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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


GREGSON, Phebe a.1643
GREGSON, Sarah b.1646
GREGSON, Susanna b.1641


GREINVILLE, Eustace de b.1180
GREINVILLE, Gilbert de Knight b.1213
GREINVILLE, Joan de b.1238


GRELLE, Albert I de b.1050
GRELLE, Albert II de b.1100
GRELLE, Albert III de Lord of Manchester b.1129
GRELLE, Joan de b.1281
GRELLE, Robert I de b.1075
GRELLE, Robert II de Knight b.1174
GRELLE, Robert III de b.1225
GRELLE, Robert IV de Knight b.1252
GRELLE, Thomas de Lord Grelle b.1279
GRELLE, Thomas I de Knight b.1199


GRELLY, Margery b.1225


GRENDON, Agatha de b.1162
GRENDON, Bertram de b.1152
GRENDON, Fulcher de b.1156
GRENDON, Isolda de b.1183
GRENDON, Joan de b.1154
GRENDON, Jordan de b.1165
GRENDON, Serlo de b.1127
GRENDON, Serlo de b.1158
GRENDON, William de b.1160


GRENIFFE, James b.1633


GRENOBLE, Gersinde de b.1093
GRENOBLE, Guigues IX de Count of Albon b.1068
GRENOBLE, Guigues VII of b.1025
GRENOBLE, Guigues VIII of Count of Albon b.1047
GRENOBLE, Guigues X de Count of Albon b.1098
GRENOBLE, Humbert of Bishop of Grenoble b.1023
GRENOBLE, Maud of b.1100
GRENOBLE, Umbert de Archbishop of Vienne b.1095


GRENVILLE, Agnes b.1503
GRENVILLE, Agnes b.1483
GRENVILLE, Amy b.1507
GRENVILLE, Anne b.1569
GRENVILLE, Christian b.1509
GRENVILLE, Degory b.1501
GRENVILLE, Dorothy b.1563
GRENVILLE, Edward b.1572
GRENVILLE, Edward b.1561
GRENVILLE, Edward Gentleman b.1525
GRENVILLE, Edward Sheriff of Buckinghamshire b.1490
GRENVILLE, Elizabeth b.1559
GRENVILLE, Ellen b.1458
GRENVILLE, George b.1529
GRENVILLE, Honor b.1481
GRENVILLE, Isabel b.1565
GRENVILLE, Isabel b.1511
GRENVILLE, Jane b.1512
GRENVILLE, Jane b.1485
GRENVILLE, John b.1577
GRENVILLE, John b.1499
GRENVILLE, John Knight b.1365
GRENVILLE, Katherine b.1487
GRENVILLE, Margery b.1431
GRENVILLE, Mary b.1523
GRENVILLE, Mary b.1505
GRENVILLE, Mary b.1492
GRENVILLE, Philippa b.1497
GRENVILLE, Philippe b.1489
GRENVILLE, Ralph b.1532
GRENVILLE, Richard b.1567
GRENVILLE, Richard Knight a.1600
GRENVILLE, Richard Knight b.1495
GRENVILLE, Richard Sheriff of Cornwall b.1479
GRENVILLE, Richard b.1527
GRENVILLE, Roger Esquire b.1477
GRENVILLE, Thomas K.B. b.1455
GRENVILLE, Thomas Knight b.1428
GRENVILLE, William b.1534
GRENVILLE, William Knight b.1390


GRESHAM, Anne b.1552
GRESHAM, Beatrice a.1593
GRESHAM, Cecily b.1561
GRESHAM, Christian b.1522
GRESHAM, Edward Knight a.1589
GRESHAM, Elizabeth a.1594
GRESHAM, Elizabeth b.1520
GRESHAM, Elizabeth b.1542
GRESHAM, Francis a.1539
GRESHAM, Harry a.1598
GRESHAM, Hester a.1597
GRESHAM, John Knight b.1588
GRESHAM, John b.1528
GRESHAM, John Knight b.1516
GRESHAM, Leonard a.1600
GRESHAM, Margaret b.1512
GRESHAM, Mary b.1602
GRESHAM, Richard Lord Mayor of London b.1484
GRESHAM, Richard a.1544
GRESHAM, Thomas a.1592
GRESHAM, Thomas Knight b.1559
GRESHAM, Thomas Knight b.1518
GRESHAM, William a.1596
GRESHAM, William b.1514


GRESLEY, Agatha de b.1176
GRESLEY, Agnes de Prioress of Grace Dieu b.1208
GRESLEY, Alice b.1455
GRESLEY, Alice de b.1178
GRESLEY, Annabella de b.1148
GRESLEY, Dionysia de b.1166
GRESLEY, Edmund de b.1304
GRESLEY, Elizabeth b.1463
GRESLEY, Engenulph de b.1129
GRESLEY, Geoffrey de b.1400
GRESLEY, Geoffrey de b.1212
GRESLEY, Geoffrey de b.1172
GRESLEY, Geoffrey de Knight b.1243
GRESLEY, Geoffrey de Knight b.1298
GRESLEY, Henry de Knight b.1133
GRESLEY, Henry de b.1154
GRESLEY, Henry de Rector of Lullington b.1174
GRESLEY, Joan de b.1397
GRESLEY, John Knight b.1418
GRESLEY, John de Knight b.1393
GRESLEY, John de Knight b.1328
GRESLEY, Katherine b.1414
GRESLEY, Margaret de b.1395
GRESLEY, N.N. de b.1127
GRESLEY, N.N. de b.1137
GRESLEY, Nicholas de b.1157
GRESLEY, Nicholas de Knight b.1350
GRESLEY, Nicholas Fitz Nigel de b.1092
GRESLEY, Nigel de b.1131
GRESLEY, Peter de b.1302
GRESLEY, Peter de Knight b.1270
GRESLEY, Petronilla de b.1168
GRESLEY, Ralph de b.1140
GRESLEY, Richard b.1452
GRESLEY, Robert de b.1170
GRESLEY, Robert de b.1210
GRESLEY, Robert de b.1125
GRESLEY, Robert de b.1272
GRESLEY, Robert de Knight b.1306
GRESLEY, Roger b.1308
GRESLEY, Roger de b.1373
GRESLEY, Thomas Knight b.1449
GRESLEY, Thomas Knight b.1371
GRESLEY, Thomas de b.1300
GRESLEY, Thomasine b.1459
GRESLEY, Thomasine b.1411
GRESLEY, William de Rector of Lullington b.1135
GRESLEY, William de b.1151
GRESLEY, William de b.1206
GRESLEY, William de b.1275
GRESLEY, William Fitz Nigel de b.1090


GRESSENHALL, Drogo de b.1151
GRESSENHALL, Isabel de b.1160
GRESSENHALL, Odo de b.1154
GRESSENHALL, Roger de b.1148
GRESSENHALL, Roger Fitz Wimer de b.1076
GRESSENHALL, William de b.1157
GRESSENHALL, William Fitz Roger de b.1101
GRESSENHALL, Wimer de b.1051


GRESWOLD, Alice b.1534
GRESWOLD, Alice b.1510
GRESWOLD, Alice a.1588
GRESWOLD, Ann b.1445
GRESWOLD, Benedict a.1598
GRESWOLD, Christian b.1420
GRESWOLD, Dorothy a.1597
GRESWOLD, Edward a.1594
GRESWOLD, Elizabeth a.1599
GRESWOLD, George b.1513
GRESWOLD, Henry a.1563
GRESWOLD, Humphrey b.1506
GRESWOLD, Joan b.1517
GRESWOLD, John b.1390
GRESWOLD, John b.1414
GRESWOLD, John b.1472
GRESWOLD, John b.1440
GRESWOLD, John b.1500
GRESWOLD, John a.1591
GRESWOLD, John b.1619
GRESWOLD, Marie b.1535
GRESWOLD, Peter b.1508
GRESWOLD, Richard b.1417
GRESWOLD, Richard b.1470
GRESWOLD, Richard b.1530
GRESWOLD, Richard b.1590
GRESWOLD, Robert b.1450
GRESWOLD, Roger b.1504
GRESWOLD, Shuckburgh a.1593
GRESWOLD, Thomas b.1502
GRESWOLD, Thomas b.1595
GRESWOLD, Thomas a.1562
GRESWOLD, Thomas b.1623


GREVILLE, Algernon Esquire b.1640
GREVILLE, Algernon b.1677
GREVILLE, Alice b.1499
GREVILLE, Alice b.1379
GREVILLE, Alice de b.1345
GREVILLE, Ann b.1578
GREVILLE, Anne b.1450
GREVILLE, Anne b.1668
GREVILLE, Anne a.1577
GREVILLE, Anne b.1499
GREVILLE, Anne b.1514
GREVILLE, Blanche a.1578
GREVILLE, Blanche b.1545
GREVILLE, Diana b.1675
GREVILLE, Doddington b.1680
GREVILLE, Dorothy b.1573
GREVILLE, Dorothy a.1605
GREVILLE, Dorothy b.1518
GREVILLE, Douglas b.1592
GREVILLE, Edward b.1638
GREVILLE, Edward b.1506
GREVILLE, Edward Knight b.1548
GREVILLE, Edward Knight b.1473
GREVILLE, Eleanor b.1495
GREVILLE, Elizabeth b.1669
GREVILLE, Elizabeth b.1590
GREVILLE, Frances b.1588
GREVILLE, Frances b.1599
GREVILLE, Francis b.1667
GREVILLE, Francis Lord Brooke b.1634
GREVILLE, Fulk Lord Brooke b.1643
GREVILLE, Fulke a.1614
GREVILLE, Fulke Knight b.1586
GREVILLE, Fulke a.1604
GREVILLE, Fulke a.1575
GREVILLE, Fulke Knight b.1531
GREVILLE, Fulke Knight b.1501
GREVILLE, Giles b.1469
GREVILLE, Helen b.1537
GREVILLE, Helena b.1580
GREVILLE, Henrietta b.1683
GREVILLE, John Knight b.1427
GREVILLE, John Knight b.1497
GREVILLE, John b.1445
GREVILLE, John Knight b.1376
GREVILLE, John b.1403
GREVILLE, Katherine b.1666
GREVILLE, Katherine b.1571
GREVILLE, Katherine b.1542
GREVILLE, Lodowick b.1370
GREVILLE, Margaret b.1454
GREVILLE, Margaret b.1497
GREVILLE, Margery b.1595
GREVILLE, Mary b.1671
GREVILLE, Mary b.1582
GREVILLE, Mary b.1576
GREVILLE, Mary b.1528
GREVILLE, Mary b.1476
GREVILLE, Mary b.1382
GREVILLE, Philip b.1584
GREVILLE, Ralph b.1418
GREVILLE, Richard b.1374
GREVILLE, Richard b.1397
GREVILLE, Richard Knight b.1397
GREVILLE, Richard Esquire b.1432
GREVILLE, Robert b.1674
GREVILLE, Robert Lord Brooke b.1636
GREVILLE, Robert Lord Brooke b.1607
GREVILLE, Robert Esquire b.1539
GREVILLE, Robert b.1480
GREVILLE, Robert b.1400
GREVILLE, Robert b.1466
GREVILLE, Sarah b.1672
GREVILLE, Thomas b.1516
GREVILLE, Thomas b.1503
GREVILLE, Thomas b.1534
GREVILLE, William b.1372
GREVILLE, William b.1344
GREVILLE, William b.1395
GREVILLE, William Knight b.1464


GREY, Agnes b.1513
GREY, Agnes b.1502
GREY, Agnes de b.1234
GREY, Agnes de b.1342
GREY, Agnes de b.1189
GREY, Alice b.1442
GREY, Alice de b.1382
GREY, Alice de b.1332
GREY, Alice de b.1334
GREY, Ambrose b.1579
GREY, Amice de b.1272
GREY, Anne b.1521
GREY, Anne b.1446
GREY, Anne b.1493
GREY, Anne b.1511
GREY, Anne b.1450
GREY, Anne b.1474
GREY, Anne b.1514
GREY, Anne b.1495
GREY, Anschetil de b.1068
GREY, Anschetil de b.1040
GREY, Anschetil de b.1105
GREY, Anthony b.1467
GREY, Anthony Knight b.1444
GREY, Anthony b.1475
GREY, Arthur Lord Grey of Wilton b.1536
GREY, Barbara Nun b.1502
GREY, Bartholomew de Lord Grey of Rotherfield b.1344
GREY, Beatrice b.1464
GREY, Bennett b.1491
GREY, Brian de b.1347
GREY, Bridget b.1493
GREY, Bridget b.1485
GREY, Cassandra b.1506
GREY, Catherine b.1525
GREY, Catherine a.1629
GREY, Cecily b.1491
GREY, Charles Earl of Kent b.1545
GREY, Columbanus de b.1066
GREY, Constance b.1420
GREY, Constance b.1425
GREY, Daniel b.1646
GREY, Dorothy b.1487
GREY, Edmund b.1534
GREY, Edmund Esquire b.1505
GREY, Edmund b.1519
GREY, Edmund Lord Grey of Wilton b.1468
GREY, Edmund Earl of Kent b.1416
GREY, Edmund de b.1366
GREY, Edward a.1633
GREY, Edward b.1483
GREY, Edward Lord Grey of Powis b.1503
GREY, Edward Knight b.1471
GREY, Edward b.1478
GREY, Edward Viscount Lisle b.1434
GREY, Edward Lord Ferrers of Groby b.1415
GREY, Eleanor b.1528
GREY, Eleanor b.1528
GREY, Eleanor b.1462
GREY, Eleanor b.1398
GREY, Eleanor b.1481
GREY, Eleanor b.1384
GREY, Eleanor de b.1419
GREY, Elizabeth b.1564
GREY, Elizabeth b.1567
GREY, Elizabeth b.1538
GREY, Elizabeth b.1515
GREY, Elizabeth b.1473
GREY, Elizabeth b.1462
GREY, Elizabeth a.1630
GREY, Elizabeth b.1437
GREY, Elizabeth b.1355
GREY, Elizabeth b.1447
GREY, Elizabeth b.1421
GREY, Elizabeth b.1440
GREY, Elizabeth Baroness Lisle b.1472
GREY, Elizabeth b.1412
GREY, Elizabeth b.1510
GREY, Elizabeth b.1500
GREY, Elizabeth b.1552
GREY, Elizabeth b.1366
GREY, Elizabeth b.1497
GREY, Elizabeth b.1407
GREY, Elizabeth b.1405
GREY, Elizabeth b.1499
GREY, Emma de b.1237
GREY, Eve de b.1176
GREY, Eve de b.1209
GREY, Eve de b.1232
GREY, Ford Earl of Tankerville a.1655
GREY, Frances b.1549
GREY, Francis b.1494
GREY, George b.1582
GREY, George Lord Grey of Wilton b.1494
GREY, George b.1499
GREY, George Earl of Kent b.1453
GREY, Gilbert de b.1314
GREY, Hawise de b.1155
GREY, Henry b.1576
GREY, Henry Earl of Stamford b.1599
GREY, Henry b.1517
GREY, Henry b.1450
GREY, Henry Knight b.1491
GREY, Henry Lord Grey of Groby b.1546
GREY, Henry Count of Tancarville b.1418
GREY, Henry Earl of Kent b.1541
GREY, Henry Marquess of Dorset b.1517
GREY, Henry Lord Grey of Codnor b.1401
GREY, Henry b.1616
GREY, Henry Esquire b.1440
GREY, Henry b.1388
GREY, Henry Lord Grey of Codnor b.1435
GREY, Henry de b.1185
GREY, Henry de Knight b.1336
GREY, Henry de Lord Grey of Wilton b.1339
GREY, Henry de Lord Grey of Wilton b.1282
GREY, Henry de Lord Grey of Codnor b.1255
GREY, Henry de b.1155
GREY, Honora b.1541
GREY, Humphrey Esquire b.1448
GREY, Humphrey b.1438
GREY, Ida de b.1368
GREY, Isaac b.1651
GREY, Isaac a.1621
GREY, Isabel de b.1372
GREY, Isabel de b.1377
GREY, Isolde de b.1279
GREY, Jane b.1536
GREY, Jane b.1498
GREY, Jane b.1472
GREY, Jane Queen of England b.1537
GREY, Joan b.1543
GREY, Joan b.1390
GREY, Joan b.1408
GREY, Joan de Baroness Grey of Rotherfield b.1386
GREY, Joan de b.1366
GREY, Joan de b.1310
GREY, Joan de b.1321
GREY, Joan de b.1349
GREY, Joan de b.1292
GREY, Joan de b.1287
GREY, Joan de b.1259
GREY, Joan de b.1277
GREY, Joan de b.1292
GREY, John Knight b.1573
GREY, John b.1460
GREY, John b.1476
GREY, John b.1424
GREY, John b.1456
GREY, John Lord Grey of Wilton b.1448
GREY, John Lord Grey of Powis b.1482
GREY, John Knight b.1410
GREY, John Lord Grey of Powis b.1460
GREY, John Knight b.1523
GREY, John b.1483
GREY, John b.1643
GREY, John b.1613
GREY, John Esquire b.1417
GREY, John Knight b.1432
GREY, John Count of Tancarville b.1386
GREY, John Lord Lisle b.1480
GREY, John Lord Grey of Codnor b.1396
GREY, John K.G. b.1386
GREY, John de b.1353
GREY, John de b.1310
GREY, John de Knight b.1227
GREY, John de Lord Grey of Codnor b.1307
GREY, John de b.1342
GREY, John de b.1364
GREY, John de b.1150
GREY, John de Knight b.1317
GREY, John de Lord Grey of Wilton b.1257
GREY, John de Knight b.1230
GREY, John de Knight b.1202
GREY, John I de Knight b.1270
GREY, John II de Lord Grey of Rotherfield b.1300
GREY, John III de Lord Grey of Rotherfield b.1319
GREY, Joyce b.1496
GREY, Juliane de b.1353
GREY, Juliane de b.1319
GREY, Katherine b.1497
GREY, Katherine b.1474
GREY, Katherine b.1540
GREY, Katherine b.1512
GREY, Katherine b.1535
GREY, Katherine de b.1335
GREY, Launcelyn b.1489
GREY, Leonard b.1487
GREY, Leonard b.1521
GREY, Leonard Viscount Grane b.1489
GREY, Lucy b.1404
GREY, Lucy de b.1253
GREY, Lucy de b.1285
GREY, Margaret b.1432
GREY, Margaret b.1477
GREY, Margaret b.1499
GREY, Margaret b.1557
GREY, Margaret b.1501
GREY, Margaret b.1445
GREY, Margaret b.1395
GREY, Margaret de b.1380
GREY, Margaret de b.1272
GREY, Margery b.1475
GREY, Mary b.1570
GREY, Mary b.1541
GREY, Mary b.1477
GREY, Mary b.1543
GREY, Mary b.1493
GREY, Mary b.1436
GREY, Mary de b.1328
GREY, Matilda de b.1356
GREY, Maud b.1382
GREY, Maud de b.1315
GREY, Maud de b.1314
GREY, Maud de b.1345
GREY, Maud de b.1284
GREY, N.N. de b.1308
GREY, Nichole de b.1232
GREY, Pernel b.1390
GREY, Pernel de b.1393
GREY, Peter b.1480
GREY, Philip b.1602
GREY, Ralph Lord Grey of Warke a.1630
GREY, Ralph b.1495
GREY, Ralph Knight b.1406
GREY, Rebecca b.1453
GREY, Reginald Esquire b.1485
GREY, Reginald Esquire b.1435
GREY, Reginald b.1438
GREY, Reynold Earl of Kent b.1539
GREY, Reynold b.1470
GREY, Reynold Lord Grey of Wilton b.1421
GREY, Reynold de Lord Grey of Wilton b.1311
GREY, Reynold de Lord Grey of Ruthin b.1324
GREY, Reynold de Lord Grey of Wilton b.1234
GREY, Reynold de Lord Grey of Ruthin b.1362
GREY, Richard b.1493
GREY, Richard Earl of Kent b.1477
GREY, Richard b.1478
GREY, Richard Lord Grey of Wilton b.1505
GREY, Richard Lord Powis b.1436
GREY, Richard Knight b.1459
GREY, Richard b.1480
GREY, Richard Lord Grey of Wilton b.1393
GREY, Richard de b.1288
GREY, Richard de Knight b.1229
GREY, Richard de Knight b.1360
GREY, Richard de Lord Grey of Codnor b.1281
GREY, Richard de b.1073
GREY, Richard de Lord Grey of Codnor b.1371
GREY, Richard de Knight b.1200
GREY, Robert Esquire b.1532
GREY, Robert b.1504
GREY, Robert b.1480
GREY, Robert b.1438
GREY, Robert Esquire b.1423
GREY, Robert de Knight b.1342
GREY, Robert de Lord Grey of Rotherfield b.1350
GREY, Robert de b.1179
GREY, Robert de Knight b.1246
GREY, Roger de b.1307
GREY, Roger de b.1370
GREY, Roger de Lord Grey of Ruthin b.1290
GREY, Samuel b.1648
GREY, Sarah b.1641
GREY, Tacy b.1492
GREY, Talbot a.1632
GREY, Thomas b.1555
GREY, Thomas b.1523
GREY, Thomas Esquire b.1500
GREY, Thomas b.1627
GREY, Thomas Esquire b.1458
GREY, Thomas Lord Grey of Wilton b.1497
GREY, Thomas Knight b.1455
GREY, Thomas Esquire b.1530
GREY, Thomas b.1382
GREY, Thomas b.1442
GREY, Thomas b.1519
GREY, Thomas Marquess of Dorset b.1477
GREY, Thomas Marquess of Dorset b.1455
GREY, Thomas Baron of Richemount Grey b.1418
GREY, Thomas Sheriff of Northumberland b.1384
GREY, Thomas Knight b.1404
GREY, Thomas Knight a.1359
GREY, Thomas de b.1305
GREY, Thomas de Knight b.1249
GREY, Thomas de b.1109
GREY, Thomas de b.1274
GREY, Walter de Archbishop of York b.1182
GREY, Walter de Knight b.1212
GREY, William Esquire b.1540
GREY, William b.1427
GREY, William Lord Grey of Warke b.1593
GREY, William b.1538
GREY, William Lord Grey of Wilton b.1508
GREY, William Bishop of Ely b.1414
GREY, William a.1611
GREY, William b.1585
GREY, William Bishop of Lincoln b.1390
GREY, William de b.1256
GREY, William de Knight b.1307
GREY, William de b.1107
GREY, William de b.1070
GREY, William de Sheriff of Lincoln b.1205


GREYNDOUR, Elizabeth b.1421
GREYNDOUR, Robert Knight b.1398


GREYSTOKE, Adam de b.1115
GREYSTOKE, Alice de b.1357
GREYSTOKE, Alice de b.1120
GREYSTOKE, Alice de b.1179
GREYSTOKE, Anne b.1454
GREYSTOKE, Anne b.1415
GREYSTOKE, Edith de b.1080
GREYSTOKE, Eleanor b.1417
GREYSTOKE, Elizabeth Baroness Greystoke b.1471
GREYSTOKE, Elizabeth b.1419
GREYSTOKE, Elizabeth b.1436
GREYSTOKE, Henry b.1427
GREYSTOKE, Isabel b.1450
GREYSTOKE, Ivo de b.1083
GREYSTOKE, Joan b.1446
GREYSTOKE, Joan b.1408
GREYSTOKE, Joan b.1395
GREYSTOKE, Joan de b.1225
GREYSTOKE, John b.1440
GREYSTOKE, John b.1423
GREYSTOKE, John Lord Greystoke b.1389
GREYSTOKE, Katherine Nun b.1425
GREYSTOKE, Margery b.1457
GREYSTOKE, Mary b.1448
GREYSTOKE, Matilda b.1387
GREYSTOKE, Maud b.1409
GREYSTOKE, N.N. de b.1301
GREYSTOKE, Ralph b.1444
GREYSTOKE, Ralph Knight b.1397
GREYSTOKE, Ralph Lord Greystoke b.1411
GREYSTOKE, Ralph de Lord Greystoke b.1299
GREYSTOKE, Ralph de Lord Greystoke b.1353
GREYSTOKE, Randolf de b.1145
GREYSTOKE, Richard b.1442
GREYSTOKE, Richard b.1421
GREYSTOKE, Robert Knight b.1438
GREYSTOKE, Robert de b.1222
GREYSTOKE, Robert de b.1359
GREYSTOKE, Robert de b.1113
GREYSTOKE, Thomas b.1413
GREYSTOKE, Thomas Knight b.1393
GREYSTOKE, Thomas de Knight b.1198
GREYSTOKE, Walter de b.1111
GREYSTOKE, William b.1452
GREYSTOKE, William b.1430
GREYSTOKE, William Knight b.1391
GREYSTOKE, William de b.1230
GREYSTOKE, William de b.1355
GREYSTOKE, William de b.1117
GREYSTOKE, William de Lord Greystoke b.1321
GREYSTOKE, William de b.1173


GRIBBLE, John a.1607


GRICE, Aleto R. b.1921
GRICE, Margaret b.1575


GRIDLEY, Richard b.1674
GRIDLEY, Thomas b.1650


GRIFFIN, Abigail b.1640
GRIFFIN, Abigail b.1660
GRIFFIN, Abigail b.1683
GRIFFIN, Anne b.1526
GRIFFIN, Anne b.1353
GRIFFIN, Bridget b.1519
GRIFFIN, David b.1480
GRIFFIN, Ebenezer b.1673
GRIFFIN, Edward b.1460
GRIFFIN, Edward Knight b.1507
GRIFFIN, Eleanor b.1837
GRIFFIN, Elizabeth b.1357
GRIFFIN, Elizabeth b.1638
GRIFFIN, Elizabeth b.1667
GRIFFIN, Elizabeth b.1687
GRIFFIN, Ephraim b.1669
GRIFFIN, Esther b.1767
GRIFFIN, Frances b.1523
GRIFFIN, Francis b.1672
GRIFFIN, George b.1478
GRIFFIN, Hannah b.1649
GRIFFIN, Hannah b.1671
GRIFFIN, Hannah b.1675
GRIFFIN, Hannah b.1670
GRIFFIN, Henry b.1428
GRIFFIN, Hugh b.1610
GRIFFIN, Hugh b.1627
GRIFFIN, Humphrey b.1605
GRIFFIN, Isabel b.1458
GRIFFIN, John Lord Latimer b.1454
GRIFFIN, John Lord Latimer b.1380
GRIFFIN, John b.1424
GRIFFIN, John b.1656
GRIFFIN, John b.1671
GRIFFIN, John b.1640
GRIFFIN, John b.1609
GRIFFIN, John b.1654
GRIFFIN, John M. b.1874
GRIFFIN, Jonathan b.1647
GRIFFIN, Jonathan b.1691
GRIFFIN, Katherine b.1463
GRIFFIN, Lydia b.1648
GRIFFIN, Lydia b.1717
GRIFFIN, Lydia b.1664
GRIFFIN, Margaret b.1509
GRIFFIN, Margaret b.1384
GRIFFIN, Mary b.1653
GRIFFIN, Mary b.1485
GRIFFIN, Mary b.1651
GRIFFIN, Mary b.1659
GRIFFIN, Mary b.1718
GRIFFIN, Matthew b.1624
GRIFFIN, Mindwell b.1663
GRIFFIN, N.N. b.1664
GRIFFIN, Nathaniel b.1673
GRIFFIN, Nathaniel b.1642
GRIFFIN, Nathaniel b.1680
GRIFFIN, Nicholas Lord Latimer b.1476
GRIFFIN, Nicholas Lord Latimer b.1426
GRIFFIN, Nicholas b.1390
GRIFFIN, Phebe b.1685
GRIFFIN, Rice b.1517
GRIFFIN, Richard b.1482
GRIFFIN, Richard b.1431
GRIFFIN, Richard b.1456
GRIFFIN, Richard b.1355
GRIFFIN, Ruth b.1666
GRIFFIN, Samuel b.1645
GRIFFIN, Samuel b.1678
GRIFFIN, Samuel b.1657
GRIFFIN, Sarah b.1642
GRIFFIN, Sarah b.1654
GRIFFIN, Sarah b.1667
GRIFFIN, Shemuel b.1645
GRIFFIN, Susanna b.1675
GRIFFIN, Theophilus b.1666
GRIFFIN, Thomas b.1521
GRIFFIN, Thomas Lord Latimer b.1496
GRIFFIN, Thomas b.1359
GRIFFIN, Thomas b.1434
GRIFFIN, Thomas Knight b.1329
GRIFFIN, Thomas b.1658
GRIFFIN, Thomas b.1662


GRIFFITH, Alis b.1485
GRIFFITH, Ann b.1482
GRIFFITH, Annes b.1512
GRIFFITH, Catrin b.1510
GRIFFITH, Dorothy b.1515
GRIFFITH, Edward Esquire b.1503
GRIFFITH, Elin b.1506
GRIFFITH, Elsbeth b.1513
GRIFFITH, Evan ap Knight b.1330
GRIFFITH, George Archdeacon of Anglesey b.1524
GRIFFITH, Grace b.1501
GRIFFITH, Henry Knight b.1338
GRIFFITH, Isabel b.1530
GRIFFITH, Jane b.1504
GRIFFITH, Jane b.1477
GRIFFITH, Joan b.1471
GRIFFITH, Joan b.1372
GRIFFITH, John b.1528
GRIFFITH, John b.1374
GRIFFITH, John b.1509
GRIFFITH, Margaret b.1425
GRIFFITH, Margred b.1332
GRIFFITH, Margred b.1518
GRIFFITH, Mary b.1526
GRIFFITH, Rhys Knight b.1335
GRIFFITH, Rhys Knight b.1507
GRIFFITH, Rhys ap Knight b.1287
GRIFFITH, Rhys ap Knight b.1500
GRIFFITH, Robert b.1588
GRIFFITH, Rowland b.1522
GRIFFITH, Rowland b.1516
GRIFFITH, Thomas Knight b.1377
GRIFFITH, Walter Knight b.1445
GRIFFITH, William b.1521
GRIFFITH, William b.1500
GRIFFITH, William K.B. b.1447
GRIFFITH, William Knight b.1479


GRIGGS, Edmund b.1505
GRIGGS, Elizabeth b.1648
GRIGGS, Hannah b.1660
GRIGGS, Humphrey a.1612
GRIGGS, Isaac b.1646
GRIGGS, Jacob b.1658
GRIGGS, Michael Gentleman b.1655
GRIGGS, Rachel b.1644
GRIGGS, Ralph b.1615
GRIGGS, Rebecca b.1662
GRIGGS, Sarah b.1642
GRIGGS, Stephen b.1614
GRIGGS, Wibroe b.1593
GRIGGS, William b.1515
GRIGGS, William b.1640
GRIGGS, William b.1615


GRIGSBY, Aaron b.1801


GRIMSBY, Anne b.1464
GRIMSBY, Henry b.1459
GRIMSBY, William Esquire b.1433


GRIMSTEDE, Katherine de b.1306
GRIMSTEDE, Margaret de b.1302
GRIMSTEDE, Richard de b.1275
GRIMSTEDE, Thomas de b.1304


GRIMSTON, Edward b.1425
GRIMSTON, Edward Esquire b.1464
GRIMSTON, Elizabeth a.1671
GRIMSTON, Elizabeth b.1490
GRIMSTON, George b.1631
GRIMSTON, Samuel Knight b.1643


GRINDON, Alice b.1295
GRINDON, John b.1270
GRINDON, John de Knight b.1274


GRINNELL, Rebecca b.1695


GRISWOLD, Abigail b.1655
GRISWOLD, Bathsheba b.1720
GRISWOLD, Daniel b.1782
GRISWOLD, Daniel b.1696
GRISWOLD, Elizabeth b.1700
GRISWOLD, Elizabeth b.1652
GRISWOLD, George Albert b.1880
GRISWOLD, Hannah b.1698
GRISWOLD, Hattie Eunice b.1902
GRISWOLD, Hester b.1648
GRISWOLD, Isaac b.1702
GRISWOLD, Isaac b.1658
GRISWOLD, Jacob b.1660
GRISWOLD, Jemima b.1747
GRISWOLD, Joseph b.1647
GRISWOLD, Kenneth Ernest b.1913
GRISWOLD, Lydia b.1696
GRISWOLD, Martha b.1694
GRISWOLD, Mary b.1650
GRISWOLD, Matthew b.1714
GRISWOLD, Michael b.1690
GRISWOLD, Michael b.1667
GRISWOLD, Michael b.1652
GRISWOLD, Michael b.1621
GRISWOLD, Ralph Moses Ichabod b.1907
GRISWOLD, Richard b.1694
GRISWOLD, Ruby Anne b.1899
GRISWOLD, Samuel b.1665
GRISWOLD, Sarah b.1657
GRISWOLD, Sarah b.1653
GRISWOLD, Sarah b.1662
GRISWOLD, Sarah b.1749
GRISWOLD, Stanley Albert b.1909
GRISWOLD, Thomas b.1673
GRISWOLD, Thomas b.1646
GRISWOLD, William Austin b.1900


GROMBRIDGE, Mary a.1605


GRONW, Christina ferch b.1105


GRONWY, Edwin ap King of Tegaingl b.1008


GROOM, Edward b.1646
GROOM, Rebecca b.1721
GROOM, Sarah b.1722
GROOM, Susan b.1581


GROS, Arnold le b.936


GROSS, Edmund b.1617
GROSS, Jane b.1401
GROSS, Mary b.1681
GROSS, Richard b.1684


GROSVENOR, Agnes b.1444
GROSVENOR, Catherine b.1437
GROSVENOR, Catherine b.1507
GROSVENOR, Elizabeth b.1430
GROSVENOR, Elizabeth b.1520
GROSVENOR, Emma b.1432
GROSVENOR, Geoffrey b.1504
GROSVENOR, Henry b.1525
GROSVENOR, Margaret b.1435
GROSVENOR, Margery b.1440
GROSVENOR, Margery b.1515
GROSVENOR, Maud le b.1248
GROSVENOR, Ralph b.1408
GROSVENOR, Ralph le b.1318
GROSVENOR, Randall b.1417
GROSVENOR, Randle Esquire b.1450
GROSVENOR, Randle b.1517
GROSVENOR, Randle Esquire b.1480
GROSVENOR, Randle le b.1185
GROSVENOR, Richard le b.1212
GROSVENOR, Robert Esquire b.1440
GROSVENOR, Robert Knight b.1405
GROSVENOR, Robert b.1511
GROSVENOR, Robert le b.1187
GROSVENOR, Robert le b.1210
GROSVENOR, Robert le b.1160
GROSVENOR, Robert le b.1240
GROSVENOR, Robert le b.1285
GROSVENOR, Robert le b.1320
GROSVENOR, Robert le Knight b.1342
GROSVENOR, Robert le b.1262
GROSVENOR, Thomas b.1415
GROSVENOR, Thomas b.1502
GROSVENOR, Thomas le Knight b.1377


GROTH, John b.1645


GROUT, Abigail b.1655
GROUT, Edward b.1718
GROUT, Elizabeth b.1652
GROUT, Hannah b.1646
GROUT, John b.1615
GROUT, Jonathan b.1658
GROUT, Joseph b.1649
GROUT, Martin b.1604
GROUT, Mary b.1661
GROUT, Susanna b.1664
GROUT, Theodore a.1767


GROVE, Anne a.1554
GROVE, Mary b.1610
GROVE, Thomas b.1527


GROVER, Deborah a.1648
GROVER, Edmund b.1600
GROVER, Elizabeth b.1669
GROVER, John a.1628
GROVER, Lydia b.1642
GROVER, Mary a.1646
GROVER, Naomi b.1644
GROVER, Nehemiah b.1640
GROVER, Ruth b.1666
GROVER, Thomas b.1644


GROVES, John b.1681


GROW, Arabella Stone b.1787


GRUBB, Eustace b.1555
GRUBB, George b.1530
GRUBB, Mary b.1614


GRUBBS, Mary b.1804


GRUBER, Abner b.1805
GRUBER, Barbara b.1808
GRUBER, Charles b.1774
GRUBER, David b.1776
GRUBER, Elizabeth b.1794
GRUBER, Elizabeth b.1780
GRUBER, Hannah b.1800
GRUBER, James b.1798
GRUBER, John b.1792
GRUBER, John b.1739
GRUBER, John b.1766
GRUBER, Joshua b.1772
GRUBER, Mary Ann b.1796
GRUBER, Patsy b.1811
GRUBER, Peter b.1737
GRUBER, Peter b.1700
GRUBER, Solomon b.1803
GRUBER, Solomon b.1769
GRUBER, William b.1778


GRUFFYDD, Anarawd ap b.1121
GRUFFYDD, Angharad ferch b.1246
GRUFFYDD, Annest ferch b.1104
GRUFFYDD, Cadell ap b.1117
GRUFFYDD, Cadwaladr ap b.1102
GRUFFYDD, Cadwallon ap b.1093
GRUFFYDD, Dafydd ap b.1267
GRUFFYDD, Elinor ferch b.1262
GRUFFYDD, Gruffydd "Fychan" ap b.1264
GRUFFYDD, Gruffydd ap b.1329
GRUFFYDD, Gryffydd "Fychan" ap b.1248
GRUFFYDD, Gryffydd ap b.1154
GRUFFYDD, Gwenllian ferch b.1095
GRUFFYDD, Gwladus ferch b.1113
GRUFFYDD, Hywel ap b.1162
GRUFFYDD, Isabel ferch b.1319
GRUFFYDD, John ap b.1258
GRUFFYDD, Leuca ferch b.1190
GRUFFYDD, Llywelyn b.1256
GRUFFYDD, Llywelyn ap b.1254
GRUFFYDD, Lowri ferch b.1363
GRUFFYDD, Madog ap b.1251
GRUFFYDD, Madog ap b.1148
GRUFFYDD, Marared ferch b.1091
GRUFFYDD, Maredudd ap b.1115
GRUFFYDD, Margaret ferch b.1254
GRUFFYDD, Margery ferch b.1261
GRUFFYDD, Margred ferch b.1324
GRUFFYDD, Margred ferch b.1314
GRUFFYDD, Margred ferch b.1126
GRUFFYDD, Mawd ferch b.1167
GRUFFYDD, Nest ferch b.1119
GRUFFYDD, Nest ferch b.1164
GRUFFYDD, Nest ferch b.1055
GRUFFYDD, Owain "Cyfeilog" ap b.1125
GRUFFYDD, Owain "Glyndwr" ap b.1359
GRUFFYDD, Owain ap b.1187
GRUFFYDD, Owain ap b.1252
GRUFFYDD, Owain ap b.1257
GRUFFYDD, Owain ap b.1151
GRUFFYDD, Owain I "Gwynedd" ap King of Gwynedd b.1097
GRUFFYDD, Ragnaillt ferch b.1089
GRUFFYDD, Rhirid "Foel" ap b.1128
GRUFFYDD, Rhys ap b.1159
GRUFFYDD, Rhys ap b.1193
GRUFFYDD, Rhys ap Lord of Deheubarth b.1124
GRUFFYDD, Susanna ferch b.1099
GRUFFYDD, Tudor ap b.1361
GRUFFYDD, William ap b.1260


GRUMBY, Amanda b.1801


GRWST, Gwl ap b.468


GRYMES, Lucy b.1734
GRYMES, Richard b.1574




GUDIEL, Garci Fernandez b.1265
GUDIEL, Maria Fernandez b.1237
GUDIEL, Maria Garcia b.1290


GUDRODSSON, Halfdan "The Black" King of Vestfold b.823
GUDRODSSON, Harald "Grenski" b.955
GUDRODSSON, Ragnvald b.795


GUELDERS, Adelaide of b.1187
GUELDERS, Adelheid of b.1142
GUELDERS, Agnes of b.1148
GUELDERS, Gerard III of b.1185
GUELDERS, Gerhard of b.1140
GUELDERS, Henry of Count of Guelders b.1117
GUELDERS, Margareta of b.1145
GUELDERS, Marie of b.1433
GUELDERS, Otto I of Count of Guelders b.1151
GUELDERS, Otto II of Count of Guelders b.1214
GUELDERS, Reynold II of Count of Guelders b.1295


GUERRES, Hawise de b.1125


GUILD, Margaret b.1736


GUILDFORD, Alice b.1425
GUILDFORD, Anne b.1531
GUILDFORD, Anne b.1508
GUILDFORD, Anne b.1416
GUILDFORD, Barbara b.1542
GUILDFORD, Bennet b.1460
GUILDFORD, Dorothy b.1537
GUILDFORD, Edward Knight b.1475
GUILDFORD, Edward Esquire b.1382
GUILDFORD, Elizabeth b.1554
GUILDFORD, Elizabeth b.1535
GUILDFORD, Elizabeth b.1481
GUILDFORD, Elizabeth b.1418
GUILDFORD, Elizabeth b.1452
GUILDFORD, Frideswide b.1479
GUILDFORD, George b.1545
GUILDFORD, George Sheriff of Kent b.1477
GUILDFORD, Henry b.1548
GUILDFORD, Jane Duchess of Northumberland b.1504
GUILDFORD, John Knight b.1500
GUILDFORD, John Sheriff of Kent b.1420
GUILDFORD, Julian b.1449
GUILDFORD, Mary b.1564
GUILDFORD, Mary b.1539
GUILDFORD, Mary b.1504
GUILDFORD, Mary b.1486
GUILDFORD, Philippe b.1483
GUILDFORD, Richard Knight b.1455
GUILDFORD, Thomas Knight b.1533
GUILDFORD, Thomasine b.1446
GUILDFORD, Thomasine b.1422
GUILDFORD, William Sheriff of Kent b.1348

Surname List