, Thomas b.1528
HOLLAND, Thomasine b.1475
HOLLAND, William I of b.1167
HOLLAND, William II of b.1229


HOLLES, Anne a.1565
HOLLES, Arabella a.1606
HOLLES, Denzell Esquire b.1538
HOLLES, Denzell Lord Holles b.1599
HOLLES, Eleanor b.1609
HOLLES, Elizabeth b.1597
HOLLES, Frances a.1566
HOLLES, Francis b.1601
HOLLES, George Knight a.1577
HOLLES, Gertrude b.1540
HOLLES, Gertrude b.1572
HOLLES, Gervase Knight b.1543
HOLLES, Jane b.1569
HOLLES, John Earl of Clare b.1595
HOLLES, John Earl of Clare b.1564
HOLLES, Thomas a.1580
HOLLES, William Knight b.1503
HOLLES, William b.1603
HOLLES, William a.1575

Surname List