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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


HAYWELL, Margaret b.1592


HAZARD, Abigail b.1690


HAZELTON, Charles b.1668
HAZELTON, Charles b.1689
HAZELTON, James b.1636


HAZEN, Alice b.1686
HAZEN, Benjamin b.1695
HAZEN, Edna b.1704
HAZEN, Edna b.1667
HAZEN, Edward b.1688
HAZEN, Edward b.1660
HAZEN, Edward a.1614
HAZEN, Elizabeth b.1651
HAZEN, Hannah b.1684
HAZEN, Hannah a.1704
HAZEN, Hannah b.1653
HAZEN, Hepzibah b.1697
HAZEN, Hepzibah b.1695
HAZEN, Hepzibah b.1671
HAZEN, Isabel b.1662
HAZEN, Israel b.1701
HAZEN, Jacob b.1691
HAZEN, Jane b.1685
HAZEN, Jeremiah b.1702
HAZEN, John b.1688
HAZEN, John b.1691
HAZEN, John b.1655
HAZEN, Lydia b.1694
HAZEN, Mary b.1694
HAZEN, Priscilla b.1664
HAZEN, Richard b.1669
HAZEN, Ruth b.1699
HAZEN, Samuel b.1698
HAZEN, Sarah b.1673
HAZEN, Thomas b.1690
HAZEN, Thomas b.1658


HAZLEWOOD, Anne b.1688


HEAD, Elizabeth b.1712
HEAD, Richard b.1525


HEADLAM, Elizabeth b.1486


HEADLEY, Leonard b.1640


HEALD, Benjamin b.1695
HEALD, Dorcas b.1645
HEALD, Doris K. b.1896
HEALD, Dorothy b.1692
HEALD, Dorothy b.1649
HEALD, Gershom b.1647
HEALD, Hannah b.1639
HEALD, Isaac b.1656
HEALD, Israel b.1687
HEALD, Israel b.1660
HEALD, John b.1693
HEALD, John a.1637
HEALD, John b.1612
HEALD, Joseph b.1689
HEALD, Mary b.1698
HEALD, Oliver b.1686
HEALD, Sarah b.1621
HEALD, Thomas b.1652
HEALD, Timothy b.1641
HEALD, Tryphosa b.1789


HEALEY, William b.1613


HEARD, Abigail b.1669
HEARD, Abigail b.1651
HEARD, Anne b.1672
HEARD, Benjamin b.1644
HEARD, Dorcas b.1691
HEARD, Elizabeth b.1662
HEARD, Elizabeth b.1653
HEARD, Hannah b.1655
HEARD, James b.1636
HEARD, James b.1696
HEARD, John b.1667
HEARD, John a.1612
HEARD, Joseph b.1661
HEARD, Katherine b.1664
HEARD, Katherine b.1647
HEARD, Mary b.1660
HEARD, Mary b.1650
HEARD, Nathaniel b.1668
HEARD, Phebe b.1692
HEARD, Samuel b.1663
HEARD, Shuah b.1694
HEARD, Tristram b.1667


HEARLE, Sarah b.1653
HEARLE, William b.1655
HEARLE, William b.1614


HEARNE, Elizabeth a.1573
HEARNE, Joan b.1607


HEATH, Alice b.1615
HEATH, Ambrose a.1610
HEATH, Ann b.1681
HEATH, Isaac b.1655
HEATH, Isaac b.1683
HEATH, Joan b.1528
HEATH, John a.1612
HEATH, Judith a.1619
HEATH, Mary a.1616
HEATH, Mary a.1627
HEATH, N.N. b.1618
HEATH, Phillip a.1614
HEATH, Rebecca b.1608
HEATH, Robert b.1530
HEATH, Susanna b.1731
HEATH, William b.1585


HEATON, Abigail b.1674
HEATON, Agnes a.1596
HEATON, Alexander a.1595
HEATON, Alvin Franklin b.1860
HEATON, Anna b.1682
HEATON, Avis a.1593
HEATON, Eleazer b.1636
HEATON, Elizabeth b.1643
HEATON, Elizabeth a.1599
HEATON, Faith a.1631
HEATON, Francis a.1609
HEATON, Jabez a.1632
HEATON, James b.1672
HEATON, James b.1669
HEATON, James b.1707
HEATON, James a.1632
HEATON, James a.1605
HEATON, Leah a.1634
HEATON, Mary b.1701
HEATON, Nathaniel b.1639
HEATON, Nathaniel a.1602
HEATON, Nathaniel b.1704
HEATON, Nathaniel b.1664
HEATON, Nathaniel b.1675
HEATON, Samuel a.1631
HEATON, Samuel b.1667
HEATON, Samuel b.1709
HEATON, Samuel b.1699
HEATON, Sarah b.1712
HEATON, Sarah b.1695
HEATON, Seth b.1676
HEATON, Susanna b.1680
HEATON, Theophilus b.1680
HEATON, Thomas a.1600
HEATON, William a.1567


HEBDEN, Elizabeth b.1374


HEBERT, Alice L. b.1926


HEBERTSON, Mary Edna b.1905


HECKINGTON, Jane b.1500


HECKSTALL, Margaret b.1446


HEDERSETE, John de Knight b.1247
HEDERSETE, Katherine de b.1272
HEDERSETE, Simon de b.1274


HEDGE, Joyce b.1570
HEDGE, William b.1602


HEDGES, Anna b.1785
HEDGES, Eleanor b.1560
HEDGES, Elizabeth b.1682
HEDGES, John b.1702
HEDGES, Samuel b.1706


HEDLEY, Margaret b.1369


HEIGHAM, Anne b.1525
HEIGHAM, Anne b.1578
HEIGHAM, Anne b.1529
HEIGHAM, Anne b.1550
HEIGHAM, Bridget b.1531
HEIGHAM, Catherine b.1512
HEIGHAM, Clement a.1571
HEIGHAM, Clement Rector of Barnham a.1572
HEIGHAM, Clement Knight b.1495
HEIGHAM, Clement Knight b.1435
HEIGHAM, Clement b.1470
HEIGHAM, Dorothy b.1542
HEIGHAM, Dorothy a.1576
HEIGHAM, Edmond a.1547
HEIGHAM, Edmond b.1514
HEIGHAM, Edmund a.1574
HEIGHAM, Edmund a.1575
HEIGHAM, Elizabeth b.1523
HEIGHAM, Elizabeth b.1506
HEIGHAM, Frances b.1529
HEIGHAM, Francis b.1576
HEIGHAM, Francis b.1541
HEIGHAM, Francis b.1535
HEIGHAM, George b.1533
HEIGHAM, Henry b.1537
HEIGHAM, Hieronymous b.1545
HEIGHAM, Jane b.1433
HEIGHAM, Jane b.1473
HEIGHAM, John a.1571
HEIGHAM, John b.1508
HEIGHAM, John Knight b.1475
HEIGHAM, John Knight b.1543
HEIGHAM, John de b.1290
HEIGHAM, Judith b.1549
HEIGHAM, Lucy b.1531
HEIGHAM, Lucy b.1556
HEIGHAM, Margaret b.1527
HEIGHAM, Margaret b.1516
HEIGHAM, Mary b.1510
HEIGHAM, Mary b.1554
HEIGHAM, N.N. b.1478
HEIGHAM, Richard b.1578
HEIGHAM, Richard b.1441
HEIGHAM, Richard b.1305
HEIGHAM, Richard b.1468
HEIGHAM, Richard b.1457
HEIGHAM, Susan a.1572
HEIGHAM, Susan a.1567
HEIGHAM, Susan b.1552
HEIGHAM, Thomas b.1545
HEIGHAM, Thomas a.1570
HEIGHAM, Thomas b.1543
HEIGHAM, Thomas b.1330
HEIGHAM, Thomas b.1355
HEIGHAM, Thomas b.1380
HEIGHAM, Thomas b.1405
HEIGHAM, Thomas b.1466
HEIGHAM, Thomas Esquire b.1431
HEIGHAM, Thomas Esquire b.1504
HEIGHAM, Thomas b.1527
HEIGHAM, Vincent b.1534
HEIGHAM, William b.1547
HEIGHAM, William Bishop of Ely b.1438
HEIGHAM, William b.1538


HEINSBERG, Godfrey von b.1122
HEINSBERG, Goswin I von b.1060
HEINSBERG, Goswin II von b.1090
HEINSBERG, Mathilda von b.1138
HEINSBERG, Salome von b.1118


HEIRD, Margaret b.1560


HELE, Elizabeth b.1632
HELE, Emma b.1420
HELE, Henry Knight b.1643
HELE, Henry a.1638
HELE, Honor a.1639
HELE, John a.1636
HELE, Nicholas b.1370
HELE, Richard a.1645
HELE, Samuel Knight b.1641
HELE, Susanna a.1633
HELE, Thomas a.1630
HELE, Thomas Knight b.1605
HELE, Thomas b.1395


HELGISSON, Sigurd "Hjort" King of Ringerike b.814


HELIER, Margaret b.1344


HELIGAN, Robert de Knight b.1240


HELION, Eve b.1312
HELION, Isabel b.1448
HELION, John b.1284
HELION, Margaret b.1255
HELION, Maud b.1323
HELION, Peter Knight b.1282
HELION, Rose b.1309
HELION, Walter b.1257
HELION, Walter b.1307




HELLIWELL, Mary Agnes b.1871


HELLOT, Ellen b.1583


HELLYER, Jane a.1608


HELM, Mildred E. b.1899


HELME, Thomas b.1645




HEMEGRAVE, Edmund de Knight b.1321


HEMENHALE, Elizabeth de b.1358
HEMENHALE, John de b.1333
HEMENHALE, Robert Knight b.1370


HEMENWAY, Artemus Patterson b.1819
HEMENWAY, Asenath b.1778
HEMENWAY, Benjamin Eaton b.1824
HEMENWAY, Beulah b.1821
HEMENWAY, Cynthia b.1813
HEMENWAY, Finis P. b.1816
HEMENWAY, Hannah b.1781
HEMENWAY, Jacob b.1748
HEMENWAY, Julia b.1806
HEMENWAY, Lucy B. b.1808
HEMENWAY, Luke b.1775
HEMENWAY, Luke b.1803
HEMENWAY, Luther b.1780
HEMENWAY, Luther Singleton b.1811
HEMENWAY, Mary b.1674
HEMENWAY, Molly b.1777
HEMENWAY, Nabby b.1783
HEMENWAY, Ralph b.1609


HEMINGE, Alice b.1574


HEMMINGS, Samuel Gentleman b.1582


HEMMYS, N.N. b.1393


HEMPSTEAD, Mary b.1647


HENCHMAN, Bridget b.1639
HENCHMAN, Winifred b.1600


HENDE, Alice b.1387
HENDE, Anne b.1353
HENDE, Joan b.1439
HENDE, John b.1325
HENDE, John Mayor of London b.1350
HENDE, John Sheriff of Essex b.1410
HENDE, John Knight b.1413


HENDEE, Hannah b.1697
HENDEE, Josiah b.1702


HENDER, Elizabeth b.1589
HENDER, Frances b.1584
HENDER, John Esquire b.1557
HENDER, Katherine b.1582
HENDER, Mary b.1586


HENDERSON, Adam a.1809
HENDERSON, Hannah a.1812
HENDERSON, Howard b.1672
HENDERSON, James a.1820
HENDERSON, James a.1766
HENDERSON, Jane a.1817
HENDERSON, John a.1803
HENDERSON, Martha a.1807
HENDERSON, Sarah a.1805
HENDERSON, Thomas a.1814


HENDLEY, Anne b.1521
HENDLEY, Elizabeth b.1496
HENDLEY, Elizabeth b.1523
HENDLEY, Ellen b.1523
HENDLEY, Gervase b.1465
HENDLEY, Margery b.1488
HENDLEY, Mary b.1498
HENDLEY, Mercy b.1492
HENDLEY, Thomas b.1490
HENDLEY, Thomas b.1519
HENDLEY, Walter Knight b.1494
HENDLEY, William b.1501


HENDRICKS, Daniel b.1610
HENDRICKS, Hannah b.1657
HENDRICKS, John b.1680
HENDRICKS, Rebecca b.1707


HENDRIX, Emma Angenette b.1880


HENEAGE, Edward b.1544
HENEAGE, Eleanor b.1486
HENEAGE, Elizabeth b.1492
HENEAGE, Elizabeth Countess of Winchilsea b.1556
HENEAGE, Elizabeth b.1516
HENEAGE, George Dean of Lincoln b.1482
HENEAGE, George Knight b.1521
HENEAGE, John b.1452
HENEAGE, John b.1523
HENEAGE, John Esquire b.1484
HENEAGE, Katherine b.1527
HENEAGE, Margaret b.1536
HENEAGE, Margaret b.1489
HENEAGE, Mary b.1538
HENEAGE, Mary b.1530
HENEAGE, Michael b.1540
HENEAGE, Robert b.1555
HENEAGE, Robert b.1542
HENEAGE, Robert Esquire b.1495
HENEAGE, Thomas Knight b.1480
HENEAGE, Thomas Knight b.1532
HENEAGE, William b.1534
HENEAGE, William Knight b.1525


HENFIELD, William b.1645


HENLEY, Alse b.1670
HENLEY, George b.1606


HENNEBERG, Poppo VI von b.1150


HENNESEY, Elizabeth b.1734


HENNY, Alice b.1506


HENRY, Carrie b.1869
HENRY, Efa ferch b.1452


HENSCOT, Thomasine b.1552


HENSHAW, Daniel b.1670
HENSHAW, Daniel b.1644


HENSON, Anne a.1597
HENSON, Susanna a.1594
HENSON, Thomas a.1599
HENSON, Thomas b.1570


HEPBURN, Adam b.1295
HEPBURN, Adam Knight b.1380
HEPBURN, Agnes b.1428
HEPBURN, Elizabeth b.1418
HEPBURN, Helen b.1420
HEPBURN, James Earl of Bothwell b.1535
HEPBURN, Margaret b.1423
HEPBURN, Patrick Knight b.1321
HEPBURN, Patrick Lord Hailes b.1413
HEPBURN, Patrick Knight b.1348


HEPWORTH, Mary b.1690


HERBERT, Agnes b.1347
HERBERT, Anna Sophia b.1613
HERBERT, Anne b.1549
HERBERT, Anne b.1463
HERBERT, Cecily b.1465
HERBERT, Charles Lord Herbert b.1619
HERBERT, Crisly b.1469
HERBERT, Edward Knight b.1542
HERBERT, Eleanor b.1442
HERBERT, Elizabeth Baroness Herbert b.1476
HERBERT, Elizabeth b.1467
HERBERT, Elizabeth b.1680
HERBERT, Elizabeth a.1611
HERBERT, Elizabeth b.1429
HERBERT, George Knight b.1461
HERBERT, George Knight b.1386
HERBERT, Gwilym "Llwyd" b.1413
HERBERT, Henry Lord Herbert b.1618
HERBERT, Henry Esquire b.1552
HERBERT, Henry Earl of Pembroke b.1539
HERBERT, James a.1623
HERBERT, James Lord Herbert b.1616
HERBERT, John a.1625
HERBERT, Jonet b.1431
HERBERT, Katherine b.1464
HERBERT, Margaret Viscountess Lisle b.1456
HERBERT, Margred b.1421
HERBERT, Maud b.1458
HERBERT, Mawd b.1433
HERBERT, Philip Earl of Pembroke a.1621
HERBERT, Philip Earl of Pembroke b.1584
HERBERT, Richard Lord Herbert b.1607
HERBERT, Richard Knight b.1425
HERBERT, Thomas b.1427
HERBERT, Walter Knight b.1460
HERBERT, Wenllian b.1411
HERBERT, William a.1622
HERBERT, William Knight b.1470
HERBERT, William Earl of Pembroke b.1580
HERBERT, William Earl of Pembroke b.1506
HERBERT, William Earl of Pembroke b.1455
HERBERT, William Earl of Pembroke b.1423


HERBRANDSSON, Harald "Red Beard" King of Agdir b.750


HERCH, William de b.1315


HERCY, Alice b.1519
HERCY, Anne b.1508
HERCY, Barbara b.1517
HERCY, Ellen b.1512
HERCY, Humphrey Esquire b.1482
HERCY, Jane b.1515
HERCY, John Knight b.1507
HERCY, Katherine b.1505
HERCY, Malvicius de Knight b.1174
HERCY, Mary b.1513
HERCY, Ursula b.1510


HERDEBURGH, Ela de b.1283
HERDEBURGH, Hugh de Knight b.1235
HERDEBURGH, Isabel de b.1285
HERDEBURGH, Roger de Knight b.1260


HEREFORD, Bertha of b.1128
HEREFORD, Lucy of b.1136
HEREFORD, Margaret of b.1122
HEREFORD, Robert de Knight b.1330


HEREWARD, Joan b.1363


HERING, Margaret b.1548
HERING, Nathaniel Esquire b.1637


HERISTAL, Grimoald of Mayor of the Palace b.672
HERISTAL, Pepin II of Mayor of the Palace b.645


HERIZ, Elizabeth b.1338
HERIZ, John de Knight b.1276
HERIZ, John de Knight b.1248
HERIZ, Matilda de b.1298
HERIZ, Sarah de b.1274
HERIZ, William de Knight b.1285


HERLE, Andrew de Knight b.1354
HERLE, William b.1410


HERMANN, Anna Margretta a.1658


HERNAULT, Claude b.1591
HERNAULT, Masse b.1565


HERON, Elizabeth b.1539
HERON, Elizabeth b.1422
HERON, Elizabeth b.1449
HERON, Emmeline b.1291
HERON, Isabel b.1375
HERON, John Knight b.1415
HERON, Roger Knight b.1330
HERON, Roger Knight b.1443
HERON, William b.1370
HERON, William Lord Say b.1360
HERON, William Lord Heron b.1400


HERRICK, Abigail b.1699
HERRICK, Benjamin b.1710
HERRICK, Benjamin b.1670
HERRICK, Benjamin b.1652
HERRICK, Deborah b.1736
HERRICK, Ebenezer b.1718
HERRICK, Elizabeth a.1668
HERRICK, Elizabeth a.1647
HERRICK, Ephraim a.1638
HERRICK, Henry b.1688
HERRICK, Henry a.1640
HERRICK, Henry b.1604
HERRICK, James b.1628
HERRICK, Joanna b.1694
HERRICK, John b.1671
HERRICK, John a.1650
HERRICK, Jonathan a.1672
HERRICK, Joseph b.1695
HERRICK, Joseph b.1668
HERRICK, Joseph b.1664
HERRICK, Joseph a.1645
HERRICK, Joshua b.1734
HERRICK, Joshua b.1699
HERRICK, Lucy b.1713
HERRICK, Lydia b.1698
HERRICK, Lydia b.1730
HERRICK, Lydia b.1691
HERRICK, Lydia b.1662
HERRICK, Mary b.1728
HERRICK, Mary b.1686
HERRICK, Mary b.1686
HERRICK, Samuel b.1705
HERRICK, Samuel b.1702
HERRICK, Samuel a.1670
HERRICK, Sarah a.1674
HERRICK, Sarah b.1756
HERRICK, Sarah b.1692
HERRICK, Theophilus b.1732
HERRICK, Thomas b.1707
HERRICK, Thomas b.1633
HERRICK, Zachariah a.1636


HERRIES, Andrew Lord Herries b.1477
HERRIES, Beatrice b.1477
HERRIES, N.N. b.1412


HERRING, Abraham b.1684
HERRING, Barthena b.1719
HERRING, Bathsheba b.1749
HERRING, Elizabeth b.1396
HERRING, Elizabeth b.1756
HERRING, John Esquire b.1371
HERRING, Keziah b.1724
HERRING, Michael b.1722
HERRING, Samuel b.1682
HERRING, Stephen b.1717


HERSEY, James b.1642
HERSEY, William b.1635


HERSHBERGER, Anna b.1798
HERSHBERGER, Arthur b.1804
HERSHBERGER, Jacob b.1802
HERSHBERGER, Jacob b.1769
HERSHBERGER, Joseph b.1809
HERSHBERGER, Samuel b.1806
HERSHBERGER, Thomas P. b.1800


HERT, Joan b.1335
HERT, Robert b.1310


HERTHULL, Elizabeth b.1364


HERVEY, Emmote b.1450
HERVEY, Simkin Esquire b.1425
HERVEY, William Knight b.1585
HERVEY, William Lord Hervey of Kidbrooke b.1557


HESBAYE, Ermengarde of b.778
HESBAYE, Ingerman of Count of Hesbaye b.753
HESBAYE, N.N. of b.799


HESDIN, Aveline de b.1080
HESDIN, Ernulf I de b.1041
HESDIN, Ernulf II de b.1068
HESDIN, Sybil de b.1070
HESDIN, William de b.1073


HESILRIGE, Anna b.1605
HESILRIGE, Anthony b.1597
HESILRIGE, Arthur Knight b.1601
HESILRIGE, Bertram b.1490
HESILRIGE, Bridget b.1571
HESILRIGE, Donald b.1593
HESILRIGE, Dorothy b.1638
HESILRIGE, Edward b.1544
HESILRIGE, Elizabeth b.1617
HESILRIGE, Frances b.1642
HESILRIGE, Frances b.1599
HESILRIGE, Jane b.1607
HESILRIGE, Joan b.1568
HESILRIGE, John b.1603
HESILRIGE, Judith b.1615
HESILRIGE, Mary b.1627
HESILRIGE, Mary b.1540
HESILRIGE, Mary b.1566
HESILRIGE, Mary b.1595
HESILRIGE, Miles Gentleman b.1512
HESILRIGE, Rebecca b.1635
HESILRIGE, Robert b.1611
HESILRIGE, Thomas a.1646
HESILRIGE, Thomas Knight b.1625
HESILRIGE, Thomas Esquire b.1542
HESILRIGE, Thomas Esquire b.1609
HESILRIGE, Thomas Knight b.1564
HESILRIGE, Thomas b.1405
HESILRIGE, Thomas de b.1365
HESILRIGE, William b.1613


HESKETH, Agnes b.1378


HESLERTON, Cecily de b.1240
HESLERTON, Thomas Knight b.1215
HESLERTON, Walter Knight b.1335


HESSYE, Everill b.1555


HETHE, Anne b.1394
HETHE, Joan b.1378
HETHE, Thomas b.1400
HETHE, Thomas Esquire b.1353


HETHERINGTON, Mary Jane b.1840


HETON, Elizabeth b.1415
HETON, Henry Knight b.1355
HETON, John de Knight b.1220


HEVENINGHAM, Abigail b.1551
HEVENINGHAM, Agnes b.1427
HEVENINGHAM, Anne b.1498
HEVENINGHAM, Anne b.1516
HEVENINGHAM, John Knight b.1400
HEVENINGHAM, John Knight b.1429
HEVENINGHAM, Margery b.1425


HEWARDE, Thomas b.1559


HEWER, Richard a.1575


HEWES, Abigail b.1634
HEWES, Anna b.1620
HEWES, Anne b.1550
HEWES, Elizabeth b.1613
HEWES, Hester b.1607
HEWES, John b.1580
HEWES, Jonathan b.1603
HEWES, Joshua b.1611
HEWES, Lydia b.1615
HEWES, Mary b.1605
HEWES, Phebe b.1617
HEWES, Sarah b.1609


HEWINS, Hannah b.1665
HEWINS, Harriet Mabel b.1878


HEWIS, Richard b.1298


HEWITT, Anne a.1547
HEWITT, Edmund a.1557
HEWITT, Edmund b.1475
HEWITT, Elizabeth a.1555
HEWITT, Elizabeth b.1709
HEWITT, Elizabeth b.1702
HEWITT, Elizabeth a.1543
HEWITT, Elizabeth b.1545
HEWITT, John a.1539
HEWITT, Mary b.1549
HEWITT, Mary b.1640
HEWITT, Nicholas b.1450
HEWITT, Richard a.1540
HEWITT, Solomon b.1545
HEWITT, Thomas b.1517
HEWITT, Thomas a.1553
HEWITT, William a.1552
HEWITT, William Lord Mayor of London b.1514


HEWLEY, Prudence b.1536
HEWLEY, Thomas b.1538


HEWLINGS, Abraham b.1661
HEWLINGS, Abraham b.1728
HEWLINGS, Dorothy b.1682
HEWLINGS, Elizabeth b.1684
HEWLINGS, Hannah b.1688
HEWLINGS, Isaac b.1666
HEWLINGS, Jacob b.1668
HEWLINGS, Jacob b.1722
HEWLINGS, Jacob b.1686
HEWLINGS, Joseph b.1715
HEWLINGS, Mary b.1691
HEWLINGS, Rebecca b.1725
HEWLINGS, Rosamond b.1673
HEWLINGS, Sarah b.1670
HEWLINGS, Theodosia b.1717
HEWLINGS, Walter b.1631
HEWLINGS, William b.1720
HEWLINGS, William b.1657


HEXT, Agnes b.1475
HEXT, Elizabeth b.1473
HEXT, George b.1510
HEXT, Hugh b.1512
HEXT, Jane b.1477
HEXT, John b.1516
HEXT, John b.1471
HEXT, Katherine b.1519
HEXT, Katherine b.1482
HEXT, Margery b.1514
HEXT, Thomas Gentleman b.1434
HEXT, Thomas Esquire b.1479


HEYDON, Agnes b.1579
HEYDON, Alice b.1505
HEYDON, Amy b.1463
HEYDON, Anne b.1549
HEYDON, Anne a.1584
HEYDON, Anne b.1465
HEYDON, Bridget b.1479
HEYDON, Christopher Knight b.1561
HEYDON, Christopher Knight b.1495
HEYDON, Christopher b.1548
HEYDON, Christopher Knight b.1519
HEYDON, Dorothy b.1474
HEYDON, Eleanor b.1503
HEYDON, Elizabeth b.1491
HEYDON, Elizabeth b.1544
HEYDON, Elizabeth b.1476
HEYDON, Frances b.1582
HEYDON, George Esquire b.1497
HEYDON, Henry b.1546
HEYDON, Henry Esquire b.1470
HEYDON, Henry Knight b.1440
HEYDON, Jane a.1586
HEYDON, Jane b.1553
HEYDON, John Knight b.1563
HEYDON, John Knight a.1588
HEYDON, John K.B. b.1468
HEYDON, Katherine b.1523
HEYDON, Margery b.1493
HEYDON, Mary b.1527
HEYDON, Mary b.1542
HEYDON, Miles a.1589
HEYDON, Richard Esquire b.1501
HEYDON, Thomas a.1590
HEYDON, Thomas Esquire b.1499
HEYDON, Ursula b.1507
HEYDON, Ursula b.1550
HEYDON, William b.1566
HEYDON, William Knight a.1585
HEYDON, William b.1472
HEYDON, William Knight b.1540


HEYFORD, Agnes de b.1225
HEYFORD, Roger de b.1200


HEYMAN, Elizabeth b.1563


HEYNIGER, Sarah J. b.1826


HEYROUN, John b.1277
HEYROUN, Thomas b.1304


HEYTESBURY, John de Knight b.1219
HEYTESBURY, Maud de b.1244


HEYTON, Jane b.1517


HEYWOOD, Abel b.1730
HEYWOOD, Abigail b.1672
HEYWOOD, Abigail b.1734
HEYWOOD, Benjamin b.1683
HEYWOOD, Benjamin b.1709
HEYWOOD, Benoni b.1665
HEYWOOD, Daniel b.1727
HEYWOOD, Daniel b.1694
HEYWOOD, Edmund b.1689
HEYWOOD, Eleazer b.1696
HEYWOOD, Elizabeth b.1736
HEYWOOD, Esther b.1734
HEYWOOD, Grace b.1732
HEYWOOD, Hannah b.1720
HEYWOOD, Huldah b.1676
HEYWOOD, James b.1678
HEYWOOD, John b.1703
HEYWOOD, John b.1630
HEYWOOD, John b.1662
HEYWOOD, Joseph b.1680
HEYWOOD, Josiah b.1691
HEYWOOD, Judith b.1668
HEYWOOD, Mary b.1739
HEYWOOD, Mary b.1669
HEYWOOD, Mary b.1705
HEYWOOD, Mary b.1719
HEYWOOD, Nathan b.1698
HEYWOOD, Persis b.1664
HEYWOOD, Phineas b.1707
HEYWOOD, Rebecca b.1660
HEYWOOD, Rebecca b.1657
HEYWOOD, Rebecca b.1725
HEYWOOD, Rebecca b.1689
HEYWOOD, Relief b.1724
HEYWOOD, Samuel b.1687
HEYWOOD, Sarah b.1666
HEYWOOD, Sarah b.1700
HEYWOOD, Sarah b.1723
HEYWOOD, Thomas b.1728
HEYWOOD, Thomas b.1686
HEYWOOD, William b.1745
HEYWOOD, William b.1674
HEYWOOD, Willis b.1726
HEYWOOD, Zimri b.1731


HIBBERT, Alice a.1803
HIBBERT, Anne a.1798
HIBBERT, Benjamin b.1841
HIBBERT, Bridget b.1687
HIBBERT, Daniel Wild b.1844
HIBBERT, George b.1773
HIBBERT, Hannah a.1806
HIBBERT, Hannah b.1836
HIBBERT, James b.1838
HIBBERT, James a.1809
HIBBERT, John a.1816
HIBBERT, Martha a.1799
HIBBERT, Mary b.1831
HIBBERT, Mary b.1705
HIBBERT, Sarah b.1829
HIBBERT, Sarah b.1833


HICKES, Joan b.1539
HICKES, John b.1514


HICKFORD, Eleanor b.1500


HICKLING, Christian b.1560
HICKLING, William Esquire b.1525


HICKMAN, Agnes b.1555
HICKMAN, Ann b.1760
HICKMAN, Anna b.1786
HICKMAN, Anne a.1620
HICKMAN, Anne a.1601
HICKMAN, Annie Eliza b.1860
HICKMAN, Anthony a.1560
HICKMAN, Anthony b.1521
HICKMAN, Avilda Diana b.1859
HICKMAN, Benjamin b.1806
HICKMAN, Bernetta Walters b.1847
HICKMAN, Brigham Alvin Porthugh b.1859
HICKMAN, Caroline b.1826
HICKMAN, Caroline Emily b.1864
HICKMAN, Charles Arlynn b.1898
HICKMAN, Charles Wesley b.1877
HICKMAN, Deseret Narient b.1856
HICKMAN, Diane b.1635
HICKMAN, Dixie a.1629
HICKMAN, Dixie Esquire a.1590
HICKMAN, Don Carlos b.1862
HICKMAN, Easom b.1770
HICKMAN, Easom Sharp b.1828
HICKMAN, Edna Estella b.1867
HICKMAN, Edwin b.1792
HICKMAN, Edwin b.1762
HICKMAN, Edwin b.1726
HICKMAN, Edwin b.1689
HICKMAN, Edwin Temple b.1792
HICKMAN, Edwin Thomas b.1837
HICKMAN, Eleazer a.1562
HICKMAN, Elijah Mordecai b.1873
HICKMAN, Elizabeth a.1588
HICKMAN, Elizabeth b.1788
HICKMAN, Elizabeth b.1685
HICKMAN, Elizabeth b.1833
HICKMAN, Ellen b.1836
HICKMAN, Elliott Temple b.1783
HICKMAN, Elwin b.1904
HICKMAN, Eunice Lettice b.1865
HICKMAN, Frances a.1602
HICKMAN, Frank Leslie b.1880
HICKMAN, George Francis b.1869
HICKMAN, George Washington b.1825
HICKMAN, Henry a.1550
HICKMAN, Henry b.1693
HICKMAN, Hyrum Smith b.1861
HICKMAN, James b.1724
HICKMAN, James Barton b.1865
HICKMAN, James Barton b.1816
HICKMAN, Jane a.1621
HICKMAN, John P. b.1784
HICKMAN, Jordan Case b.1856
HICKMAN, Joseph Smith b.1859
HICKMAN, Josephine Elizabeth b.1859
HICKMAN, Joshua b.1842
HICKMAN, Josiah Edwin b.1862
HICKMAN, Josiah Harvey b.1818
HICKMAN, Julia Amy b.1864
HICKMAN, Katherine a.1625
HICKMAN, Laura Isabella b.1857
HICKMAN, Lettice b.1798
HICKMAN, Lettice b.1740
HICKMAN, Lettice b.1696
HICKMAN, Lettice b.1819
HICKMAN, Luke Johnson b.1859
HICKMAN, Margaret Rose b.1858
HICKMAN, Maria Elender Childs b.1804
HICKMAN, Marina a.1623
HICKMAN, Mark L. b.1912
HICKMAN, Martha b.1743
HICKMAN, Martin Dickenson b.1823
HICKMAN, Mary a.1547
HICKMAN, Mary Ella b.1865
HICKMAN, Mary Laura b.1874
HICKMAN, Mary Lorinda b.1857
HICKMAN, Mary Rozina b.1864
HICKMAN, Matthew b.1558
HICKMAN, Mildred a.1610
HICKMAN, Minerva Leona b.1856
HICKMAN, Mont b.1916
HICKMAN, Moses Edwin b.1853
HICKMAN, Nathaniel b.1665
HICKMAN, Nathaniel b.1600
HICKMAN, Nathaniel b.1628
HICKMAN, Nathaniel b.1795
HICKMAN, Orson b.1821
HICKMAN, Patey b.1796
HICKMAN, Phoebe b.1800
HICKMAN, Phoebe Delilah b.1861
HICKMAN, Rebecca b.1839
HICKMAN, Rhoda b.1811
HICKMAN, Rhoda b.1864
HICKMAN, Rhoda Ann b.1830
HICKMAN, Richard b.1730
HICKMAN, Richard b.1687
HICKMAN, Richard G. b.1790
HICKMAN, Rose Ella b.1864
HICKMAN, Sally b.1835
HICKMAN, Sarah Catherine b.1835
HICKMAN, Sarah Maria b.1851
HICKMAN, Servior b.1860
HICKMAN, Susan Malija b.1861
HICKMAN, Susannah b.1728
HICKMAN, Thelma Ann b.1900
HICKMAN, Thomas a.1608
HICKMAN, Thomas b.1794
HICKMAN, Thomas b.1630
HICKMAN, Thomas b.1767
HICKMAN, Thomas b.1735
HICKMAN, Thomas b.1691
HICKMAN, Thomas b.1799
HICKMAN, Thomas b.1660
HICKMAN, Thomas Jefferson b.1878
HICKMAN, Thomas Jefferson b.1832
HICKMAN, Violala b.1859
HICKMAN, Walter b.1595
HICKMAN, Walter a.1552
HICKMAN, Warren D. b.1837
HICKMAN, Warren Wade b.1862
HICKMAN, William a.1592
HICKMAN, William a.1606
HICKMAN, William Knight a.1549
HICKMAN, William b.1732
HICKMAN, William b.1765
HICKMAN, William b.1659
HICKMAN, William Adams b.1850
HICKMAN, William Adams b.1815
HICKMAN, William George b.1844
HICKMAN, William H. b.1802
HICKMAN, William Wallace b.1902
HICKMAN, William Wallace b.1871
HICKMAN, Willoughby Knight a.1604


HICKOX, Benjamin b.1686
HICKOX, Benjamin b.1675
HICKOX, Ebenezer b.1692
HICKOX, Ebenezer b.1692
HICKOX, Elizabeth b.1682
HICKOX, Elizabeth a.1682
HICKOX, Elizabeth b.1702
HICKOX, Gideon b.1705
HICKOX, Hannah b.1670
HICKOX, Hannah b.1699
HICKOX, John b.1696
HICKOX, Joseph b.1673
HICKOX, Joseph b.1645
HICKOX, Joseph b.1677
HICKOX, Mary b.1678
HICKOX, Mary b.1680
HICKOX, Mercy a.1689
HICKOX, N.N. b.1704
HICKOX, N.N. b.1691
HICKOX, Rachel b.1745
HICKOX, Samuel b.1687
HICKOX, Samuel b.1643
HICKOX, Samuel b.1694
HICKOX, Samuel b.1668
HICKOX, Sarah b.1707
HICKOX, Silence b.1713
HICKOX, Stephen b.1684
HICKOX, Thomas b.1674
HICKOX, William b.1615
HICKOX, William b.1672


HICKS, Arthur a.1590
HICKS, Baptist a.1595
HICKS, Baptist Viscount Campden b.1551
HICKS, Elizabeth a.1592
HICKS, Elizabeth b.1674
HICKS, Elizabeth b.1659
HICKS, Elsie Mae b.1915
HICKS, Ephraim b.1624
HICKS, John b.1612
HICKS, Julian a.1586
HICKS, Letitia a.1626
HICKS, Lydia a.1612
HICKS, Mary b.1727
HICKS, Mary a.1589
HICKS, Mary b.1676
HICKS, Michael a.1634
HICKS, Peter b.1666
HICKS, Samuel b.1632
HICKS, Samuel b.1671
HICKS, Sarah b.1681
HICKS, Susan b.1581
HICKS, William Knight b.1629
HICKS, William Knight b.1596
HICKS, William b.1668


HIER, Edgar Albert b.1927
HIER, Edgar Albert b.1894


HIESMES, Guillaume de Count of Eu b.971


HIGBY, Edward a.1616


HIGGINBOTHAM, Hannah b.1687
HIGGINBOTHAM, Rebecca b.1682
HIGGINBOTHAM, Richard b.1684
HIGGINBOTHAM, Richard b.1645


HIGGINS, Benjamin b.1681
HIGGINS, Mary b.1652
HIGGINS, Reuben b.1708
HIGGINS, Thomas Knight b.1623
HIGGINS, Thomas Esquire b.1545
HIGGINS, Thomas Francis b.1881


HIGGINSON, Anne a.1626


HIGGS, William b.1550


HILARY, Roger Knight b.1333


HILDESLEY, Robert de Knight b.1312


HILDRETH, Joseph b.1658


HILDYARD, Adam b.1472
HILDYARD, Ann b.1488
HILDYARD, Anne b.1457
HILDYARD, Anthony b.1483
HILDYARD, Christopher Knight b.1490
HILDYARD, Denise b.1458
HILDYARD, Edward b.1473
HILDYARD, Eleanor b.1483
HILDYARD, Elizabeth b.1560
HILDYARD, Elizabeth b.1484
HILDYARD, Henry b.1479
HILDYARD, Hugh b.1475
HILDYARD, Isabel b.1418
HILDYARD, Isabel b.1498
HILDYARD, Isabel b.1439
HILDYARD, Jane b.1495
HILDYARD, Joan b.1416
HILDYARD, John b.1470
HILDYARD, Katherine b.1500
HILDYARD, Katherine b.1467
HILDYARD, Margaret b.1486
HILDYARD, Margery b.1466
HILDYARD, Maud b.1421
HILDYARD, Muriel b.1461
HILDYARD, Peter b.1492
HILDYARD, Peter Esquire b.1460
HILDYARD, Ralph b.1477
HILDYARD, Richard Rector of Winestead b.1502
HILDYARD, Robert b.1464
HILDYARD, Robert Knight b.1391
HILDYARD, Robert Knight b.1414
HILDYARD, Robert Knight b.1436
HILDYARD, Stephen b.1481
HILDYARD, Thomas b.1469
HILDYARD, William Knight b.1463

Surname List