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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


AALST, Dietrich de b.1144


AARON, Gwenllian ferch b.1284


ABAROW, Agnes b.1530


ABBE, John b.1637
ABBE, John b.1613
ABBE, Mary b.1641
ABBE, Obadiah b.1651
ABBE, Rebecca b.1644
ABBE, Samuel b.1648
ABBE, Sarah b.1639
ABBE, Thomas b.1654


ABBES, Dorothy b.1548


ABBOTT, Alice b.1418
ABBOTT, Elizabeth b.1413
ABBOTT, Elizabeth b.1634
ABBOTT, George a.1617
ABBOTT, George b.1620
ABBOTT, Honor a.1567
ABBOTT, John Esquire b.1381
ABBOTT, John b.1672
ABBOTT, John b.1651
ABBOTT, Joseph b.1667
ABBOTT, Lucy b.1758
ABBOTT, Mehitable b.1733
ABBOTT, Peter b.1632
ABBOTT, Samuel b.1743
ABBOTT, Sarah b.1697


ABELL, Abigail b.1689
ABELL, Abraham b.1639
ABELL, Benjamin b.1652
ABELL, Caleb b.1677
ABELL, Caleb b.1647
ABELL, Experience b.1655
ABELL, Experience b.1674
ABELL, George b.1602
ABELL, George Esquire b.1561
ABELL, Hannah b.1692
ABELL, Joanna b.1683
ABELL, John b.1678
ABELL, Joshua b.1649
ABELL, Margaret b.1686
ABELL, Margaret b.1686
ABELL, Mary b.1600
ABELL, Mary b.1642
ABELL, N.N. b.1671
ABELL, Preserved b.1644
ABELL, Richard b.1611
ABELL, Robert b.1605
ABELL, Samuel b.1672
ABELL, Theophilus b.1680


ABERCROMBIE, Giles b.1557


ABERNETHY, Alexander de Knight b.1273
ABERNETHY, Archibald b.1439
ABERNETHY, Christian b.1454
ABERNETHY, Devorguilla de b.1225
ABERNETHY, Elizabeth b.1436
ABERNETHY, George b.1434
ABERNETHY, George de Knight b.1305
ABERNETHY, George de Knight b.1332
ABERNETHY, Henry de b.1229
ABERNETHY, Hugh de Knight b.1221
ABERNETHY, James Lord Saltoun of Abernethy b.1432
ABERNETHY, James de b.1382
ABERNETHY, Janet b.1478
ABERNETHY, John de Knight b.1334
ABERNETHY, Laurence Lord Saltoun of Abernethy b.1401
ABERNETHY, Laurence de b.1280
ABERNETHY, Laurence de Knight b.1175
ABERNETHY, Margaret de b.1180
ABERNETHY, Margaret de Countess of Angus b.1296
ABERNETHY, Marjory de b.1235
ABERNETHY, Mary de b.1298
ABERNETHY, Michael de b.1177
ABERNETHY, N.N. b.1460
ABERNETHY, Orm de Lay Abbot of Abernethy b.1135
ABERNETHY, Patrick de b.1384
ABERNETHY, Patrick de b.1218
ABERNETHY, William b.1399
ABERNETHY, William Lord Saltoun of Abernethy b.1430
ABERNETHY, William Knight b.1380
ABERNETHY, William de b.1303
ABERNETHY, William de b.1223
ABERNETHY, William de b.1252
ABERNETHY, William de Knight b.1278
ABERNETHY, William de b.1358


ABINGTON, Anthony a.1630
ABINGTON, Anthony a.1592
ABINGTON, Anthony Esquire b.1564
ABINGTON, Barbara a.1596
ABINGTON, Elizabeth a.1589
ABINGTON, John a.1634
ABINGTON, John Esquire a.1591
ABINGTON, Judith b.1602
ABINGTON, Katherine a.1599
ABINGTON, Katherine a.1629
ABINGTON, Margery b.1486
ABINGTON, Mary a.1594
ABINGTON, Muriel a.1640


ABITOT, Amauri d' b.1029
ABITOT, Emeline d' b.1100
ABITOT, N.N. d' b.1093
ABITOT, Robert d' b.1057
ABITOT, Roger d' Sheriff of Worcestershire b.1097
ABITOT, Urse d' Sheriff of Worcestershire b.1055


ABORNE, Hannah b.1600
ABORNE, Mary a.1648


ABSALON, Agnes a.1567
ABSALON, Edward a.1564
ABSALON, Elizabeth a.1566
ABSALON, John b.1512
ABSALON, Richard a.1563
ABSALON, Richard b.1537


ACHARD, Joan b.1293
ACHARD, Robert b.1268


ACIE, Hannah b.1681


ACKERMAN, Stephen b.1638


ACTON, Eleanor b.1429
ACTON, Elizabeth d' b.1334
ACTON, Gabriel b.1530
ACTON, Joanna d' b.1294
ACTON, John I d' Knight b.1240
ACTON, John II d' Knight b.1265
ACTON, John III d' Knight b.1292
ACTON, Joyce b.1532
ACTON, Katherine b.1465
ACTON, Launcelot b.1528
ACTON, Margaret d' b.1262
ACTON, Maud d' b.1290
ACTON, Richard d' Mayor of Newcastle b.1300
ACTON, Roger d' b.1237
ACTON, Thomas Knight b.1496


ACWORTH, Joan b.1519


ADAM, Adam "Fychan" ab b.1200
ADAM, Crisly verch b.1259
ADAM, Dafydd "Llwyd" ab b.1256
ADAM, Dafydd ab b.1262
ADAM, Dafydd ab b.1252
ADAM, Dyddgu verch b.1250
ADAM, Ernwlff ab b.1246
ADAM, Jenkin ab b.1270
ADAM, Roger ab b.1254
ADAM, Roger ab b.1248


ADAMS, Abiah b.1723
ADAMS, Abigail b.1735
ADAMS, Abigail b.1730
ADAMS, Abigail b.1682
ADAMS, Abigail b.1765
ADAMS, Abigail b.1659
ADAMS, Abigail b.1660
ADAMS, Abigail b.1706
ADAMS, Abigail b.1675
ADAMS, Abraham b.1650
ADAMS, Abraham b.1716
ADAMS, Abraham b.1727
ADAMS, Anna b.1757
ADAMS, Anna b.1716
ADAMS, Benjamin b.1649
ADAMS, Benjamin Franklin b.1801
ADAMS, Bethia b.1661
ADAMS, Bethia b.1672
ADAMS, Bethia b.1671
ADAMS, Bethiah b.1702
ADAMS, Charles b.1770
ADAMS, David b.1719
ADAMS, Dorcas b.1733
ADAMS, Ebenezer b.1704
ADAMS, Edith b.1626
ADAMS, Edward b.1668
ADAMS, Edward a.1629
ADAMS, Eleanor b.1795
ADAMS, Eliashib b.1659
ADAMS, Elihu b.1741
ADAMS, Elisha b.1666
ADAMS, Elizabeth b.1637
ADAMS, Elizabeth b.1679
ADAMS, Elizabeth b.1708
ADAMS, Elizabeth b.1754
ADAMS, Elizabeth b.1793
ADAMS, Elizabeth b.1652
ADAMS, Elizabeth b.1661
ADAMS, Elizabeth b.1691
ADAMS, Ephraim b.1714
ADAMS, Esther b.1730
ADAMS, Eva b.1533
ADAMS, Experience a.1704
ADAMS, Freegrace b.1675
ADAMS, George b.1747
ADAMS, George b.1647
ADAMS, Hannah b.1720
ADAMS, Hannah b.1652
ADAMS, Hannah b.1740
ADAMS, Hannah b.1698
ADAMS, Hannah b.1650
ADAMS, Hannah b.1639
ADAMS, Hannah b.1640
ADAMS, Hannah b.1676
ADAMS, Hannah b.1722
ADAMS, Hannah b.1685
ADAMS, Henry b.1610
ADAMS, Henry b.1583
ADAMS, Henry b.1663
ADAMS, Hester b.1688
ADAMS, Hezekiah b.1684
ADAMS, James b.1765
ADAMS, James b.1662
ADAMS, James b.1511
ADAMS, James b.1657
ADAMS, James b.1626
ADAMS, Jeremiah b.1664
ADAMS, Joan b.1550
ADAMS, Joanna b.1678
ADAMS, John b.1726
ADAMS, John b.1724
ADAMS, John b.1687
ADAMS, John b.1689
ADAMS, John b.1744
ADAMS, John b.1539
ADAMS, John b.1661
ADAMS, John b.1657
ADAMS, John a.1622
ADAMS, John b.1691
ADAMS, John b.1735
ADAMS, John b.1666
ADAMS, John b.1631
ADAMS, John b.1710
ADAMS, John b.1718
ADAMS, John b.1658
ADAMS, John b.1657
ADAMS, John b.1636
ADAMS, John b.1487
ADAMS, John b.1628
ADAMS, John b.1738
ADAMS, John b.1595
ADAMS, John b.1788
ADAMS, John Quincy b.1767
ADAMS, Jonathan b.1672
ADAMS, Jonathan b.1668
ADAMS, Jonathan b.1655
ADAMS, Jonathan b.1614
ADAMS, Jonathan b.1715
ADAMS, Joseph b.1728
ADAMS, Joseph a.1626
ADAMS, Joseph b.1689
ADAMS, Joseph b.1654
ADAMS, Joseph a.1757
ADAMS, Joseph b.1736
ADAMS, Joshua b.1752
ADAMS, Joshua b.1720
ADAMS, Josiah b.1696
ADAMS, Josiah b.1806
ADAMS, Josiah b.1762
ADAMS, Littleton b.1752
ADAMS, Lucy a.1759
ADAMS, Lydia b.1704
ADAMS, Lydia b.1670
ADAMS, Lydia b.1653
ADAMS, Mary b.1717
ADAMS, Mary b.1668
ADAMS, Mary b.1663
ADAMS, Mary b.1625
ADAMS, Mary b.1642
ADAMS, Mary b.1667
ADAMS, Mary b.1702
ADAMS, Mary b.1646
ADAMS, Mary b.1724
ADAMS, Mary b.1746
ADAMS, Mary b.1712
ADAMS, Mehitable b.1740
ADAMS, Mehitable a.1678
ADAMS, Mehitable b.1665
ADAMS, Mehitable b.1720
ADAMS, Mehitable b.1665
ADAMS, Miriam b.1676
ADAMS, N.N. b.1763
ADAMS, N.N. b.1761
ADAMS, N.N. b.1548
ADAMS, N.N. b.1542
ADAMS, Nancy b.1791
ADAMS, Nathan b.1686
ADAMS, Nathan b.1748
ADAMS, Nathaniel b.1644
ADAMS, Nathaniel b.1653
ADAMS, Nathaniel b.1653
ADAMS, Nellie S. b.1867
ADAMS, Patience b.1633
ADAMS, Peter b.1670
ADAMS, Peter b.1622
ADAMS, Peter Boylston b.1738
ADAMS, Phillip b.1624
ADAMS, Phillip b.1678
ADAMS, Rebecca b.1658
ADAMS, Richard b.1716
ADAMS, Richard b.1716
ADAMS, Richard b.1798
ADAMS, Richard b.1630
ADAMS, Richard b.1540
ADAMS, Richard b.1515
ADAMS, Ruth b.1700
ADAMS, Samuel b.1722
ADAMS, Samuel b.1689
ADAMS, Samuel b.1665
ADAMS, Samuel b.1616
ADAMS, Samuel b.1694
ADAMS, Samuel b.1670
ADAMS, Samuel b.1635
ADAMS, Samuel b.1712
ADAMS, Samuel b.1600
ADAMS, Samuel b.1681
ADAMS, Sarah b.1733
ADAMS, Sarah b.1627
ADAMS, Sarah b.1677
ADAMS, Sarah b.1718
ADAMS, Sarah b.1766
ADAMS, Sarah b.1680
ADAMS, Sarah b.1660
ADAMS, Sarah b.1665
ADAMS, Sarah b.1662
ADAMS, Sarah b.1719
ADAMS, Stephen b.1754
ADAMS, Susan b.1630
ADAMS, Susanna b.1768
ADAMS, Susanna b.1768
ADAMS, Sylvester b.1544
ADAMS, Symond b.1571
ADAMS, Thomas b.1731
ADAMS, Thomas a.1612
ADAMS, Thomas b.1629
ADAMS, Thomas b.1760
ADAMS, Thomas b.1694
ADAMS, Thomas b.1649
ADAMS, Thomas Boylston b.1772
ADAMS, Thompson b.1803
ADAMS, Ursula b.1619
ADAMS, William b.1625
ADAMS, William b.1594
ADAMS, William b.1673
ADAMS, William b.1620
ADAMS, William b.1750
ADAMS, Zeno M. b.1902


ADDERBURY, Elizabeth b.1354
ADDERBURY, Lucy b.1359
ADDERBURY, Richard Knight b.1356
ADDERBURY, Richard Knight b.1330


ADGATE, Abigail b.1661
ADGATE, Elizabeth b.1651
ADGATE, Hannah b.1653
ADGATE, Rebecca b.1666
ADGATE, Sarah b.1663
ADGATE, Thomas b.1669
ADGATE, Thomas b.1627


ADKINS, Mary b.1740


ADRIAN, John b.1315


ADWICK, James b.1635
ADWICK, Jeanne b.1663
ADWICK, William b.1660


ADYN, Robert b.1558


AERGUL, Gwerthefyr ap King of Demetia


AFALLACH, Gwallwen ferch b.471


AFFETON, John b.1390
AFFETON, Katherine b.1422
AFFETON, Richard b.1392
AFFETON, Robert b.1395
AFFETON, Robert de b.1370
AFFETON, Thomas de b.1364


AGAN, Catherine b.1751


AGER, Benjamin a.1637


AGLIE, Otta d' b.1050


AGMONDESHAM, Jane b.1465


AGUILLON, Agatha b.1214
AGUILLON, Ela b.1209
AGUILLON, Isabel b.1258
AGUILLON, Joan b.1211
AGUILLON, Manasser b.1138
AGUILLON, Manasser b.1110
AGUILLON, Manasser b.1160
AGUILLON, Margery b.1217
AGUILLON, Richard b.1162
AGUILLON, Richard b.1145
AGUILLON, Robert b.1142
AGUILLON, Robert Sheriff of Sussex b.1220
AGUILLON, Robert Knight b.1175
AGUILLON, William b.1085
AGUILLON, William b.1135
AGUILLON, William b.1186


AIBAR, Sancha de b.990


AIGLE, Alice de l' b.1197
AIGLE, Geoffrey de l' b.1099
AIGLE, Gilbert de l' b.1102
AIGLE, Gilbert de l' b.1199
AIGLE, Gilbert de l' b.1165
AIGLE, Gilbert de l' b.1073
AIGLE, Ingenulf de l' b.1022
AIGLE, Ingenulf de l' b.1105
AIGLE, Lucy de l' b.1147
AIGLE, Marguerite de l' b.1108
AIGLE, Mathilde de l' b.1078
AIGLE, Richard de l' b.1135
AIGLE, Richer de l' b.1047
AIGLE, Richer de l' b.1097
AIGLE, Richer de l' b.1201


AILLEBOUST de SAINT-VILME, Pierre Hector d' b.1704


AINCOURT, Walter I d' b.1059


AINSWORTH, Ariel Cameron b.1904
AINSWORTH, Arthur Francis b.1875
AINSWORTH, Elizabeth b.1552
AINSWORTH, Martha a.1578
AINSWORTH, Mary b.1763


AKERS, Thomas b.1599


ALABASTER, Edmund b.1544
ALABASTER, Edmund Esquire b.1520
ALABASTER, Elizabeth b.1530
ALABASTER, George a.1574
ALABASTER, Jane b.1546
ALABASTER, John b.1572
ALABASTER, Margaret b.1552
ALABASTER, Priscilla b.1578
ALABASTER, Prudence b.1549
ALABASTER, Roger b.1526
ALABASTER, Sarah a.1569
ALABASTER, Thomas a.1585
ALABASTER, Thomas b.1523
ALABASTER, Thomas b.1495
ALABASTER, William Rector of Therfield a.1568


ALAIS, Ermensinde Pelet d' b.1158


ALBON, Guigues VI of Count of Albon b.1001


ALBONE, William b.1562


ALCELNICK, Ludmilla of b.859
ALCELNICK, Slavabor of b.827


ALCOCK, Anna a.1650
ALCOCK, Elizabeth a.1659
ALCOCK, George a.1655
ALCOCK, George b.1600
ALCOCK, Joanna a.1660
ALCOCK, Joanna b.1649
ALCOCK, John a.1657
ALCOCK, John a.1626
ALCOCK, Mary a.1652
ALCOCK, Palgrave a.1662
ALCOCK, Philip b.1648
ALCOCK, Prudence b.1606
ALCOCK, Samuel b.1637
ALCOCK, Sarah a.1650
ALCOCK, Sarah a.1640


ALCWM, Sandelf ab b.678


ALDEBURGH, Elizabeth b.1363
ALDEBURGH, Sibyl b.1360
ALDEBURGH, William Lord Aldeburgh b.1357
ALDEBURGH, William Lord Aldeburgh b.1331


ALDELYM, Beatrix de b.1255


ALDEN, Abigail b.1777
ALDEN, Anna b.1678
ALDEN, Bathshua b.1759
ALDEN, Benjamin b.1768
ALDEN, David b.1764
ALDEN, David b.1717
ALDEN, Elizabeth b.1754
ALDEN, Elizabeth b.1673
ALDEN, Hannah b.1752
ALDEN, James b.1775
ALDEN, John b.1771
ALDEN, Mary b.1766
ALDEN, Rebecca b.1762
ALDEN, Ruth b.1636
ALDEN, Sarah b.1745
ALDEN, Thankful b.1706


ALDERMAN, Crawford M. b.1884
ALDERMAN, David b.1749
ALDERMAN, Florence E. b.1886
ALDERMAN, Hiram R. b.1857
ALDERMAN, James Horace b.1883
ALDERMAN, Jane b.1804
ALDERMAN, John b.1584
ALDERMAN, Milton C. b.1891
ALDERMAN, Robley b.1897
ALDERMAN, Ruby b.1894
ALDERMAN, Walter b.1879
ALDERMAN, Warren J. b.1888
ALDERMAN, William b.1654


ALDERSEY, Thomas b.1530


ALDERSLEY, Katherine b.1594


ALDERSOLE, Dominga b.1830


ALDERWICH, Joan b.1390


ALDFORD, Lucy de b.1191
ALDFORD, Margaret de b.1195
ALDFORD, Richard de b.1165


ALDOUS, Ann b.1599
ALDOUS, Ann a.1584
ALDOUS, Elizabeth a.1579
ALDOUS, Elizabeth a.1594
ALDOUS, Grace b.1597
ALDOUS, James a.1586
ALDOUS, James a.1567
ALDOUS, Johane a.1565
ALDOUS, John a.1569
ALDOUS, Mary a.1623
ALDOUS, Mary a.1582
ALDOUS, Mary a.1595
ALDOUS, Matthias a.1578
ALDOUS, Richard a.1576
ALDOUS, Richard b.1533
ALDOUS, Sabyne a.1602
ALDOUS, Samuel a.1563
ALDOUS, Sybil a.1605
ALDOUS, Thomas a.1571
ALDOUS, William a.1573


ALEFOUNDER, Robert b.1552


ALEXANDER, Asa b.1780
ALEXANDER, Asenath b.1784
ALEXANDER, Elizabeth b.1773
ALEXANDER, Ezekiel b.1765
ALEXANDER, James b.1778
ALEXANDER, James b.1758
ALEXANDER, John b.1645
ALEXANDER, John Lestor b.1763
ALEXANDER, Mary b.1782
ALEXANDER, Mary b.1770
ALEXANDER, Mary b.1795
ALEXANDER, Moses b.1776
ALEXANDER, Samuel b.1754
ALEXANDER, Samuel b.1729
ALEXANDER, Sarah b.1767


ALFONSEZ, Cristina b.1038
ALFONSEZ, Urraca b.1235


ALFORD, Anne b.1564


ALFRETON, Alice de b.1208
ALFRETON, Amicia de b.1212
ALFRETON, Letitia de b.1215
ALFRETON, Robert de b.1183
ALFRETON, Thomas de b.1210


ALFRIMSDATTER, Alfhilde b.794


ALGER, Arthur a.1622
ALGER, Elinor a.1581
ALGER, Ellen b.1548
ALGER, Francis b.1550
ALGER, Lettice a.1579
ALGER, Robert b.1522


ALINGTON, Alice b.1541
ALINGTON, Anne b.1529
ALINGTON, Anne b.1559
ALINGTON, Anne b.1542
ALINGTON, Anne a.1607
ALINGTON, Anthony b.1517
ALINGTON, Argentine a.1646
ALINGTON, Audrey b.1502
ALINGTON, Beatrice b.1552
ALINGTON, Cordell b.1562
ALINGTON, Diana b.1643
ALINGTON, Dorothy a.1638
ALINGTON, Dorothy a.1604
ALINGTON, Edward b.1450
ALINGTON, Elizabeth b.1533
ALINGTON, Elizabeth a.1635
ALINGTON, Elizabeth b.1549
ALINGTON, Elizabeth b.1455
ALINGTON, Elizabeth a.1598
ALINGTON, Frances b.1537
ALINGTON, Francis b.1550
ALINGTON, George b.1548
ALINGTON, George b.1504
ALINGTON, George b.1485
ALINGTON, Giles Lord Alington a.1633
ALINGTON, Giles K.B. b.1483
ALINGTON, Giles Esquire b.1546
ALINGTON, Giles a.1601
ALINGTON, Giles Knight a.1572
ALINGTON, Giles Knight b.1500
ALINGTON, Hildebrand Lord Alington a.1641
ALINGTON, James b.1547
ALINGTON, James a.1602
ALINGTON, Joan b.1535
ALINGTON, Joan b.1507
ALINGTON, John b.1631
ALINGTON, John b.1540
ALINGTON, John b.1407
ALINGTON, John Esquire b.1513
ALINGTON, John a.1573
ALINGTON, John Esquire b.1428
ALINGTON, Katherine a.1640
ALINGTON, Katherine a.1608
ALINGTON, Lionel a.1637
ALINGTON, Margaret b.1539
ALINGTON, Margaret b.1544
ALINGTON, Margaret a.1571
ALINGTON, Margery b.1481
ALINGTON, Mary b.1557
ALINGTON, Mary b.1432
ALINGTON, Mary b.1515
ALINGTON, Mary b.1452
ALINGTON, Mary a.1612
ALINGTON, Philip b.1541
ALINGTON, Richard Esquire b.1527
ALINGTON, Richard Gentleman b.1521
ALINGTON, Robert b.1405
ALINGTON, Robert b.1519
ALINGTON, Robert Esquire b.1520
ALINGTON, Susan a.1605
ALINGTON, Thomas b.1525
ALINGTON, Thomas a.1600
ALINGTON, William Esquire b.1531
ALINGTON, William Lord Alington a.1634
ALINGTON, William Knight b.1430
ALINGTON, William Esquire b.1377
ALINGTON, William b.1510
ALINGTON, William Knight b.1403
ALINGTON, William Lord Alington a.1610
ALINGTON, William Esquire b.1448


ALKYN, Margaret b.1529


ALLARD, Agnes b.1560


ALLCHIN, Joan b.1571


ALLEN, Abigail b.1699
ALLEN, Abigail b.1672
ALLEN, Abigail b.1641
ALLEN, Abigail b.1736
ALLEN, Abigail b.1667
ALLEN, Adniram J. b.1838
ALLEN, Agnes b.1541
ALLEN, Alexander b.1659
ALLEN, Amy b.1663
ALLEN, Ann b.1640
ALLEN, Anna b.1702
ALLEN, Anne b.1706
ALLEN, Anne a.1584
ALLEN, Annie J. b.1861
ALLEN, Benjamin b.1647
ALLEN, Benjamin b.1652
ALLEN, Benjamin b.1689
ALLEN, Benjamin b.1662
ALLEN, Bethiah b.1669
ALLEN, Bozoan b.1612
ALLEN, Catherine a.1582
ALLEN, Catherine b.1536
ALLEN, Christopher b.1505
ALLEN, Christopher b.1534
ALLEN, Daniel b.1686
ALLEN, Daniel b.1659
ALLEN, Daniel b.1634
ALLEN, Daniel b.1701
ALLEN, Daniel b.1680
ALLEN, David b.1688
ALLEN, Ebenezer b.1674
ALLEN, Ebenezer b.1711
ALLEN, Ebenezer b.1674
ALLEN, Ebenezer b.1672
ALLEN, Edmund b.1553
ALLEN, Edmund a.1594
ALLEN, Eleazer b.1662
ALLEN, Elijah b.1711
ALLEN, Elisha b.1679
ALLEN, Elizabeth b.1713
ALLEN, Elizabeth b.1699
ALLEN, Elizabeth b.1679
ALLEN, Elizabeth a.1549
ALLEN, Elizabeth b.1666
ALLEN, Elizabeth b.1484
ALLEN, Elizabeth b.1643
ALLEN, Elizabeth b.1560
ALLEN, Elizabeth b.1498
ALLEN, Elizabeth b.1538
ALLEN, Ellen a.1580
ALLEN, Elnathan b.1728
ALLEN, Elnathan b.1667
ALLEN, Ethan b.1738
ALLEN, Eunice b.1716
ALLEN, Giles b.1532
ALLEN, Giles a.1583
ALLEN, Hannah b.1707
ALLEN, Hannah a.1677
ALLEN, Hannah b.1642
ALLEN, Heber b.1743
ALLEN, Heman b.1740
ALLEN, Henry b.1640
ALLEN, Henry b.1631
ALLEN, Hester b.1704
ALLEN, Ichabod b.1676
ALLEN, Ira b.1751
ALLEN, Isaac b.1650
ALLEN, Isaac b.1720
ALLEN, Isabel b.1524
ALLEN, Israel b.1695
ALLEN, Israel b.1705
ALLEN, James b.1684
ALLEN, James a.1646
ALLEN, James b.1674
ALLEN, James b.1636
ALLEN, Jane b.1556
ALLEN, Jane b.1722
ALLEN, Jane a.1588
ALLEN, Jason b.1697
ALLEN, Jemima b.1734
ALLEN, Jeremiah b.1659
ALLEN, Joan a.1552
ALLEN, Joan a.1592
ALLEN, John b.1659
ALLEN, John a.1720
ALLEN, John b.1631
ALLEN, John b.1520
ALLEN, John b.1648
ALLEN, John b.1681
ALLEN, John Knight b.1495
ALLEN, John Gentleman b.1530
ALLEN, John b.1501
ALLEN, John a.1585
ALLEN, John Ferguson b.1844
ALLEN, Jonathan b.1690
ALLEN, Joseph b.1637
ALLEN, Joseph b.1708
ALLEN, Joseph b.1685
ALLEN, Joseph b.1650
ALLEN, Joseph b.1653
ALLEN, Josiah b.1677
ALLEN, Katherine b.1685
ALLEN, Levi b.1745
ALLEN, Lewis b.1635
ALLEN, Lois b.1732
ALLEN, Lucy b.1747
ALLEN, Lydia b.1702
ALLEN, Lydia b.1681
ALLEN, Lydia b.1742
ALLEN, Lydia b.1706
ALLEN, Lydia b.1714
ALLEN, Margaret b.1578
ALLEN, Margaret b.1560
ALLEN, Margaret b.1833
ALLEN, Margery b.1616
ALLEN, Martha b.1646
ALLEN, Martha b.1725
ALLEN, Mary b.1710
ALLEN, Mary b.1711
ALLEN, Mary b.1708
ALLEN, Mary b.1662
ALLEN, Mary b.1699
ALLEN, Mary b.1644
ALLEN, Mary b.1665
ALLEN, Mary b.1634
ALLEN, Mary b.1565
ALLEN, Mehitable b.1664
ALLEN, Mercy b.1695
ALLEN, Mrs. Elizabeth b.1745
ALLEN, N.N. b.1683
ALLEN, Nathaniel b.1672
ALLEN, Nehemiah b.1697
ALLEN, Nehemiah b.1693
ALLEN, Nehemiah b.1669
ALLEN, Nehemiah b.1667
ALLEN, Nehemiah b.1634
ALLEN, Nehemiah b.1681
ALLEN, Obadiah b.1695
ALLEN, Obadiah b.1670
ALLEN, Patience b.1731
ALLEN, Rachel b.1706
ALLEN, Ralph a.1554
ALLEN, Ralph b.1615
ALLEN, Rebecca b.1677
ALLEN, Rebecca b.1661
ALLEN, Richard b.1656
ALLEN, Richard b.1470
ALLEN, Richard a.1595
ALLEN, Robert b.1545
ALLEN, Robert b.1694
ALLEN, Ruth b.1680
ALLEN, Ruth b.1658
ALLEN, Ruth b.1670
ALLEN, Ruth b.1700
ALLEN, Samuel b.1693
ALLEN, Samuel b.1664
ALLEN, Samuel b.1632
ALLEN, Samuel b.1666
ALLEN, Samuel b.1729
ALLEN, Samuel b.1678
ALLEN, Samuel b.1598
ALLEN, Samuel b.1632
ALLEN, Samuel b.1660
ALLEN, Samuel b.1699
ALLEN, Sarah b.1672
ALLEN, Sarah b.1696
ALLEN, Sarah b.1687
ALLEN, Sarah b.1639
ALLEN, Sarah b.1667
ALLEN, Sarah b.1718
ALLEN, Silence b.1684
ALLEN, Silence b.1667
ALLEN, Stephen b.1704
ALLEN, Susanna b.1702
ALLEN, Susanna b.1732
ALLEN, Thankful b.1713
ALLEN, Thomas b.1670
ALLEN, Thomas b.1675
ALLEN, Thomas a.1608
ALLEN, Thomas Gentleman b.1556
ALLEN, Thomas a.1586
ALLEN, Ursula a.1589
ALLEN, Walter b.1601
ALLEN, William a.1577
ALLEN, William b.1547
ALLEN, William b.1611
ALLEN, William b.1650
ALLEN, William a.1590
ALLEN, Zebulon a.1706
ALLEN, Zimri b.1748


ALLERSTON, Uchtred de b.1084


ALLERTON, Bartholomew b.1612
ALLERTON, Isaac b.1629
ALLERTON, Isaac b.1586
ALLERTON, Mary a.1616
ALLERTON, N.N. b.1561
ALLERTON, N.N. b.1620
ALLERTON, N.N. b.1618
ALLERTON, Remember b.1614
ALLERTON, Sarah b.1588
ALLERTON, Sarah b.1627


ALLES, Agnes b.1545


ALLEY, Lovina R. b.1902
ALLEY, Millard Lester b.1918


ALLEYNE, Benedict b.1523
ALLEYNE, Katherine b.1528
ALLEYNE, Mary b.1525
ALLEYNE, William b.1521
ALLEYNE, William b.1495


ALLGAR, Bridget a.1562
ALLGAR, John a.1567
ALLGAR, John a.1565
ALLGAR, Mary a.1560
ALLGAR, William b.1536


ALLIN, John a.1597


ALLING, Elizabeth b.1691
ALLING, Elizabeth b.1653
ALLING, Hannah b.1659
ALLING, John b.1663
ALLING, John a.1627
ALLING, Lydia b.1656
ALLING, Martha b.1673
ALLING, Mary b.1661
ALLING, N.N. b.1655
ALLING, Samuel b.1670
ALLING, Sarah b.1666


ALLIS, Hannah b.1649
ALLIS, John b.1642
ALLIS, Josiah b.1651
ALLIS, Josiah b.1644
ALLIS, Mary b.1659
ALLIS, Samuel b.1647
ALLIS, William b.1656
ALLIS, William b.1653
ALLIS, William b.1622


ALLISON, Anne b.1664
ALLISON, James Paris b.1824


ALLSTON, Anne a.1615
ALLSTON, Edmund a.1611
ALLSTON, Edmund a.1576
ALLSTON, Edward a.1621
ALLSTON, Isaac a.1625
ALLSTON, Mary a.1614
ALLSTON, Rachel a.1610
ALLSTON, Rosa a.1627
ALLSTON, Samuel a.1618
ALLSTON, Susannah a.1623
ALLSTON, Thomas a.1630
ALLSTON, Thomas a.1608


ALLYN, Abigail b.1672
ALLYN, Ann b.1654
ALLYN, Benjamin b.1680
ALLYN, Elizabeth b.1669
ALLYN, Hester b.1676
ALLYN, Jane b.1670
ALLYN, Johannah b.1696
ALLYN, John b.1665
ALLYN, John b.1659
ALLYN, John a.1631
ALLYN, Margaret b.1660
ALLYN, Martha b.1667
ALLYN, Mary a.1628
ALLYN, Mary b.1657
ALLYN, Matthew b.1660
ALLYN, Matthew a.1605
ALLYN, Rebecca b.1665
ALLYN, Richard b.1633
ALLYN, Samuel b.1667
ALLYN, Sarah b.1674
ALLYN, Thomas b.1663
ALLYN, Thomas b.1635


ALMY, Mary b.1678
ALMY, William b.1610


ALOST, Baldwin d' b.1060
ALOST, Baldwin d' b.935
ALOST, Baldwin d' b.1030
ALOST, Beatrice d' b.1105
ALOST, Ralf I d' b.970
ALOST, Ralf II d' Seigneur d'Alost b.1000
ALOST, Ralf III d' b.1035


ALPHEW, John b.1430


ALPRAM, Alice de b.1282
ALPRAM, Amelia de b.1290
ALPRAM, Catherine de b.1292
ALPRAM, Ellen de b.1294
ALPRAM, Joan de b.1286
ALPRAM, Matthew de b.1255
ALPRAM, Sybil b.1284
ALPRAM, Wervill de b.1288


ALSACE, Adalbert of Duke of Alsace b.675
ALSACE, Adalric of Duke of Alsace b.640
ALSACE, Adelaide of b.973
ALSACE, Attala of b.701
ALSACE, Eberhard of Duke of Alsace b.697
ALSACE, Eugenia of b.699
ALSACE, Gerhard III of b.988
ALSACE, Gerhard IV of b.1007
ALSACE, Gundlindis of b.703
ALSACE, Hugues II "le Mefiant" of Count of Alsace and Tours b.770
ALSACE, Luitfrid I of Count of Alsace b.707
ALSACE, Luitfrid II of Count of Alsace b.740
ALSACE, Maso of b.705
ALSACE, Odile of b.677


ALSOP, Abigail b.1656
ALSOP, Anthony Esquire b.1618
ALSOP, Clere b.1631
ALSOP, Daniel b.1667
ALSOP, Elizabeth b.1650
ALSOP, Elizabeth b.1623
ALSOP, Elizabeth a.1614
ALSOP, George b.1627
ALSOP, Hannah b.1659
ALSOP, Jane b.1621
ALSOP, Jemima b.1670
ALSOP, John b.1601
ALSOP, John b.1565
ALSOP, John b.1619
ALSOP, John Gentleman b.1595
ALSOP, John b.1662
ALSOP, Joseph b.1648
ALSOP, Joseph b.1621
ALSOP, Josias a.1610
ALSOP, Lydia b.1665
ALSOP, Mary b.1629
ALSOP, Mary b.1654
ALSOP, Samuel b.1604
ALSOP, Sarah b.1652
ALSOP, Timothy a.1607
ALSOP, Timothy b.1625


ALSPATH, Ivo de b.1142


ALSTON, Frances b.1625
ALSTON, Sarah a.1632


ALTARIBUS, Hugh de b.1165


ALTDORF, Cunegonde of b.1018
ALTDORF, Eberhard of Bishop of Bamberg b.987
ALTDORF, Eticho of Count in the Breis b.857
ALTDORF, Guelph II of Count of Altdorf b.983
ALTDORF, Guelph III of b.1016
ALTDORF, Heinrich of Count of Altdorf b.981
ALTDORF, Henry of Count in the Ammergau b.883
ALTDORF, Kuno of Count of Altdorf b.985
ALTDORF, N.N. of b.1009
ALTDORF, Rudolf I of Count of Altdorf b.905
ALTDORF, Rudolf II of Count of Altdorf b.937
ALTDORF, Welf of b.838


ALTHAM, Johanna b.1606


ALTMAN, John J. b.1845


ALVAREZ, Diego b.1006
ALVAREZ, Fortun b.1004
ALVAREZ, Gonzalo b.1002
ALVAREZ, Nuno b.998
ALVAREZ, Rodrigo b.1000


ALVESTON, Rohese de b.1143


ALVORD, Sarah b.1660


ALVYN, Giles b.1512


AMADO, Rosa a.1807


AMALFI, Leone di b.949
AMALFI, Porpora di b.974
AMALFI, Sergius I di Duke of Amalfi b.924


AMAURY, Robert d' b.1175


AMBOISE, Elizabeth d' b.1150
AMBOISE, Hue d' b.1095
AMBOISE, Sulpice II d' b.1105


AMCOTTS, Alexander b.1568
AMCOTTS, Alexander Esquire b.1536
AMCOTTS, Anne a.1602
AMCOTTS, Elizabeth b.1592
AMCOTTS, Frances b.1571
AMCOTTS, Jane a.1598
AMCOTTS, John a.1598
AMCOTTS, Margaret a.1596
AMCOTTS, Martha b.1590
AMCOTTS, Mary b.1603
AMCOTTS, Richard b.1600
AMCOTTS, Richard Knight b.1565
AMCOTTS, Sarah a.1605
AMCOTTS, Susan a.1589
AMCOTTS, William b.1594


AMES, Betty b.1727
AMES, David b.1723
AMES, David b.1688
AMES, Deliverance b.1654
AMES, Elizabeth b.1680
AMES, Hannah b.1691
AMES, Hannah b.1641
AMES, Henry a.1603
AMES, James b.1725
AMES, Jethro b.1692
AMES, John a.1610
AMES, John b.1574
AMES, John b.1672
AMES, John b.1647
AMES, Lemuel b.1769
AMES, Lydia b.1645
AMES, Mary a.1613
AMES, Mary b.1765
AMES, Mary b.1723
AMES, Nathaniel b.1677
AMES, Rebecca b.1642
AMES, Ruth b.1623
AMES, Sarah b.1650
AMES, Sarah b.1685
AMES, Thomas a.1608
AMES, Thomas a.1602
AMES, Thomas b.1683
AMES, William a.1605
AMES, William b.1673

Surname List