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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


FAWNE, Cecily b.1574


FAWNYS, Christian de b.1214
FAWNYS, Richard de b.1189


FAXON, Joanna b.1626
FAXON, Richard b.1630


FAY, David b.1679
FAY, Elizabeth de b.1125
FAY, Eustache de b.1147
FAY, John b.1647
FAY, John de b.1207
FAY, Maud de b.1209
FAY, Philippe de b.1212
FAY, Ralph de b.1160


FAYER, Juliana b.1535


FAYERFOXE, Elizabeth b.1555




FAZAKERLEY, Roger de b.1335


FEAKE, Judith b.1620


FEAKS, Sarah b.1772


FEARING, David b.1687
FEARING, Elizabeth b.1679
FEARING, Hannah b.1682
FEARING, Israel b.1682
FEARING, Israel a.1644
FEARING, John b.1684
FEARING, John b.1642
FEARING, John b.1616
FEARING, John b.1674
FEARING, Margaret a.1680
FEARING, Mary a.1692
FEARING, Mary a.1647
FEARING, Nathaniel b.1680
FEARING, Rachel b.1699
FEARING, Sarah a.1649
FEARING, Sarah a.1689
FEARING, Susanna b.1689


FEAST, Edward b.1592


FEILDING, Anne b.1616
FEILDING, Basil Earl of Denbigh b.1608
FEILDING, Basil Sheriff of Warwickshire a.1549
FEILDING, Dorothy b.1557
FEILDING, Edward b.1560
FEILDING, Elizabeth b.1618
FEILDING, George Earl of Desmond b.1614
FEILDING, Henrietta Mary b.1623
FEILDING, James b.1610
FEILDING, Margaret b.1612
FEILDING, Philip Esquire b.1620
FEILDING, Roger Knight b.1554
FEILDING, William a.1551
FEILDING, William Knight b.1527
FEILDING, William Earl of Denbigh b.1584


FEKE, Robert b.1683


FELBRIGG, Alana b.1397
FELBRIGG, Anne Nun b.1400
FELBRIGG, Elizabeth b.1407
FELBRIGG, George Knight b.1346
FELBRIGG, John Knight b.1383
FELBRIGG, Margery b.1407
FELBRIGG, Maud de b.1222
FELBRIGG, Richard b.1385
FELBRIGG, Richard de b.1197
FELBRIGG, Roger de Knight b.1320
FELBRIGG, Roger de b.1172
FELBRIGG, Simon de K.G. b.1365
FELBRIGG, William de b.1224


FELBRIGGE, Alice a.1590
FELBRIGGE, Edward a.1592
FELBRIGGE, Elizabeth a.1598
FELBRIGGE, Elizabeth a.1596
FELBRIGGE, John a.1576
FELBRIGGE, Margaret a.1581
FELBRIGGE, Priscilla a.1579
FELBRIGGE, Robert a.1587
FELBRIGGE, Thomas b.1550
FELBRIGGE, William a.1594


FELCH, Daniel b.1790
FELCH, John b.1659


FELCHER, Darius Fitch b.1824
FELCHER, Darius J. b.1857
FELCHER, Edgar D. b.1826
FELCHER, Elmer E. b.1863
FELCHER, Erastus B. b.1839
FELCHER, Harriet F. b.1831
FELCHER, Horace b.1799
FELCHER, Horace Kelley b.1893
FELCHER, Horace P. b.1828
FELCHER, James D. b.1920
FELCHER, James D. b.1887
FELCHER, Lilla J. b.1861
FELCHER, N.N. b.1911
FELCHER, N.N. b.1833
FELCHER, N.N. b.1830
FELCHER, Sarah E. b.1866


FELIPE, Philippe b.1630


FELLOWS, Mary a.1651
FELLOWS, Susanna b.1689


FELT, George a.1640
FELT, Moses b.1651
FELT, Sarah b.1690


FELTON, Adam Knight b.1647
FELTON, Agnes de b.1337
FELTON, Alianor de b.1334
FELTON, Anne b.1590
FELTON, Anne b.1533
FELTON, Anthony b.1587
FELTON, Anthony K.B. b.1556
FELTON, Anthony a.1640
FELTON, Beatrix b.1546
FELTON, Cecily b.1553
FELTON, Cecily b.1525
FELTON, Charles a.1652
FELTON, Compton Knight a.1650
FELTON, Constance de b.1345
FELTON, Dorothy b.1655
FELTON, Duncan de b.1342
FELTON, Edmund de Knight b.1327
FELTON, Eleanor de b.1361
FELTON, Elizabeth b.1593
FELTON, Elizabeth b.1659
FELTON, Frances b.1550
FELTON, Francis b.1531
FELTON, Hamon de Lord Felton b.1321
FELTON, Henry Knight b.1584
FELTON, Henry a.1654
FELTON, Henry a.1638
FELTON, Henry Knight b.1610
FELTON, Joan de b.1348
FELTON, John b.1390
FELTON, John b.1360
FELTON, John b.1425
FELTON, John de Knight b.1340
FELTON, John de b.1319
FELTON, John de Lord Felton b.1296
FELTON, Judith a.1621
FELTON, Margaret b.1527
FELTON, Margery de b.1262
FELTON, Mary b.1529
FELTON, Mary de b.1356
FELTON, Mary de b.1351
FELTON, Richard a.1660
FELTON, Robert b.1657
FELTON, Robert b.1523
FELTON, Robert Esquire b.1460
FELTON, Robert de Lord Felton b.1260
FELTON, Simon de b.1237
FELTON, Susan b.1643
FELTON, Sybil de b.1356
FELTON, Thomas Knight a.1649
FELTON, Thomas Knight b.1362
FELTON, Thomas Esquire b.1522
FELTON, Thomas Esquire b.1499
FELTON, Thomas de b.1329
FELTON, Thomas de K.G. b.1324
FELTON, Tollemache a.1641
FELTON, William a.1645
FELTON, William de Knight b.1331
FELTON, William de Knight b.1299
FELTON, William de b.1255


FENN, Alice b.1619
FENN, Benjamin a.1640
FENN, Benjamin a.1614
FENN, Catherine b.1595
FENN, Joseph a.1642
FENN, Joseph b.1719
FENN, Martha a.1650
FENN, Mary a.1647
FENN, Sarah a.1645


FENNE, Margaret b.1448


FENNER, Harold Luther b.1889
FENNER, Herbert A. b.1864


FENNO, John b.1665


FENSHAM, Margaret b.1581


FENTON, Alice de b.1260
FENTON, Anna b.1606
FENTON, Edward a.1589
FENTON, Elizabeth a.1613
FENTON, Elizabeth a.1586
FENTON, Ellen a.1612
FENTON, Francis b.1690
FENTON, Francis a.1577
FENTON, Hellena a.1582
FENTON, Janet de b.1390
FENTON, Margaret a.1610
FENTON, Richard a.1580
FENTON, Robert b.1551
FENTON, Robert a.1584
FENTON, William a.1608


FENWICK, Cuthbert Gentleman a.1614
FENWICK, Jane a.1618
FENWICK, Thomas de Knight b.1229


FEREBY, Alice b.1458


FERGUSON, Archibald b.1649
FERGUSON, Carrol A. b.1859
FERGUSON, Emma b.1862
FERGUSON, Isabell b.1832
FERGUSON, John A. b.1830
FERGUSON, Lucinda Jane b.1857


FERMOR, Agnes b.1579
FERMOR, Agnes b.1426
FERMOR, Amy b.1511
FERMOR, Anne a.1628
FERMOR, Anne b.1508
FERMOR, Anne b.1544
FERMOR, Anne b.1514
FERMOR, Arabella b.1637
FERMOR, Charles a.1626
FERMOR, Devereux a.1595
FERMOR, Edward b.1573
FERMOR, Elizabeth a.1633
FERMOR, Elizabeth a.1578
FERMOR, Elizabeth b.1522
FERMOR, Frances a.1588
FERMOR, George a.1630
FERMOR, George a.1585
FERMOR, George Knight b.1549
FERMOR, George b.1524
FERMOR, Hatton a.1625
FERMOR, Hatton Knight b.1575
FERMOR, Henry Knight b.1480
FERMOR, Jane a.1583
FERMOR, Jerome b.1531
FERMOR, Joan b.1516
FERMOR, John Knight b.1520
FERMOR, Katherine a.1639
FERMOR, Katherine a.1635
FERMOR, Katherine a.1576
FERMOR, Katherine b.1542
FERMOR, Lawrence b.1478
FERMOR, Mary a.1623
FERMOR, Mary a.1592
FERMOR, Mary b.1546
FERMOR, Mary b.1534
FERMOR, Maud a.1589
FERMOR, Nicholas b.1552
FERMOR, Richard a.1632
FERMOR, Richard a.1593
FERMOR, Richard b.1555
FERMOR, Richard Knight b.1482
FERMOR, Robert b.1581
FERMOR, Thomas b.1526
FERMOR, Thomas Esquire b.1447
FERMOR, Ursula b.1528
FERMOR, William a.1590
FERMOR, William Knight a.1621
FERMOR, William Knight b.1506
FERMOR, William b.1518
FERMOR, William Esquire b.1484


FERNALD, Hannah b.1729
FERNALD, Hannah b.1712
FERNALD, John b.1640
FERNALD, John b.1715
FERNALD, Margaret b.1681
FERNALD, Nathaniel b.1707
FERNALD, Samuel b.1645


FERNANDEZ, Fernando b.1075
FERNANDEZ, Mayor b.1239
FERNANDEZ, Teresa b.1117
FERNANDEZ, Ximena b.969


FERNISIDE, Abigail b.1653
FERNISIDE, Elizabeth b.1658
FERNISIDE, Hannah b.1650
FERNISIDE, Jacob b.1642
FERNISIDE, John b.1618
FERNISIDE, Lydia b.1653
FERNISIDE, Mary b.1646
FERNISIDE, Ruth b.1661
FERNISIDE, Sarah b.1664


FERNLEY, Anne b.1518
FERNLEY, Jane b.1520
FERNLEY, Thomas Esquire b.1523
FERNLEY, William Esquire b.1490


FERRELL, Catherine b.1824
FERRELL, Charlotte b.1798
FERRELL, Martha b.1765
FERRELL, William b.1735


FERRERS, Agatha de b.1234
FERRERS, Agnes de b.1224
FERRERS, Agnes de b.1115
FERRERS, Agnes de b.1251
FERRERS, Alice b.1519
FERRERS, Alice de b.1230
FERRERS, Amice de b.1065
FERRERS, Amy de b.1291
FERRERS, Anne b.1453
FERRERS, Anne b.1510
FERRERS, Anne b.1438
FERRERS, Anne b.1401
FERRERS, Anne de b.1274
FERRERS, Anne de b.1315
FERRERS, Bertha de b.1210
FERRERS, Cecily de b.1241
FERRERS, Dorothy b.1520
FERRERS, Edmund b.1398
FERRERS, Edmund b.1428
FERRERS, Edmund de Lord Ferrers of Chartley b.1386
FERRERS, Edward b.1500
FERRERS, Edward Knight b.1470
FERRERS, Edward b.1424
FERRERS, Edward de b.1392
FERRERS, Eleanor de b.1305
FERRERS, Eleanor de b.1270
FERRERS, Eleanor de Countess of Winchester b.1236
FERRERS, Elizabeth b.1516
FERRERS, Elizabeth b.1486
FERRERS, Elizabeth b.1393
FERRERS, Elizabeth b.1390
FERRERS, Elizabeth Lady Ferrers of Groby b.1417
FERRERS, Elizabeth b.1379
FERRERS, Elizabeth de Nun b.1353
FERRERS, Elizabeth de b.1238
FERRERS, Elizabeth de b.1335
FERRERS, Emmeline de b.1067
FERRERS, Engenulph de b.1072
FERRERS, Ermentrude de b.1216
FERRERS, George b.1504
FERRERS, Henry Knight b.1498
FERRERS, Henry Knight b.1425
FERRERS, Henry b.1178
FERRERS, Henry b.1421
FERRERS, Henry Knight b.1392
FERRERS, Henry de Lord Ferrers of Groby b.1356
FERRERS, Henry de b.1100
FERRERS, Henry de b.1043
FERRERS, Henry de b.1164
FERRERS, Henry de Lord Ferrers of Groby b.1304
FERRERS, Hugh de b.1175
FERRERS, Hugh de Knight b.1200
FERRERS, Humphrey Knight b.1492
FERRERS, Humphrey Knight b.1594
FERRERS, Isabel b.1457
FERRERS, Isabel de b.1105
FERRERS, Isabel de b.1378
FERRERS, Isabel de b.1226
FERRERS, Isabel de b.1166
FERRERS, Isabella de b.1182
FERRERS, Isolda de b.1145
FERRERS, Isolda de b.1296
FERRERS, James de b.1290
FERRERS, Jane b.1502
FERRERS, Joan b.1377
FERRERS, Joan b.1413
FERRERS, Joan de b.1284
FERRERS, Joan de b.1252
FERRERS, Joan de b.1232
FERRERS, Joan de b.1247
FERRERS, John Knight b.1516
FERRERS, John Knight b.1469
FERRERS, John Knight b.1445
FERRERS, John Esquire b.1405
FERRERS, John b.1396
FERRERS, John de Knight b.1303
FERRERS, John de Lord Ferrers of Chartley b.1301
FERRERS, John de Lord Ferrers of Chartley b.1331
FERRERS, John de Lord Ferrers of Chartley b.1271
FERRERS, Leonard b.1447
FERRERS, Levita b.1382
FERRERS, Margaret b.1513
FERRERS, Margaret b.1404
FERRERS, Margaret b.1415
FERRERS, Margaret de b.1212
FERRERS, Margaret de b.1351
FERRERS, Martin Knight b.1325
FERRERS, Mary Lady of Oversley b.1395
FERRERS, Matilda de b.1256
FERRERS, Matilda de Vicomtesse de Rochechouart b.1228
FERRERS, Maud de b.1142
FERRERS, Nicholas b.1506
FERRERS, Pernel de b.1303
FERRERS, Pernel de b.1188
FERRERS, Philippe de b.1338
FERRERS, Philippe de b.1397
FERRERS, Ralph b.1450
FERRERS, Ralph de b.1310
FERRERS, Reginald de b.1287
FERRERS, Reginald de b.1254
FERRERS, Richard b.1418
FERRERS, Robert Knight b.1373
FERRERS, Robert de b.1213
FERRERS, Robert de b.1175
FERRERS, Robert de b.1175
FERRERS, Robert de Earl of Derby b.1108
FERRERS, Robert de Knight b.1345
FERRERS, Robert de Earl of Derby b.1239
FERRERS, Robert de Lord Ferrers of Chartley b.1309
FERRERS, Robert de Earl of Derby b.1070
FERRERS, Robert de Lord Ferrers of Chartley b.1357
FERRERS, Roger de b.1258
FERRERS, Sybil de b.1230
FERRERS, Sybil de b.1216
FERRERS, Thomas Knight b.1420
FERRERS, Thomas Esquire b.1394
FERRERS, Thomas de Knight b.1307
FERRERS, Thomas de b.1274
FERRERS, Thomas de Knight b.1196
FERRERS, Thomas de b.1389
FERRERS, Ursula b.1508
FERRERS, Walkelin de b.1139
FERRERS, Walkelin de b.1015
FERRERS, Walkelin de b.1130
FERRERS, William Lord Ferrers of Chartley b.1411
FERRERS, William b.1499
FERRERS, William de b.1230
FERRERS, William de b.1111
FERRERS, William de Knight b.1281
FERRERS, William de b.1075
FERRERS, William de Lord Ferrers of Groby a.1372
FERRERS, William de Lord Ferrers of Groby b.1333
FERRERS, William de Earl of Derby b.1136
FERRERS, William de Knight b.1243
FERRERS, William de Lord Ferrers of Groby b.1272
FERRERS, William de Earl of Derby b.1172
FERRERS, William de Earl of Derby b.1193


FERRIBY, Emma de b.1309
FERRIBY, John Sheriff of Surrey b.1405


FERRIS, Abraham b.1721
FERRIS, Deborah b.1676
FERRIS, Jeffrey b.1604
FERRIS, Zachariah b.1674


FERTE, Guillaume de la b.989
FERTE, Gundred de la b.1200
FERTE, Hodierne de la b.1014
FERTE, Hugues "le Blanc" de la b.1058
FERTE, Matthew de la b.1135
FERTE, Miles I de la b.984
FERTE, N.N. de la b.1083
FERTE, William de la b.1164


FESSENDEN, Benjamin b.1701
FESSENDEN, Hannah a.1698


FETTIPLACE, Alexander a.1597
FETTIPLACE, Anne b.1556
FETTIPLACE, Anne b.1496
FETTIPLACE, Anthony b.1588
FETTIPLACE, Anthony Esquire b.1457
FETTIPLACE, Anthony b.1488
FETTIPLACE, Bridget a.1604
FETTIPLACE, Charles b.1595
FETTIPLACE, Dorothy b.1498
FETTIPLACE, Edmund a.1590
FETTIPLACE, Edmund Knight b.1554
FETTIPLACE, Edward a.1585
FETTIPLACE, Edward b.1486
FETTIPLACE, Eleanor Nun b.1502
FETTIPLACE, Elizabeth a.1584
FETTIPLACE, Elizabeth b.1505
FETTIPLACE, Elizabeth b.1524
FETTIPLACE, Ferdinand a.1598
FETTIPLACE, Francis a.1596
FETTIPLACE, George a.1601
FETTIPLACE, Giles a.1603
FETTIPLACE, Jane b.1492
FETTIPLACE, Jane a.1586
FETTIPLACE, John a.1583
FETTIPLACE, John Esquire b.1484
FETTIPLACE, John Esquire b.1425
FETTIPLACE, Mary b.1500
FETTIPLACE, Miriall a.1591
FETTIPLACE, Peter b.1422
FETTIPLACE, Philip b.1487
FETTIPLACE, Richard Esquire b.1455
FETTIPLACE, Susan b.1490
FETTIPLACE, Thomas b.1494
FETTIPLACE, Thomas Knight b.1397
FETTIPLACE, William a.1593
FETTIPLACE, William b.1425


FEVERYEAR, Edmund b.1640


FEZENZAC, Garsenda de b.930


FICHET, Hugh Knight b.1105
FICHET, Thomas Knight b.1350




FICKETT, Abigail b.1762
FICKETT, Benjamin b.1750
FICKETT, Eliza Jane b.1847
FICKETT, Esther M. b.1849
FICKETT, George W. b.1839
FICKETT, Hannah b.1758
FICKETT, Isaac b.1764
FICKETT, John b.1722
FICKETT, John b.1752
FICKETT, Mary b.1758
FICKETT, Nathaniel b.1760
FICKETT, Sarah b.1762
FICKETT, Vincent b.1754
FICKETT, William b.1756
FICKETT, Zebulon b.1759


FIELD, Ann b.1606
FIELD, Anne b.1580
FIELD, Christopher b.1565
FIELD, Daniel b.1649
FIELD, Daniel b.1681
FIELD, Dorcas b.1670
FIELD, Elizabeth b.1673
FIELD, Elizabeth b.1768
FIELD, Ella Gilbert b.1883
FIELD, Hannah b.1642
FIELD, Hannah b.1685
FIELD, James b.1574
FIELD, James b.1616
FIELD, John b.1568
FIELD, John Knight b.1525
FIELD, John b.1610
FIELD, John b.1645
FIELD, John b.1671
FIELD, Joseph b.1645
FIELD, Lorenzo Tucker b.1857
FIELD, Lydia b.1679
FIELD, Martin b.1577
FIELD, Matthew b.1563
FIELD, N.N. b.1478
FIELD, Richard b.1500
FIELD, Richard b.1561
FIELD, Richard b.1677
FIELD, Ruth b.1647
FIELD, Ruth b.1683
FIELD, Samuel b.1704
FIELD, Thomas b.1453
FIELD, Thomas b.1572
FIELD, Thomas b.1614
FIELD, Thomas b.1670
FIELD, William b.1612
FIELD, William b.1570
FIELD, Zachariah b.1645
FIELD, Zachariah b.1651


FIELDING, Anne b.1450
FIELDING, Mary b.1801


FIENNES, Anne b.1492
FIENNES, Anne b.1518
FIENNES, Anne b.1490
FIENNES, Anne b.1470
FIENNES, Baldwin de b.1211
FIENNES, Conan de Baron of Fiennes b.1080
FIENNES, Edward Lord Say and Sele b.1499
FIENNES, Eleanor de b.1282
FIENNES, Elizabeth b.1497
FIENNES, Elizabeth b.1522
FIENNES, Elizabeth b.1424
FIENNES, Elizabeth b.1495
FIENNES, Elizabeth b.1451
FIENNES, Emmeline b.1426
FIENNES, Enguerrand de Seigneur de Fiennes b.1208
FIENNES, Eustace I de Baron of Fiennes b.1055
FIENNES, Eustace II de Baron of Fiennes b.1115
FIENNES, Eustace III de b.1146
FIENNES, Giles b.1483
FIENNES, Giles de Knight b.1248
FIENNES, Gregory Lord Dacre b.1539
FIENNES, Henry Lord Say and Sele b.1452
FIENNES, Henry b.1487
FIENNES, Ingelram de Lord of Martock b.1148
FIENNES, Isabeau de b.1269
FIENNES, James Viscount Saye and Sele b.1603
FIENNES, James de Lord Say and Sele b.1394
FIENNES, Jane b.1498
FIENNES, Jane b.1430
FIENNES, Jeanne de b.1308
FIENNES, Joan de b.1273
FIENNES, John b.1496
FIENNES, John Knight b.1449
FIENNES, John de b.1304
FIENNES, John de b.1355
FIENNES, John de b.1279
FIENNES, John de Knight b.1277
FIENNES, Mahaut de b.1204
FIENNES, Margaret Baroness Dacre b.1541
FIENNES, Margaret b.1492
FIENNES, Margaret b.1415
FIENNES, Margaret de b.1267
FIENNES, Mary b.1499
FIENNES, Maud de b.1251
FIENNES, Michael de b.1214
FIENNES, Richard Lord Say and Sele b.1471
FIENNES, Richard Lord Say and Sele b.1557
FIENNES, Richard b.1450
FIENNES, Richard b.1455
FIENNES, Richard Lord Dacre b.1412
FIENNES, Richard Lord Say and Sele b.1520
FIENNES, Robert Knight b.1410
FIENNES, Robert de b.1280
FIENNES, Roger Esquire b.1457
FIENNES, Roger de Knight a.1384
FIENNES, Thomas b.1537
FIENNES, Thomas Lord Dacre b.1515
FIENNES, Thomas Knight b.1494
FIENNES, Thomas Priest b.1485
FIENNES, Thomas Knight b.1453
FIENNES, Thomas Lord Dacre b.1471
FIENNES, William Lord Say and Sele b.1428
FIENNES, William b.1460
FIENNES, William de Knight b.1357
FIENNES, William de Knight b.1330
FIENNES, William I de Sheriff of Somerset b.1185
FIENNES, William II de Knight b.1245
FIENNES, Yolande de b.1275


FIESCO, Beatrix di b.1225


FIFIELD, Giles b.1624
FIFIELD, Mary b.1694


FILBY, Alice b.1321
FILBY, John Knight b.1296


FILLEY, Abigail b.1658
FILLEY, Abigail b.1680
FILLEY, Abigail b.1669
FILLEY, Deborah b.1661
FILLEY, Elizabeth b.1650
FILLEY, Hannah a.1653
FILLEY, Hannah b.1664
FILLEY, John b.1645
FILLEY, John b.1678
FILLEY, Jonathan b.1672
FILLEY, Josiah b.1676
FILLEY, Mary b.1683
FILLEY, Mary b.1667
FILLEY, Mary b.1647
FILLEY, Samuel b.1681
FILLEY, Samuel b.1674
FILLEY, Samuel b.1670
FILLEY, Samuel b.1643
FILLEY, William b.1665
FILLEY, William b.1617


FILLIOL, Cecily de b.1324
FILLIOL, Sybil de b.1260


FILLMORE, Abigail a.1708
FILLMORE, Almon Hopkins b.1806
FILLMORE, Amaziah b.1743
FILLMORE, Calvin b.1752
FILLMORE, Calvin b.1775
FILLMORE, Calvin Turner b.1810
FILLMORE, Charles DeWitt b.1817
FILLMORE, Comfort b.1742
FILLMORE, Cyrus b.1801
FILLMORE, Darius b.1781
FILLMORE, Darius Ingraham b.1814
FILLMORE, Deborah b.1755
FILLMORE, Deliverance b.1757
FILLMORE, Dorcas b.1736
FILLMORE, Ebenezer a.1706
FILLMORE, Elijah b.1778
FILLMORE, Jemima b.1737
FILLMORE, John b.1676
FILLMORE, John b.1702
FILLMORE, Julia b.1812
FILLMORE, Luther b.1750
FILLMORE, Lydia b.1747
FILLMORE, Millard b.1800
FILLMORE, Mimee b.1746
FILLMORE, Miriam b.1738
FILLMORE, Nathaniel b.1740
FILLMORE, Nathaniel b.1771
FILLMORE, Olive Armstrong b.1797
FILLMORE, Phebe Mana b.1819
FILLMORE, Philippia b.1773
FILLMORE, Simeon b.1768


FILLOL, Anne b.1496
FILLOL, Avice b.1405
FILLOL, Eleanor b.1407
FILLOL, Isabel b.1412
FILLOL, John Esquire b.1409
FILLOL, Katherine b.1450
FILLOL, Katherine b.1501
FILLOL, Reynold b.1456
FILLOL, William K.B. b.1453
FILLOL, William b.1380


FINCH, Adam a.1564
FINCH, Alice b.1551
FINCH, Alice b.1567
FINCH, Anne b.1620
FINCH, Anne a.1668
FINCH, Anne b.1575
FINCH, Anne a.1631
FINCH, Anne a.1623
FINCH, Barbara a.1576
FINCH, Catherine b.1556
FINCH, Catherine b.1573
FINCH, Cecily b.1624
FINCH, Charles b.1659
FINCH, Daniel Earl of Winchelsea b.1647
FINCH, Diana b.1633
FINCH, Dionisia b.1402
FINCH, Edward a.1663
FINCH, Edward b.1655
FINCH, Elizabeth b.1653
FINCH, Elizabeth b.1589
FINCH, Elizabeth b.1618
FINCH, Elizabeth b.1583
FINCH, Elizabeth b.1390
FINCH, Ellen b.1556
FINCH, Ellen b.1566
FINCH, Frances b.1612
FINCH, Frances a.1630
FINCH, Francis b.1587
FINCH, Francis a.1624
FINCH, George b.1559
FINCH, Heneage Earl of Winchelsea b.1627
FINCH, Heneage Earl of Aylesford b.1649
FINCH, Heneage Knight b.1580
FINCH, Heneage b.1576
FINCH, Heneage Earl of Nottingham b.1621
FINCH, Henry a.1664
FINCH, Henry Knight b.1553
FINCH, Henry Esquire b.1430
FINCH, Herbert b.1614
FINCH, Isaac b.1630
FINCH, Isabel b.1399
FINCH, Jane b.1561
FINCH, Joan b.1388
FINCH, Joan b.1549
FINCH, Joan a.1569
FINCH, John b.1629
FINCH, John Lord Finch b.1584
FINCH, John b.1657
FINCH, John b.1579
FINCH, John Knight a.1627
FINCH, John b.1424
FINCH, John Esquire b.1396
FINCH, John b.1545
FINCH, John b.1530
FINCH, Joseph b.1728
FINCH, Katherine b.1622
FINCH, Katherine b.1582
FINCH, Lawrence b.1512
FINCH, Margaret b.1485
FINCH, Mary a.1677
FINCH, Mary a.1666
FINCH, Mary b.1553
FINCH, Moyle Knight b.1550
FINCH, N.N. b.1536
FINCH, N.N. b.1534
FINCH, Nicholas b.1508
FINCH, Nicholas a.1572
FINCH, Richard b.1516
FINCH, Richard b.1547
FINCH, Richard b.1579
FINCH, Robert a.1670
FINCH, Robert b.1594
FINCH, Robert b.1564
FINCH, Rose b.1574
FINCH, Theodore b.1618
FINCH, Theophilus Knight b.1573
FINCH, Thomas b.1616
FINCH, Thomas b.1661
FINCH, Thomas b.1557
FINCH, Thomas Earl of Winchilsea b.1578
FINCH, Thomas Knight b.1514
FINCH, Thomas b.1532
FINCH, Vincent b.1338
FINCH, Vincent b.1363
FINCH, William b.1631
FINCH, William b.1651
FINCH, William b.1591
FINCH, William a.1620
FINCH, William Knight b.1476
FINCH, William Esquire b.1393
FINCH, William b.1519
FINCH, William b.1538
FINCH, William a.1569


FINCHAM, Anne b.1552
FINCHAM, John Esquire b.1449
FINCHAM, John Esquire b.1449
FINCHAM, Katherine b.1600
FINCHAM, Thomas Esquire b.1525
FINCHAM, William b.1549


FINCHINGFIELD, Walter de b.1270


FINDERN, William Knight b.1480


FINDLAY, Ann b.1744


FINET, Anne a.1625
FINET, Elizabeth a.1622
FINET, Elizabeth a.1621
FINET, Finetta a.1620
FINET, Jane a.1627
FINET, John b.1619
FINET, John Knight b.1570
FINET, Lucy b.1630
FINET, William a.1624


FINEUX, Anne b.1503
FINEUX, Catherine a.1567
FINEUX, Christopher b.1536
FINEUX, Elizabeth a.1565
FINEUX, Elizabeth a.1571
FINEUX, Jane b.1465
FINEUX, John Esquire b.1533
FINEUX, John K.B. b.1441
FINEUX, Mildred b.1475
FINEUX, Thomas a.1569
FINEUX, William Esquire b.1506


FINNEY, Joseph b.1710
FINNEY, Rachel b.1755


FINNSDATTER, Ingebiorg b.1027


FIRMETT, Margaret b.1535


FIRMIN, Elizabeth a.1615
FIRMIN, Josiah b.1653


FISCHER, Thomas b.1392


FISH, Ambrose b.1650
FISH, Faith b.1690
FISH, Hannah b.1706
FISH, Sarah b.1702
FISH, Ursula b.1787


FISHACRE, Isabel de b.1255
FISHACRE, Martin de Knight b.1252
FISHACRE, Martin de Knight b.1186
FISHACRE, Peter de Knight b.1250
FISHACRE, Peter de b.1215
FISHACRE, William de Knight b.1212


FISHER, Abiah a.1656
FISHER, Abigail b.1649
FISHER, Abigail b.1692
FISHER, Abijah b.1736
FISHER, Agnes b.1526
FISHER, Alexander a.1597
FISHER, Amos a.1630
FISHER, Amos a.1594
FISHER, Ann b.1661
FISHER, Anna b.1725
FISHER, Anna b.1696
FISHER, Anna b.1570
FISHER, Anthony a.1591
FISHER, Anthony a.1623
FISHER, Anthony a.1559
FISHER, Arthur Delos b.1873
FISHER, Augusta M. b.1840
FISHER, Augustus Leander b.1840
FISHER, Benjamin b.1701
FISHER, Benjamin b.1743
FISHER, Beriah b.1734
FISHER, Carlos M. b.1829
FISHER, Carrie Evalena b.1859
FISHER, Chandler b.1800
FISHER, Charles b.1831
FISHER, Charles Church b.1884
FISHER, Claude M. b.1876
FISHER, Constance b.1632
FISHER, Cornelius b.1692
FISHER, Cornelius a.1599
FISHER, Cornelius a.1629
FISHER, Cornelius b.1660
FISHER, Cromwell b.1799
FISHER, Daniel b.1722
FISHER, Daniel a.1618
FISHER, Deborah a.1661
FISHER, Dorothy a.1568
FISHER, Edward Knight b.1545
FISHER, Edwin Leander b.1854
FISHER, Edwin Lewis b.1921
FISHER, Eleazer b.1663
FISHER, Eleazer b.1730
FISHER, Eleazer b.1688
FISHER, Eleazer b.1669
FISHER, Elizabeth b.1603
FISHER, Elizabeth b.1581
FISHER, Elizabeth b.1688
FISHER, Elizabeth b.1654
FISHER, Elizabeth a.1619
FISHER, Elizabeth b.1531
FISHER, Elizabeth b.1659
FISHER, Elizabeth b.1595
FISHER, Ella Borden b.1863
FISHER, Elmer Merton b.1861
FISHER, Enoch b.1757
FISHER, Enoch Hibbard b.1804
FISHER, Esther b.1665
FISHER, Esther b.1723
FISHER, Esther b.1769
FISHER, Etta E. b.1875
FISHER, Experience b.1731
FISHER, Experience b.1658
FISHER, Experience a.1650
FISHER, George a.1600
FISHER, Gideon b.1731
FISHER, Hannah b.1647
FISHER, Hannah b.1739
FISHER, Hannah b.1695
FISHER, Hannah b.1724
FISHER, Hannah b.1653
FISHER, Harold Henry b.1890
FISHER, Harriet C. b.1823
FISHER, Henry b.1605
FISHER, Henry Jonas b.1850
FISHER, Hester b.1602
FISHER, Hester a.1625
FISHER, Hezekiah b.1691
FISHER, Hezekiah b.1726
FISHER, Isaac b.1732
FISHER, Isaac b.1725
FISHER, Isaac b.1694
FISHER, James b.1657
FISHER, John a.1601
FISHER, John Gentleman a.1563
FISHER, John a.1576
FISHER, John b.1661
FISHER, John Knight b.1504
FISHER, John b.1652
FISHER, John b.1706
FISHER, John b.1700
FISHER, John a.1634
FISHER, John a.1597
FISHER, John a.1616
FISHER, Jonas G. b.1821
FISHER, Jonathan b.1720
FISHER, Jonathan b.1691
FISHER, Joseph b.1698
FISHER, Joseph Elliot b.1827
FISHER, Joshua b.1651
FISHER, Joshua b.1645
FISHER, Joshua a.1621
FISHER, Joshua a.1588
FISHER, Josiah b.1654
FISHER, Judith a.1663
FISHER, Julia A. b.1846
FISHER, Katherine a.1572
FISHER, Leah a.1622
FISHER, Leah b.1656
FISHER, Leonard b.1704
FISHER, Levina b.1767
FISHER, Lydia a.1621
FISHER, Lyman b.1797
FISHER, Lyman Merton b.1825
FISHER, Margaret b.1728
FISHER, Martha a.1596
FISHER, Mary a.1576
FISHER, Mary b.1644
FISHER, Mary a.1623
FISHER, Mary a.1589
FISHER, Mary O. b.1819
FISHER, Mehitable b.1648
FISHER, Melatiah b.1787
FISHER, Melville Wesley b.1869
FISHER, Merton Charles b.1879
FISHER, Michael Knight b.1480
FISHER, N.N. b.1632
FISHER, Nancy b.1783
FISHER, Nathaniel b.1700
FISHER, Nathaniel a.1626
FISHER, Oritha b.1834
FISHER, Oritha Betsey b.1860
FISHER, Polly b.1771
FISHER, Preston b.1785
FISHER, Rachel b.1763
FISHER, Rachel b.1733
FISHER, Rawson b.1793
FISHER, Ruth b.1706
FISHER, Sally b.1778
FISHER, Samuel a.1635
FISHER, Sarah a.1617
FISHER, Sarah b.1697
FISHER, Sarah a.1627
FISHER, Sarah b.1658
FISHER, Silence b.1736
FISHER, Simeon b.1731
FISHER, Sophia b.1795
FISHER, Thomas a.1570
FISHER, Thomas b.1663
FISHER, Thompson b.1791
FISHER, Timothy b.1722
FISHER, Timothy b.1761
FISHER, Timothy b.1726
FISHER, Vigilance b.1654
FISHER, Willard b.1837
FISHER, Willard b.1789
FISHER, Willard H. b.1878
FISHER, William b.1780


FISKE, Abigail b.1675
FISKE, Abigail b.1675
FISKE, Abria b.1606
FISKE, Agnes b.1518
FISKE, Agnes b.1508
FISKE, Amos b.1551
FISKE, Austin b.1456
FISKE, David b.1650
FISKE, David b.1648
FISKE, David b.1623
FISKE, Edmund b.1430
FISKE, Eleazer b.1587
FISKE, Eleazer a.1556
FISKE, Elizabeth b.1558
FISKE, Elizabeth b.1669
FISKE, Ephraim b.1653
FISKE, Esther b.1557
FISKE, Esther b.1584
FISKE, Esther b.1627
FISKE, Eunice b.1580
FISKE, Gelion b.1500
FISKE, Geoffrey b.1514
FISKE, Geoffrey b.1519
FISKE, Geoffrey b.1474
FISKE, Geoffrey b.1442
FISKE, George b.1516
FISKE, Hannah b.1582
FISKE, Jeffrey b.1552
FISKE, Jeremy b.1523
FISKE, Joan b.1516
FISKE, Joan b.1498
FISKE, Joan b.1467
FISKE, John b.1504
FISKE, John a.1627
FISKE, John b.1716
FISKE, John b.1514
FISKE, John Priest b.1465
FISKE, John Priest b.1454
FISKE, John b.1428
FISKE, John b.1440
FISKE, John b.1576
FISKE, John b.1655
FISKE, John b.1654
FISKE, John b.1625
FISKE, Lydia b.1647
FISKE, Margaret b.1472
FISKE, Margaret b.1452
FISKE, Margaret b.1432
FISKE, Margaret b.1658
FISKE, Margery b.1512
FISKE, Margery b.1450
FISKE, Martha b.1564
FISKE, Martha b.1666
FISKE, Mary b.1561
FISKE, Mary b.1709
FISKE, Mary b.1661
FISKE, Maryon b.1469
FISKE, Moses b.1642
FISKE, N.N. b.1434
FISKE, N.N. b.1438
FISKE, N.N. b.1436
FISKE, Nathaniel b.1623
FISKE, Nathaniel b.1602
FISKE, Nathaniel b.1672
FISKE, Nathaniel b.1578
FISKE, Nicholas b.1518
FISKE, Olive b.1502
FISKE, Phineas b.1680
FISKE, Rachel b.1554
FISKE, Richard b.1527
FISKE, Richard b.1492
FISKE, Richard a.1554
FISKE, Robert b.1506
FISKE, Robert b.1521
FISKE, Sarah b.1645
FISKE, Sarah b.1640
FISKE, Sarah b.1620
FISKE, Sarah b.1604
FISKE, Sarah b.1653
FISKE, Simon b.1496
FISKE, Simon b.1462
FISKE, Simon b.1477
FISKE, Simon b.1399
FISKE, Simon b.1444
FISKE, Thomas b.1467
FISKE, Thomas b.1560
FISKE, William b.1494
FISKE, William b.1549
FISKE, William b.1525
FISKE, William b.1423
FISKE, William b.1663
FISKE, William b.1550

Surname List