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Name Index


HASTINGS, Ada de Countess of Atholl b.1215
HASTINGS, Ada de b.1237
HASTINGS, Ada de b.1265
HASTINGS, Alexander de b.1147
HASTINGS, Alice a.1607
HASTINGS, Alice de b.1323
HASTINGS, Alice de b.1097
HASTINGS, Alice de b.1359
HASTINGS, Alice de b.1175
HASTINGS, Amabilis de b.1156
HASTINGS, Amy b.1478
HASTINGS, Anne b.1507
HASTINGS, Anne b.1554
HASTINGS, Anne b.1485
HASTINGS, Anne b.1475
HASTINGS, Anne b.1470
HASTINGS, Anne b.1426
HASTINGS, Anne b.1486
HASTINGS, Beatrice de b.1149
HASTINGS, Brian Knight b.1477
HASTINGS, Catherine a.1587
HASTINGS, Catherine b.1807
HASTINGS, Charles b.1467
HASTINGS, Christian b.1516
HASTINGS, Daniel b.1677
HASTINGS, David de Earl of Atholl b.1190
HASTINGS, Dorothy b.1513
HASTINGS, Dorothy b.1579
HASTINGS, Dorothy b.1512
HASTINGS, Edmond b.1465
HASTINGS, Edmund Knight b.1431
HASTINGS, Edmund Knight b.1447
HASTINGS, Edmund de Knight b.1263
HASTINGS, Edward b.1591
HASTINGS, Edward Knight b.1571
HASTINGS, Edward Knight b.1546
HASTINGS, Edward Lord Hastings of Loughborough b.1520
HASTINGS, Edward Lord Hastings b.1466
HASTINGS, Edward Lord Hastings a.1382
HASTINGS, Elizabeth b.1675
HASTINGS, Elizabeth a.1612
HASTINGS, Elizabeth b.1552
HASTINGS, Elizabeth b.1473
HASTINGS, Elizabeth b.1461
HASTINGS, Elizabeth b.1476
HASTINGS, Elizabeth b.1436
HASTINGS, Elizabeth b.1439
HASTINGS, Elizabeth de b.1363
HASTINGS, Elizabeth de b.1296
HASTINGS, Emma de b.1099
HASTINGS, Ferdinando Earl of Huntingdon b.1609
HASTINGS, Florence b.1471
HASTINGS, Frances b.1540
HASTINGS, Francis Knight b.1510
HASTINGS, Francis b.1593
HASTINGS, Francis Knight b.1548
HASTINGS, Francis Lord Hastings b.1560
HASTINGS, Francis Earl of Huntingdon b.1514
HASTINGS, George Knight b.1589
HASTINGS, George Earl of Huntingdon b.1538
HASTINGS, George Earl of Huntingdon b.1488
HASTINGS, George Knight b.1473
HASTINGS, George b.1474
HASTINGS, Hannah b.1673
HASTINGS, Henry Lord Loughborough b.1610
HASTINGS, Henry b.1567
HASTINGS, Henry Earl of Huntingdon b.1586
HASTINGS, Henry Earl of Huntingdon b.1536
HASTINGS, Henry b.1522
HASTINGS, Henry b.1591
HASTINGS, Henry de b.1291
HASTINGS, Henry de b.1170
HASTINGS, Henry de Lord Hastings b.1234
HASTINGS, Henry de Knight b.1201
HASTINGS, Hilary de b.1232
HASTINGS, Hugh Lord Hastings b.1441
HASTINGS, Hugh de Lord Hastings b.1379
HASTINGS, Hugh de b.1103
HASTINGS, Hugh de Knight b.1311
HASTINGS, Hugh de Knight b.1333
HASTINGS, Hugh de Knight b.1355
HASTINGS, Ida de b.1208
HASTINGS, Isabel b.1467
HASTINGS, Isabel b.1463
HASTINGS, Isabel b.1444
HASTINGS, Isabel de b.1329
HASTINGS, Joan b.1428
HASTINGS, Joan de Prioress of Nottingham b.1269
HASTINGS, Joan de b.1254
HASTINGS, Joan de b.1357
HASTINGS, Joan de b.1288
HASTINGS, John Lord Hastings b.1466
HASTINGS, John b.1484
HASTINGS, John Lord Hastings b.1410
HASTINGS, John a.1643
HASTINGS, John de b.1320
HASTINGS, John de b.1295
HASTINGS, John de Rector of Bilston b.1151
HASTINGS, John de b.1160
HASTINGS, John de b.1087
HASTINGS, John de Knight b.1361
HASTINGS, John de Knight b.1331
HASTINGS, John de Lord Hastings b.1286
HASTINGS, John de Earl of Pembroke b.1347
HASTINGS, John de Lord Hastings b.1262
HASTINGS, John de Earl of Pembroke b.1372
HASTINGS, Joseph b.1669
HASTINGS, Katherine b.1563
HASTINGS, Katherine b.1542
HASTINGS, Katherine b.1475
HASTINGS, Katherine b.1518
HASTINGS, Katherine b.1480
HASTINGS, Laurence de Earl of Pembroke b.1320
HASTINGS, Leonard b.1469
HASTINGS, Leonard Knight b.1387
HASTINGS, Lora de b.1268
HASTINGS, Lydia b.1671
HASTINGS, Margaret b.1353
HASTINGS, Margaret b.1464
HASTINGS, Margaret b.1412
HASTINGS, Margaret de b.1335
HASTINGS, Margaret de b.1294
HASTINGS, Margaret de b.1353
HASTINGS, Margery b.1469
HASTINGS, Mary b.1504
HASTINGS, Mary b.1557
HASTINGS, Mary b.1510
HASTINGS, Mary b.1757
HASTINGS, Maud de b.1337
HASTINGS, Maud de b.1215
HASTINGS, Muriel b.1460
HASTINGS, Muriel b.1453
HASTINGS, Ralf de b.1100
HASTINGS, Ralph Knight b.1379
HASTINGS, Ralph Knight b.1332
HASTINGS, Ralph Knight b.1434
HASTINGS, Ralph de b.1105
HASTINGS, Ralph de b.1153
HASTINGS, Ralph de b.1117
HASTINGS, Richard Knight b.1381
HASTINGS, Richard b.1468
HASTINGS, Richard Lord Welles b.1432
HASTINGS, Richard de b.1107
HASTINGS, Richard de b.1266
HASTINGS, Robert b.1471
HASTINGS, Robert Esquire b.1450
HASTINGS, Robert de b.1110
HASTINGS, Robert de b.1143
HASTINGS, Theodosia b.1595
HASTINGS, Thomas Knight b.1516
HASTINGS, Thomas b.1439
HASTINGS, Thomas de b.1309
HASTINGS, Walter Esquire b.1550
HASTINGS, Walter b.1631
HASTINGS, William b.1544
HASTINGS, William b.1524
HASTINGS, William b.1472
HASTINGS, William Lord Hastings b.1430
HASTINGS, William b.1482
HASTINGS, William de b.1145
HASTINGS, William de b.1155
HASTINGS, William de Knight b.1205
HASTINGS, William de b.1155
HASTINGS, William de b.1075
HASTINGS, William de b.1140
HASTINGS, William de Knight b.1282
HASTINGS, William de b.1102
HASTINGS, William de b.1172


HATCH, Alice a.1636
HATCH, Amy b.1687
HATCH, Andrew a.1633
HATCH, Anne a.1613
HATCH, Anne a.1626
HATCH, Antipas b.1658
HATCH, Barnabas b.1704
HATCH, Benjamin a.1719
HATCH, Benjamin b.1655
HATCH, Bethia b.1661
HATCH, Ebenezer b.1702
HATCH, Edith b.1505
HATCH, Elizabeth a.1595
HATCH, Elizabeth b.1601
HATCH, Elizabeth b.1667
HATCH, Elizabeth b.1697
HATCH, Hannah b.1640
HATCH, Hannah b.1652
HATCH, Henry a.1609
HATCH, Ichabod b.1691
HATCH, Isabel b.1445
HATCH, Israel b.1667
HATCH, Jane a.1631
HATCH, Jane b.1656
HATCH, Jeremiah a.1626
HATCH, Joanna a.1725
HATCH, Joanna b.1696
HATCH, John b.1591
HATCH, John a.1625
HATCH, John b.1664
HATCH, Jonathan b.1652
HATCH, Jonathan b.1625
HATCH, Joseph b.1669
HATCH, Joseph b.1689
HATCH, Joseph b.1654
HATCH, Joseph b.1682
HATCH, Judith b.1603
HATCH, Lemuel a.1722
HATCH, Lydia b.1669
HATCH, Lydia b.1685
HATCH, Lydia b.1629
HATCH, Margaret b.1605
HATCH, Mary a.1607
HATCH, Mary a.1623
HATCH, Mary b.1647
HATCH, Mercy b.1667
HATCH, Moses b.1662
HATCH, N.N. b.1628
HATCH, Nathaniel b.1657
HATCH, Rebecca b.1700
HATCH, Ruth b.1693
HATCH, Samuel b.1653
HATCH, Samuel b.1660
HATCH, Samuel b.1659
HATCH, Sarah b.1664
HATCH, Thomas a.1628
HATCH, Thomas b.1593
HATCH, Thomas b.1649
HATCH, Thomas b.1603
HATCH, Walter b.1623
HATCH, Walter C. b.1869
HATCH, William a.1597
HATCH, William a.1621
HATCH, William a.1563
HATCH, William b.1662
HATCH, William a.1599
HATCH, William a.1629
HATCH, Winifred b.1553


HATCHER, Elizabeth a.1574
HATCHER, Elizabeth a.1601
HATCHER, Henry a.1602
HATCHER, Nicholas Gentleman a.1604
HATCHER, Walter a.1607
HATCHER, Walter b.1575


HATCLIFF, Beatrice b.1440
HATCLIFF, William b.1523


HATFIELD, Ale b.1778
HATFIELD, Ali b.1807
HATFIELD, Ali b.1830
HATFIELD, Andrew b.1809
HATFIELD, Andrew Warren b.1776
HATFIELD, Anna b.1809
HATFIELD, Anna b.1828
HATFIELD, Cecilia b.1822
HATFIELD, Eli b.1786
HATFIELD, Ephraim b.1812
HATFIELD, Ephraim b.1764
HATFIELD, Ericus b.1790
HATFIELD, Ferrell b.1837
HATFIELD, George b.1715
HATFIELD, George b.1770
HATFIELD, George b.1804
HATFIELD, George Goff b.1745
HATFIELD, Jacob b.1820
HATFIELD, James Amos b.1852
HATFIELD, James G. b.1824
HATFIELD, Jane b.1832
HATFIELD, Jeremiah b.1742
HATFIELD, Jeremiah b.1780
HATFIELD, Jeremiah b.1807
HATFIELD, John b.1750
HATFIELD, John b.1783
HATFIELD, John b.1809
HATFIELD, Joseph b.1773
HATFIELD, Joseph b.1739
HATFIELD, Joseph b.1785
HATFIELD, Joseph B. b.1806
HATFIELD, Lydia b.1842
HATFIELD, Lydia Bridget b.1792
HATFIELD, Margaret b.1805
HATFIELD, Mary b.1802
HATFIELD, Mary Ann b.1834
HATFIELD, Mitchell Awarden b.1848
HATFIELD, Nancy b.1786
HATFIELD, Phereby b.1790
HATFIELD, Phoebe b.1812
HATFIELD, Sarilda b.1839
HATFIELD, Stephen Esquire b.1390
HATFIELD, Thomas W. b.1817
HATFIELD, Valentine b.1767
HATFIELD, Valentine b.1788
HATFIELD, Virginia Jane b.1813
HATFIELD, William b.1794


HATHAWAY, Anne b.1556
HATHAWAY, Nathaniel b.1694
HATHAWAY, Phebe b.1725


HATHERLY, Eglin a.1586
HATHERLY, Robert b.1560
HATHERLY, Roger b.1544
HATHERLY, Timothy a.1588


HATHERSAGE, Cecilia de b.1208
HATHERSAGE, Matilda de b.1215
HATHERSAGE, Matthew de b.1160
HATHERSAGE, Matthew de b.1185
HATHERSAGE, Matthew de b.1211


HATHORNE, Marjorie E. b.1897
HATHORNE, Oliver B. b.1852
HATHORNE, Samuel a.1690
HATHORNE, William b.1645


HATLEY, Constance a.1608
HATLEY, Edward a.1603
HATLEY, Gertrude a.1565
HATLEY, Griffith a.1606
HATLEY, Henry a.1592
HATLEY, John a.1599
HATLEY, Mary a.1611
HATLEY, Robert a.1588
HATLEY, Robert Gentleman a.1566
HATLEY, Robert Esquire b.1523
HATLEY, Ursula a.1568
HATLEY, William a.1597


HATTON, Anne b.1668
HATTON, Frances b.1590
HATTON, Margaret de b.1160
HATTON, Margery de b.1110
HATTON, Waltheof de b.1072
HATTON, William Knight b.1565
HATTON, William de b.1105
HATTON, Wolfric de b.1035


HAUDLO, Edmund de Knight b.1332
HAUDLO, Elizabeth de b.1339
HAUDLO, Elizabeth de b.1325
HAUDLO, Joan de b.1319
HAUDLO, John de Knight b.1288
HAUDLO, Margaret de b.1335
HAUDLO, Margaret de b.1323
HAUDLO, Richard de Knight b.1263
HAUDLO, Richard de Knight b.1309
HAUDLO, Thomas de b.1317


HAUGH, Atherton Mayor of Boston b.1579
HAUGH, Samuel a.1621


HAUGHTON, Hannah b.1675
HAUGHTON, N.N. de b.1347
HAUGHTON, Robert b.1670
HAUGHTON, Robert b.1644
HAUGHTON, Sarah b.1672
HAUGHTON, William de b.1315


HAUTE, Agnes b.1492
HAUTE, Alice b.1474
HAUTE, Alice b.1432
HAUTE, Alice b.1497
HAUTE, Anne b.1473
HAUTE, Anne b.1438
HAUTE, Cecily b.1479
HAUTE, Edward Gentleman b.1476
HAUTE, Edward b.1436
HAUTE, Elizabeth b.1514
HAUTE, Elizabeth b.1494
HAUTE, Elizabeth b.1440
HAUTE, Isabel b.1471
HAUTE, James b.1470
HAUTE, James b.1444
HAUTE, Jane b.1522
HAUTE, Jane b.1486
HAUTE, Joan b.1476
HAUTE, Joan b.1442
HAUTE, John b.1466
HAUTE, Margaret b.1447
HAUTE, Margaret b.1488
HAUTE, N.N. b.1294
HAUTE, Richard b.1472
HAUTE, Richard Esquire b.1434
HAUTE, Robert b.1468
HAUTE, Thomas Knight b.1464
HAUTE, William b.1462
HAUTE, William Knight b.1430
HAUTE, William Knight b.1390
HAUTE, William Knight b.1490


HAUTE MARCHE, Adelbert I de la b.1017
HAUTE MARCHE, Almodis de la Countess of La Marche b.1060
HAUTE MARCHE, Almodis de la b.1014
HAUTE MARCHE, Bernard I de la b.980
HAUTE MARCHE, Boson de la Count of La Marche b.1056
HAUTE MARCHE, Boson de la b.899


HAUTEVILLE, Alberia de b.1184
HAUTEVILLE, Alverede de b.1023
HAUTEVILLE, Bohemond I de Prince of Antioch b.1055
HAUTEVILLE, Bohemond II de Prince of Antioch b.1100
HAUTEVILLE, Drogo de b.1006
HAUTEVILLE, Geoffrey de b.1010
HAUTEVILLE, Humbert de b.1028
HAUTEVILLE, Humfrey de b.1008
HAUTEVILLE, Mauger de b.1017
HAUTEVILLE, Robert "Guiscard" de Duke of Apulia b.1015
HAUTEVILLE, Serlo de b.1012
HAUTEVILLE, Tancred de b.1026
HAUTEVILLE, Tancred de b.970
HAUTEVILLE, William de b.1020
HAUTEVILLE, William de b.1004


HAUXWORTH, Thomas a.1611


HAVEN, Richard b.1620


HAVERING, Elizabeth de b.1314
HAVERING, Nicholas de b.1289


HAVERSHAM, Hugh de b.1190
HAVERSHAM, Matilda de b.1272
HAVERSHAM, Nicholas de b.1215
HAVERSHAM, Nicholas de b.1240


HAVILAND, Elizabeth b.1615
HAVILAND, Florence b.1610
HAVILAND, Jane a.1612
HAVILAND, Mary b.1606
HAVILAND, Matthew b.1608
HAVILAND, Robert Esquire a.1577


HAWARDEN, Ralph de b.1265
HAWARDEN, William de b.1242


HAWBERK, Nicholas Knight b.1355


HAWES, Abigail b.1662
HAWES, Andrew a.1595
HAWES, Anne a.1609
HAWES, Anne b.1470
HAWES, Avice b.1581
HAWES, Constance a.1581
HAWES, Constance b.1527
HAWES, Daniel b.1652
HAWES, Deborah b.1666
HAWES, Desire b.1670
HAWES, Ebenezer b.1668
HAWES, Edmond a.1612
HAWES, Edmond Esquire a.1573
HAWES, Edward b.1620
HAWES, Elias a.1588
HAWES, Elizabeth b.1569
HAWES, Elizabeth a.1616
HAWES, Elizabeth b.1529
HAWES, Hannah b.1655
HAWES, James b.1664
HAWES, Jane a.1600
HAWES, John a.1611
HAWES, John b.1657
HAWES, John b.1580
HAWES, Joseph b.1664
HAWES, Lucy a.1603
HAWES, Lucy Ann b.1838
HAWES, Lydia b.1649
HAWES, Margaret b.1534
HAWES, Mary a.1607
HAWES, Mary b.1666
HAWES, Mary b.1556
HAWES, Mary b.1650
HAWES, Nathaniel b.1660
HAWES, Nicholas b.1553
HAWES, Obadiah b.1663
HAWES, Obadiah a.1635
HAWES, Richard b.1672
HAWES, Ruth a.1618
HAWES, Sarah b.1674
HAWES, Thomas b.1576
HAWES, Thomas b.1563
HAWES, Thomas b.1614
HAWES, Thomas a.1592
HAWES, Thomas Gentleman b.1505
HAWES, Thomas b.1440
HAWES, Ursula b.1567
HAWES, Ursula a.1571
HAWES, Ursula a.1606
HAWES, Ursula a.1602
HAWES, William b.1565
HAWES, William a.1604
HAWES, William a.1587
HAWES, William a.1583
HAWES, William Esquire b.1531


HAWEY, Joan de b.1275
HAWEY, Thomas de Knight b.1250


HAWKE, Deborah b.1652
HAWKE, Mary b.1711
HAWKE, Mary b.1646


HAWKES, Anna a.1648
HAWKES, Eleazer b.1655
HAWKES, Elizabeth a.1647
HAWKES, Gershom b.1659
HAWKES, Isaac b.1650
HAWKES, Joanna b.1654
HAWKES, John a.1643
HAWKES, John b.1612
HAWKES, Joseph Bryant b.1799
HAWKES, Mary b.1652
HAWKES, Nathaniel a.1645
HAWKES, Sarah b.1657


HAWKINS, A. E. b.1875
HAWKINS, Abigail a.1673
HAWKINS, Abraham b.1637
HAWKINS, Anne b.1600
HAWKINS, Bessie b.1882
HAWKINS, Christopher b.1705
HAWKINS, Damaris b.1641
HAWKINS, Edward a.1598
HAWKINS, Elihu b.1658
HAWKINS, Elizabeth a.1625
HAWKINS, Elizabeth a.1591
HAWKINS, Elizabeth a.1607
HAWKINS, Frances a.1607
HAWKINS, George a.1620
HAWKINS, George b.1565
HAWKINS, Hannah b.1641
HAWKINS, Hannah b.1637
HAWKINS, Hannah a.1644
HAWKINS, Henry b.1580
HAWKINS, Hope b.1643
HAWKINS, Isabel b.1483
HAWKINS, J. M. b.1877
HAWKINS, James b.1652
HAWKINS, James a.1609
HAWKINS, James b.1654
HAWKINS, Job b.1641
HAWKINS, Job b.1658
HAWKINS, Job a.1618
HAWKINS, John a.1632
HAWKINS, John a.1592
HAWKINS, John a.1617
HAWKINS, John W. b.1854
HAWKINS, Judith b.1590
HAWKINS, Julia G. b.1895
HAWKINS, Mamie b.1888
HAWKINS, Martha b.1646
HAWKINS, Mary a.1631
HAWKINS, Mary a.1600
HAWKINS, Mary b.1636
HAWKINS, Mary a.1604
HAWKINS, Mary a.1603
HAWKINS, Mary A. b.1871
HAWKINS, Matthew a.1625
HAWKINS, Mehitable b.1656
HAWKINS, Mehitable b.1645
HAWKINS, Nicholas a.1596
HAWKINS, Peleg b.1648
HAWKINS, Priscilla a.1685
HAWKINS, Rebecca b.1645
HAWKINS, Rebecca J. b.1880
HAWKINS, Richard a.1576
HAWKINS, Robert a.1635
HAWKINS, Robert a.1697
HAWKINS, Ruth a.1615
HAWKINS, Ruth b.1638
HAWKINS, Sarah a.1621
HAWKINS, Sarah b.1656
HAWKINS, Susan b.1645
HAWKINS, Susan b.1860
HAWKINS, Thomas a.1612
HAWKINS, Thomas Henry b.1845
HAWKINS, Timothy b.1639
HAWKINS, William a.1628
HAWKINS, William W. b.1873


HAWKREDD, Anne a.1602
HAWKREDD, Anthony a.1608
HAWKREDD, Anthony a.1606
HAWKREDD, Anthony Gentleman a.1561
HAWKREDD, Elizabeth a.1604
HAWKREDD, John a.1615
HAWKREDD, Mary a.1596
HAWKREDD, Samuel a.1610
HAWKREDD, Sarah b.1598
HAWKREDD, William a.1600


HAWKWOOD, Agnes b.1319
HAWKWOOD, Alice b.1325
HAWKWOOD, Anne de b.1384
HAWKWOOD, Antiocha de b.1359
HAWKWOOD, Catherine de b.1380
HAWKWOOD, Gilbert de b.1294
HAWKWOOD, Janet de b.1378
HAWKWOOD, Joan b.1321
HAWKWOOD, John b.1323
HAWKWOOD, John de Knight b.1382
HAWKWOOD, John de Knight b.1330
HAWKWOOD, Margaret b.1327
HAWKWOOD, Nicholas Priest b.1333


HAWLEY, Adelaide E. b.1899
HAWLEY, Agnes b.1432
HAWLEY, Ann b.1724
HAWLEY, Charles L. b.1829
HAWLEY, David Harold b.1896
HAWLEY, Deborah b.1692
HAWLEY, Dorothy a.1658
HAWLEY, Ebenezer b.1654
HAWLEY, Elizabeth b.1652
HAWLEY, Elizabeth a.1656
HAWLEY, Elizabeth b.1617
HAWLEY, Ephraim b.1659
HAWLEY, Esther b.1799
HAWLEY, Eunice b.1750
HAWLEY, Ezekiel b.1731
HAWLEY, Fred Fletcher b.1872
HAWLEY, Frederick Duane b.1902
HAWLEY, George Hobart b.1866
HAWLEY, Hannah b.1657
HAWLEY, Hannah b.1689
HAWLEY, Hannah b.1734
HAWLEY, Hannah b.1761
HAWLEY, Hannah b.1630
HAWLEY, Henry b.1687
HAWLEY, John b.1694
HAWLEY, John b.1739
HAWLEY, John b.1661
HAWLEY, John b.1406
HAWLEY, Joseph b.1650
HAWLEY, Joseph b.1620
HAWLEY, Joseph a.1707
HAWLEY, Joseph b.1652
HAWLEY, Joseph a.1654
HAWLEY, Katherine b.1702
HAWLEY, Lemuel Charles b.1856
HAWLEY, Mary b.1576
HAWLEY, Mary b.1663
HAWLEY, Mary b.1742
HAWLEY, Mary b.1697
HAWLEY, Nathan b.1700
HAWLEY, Ruth b.1746
HAWLEY, Samuel b.1744
HAWLEY, Samuel b.1648
HAWLEY, Sarah a.1706
HAWLEY, Sarah b.1733
HAWLEY, Tabitha b.1730
HAWLEY, Thomas a.1651
HAWLEY, Thomas b.1615
HAWLEY, William b.1738


HAWYS, Roger b.1488


HAY, Alice b.1400
HAY, David b.1401
HAY, David Knight b.1403
HAY, Edmund Rector of Pont-a-Musson b.1534
HAY, Edmund b.1442
HAY, Edmund b.1409
HAY, Edmund Lord of Megginch b.1474
HAY, Elizabeth b.1442
HAY, Elizabeth b.1412
HAY, Elizabeth b.1364
HAY, Gilbert b.1451
HAY, Gilbert b.1420
HAY, Gilbert b.1395
HAY, Gilbert Knight b.1373
HAY, Hugh b.1407
HAY, Isabel b.1448
HAY, Isabella b.1274
HAY, James a.1610
HAY, James Earl of Carlisle b.1612
HAY, James Earl of Carlisle b.1580
HAY, James Knight b.1532
HAY, Jane b.1537
HAY, Janet b.1390
HAY, Katherine b.1530
HAY, Katherine b.1615
HAY, Margaret b.1693
HAY, Margaret b.1444
HAY, Margaret b.1398
HAY, Margaret b.1362
HAY, N.N. b.1367
HAY, Nicholas Earl of Erroll b.1440
HAY, Peter b.1528
HAY, Peter Lord of Megginch b.1445
HAY, Peter Knight b.1499
HAY, Robert Gentleman b.1583
HAY, Thomas b.1404
HAY, Thomas Knight b.1395
HAY, Thomas Knight b.1336
HAY, Thomas Constable of Scotland b.1342
HAY, Walter b.1399
HAY, William Earl of Erroll b.1446
HAY, William Earl of Erroll b.1418
HAY, William Earl of Erroll b.1492
HAY, William Earl of Erroll b.1520
HAY, William b.1476
HAY, William Knight b.1440
HAY, William b.1397
HAY, William b.1392
HAY, William Knight b.1370
HAY, William Knight b.1365
HAY, William b.1759


HAYA, David de Parson of Errol b.1210
HAYA, David de Sheriff of Forfar b.1162
HAYA, David de Knight b.1318
HAYA, Gilbert de Knight b.1265
HAYA, Gilbert de Knight b.1206
HAYA, Gilbert de Knight b.1260
HAYA, Hugh de b.1266
HAYA, John de b.1312
HAYA, John de Parson of Errol b.1264
HAYA, John de b.1166
HAYA, John de Knight b.1200
HAYA, Malcolm de Parson of Errol b.1172
HAYA, Margaret de b.1270
HAYA, Nicholas de Dean of Dunkeld b.1262
HAYA, Nicholas de Sheriff of Perth b.1236
HAYA, Nicholas de b.1285
HAYA, Robert de Parson of Errol b.1170
HAYA, Thomas de b.1168
HAYA, Thomas de Knight b.1293
HAYA, William de b.1208
HAYA, William de Knight b.1164
HAYA, William de Knight b.1230
HAYA, William de b.1130
HAYA, William de Knight b.1309


HAYDEN, Abigail b.1705
HAYDEN, Abigail b.1671
HAYDEN, Comfort b.1741
HAYDEN, Concurrence b.1685
HAYDEN, Daniel b.1640
HAYDEN, Ebenezer b.1645
HAYDEN, Ebenezer b.1694
HAYDEN, Edith Marie b.1924
HAYDEN, Edmund b.1745
HAYDEN, Edmund b.1739
HAYDEN, Edmund b.1706
HAYDEN, Elisha b.1696
HAYDEN, Elizabeth b.1663
HAYDEN, Eunice b.1743
HAYDEN, Experience b.1679
HAYDEN, George Rutherford b.1891
HAYDEN, Hannah b.1642
HAYDEN, Hannah b.1661
HAYDEN, Hannah a.1756
HAYDEN, Hannah b.1681
HAYDEN, Henry Stokes b.1920
HAYDEN, John b.1609
HAYDEN, John b.1665
HAYDEN, John b.1639
HAYDEN, John b.1703
HAYDEN, John b.1634
HAYDEN, Jonathan b.1640
HAYDEN, Joseph b.1636
HAYDEN, Joseph b.1673
HAYDEN, Joseph b.1733
HAYDEN, Josiah b.1698
HAYDEN, Josiah a.1756
HAYDEN, Josiah b.1749
HAYDEN, Josiah b.1669
HAYDEN, Lydia b.1667
HAYDEN, Mary b.1648
HAYDEN, Nathaniel b.1710
HAYDEN, Nathaniel b.1642
HAYDEN, Nehemiah b.1648
HAYDEN, Phineas b.1707
HAYDEN, Ruth b.1714
HAYDEN, Samuel b.1638
HAYDEN, Sarah b.1662
HAYDEN, Sarah b.1737
HAYDEN, Sybil b.1735
HAYDEN, Thomas b.1747
HAYDEN, Uriah b.1701
HAYDEN, William b.1605


HAYDOCK, Anabel de b.1318
HAYDOCK, Joan b.1397
HAYDOCK, Maud de b.1235
HAYDOCK, Robert de Rector of Standish b.1256


HAYE, Cecily de la b.1100
HAYE, Christiana de la b.1239
HAYE, Isabel de la b.1156
HAYE, Joan de la b.1222
HAYE, Julia de la b.1154
HAYE, Katherine de la b.1416
HAYE, Margaret de la b.1183
HAYE, Nichole de la b.1152
HAYE, Ralph de la b.1102
HAYE, Richard de la b.1105
HAYE, Robert de la b.1060


HAYES, Adam b.1649
HAYES, Edward b.1641
HAYES, Fanny Arabella b.1820
HAYES, James Knight b.1637
HAYES, John b.1687
HAYES, Lorenzo b.1815
HAYES, Nathaniel b.1629
HAYES, Robert b.1591
HAYES, Rutherford b.1787
HAYES, Rutherford Birchard b.1822
HAYES, Samuel b.1667
HAYES, Sarah Sophia b.1817
HAYES, Thomas b.1647
HAYES, Thomasine b.1595


HAYFORD, Hannibal Lafayette b.1847


HAYMAN, Mary a.1682


HAYME, Edward b.1580
HAYME, Maryan b.1559
HAYME, Susannah b.1606


HAYNES, Abigail b.1657
HAYNES, Ann a.1623
HAYNES, Anne a.1661
HAYNES, Anne b.1601
HAYNES, Anstiss b.1707
HAYNES, Aquila b.1677
HAYNES, Aquila b.1702
HAYNES, Caleb b.1667
HAYNES, Christiana b.1570
HAYNES, Daniel b.1695
HAYNES, Daniel b.1663
HAYNES, David b.1670
HAYNES, Deborah a.1589
HAYNES, Deborah b.1653
HAYNES, Dorothy b.1651
HAYNES, Edmond a.1583
HAYNES, Eleanor b.1673
HAYNES, Elizabeth b.1526
HAYNES, Elizabeth a.1624
HAYNES, Elizabeth a.1578
HAYNES, Elizabeth b.1681
HAYNES, Elizabeth b.1582
HAYNES, Elizabeth b.1644
HAYNES, Elizabeth b.1615
HAYNES, Emmanuel a.1599
HAYNES, Esther b.1697
HAYNES, George a.1576
HAYNES, George b.1520
HAYNES, Grace b.1589
HAYNES, Hannah b.1660
HAYNES, Henry b.1808
HAYNES, Hezekiah a.1597
HAYNES, Hezekiah b.1659
HAYNES, Hezekiah a.1621
HAYNES, James a.1664
HAYNES, James b.1660
HAYNES, John b.1679
HAYNES, John a.1583
HAYNES, John b.1495
HAYNES, John b.1657
HAYNES, John b.1638
HAYNES, John a.1617
HAYNES, John Esquire b.1594
HAYNES, John Esquire b.1552
HAYNES, John b.1684
HAYNES, John a.1576
HAYNES, John b.1550
HAYNES, John b.1649
HAYNES, John b.1621
HAYNES, John b.1765
HAYNES, Joseph b.1642
HAYNES, Joseph b.1688
HAYNES, Joseph b.1656
HAYNES, Joshua b.1669
HAYNES, Josiah b.1655
HAYNES, Josiah b.1623
HAYNES, Katherine b.1523
HAYNES, Mabel b.1646
HAYNES, Margaret b.1557
HAYNES, Margaret a.1586
HAYNES, Margery a.1578
HAYNES, Martha a.1587
HAYNES, Mary b.1681
HAYNES, Mary a.1567
HAYNES, Mary a.1665
HAYNES, Mary a.1619
HAYNES, Mary a.1580
HAYNES, Mary b.1690
HAYNES, Mary b.1683
HAYNES, Mary b.1620
HAYNES, Mary b.1647
HAYNES, N.N. b.1679
HAYNES, N.N. b.1639
HAYNES, Nancy b.1800
HAYNES, Peter b.1685
HAYNES, Peter b.1654
HAYNES, Philadelphia a.1592
HAYNES, Phineas b.1700
HAYNES, Priscilla b.1603
HAYNES, Rachel b.1665
HAYNES, Richard b.1611
HAYNES, Robert a.1618
HAYNES, Roger b.1640
HAYNES, Rose b.1587
HAYNES, Ruth b.1636
HAYNES, Ruth b.1668
HAYNES, Sarah a.1591
HAYNES, Sarah b.1663
HAYNES, Sarah b.1659
HAYNES, Sarah b.1693
HAYNES, Sufferance b.1618
HAYNES, Susan a.1584
HAYNES, Susan b.1585
HAYNES, Thomas b.1645
HAYNES, Thomas a.1662
HAYNES, Thomas b.1651
HAYNES, Thomas b.1670
HAYNES, Thomas b.1658
HAYNES, Thomas b.1616
HAYNES, Walter b.1583
HAYNES, William a.1580
HAYNES, William b.1624


HAYTON, Isabel de b.1259
HAYTON, Isabel de b.1290
HAYTON, Thomas de b.1265


HAYWARD, Ame b.1760
HAYWARD, Ame b.1758
HAYWARD, Ann b.1763
HAYWARD, Benjamin b.1677
HAYWARD, Benjamin b.1691
HAYWARD, Benjamin b.1685
HAYWARD, Benoni b.1686
HAYWARD, Content b.1694
HAYWARD, Deborah b.1678
HAYWARD, Dorothy b.1674
HAYWARD, Ebenezer b.1715
HAYWARD, Edward b.1739
HAYWARD, Elisha b.1642
HAYWARD, Elizabeth b.1683
HAYWARD, Elizabeth b.1642
HAYWARD, Elizabeth b.1628
HAYWARD, Francis a.1603
HAYWARD, Francis b.1577
HAYWARD, George b.1673
HAYWARD, George b.1673
HAYWARD, George b.1654
HAYWARD, George b.1608
HAYWARD, Hannah b.1682
HAYWARD, Hannah b.1670
HAYWARD, Hannah b.1689
HAYWARD, Hannah b.1634
HAYWARD, Hannah b.1647
HAYWARD, Hannah b.1663
HAYWARD, Hannah b.1661
HAYWARD, Hannah b.1730
HAYWARD, Henry Esquire b.1410
HAYWARD, Hugh a.1587
HAYWARD, Hugh b.1559
HAYWARD, Huldah b.1685
HAYWARD, Huldah b.1723
HAYWARD, Huldah b.1672
HAYWARD, Huldah b.1636
HAYWARD, Jane a.1591
HAYWARD, John b.1680
HAYWARD, John b.1646
HAYWARD, John b.1667
HAYWARD, John b.1626
HAYWARD, John b.1669
HAYWARD, John b.1772
HAYWARD, John b.1735
HAYWARD, John a.1588
HAYWARD, John b.1577
HAYWARD, John a.1602
HAYWARD, John b.1741
HAYWARD, John b.1640
HAYWARD, Jonathan b.1672
HAYWARD, Jonathan b.1668
HAYWARD, Jonathan b.1737
HAYWARD, Jonathan b.1639
HAYWARD, Joseph b.1669
HAYWARD, Joseph b.1644
HAYWARD, Joseph b.1666
HAYWARD, Joseph b.1643
HAYWARD, Judith b.1675
HAYWARD, Lydia b.1729
HAYWARD, Margaret b.1580
HAYWARD, Margaret b.1608
HAYWARD, Margery b.1673
HAYWARD, Margery a.1593
HAYWARD, Martha b.1634
HAYWARD, Martha b.1743
HAYWARD, Mary b.1671
HAYWARD, Mary b.1648
HAYWARD, Mary b.1667
HAYWARD, Mary b.1678
HAYWARD, Mary b.1638
HAYWARD, Mary b.1735
HAYWARD, Mary b.1685
HAYWARD, Mary b.1672
HAYWARD, Mercy b.1677
HAYWARD, Mercy b.1687
HAYWARD, Mercy b.1682
HAYWARD, Moses b.1727
HAYWARD, Nathaniel b.1639
HAYWARD, Nathaniel a.1642
HAYWARD, Nehemiah b.1636
HAYWARD, Nicholas b.1611
HAYWARD, Oliver b.1687
HAYWARD, Oliver b.1764
HAYWARD, Phebe b.1765
HAYWARD, Phillis a.1606
HAYWARD, Ranulph Esquire b.1503
HAYWARD, Robert b.1651
HAYWARD, Rose b.1663
HAYWARD, Ruth b.1694
HAYWARD, Samuel b.1620
HAYWARD, Samuel b.1683
HAYWARD, Samuel b.1642
HAYWARD, Samuel b.1682
HAYWARD, Samuel b.1676
HAYWARD, Samuel b.1747
HAYWARD, Sarah b.1689
HAYWARD, Sarah b.1655
HAYWARD, Sarah b.1677
HAYWARD, Sarah b.1663
HAYWARD, Sarah b.1676
HAYWARD, Sarah b.1645
HAYWARD, Sarah b.1658
HAYWARD, Sarah b.1688
HAYWARD, Sarah b.1679
HAYWARD, Sarah b.1666
HAYWARD, Sarah b.1645
HAYWARD, Simeon b.1649
HAYWARD, Susanna b.1680
HAYWARD, Susanna b.1631
HAYWARD, Thomas b.1674
HAYWARD, Thomas b.1624
HAYWARD, Thomas b.1599
HAYWARD, Thomas b.1514
HAYWARD, Thomas b.1644
HAYWARD, William b.1667
HAYWARD, William b.1680
HAYWARD, William b.1761
HAYWARD, William b.1726
HAYWARD, William b.1651
HAYWARD, William b.1648
HAYWARD, William b.1733
HAYWARD, William b.1669
HAYWARD, William b.1604
HAYWARD, William b.1697

Surname List