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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


ERIKSDOTTIR, Ingibiorg b.1159
ERIKSDOTTIR, Ragnhild b.1161
ERIKSDOTTIR, Ragnhild b.870


ERIKSSON, Bjorn "The Old" King of Sweden b.877
ERIKSSON, Elin b.1157
ERIKSSON, Erik b.1126
ERIKSSON, Eymund King of Sweden b.823
ERIKSSON, Harald "Ungi" Earl of Caithness b.1155
ERIKSSON, Olaf "Skotkonung" King of Sweden b.970


ERLE, Amy b.1545


ERLENDSDOTTIR, Gunnhild b.1078


ERLENDSSON, Erlend b.1073
ERLENDSSON, Magnus b.1075


ERMINGLAND, John b.1408
ERMINGLAND, Margaret b.1410
ERMINGLAND, William b.1383


ERNELEY, Anne b.1505
ERNELEY, Anthony Esquire b.1487
ERNELEY, Joan b.1542


ERNEYS, Alice b.1362
ERNEYS, Ellen b.1288
ERNEYS, Richard Mayor of Chester b.1263
ERNEYS, Robert b.1233
ERNEYS, Roger b.1337


ERNLE, John Knight b.1625


ERPINGHAM, Thomas K.G. b.1386


ERSKINE, Alan Knight b.1315
ERSKINE, Helen b.1280
ERSKINE, Henry b.1190
ERSKINE, Janet b.1276
ERSKINE, John Knight b.1217
ERSKINE, John Knight b.1249
ERSKINE, John Lord Erskine b.1486
ERSKINE, Margaret b.1278
ERSKINE, Nicholas Knight b.1341
ERSKINE, Robert Knight b.1310
ERSKINE, Thomas Earl of Kellie b.1566
ERSKINE, Thomas Knight b.1338
ERSKINE, Thomas Earl of Mar b.1327
ERSKINE, William Knight b.1274


ERVIN, Flora Amelia b.1905


ESCOT, Alice b.1736


ESPEC, Adeline b.1088
ESPEC, Albreda b.1080
ESPEC, Hawise b.1084
ESPEC, Walter b.1082
ESPEC, William b.1055


ESPLIN, Clara b.1889
ESPLIN, Edgar Cox b.1887


ESQUIER, Joan le b.1211


ESS, Ann b.1743


ESSELEGH, Mabel de b.1182
ESSELEGH, Walter I de b.1145
ESSELEGH, Walter II de b.1180


ESSEX, Agnes of b.1147
ESSEX, Gunnor of b.1154
ESSEX, Henry of b.1141
ESSEX, Henry of Lord of Rayleigh b.1110
ESSEX, Hugh of b.1144
ESSEX, Robert Fitz Suein of b.1070
ESSEX, Robert of b.1113
ESSEX, Robert of b.1150
ESSEX, Winifred b.1525


ESTABROOK, Joseph b.1669
ESTABROOK, Joseph b.1640


ESTCOURT, Anne a.1586
ESTCOURT, Edmund Esquire a.1573
ESTCOURT, Elizabeth b.1604
ESTCOURT, Elizabeth a.1577
ESTCOURT, John a.1587
ESTCOURT, John a.1579
ESTCOURT, Mary b.1601
ESTCOURT, Mary a.1592
ESTCOURT, Mary a.1575
ESTCOURT, Richard a.1584
ESTCOURT, Thomas Knight b.1571
ESTCOURT, Thomas b.1545


ESTE, Adalberto d' Count of Vinunza b.945
ESTE, Alberto Azzo I d' b.979
ESTE, Alberto Azzo II d' b.1009
ESTE, Barnaby b.1532
ESTE, Bertha d' b.986
ESTE, Fulco I d' b.1059
ESTE, Gisela d' b.965
ESTE, Menzia d' b.1220
ESTE, Otberto I d' Count of Lucca b.912
ESTE, Otberto II d' Count of Genoa b.943
ESTE, Thomas b.1532


ESTES, Elizabeth b.1660
ESTES, Matthew b.1645


ESTEY, Benjamin b.1669
ESTEY, Catherine b.1630
ESTEY, Hannah b.1666
ESTEY, Isaac b.1656
ESTEY, Isaac a.1627
ESTEY, Jacob b.1674
ESTEY, John b.1663
ESTEY, Joseph b.1658
ESTEY, Joshua b.1678
ESTEY, Mary b.1650
ESTEY, Samuel b.1672
ESTEY, Sarah b.1660


ESTOUTEVILLE, Robert d' b.1028


ESTOW, Mary a.1628
ESTOW, Sarah b.1625
ESTOW, William b.1595


ESTURMY, Maud b.1375


ETCHELLS, Mary b.1799


ETHERINGTON, Mary b.1659
ETHERINGTON, Patience b.1657
ETHERINGTON, Thomas b.1632


ETON, Anne b.1485
ETON, Cecily de b.1320
ETON, John de b.1324
ETON, Nicholas de Knight b.1285
ETON, Nicholas de Knight b.1315
ETON, Robert de b.1317


ETWELL, Joan b.1437


EU, Alice d' Countess of Eu b.1180
EU, Guarin d' b.1200
EU, Guillaume d' Count of Soissons b.1013
EU, Guy d' b.1183
EU, Henry I d' Lord of Hastings b.1102
EU, Henry II d' Count of Eu b.1159
EU, Ida d' b.1165
EU, John d' Lord of Hastings b.1139
EU, Lithwise d' b.1053
EU, Margaret d' b.1163
EU, Marie d' Countess of Eu b.1226
EU, Mathilde d' b.1205
EU, Maud d' b.1161
EU, Raoul d' Count of Eu b.1181
EU, Robert d' b.1015
EU, William d' Lord of Hastings b.1055


EUBANKS, Joseph b.1810
EUBANKS, Lovich b.1804
EUBANKS, Samuel Darley b.1806


EURE, Agnes b.1473
EURE, Anne b.1460
EURE, Anne b.1556
EURE, Anne b.1504
EURE, Anne b.1465
EURE, Anne b.1459
EURE, Anne b.1533
EURE, Charles a.1562
EURE, Elizabeth b.1448
EURE, Elizabeth b.1476
EURE, Elizabeth b.1438
EURE, Elizabeth b.1432
EURE, Frances b.1538
EURE, Francis Knight a.1563
EURE, Henry Esquire b.1513
EURE, Henry b.1456
EURE, Henry Esquire b.1418
EURE, Hugh b.1489
EURE, Hugh b.1454
EURE, Hugh de Knight b.1233
EURE, Isabel b.1385
EURE, Isabel b.1434
EURE, Joan b.1444
EURE, Joan b.1430
EURE, Joan b.1436
EURE, John b.1486
EURE, John b.1446
EURE, John b.1424
EURE, John de Knight b.1331
EURE, Katherine b.1392
EURE, Katherine b.1439
EURE, Margaret a.1561
EURE, Margaret Nun b.1471
EURE, Margaret Nun b.1450
EURE, Margery b.1510
EURE, Margery b.1422
EURE, Martha a.1569
EURE, Mary a.1602
EURE, Mary a.1574
EURE, Maud b.1452
EURE, Muriel b.1565
EURE, Muriel b.1516
EURE, Ralph b.1453
EURE, Ralph b.1605
EURE, Ralph Knight b.1353
EURE, Ralph b.1442
EURE, Ralph Knight b.1416
EURE, Ralph b.1531
EURE, Ralph Knight b.1507
EURE, Ralph Knight b.1463
EURE, Ralph Lord Eure b.1558
EURE, Robert Esquire b.1388
EURE, Robert Knight b.1467
EURE, Robert Knight b.1448
EURE, Robert b.1426
EURE, Robert de b.1230
EURE, Thomas b.1428
EURE, Thomas b.1535
EURE, William b.1450
EURE, William Knight b.1607
EURE, William Lord Eure b.1633
EURE, William Lord Eure b.1579
EURE, William a.1567
EURE, William Priest b.1469
EURE, William Archdeacon of Salisbury b.1420
EURE, William Sheriff of Yorkshire b.1395
EURE, William Knight b.1440
EURE, William Lord Eure b.1529
EURE, William Lord Eure b.1483


EUXTON, John de b.1238
EUXTON, Margaret de b.1264


EVAN, Mathew ab Knight b.1365


EVANS, Andrew b.1759
EVANS, Anna b.1810
EVANS, Comfort b.1780
EVANS, Edmund b.1766
EVANS, Elexious Musick b.1819
EVANS, Elijah b.1778
EVANS, Eliza Jane b.1827
EVANS, Elizabeth b.1720
EVANS, Elizabeth b.1821
EVANS, Esther a.1735
EVANS, Eunice b.1763
EVANS, Eunice b.1790
EVANS, Ezekiel b.1775
EVANS, Ferrell Hammon b.1784
EVANS, Hammon William b.1825
EVANS, Hannah b.1770
EVANS, Hannah b.1645
EVANS, Henry b.1772
EVANS, Jennette b.1850
EVANS, John b.1649
EVANS, John b.1722
EVANS, John b.1695
EVANS, John b.1768
EVANS, John Franklin b.1900
EVANS, John Franklin b.1859
EVANS, Jonathan a.1728
EVANS, Lucy b.1775
EVANS, Lydia b.1724
EVANS, Lydia a.1785
EVANS, Lydia b.1798
EVANS, Mahala b.1823
EVANS, Martha b.1787
EVANS, Martha b.1812
EVANS, Mary a.1737
EVANS, Mary a.1736
EVANS, Mary b.1817
EVANS, Nancy b.1790
EVANS, Nancy b.1809
EVANS, Nathaniel a.1732
EVANS, Nathaniel b.1792
EVANS, Oliver b.1796
EVANS, Perry b.1760
EVANS, Phoebe b.1831
EVANS, Robert b.1640
EVANS, Roswell b.1770
EVANS, Sarah a.1726
EVANS, Sarah b.1764
EVANS, Sarah b.1815
EVANS, Simeon b.1782
EVANS, Simeon b.1738
EVANS, Simeon b.1794
EVANS, William Hammon b.1760


EVARTS, Alice Maria b.1856
EVARTS, Catherine Mary b.1841
EVARTS, Daniel b.1638
EVARTS, Elizabeth b.1636
EVARTS, Frank Albert b.1858
EVARTS, George Albert b.1848
EVARTS, Georgiana Parker b.1853
EVARTS, James b.1634
EVARTS, John b.1640
EVARTS, John b.1605
EVARTS, Judah b.1642
EVARTS, Julia Amelia b.1844
EVARTS, Lewis b.1811
EVARTS, Samuel Lewis b.1851
EVARTS, Samuel Lewis b.1846


EVELETH, Elizabeth b.1671
EVELETH, Isaac b.1676
EVELETH, Ruth Henrietta b.1758


EVELYN, Robert b.1556


EVERARD, Agnes b.1503
EVERARD, Anne b.1533
EVERARD, Anthony K.B. b.1561
EVERARD, Clemence b.1565
EVERARD, Edward b.1500
EVERARD, Elizabeth b.1497
EVERARD, Elizabeth b.1456
EVERARD, Elizabeth b.1665
EVERARD, Frances a.1582
EVERARD, Henry b.1495
EVERARD, Henry b.1489
EVERARD, Hugh b.1567
EVERARD, Israel b.1651
EVERARD, Jane b.1532
EVERARD, Jerome b.1551
EVERARD, Joan b.1463
EVERARD, John b.1570
EVERARD, John Gentleman b.1430
EVERARD, John a.1581
EVERARD, John b.1487
EVERARD, John b.1545
EVERARD, Judith b.1595
EVERARD, Margaret b.1592
EVERARD, Margery b.1491
EVERARD, Martha b.1588
EVERARD, Mary b.1559
EVERARD, Mary b.1586
EVERARD, Mary b.1458
EVERARD, Mary b.1518
EVERARD, Mathew b.1563
EVERARD, N.N. b.1527
EVERARD, N.N. b.1523
EVERARD, Parnel a.1580
EVERARD, Richard Esquire b.1538
EVERARD, Richard Esquire b.1489
EVERARD, Robert b.1547
EVERARD, Sarah b.1590
EVERARD, Sarah b.1644
EVERARD, Thomas b.1549
EVERARD, Thomas b.1584
EVERARD, Thomas b.1485
EVERARD, Thomas b.1520
EVERARD, Thomas Gentleman b.1460
EVERARD, William b.1493


EVERDEN, Anthony a.1645
EVERDEN, Anthony b.1618
EVERDEN, Elizabeth a.1643
EVERDEN, Sarah b.1648


EVERE, Joan d' b.1263


EVERETT, John b.1602
EVERETT, Sally Ann b.1823


EVEREUX, N.N. d' b.998


EVERINGHAM, Adam I de Knight b.1231
EVERINGHAM, Adam II de Knight b.1279
EVERINGHAM, Adam III de Knight b.1307
EVERINGHAM, Alexander de b.1329
EVERINGHAM, Catherine de b.1362
EVERINGHAM, Edmund de b.1331
EVERINGHAM, Elizabeth de b.1343
EVERINGHAM, John de Knight b.1234
EVERINGHAM, Margaret de b.1334
EVERINGHAM, Margery de b.1253
EVERINGHAM, Nicholas de b.1334
EVERINGHAM, Reginald de Knight b.1337
EVERINGHAM, Robert de b.1327
EVERINGHAM, Robert de Knight b.1276
EVERINGHAM, Robert I de b.1205
EVERINGHAM, Robert II de Knight b.1255
EVERINGHAM, Sybil de b.1309
EVERINGHAM, Thomas Knight b.1449
EVERINGHAM, Thomas de b.1340
EVERINGHAM, William de Knight b.1332


EVERMUE, Isolda de b.1226


EVES, Anna b.1689
EVES, Benjamin b.1686
EVES, Daniel b.1681
EVES, Daniel b.1656
EVES, Dorothy b.1661
EVES, Dorothy b.1693
EVES, Elizabeth b.1664
EVES, John b.1679
EVES, John b.1654
EVES, John b.1626
EVES, Lydia b.1666
EVES, Samuel b.1684
EVES, Samuel b.1658
EVES, Thomas b.1676
EVES, Thomas b.1652


EVESHAM, Elizabeth b.1330


EVREUX, Agnes d' b.1040
EVREUX, Charles d' Count of Etampes b.1308
EVREUX, Godehildis d' Abbess of St. Saviour at Evreux b.1044
EVREUX, Guillaume d' Count of Evreux b.1042
EVREUX, Guillaume d' b.990
EVREUX, Jeanne d' b.1310
EVREUX, John d' Archdeacon of Gloucester b.1259
EVREUX, Louis d' Count of Evreux b.1276
EVREUX, Marguerite d' b.1306
EVREUX, Marie d' b.1303
EVREUX, Philippe d' King of Navarre b.1305
EVREUX, Raoul d' b.988
EVREUX, Richard d' Archbishop of Rouen b.986
EVREUX, Robert d' Duke of Normandy b.965
EVREUX, William d' b.1261
EVREUX, William d' Knight b.1228




EWEN, Elizabeth b.1558


EWER, Anna b.1634
EWER, Thomas b.1663
EWER, Thomas a.1593
EWER, Wilmot b.1629


EWINGS, Luther b.1792


EWYAS, Robert I de b.1090
EWYAS, Robert II de b.1125
EWYAS, Sybil de b.1175


EXOUDUN, Joan d' Lady of Criel b.1208
EXOUDUN, Raoul I d' Count of Eu b.1164
EXOUDUN, Raoul II d' Count of Eu b.1197


EYMUNDSSON, Erik King of Sweden b.850


EYNSFORD, John Knight b.1255


EYRE, Anna a.1591
EYRE, Anna b.1630
EYRE, Anthony a.1596
EYRE, Benjamin b.1632
EYRE, Christian b.1628
EYRE, Dorothy b.1640
EYRE, John a.1594
EYRE, John b.1654
EYRE, Jonathan b.1638
EYRE, Maria b.1652
EYRE, Mary a.1619
EYRE, Rebecca b.1626
EYRE, Sarah b.1635
EYRE, Simon b.1557
EYRE, Simon b.1652
EYRE, Simon b.1623
EYRE, Simon a.1588
EYRE, Susan a.1585
EYRE, Thomas b.1621


EYSTEINSDOTTIR, Swanhild b.858


EYSTEINSSON, Haldrich b.850
EYSTEINSSON, Ragnvald I "The Wise" Earl of More b.846


EYTON, Fulk Knight b.1441
EYTON, Joan de b.1320
EYTON, John de b.1295
EYTON, Katherine b.1450
EYTON, Lettice b.1443
EYTON, Lewis b.1445
EYTON, Margaret b.1447
EYTON, Margaret b.1439
EYTON, Nicholas Knight b.1400


EZELL, Roberta b.1869


EZY, Bernard Sire d'Albert b.1257


FABIAN, Joan b.1425


FAGLIE, Joseph Clinton b.1859


FAIN, Ann b.1798
FAIN, Clara b.1795
FAIN, David b.1756
FAIN, Ebenezer b.1762
FAIN, Elizabeth b.1764
FAIN, Elizabeth b.1785
FAIN, John b.1754
FAIN, Lavinia b.1787
FAIN, Lavisia b.1810
FAIN, Luvincia b.1801
FAIN, Mary b.1791
FAIN, Matthew b.1782
FAIN, Nancy b.1789
FAIN, Nicholas b.1729
FAIN, Rebecca b.1793
FAIN, Reuben b.1766
FAIN, Samuel b.1753
FAIN, Thomas b.1759
FAIN, Thomas Parramore b.1802
FAIN, William b.1757
FAIN, William b.1807


FAIRBANKS, Abigail b.1707
FAIRBANKS, Abram a.1576
FAIRBANKS, Achsah b.1751
FAIRBANKS, Agnes b.1554
FAIRBANKS, Amos b.1737
FAIRBANKS, Annah a.1716
FAIRBANKS, Artemus b.1781
FAIRBANKS, Benjamin b.1662
FAIRBANKS, Beulah b.1732
FAIRBANKS, Caleb b.1768
FAIRBANKS, Comfort b.1690
FAIRBANKS, Cyrus b.1726
FAIRBANKS, Dinah b.1730
FAIRBANKS, Dorothy b.1738
FAIRBANKS, Dorothy a.1553
FAIRBANKS, Dorothy b.1560
FAIRBANKS, Edward b.1556
FAIRBANKS, Eleazer b.1707
FAIRBANKS, Eleazer b.1655
FAIRBANKS, Elizabeth b.1734
FAIRBANKS, Elizabeth b.1699
FAIRBANKS, Elizabeth b.1727
FAIRBANKS, Elizabeth b.1558
FAIRBANKS, Ephraim b.1779
FAIRBANKS, Ephraim b.1742
FAIRBANKS, Ephraim b.1753
FAIRBANKS, Ephraim b.1724
FAIRBANKS, Esther a.1603
FAIRBANKS, Eunice b.1739
FAIRBANKS, George b.1708
FAIRBANKS, George b.1685
FAIRBANKS, George b.1650
FAIRBANKS, George a.1619
FAIRBANKS, George a.1562
FAIRBANKS, George b.1528
FAIRBANKS, Gilbert b.1504
FAIRBANKS, Grace b.1695
FAIRBANKS, Grace b.1663
FAIRBANKS, Grace a.1712
FAIRBANKS, Hannah b.1689
FAIRBANKS, Hannah b.1658
FAIRBANKS, Hannah b.1741
FAIRBANKS, Hasadiah b.1668
FAIRBANKS, Hepzibah b.1758
FAIRBANKS, Hepzibah b.1735
FAIRBANKS, Hugh a.1550
FAIRBANKS, Hugh b.1542
FAIRBANKS, Jabez b.1713
FAIRBANKS, Jabez b.1755
FAIRBANKS, Jabez b.1671
FAIRBANKS, Jabez b.1696
FAIRBANKS, Jane a.1556
FAIRBANKS, Jenet a.1552
FAIRBANKS, Joanna a.1545
FAIRBANKS, John b.1775
FAIRBANKS, John b.1731
FAIRBANKS, John b.1644
FAIRBANKS, John a.1618
FAIRBANKS, John b.1479
FAIRBANKS, John a.1547
FAIRBANKS, John b.1554
FAIRBANKS, Jonas b.1697
FAIRBANKS, Jonas b.1657
FAIRBANKS, Jonas b.1673
FAIRBANKS, Jonas b.1702
FAIRBANKS, Jonas a.1625
FAIRBANKS, Jonathan b.1783
FAIRBANKS, Jonathan b.1732
FAIRBANKS, Jonathan b.1689
FAIRBANKS, Jonathan b.1761
FAIRBANKS, Jonathan b.1648
FAIRBANKS, Jonathan b.1662
FAIRBANKS, Jonathan b.1666
FAIRBANKS, Jonathan b.1630
FAIRBANKS, Jonathan b.1594
FAIRBANKS, Jonathan a.1710
FAIRBANKS, Joseph b.1741
FAIRBANKS, Joseph b.1692
FAIRBANKS, Joseph b.1656
FAIRBANKS, Joseph b.1722
FAIRBANKS, Joseph b.1694
FAIRBANKS, Joshua b.1642
FAIRBANKS, Joshua b.1661
FAIRBANKS, Joshua a.1714
FAIRBANKS, Keziah b.1763
FAIRBANKS, Lydia b.1710
FAIRBANKS, Lydia b.1731
FAIRBANKS, Lydia b.1731
FAIRBANKS, Manasseh b.1765
FAIRBANKS, Margaret b.1664
FAIRBANKS, Marie b.1659
FAIRBANKS, Martha b.1650
FAIRBANKS, Mary b.1692
FAIRBANKS, Mary b.1744
FAIRBANKS, Mary b.1749
FAIRBANKS, Mary b.1650
FAIRBANKS, Mary b.1721
FAIRBANKS, Mary a.1600
FAIRBANKS, Mary a.1622
FAIRBANKS, Mary a.1721
FAIRBANKS, Mary a.1558
FAIRBANKS, Mary b.1678
FAIRBANKS, Mary b.1647
FAIRBANKS, Mary b.1729
FAIRBANKS, Mercy b.1725
FAIRBANKS, Michael a.1549
FAIRBANKS, N.N. b.1573
FAIRBANKS, Oliver a.1772
FAIRBANKS, Oliver a.1751
FAIRBANKS, Oliver b.1788
FAIRBANKS, Paul b.1781
FAIRBANKS, Phineas b.1719
FAIRBANKS, Relief b.1739
FAIRBANKS, Robert a.1566
FAIRBANKS, Samuel b.1730
FAIRBANKS, Samuel b.1694
FAIRBANKS, Samuel b.1652
FAIRBANKS, Sarah b.1716
FAIRBANKS, Sarah a.1720
FAIRBANKS, Sarah b.1645
FAIRBANKS, Sena b.1777
FAIRBANKS, Silas b.1747
FAIRBANKS, Susan a.1569
FAIRBANKS, Susan a.1627
FAIRBANKS, Susanna a.1774
FAIRBANKS, Susanna Gates b.1788
FAIRBANKS, Sybil b.1788
FAIRBANKS, Thankful b.1747
FAIRBANKS, Thomas b.1736
FAIRBANKS, Thomas b.1704
FAIRBANKS, William b.1454
FAIRBANKS, William b.1539


FAIRCHILD, Agur b.1691
FAIRCHILD, David b.1688
FAIRCHILD, David b.1743
FAIRCHILD, Dinah b.1648
FAIRCHILD, Emma b.1653
FAIRCHILD, John b.1644
FAIRCHILD, Mary b.1713
FAIRCHILD, Owen Weslake b.1899
FAIRCHILD, Samuel b.1640
FAIRCHILD, Sarah b.1642
FAIRCHILD, Thomas b.1646
FAIRCHILD, Thomas b.1614
FAIRCHILD, Zechariah b.1651


FAIRCLOUGH, Anne a.1572
FAIRCLOUGH, Anne b.1532
FAIRCLOUGH, Constance a.1588
FAIRCLOUGH, Dorothy a.1586
FAIRCLOUGH, Dorothy b.1534
FAIRCLOUGH, Elizabeth a.1579
FAIRCLOUGH, Elizabeth a.1583
FAIRCLOUGH, Elizabeth b.1536
FAIRCLOUGH, Frances a.1576
FAIRCLOUGH, George b.1528
FAIRCLOUGH, Giles b.1530
FAIRCLOUGH, Jane a.1575
FAIRCLOUGH, John a.1584
FAIRCLOUGH, John b.1460
FAIRCLOUGH, John b.1522
FAIRCLOUGH, John Gentleman b.1544
FAIRCLOUGH, Lawrence Knight b.1434
FAIRCLOUGH, Lawrence b.1550
FAIRCLOUGH, Lawrence Esquire b.1489
FAIRCLOUGH, Lucy b.1538
FAIRCLOUGH, Mary a.1577
FAIRCLOUGH, Mary b.1555
FAIRCLOUGH, Millicent a.1580
FAIRCLOUGH, Ralph b.1409
FAIRCLOUGH, Ralph Knight b.1462
FAIRCLOUGH, Richard b.1524
FAIRCLOUGH, Richard b.1552
FAIRCLOUGH, Rose a.1581
FAIRCLOUGH, Thomas b.1570
FAIRCLOUGH, Thomas b.1547
FAIRCLOUGH, Thomas Gentleman b.1520
FAIRCLOUGH, William b.1526


FAIRFAX, Agnes b.1539
FAIRFAX, Anna b.1564
FAIRFAX, Anne b.1600
FAIRFAX, Anne b.1521
FAIRFAX, Anne b.1501
FAIRFAX, Anne b.1721
FAIRFAX, Bridget b.1525
FAIRFAX, Bryan b.1633
FAIRFAX, Charles b.1597
FAIRFAX, Charles b.1586
FAIRFAX, Charles b.1615
FAIRFAX, Charles Viscount Fairfax b.1622
FAIRFAX, Christiana b.1558
FAIRFAX, Dorothy b.1590
FAIRFAX, Dorothy b.1617
FAIRFAX, Dorothy b.1504
FAIRFAX, Edward b.1531
FAIRFAX, Eleanor b.1467
FAIRFAX, Elizabeth b.1498
FAIRFAX, Ellen a.1630
FAIRFAX, Ellen a.1611
FAIRFAX, Ellen b.1493
FAIRFAX, Ferdinando b.1567
FAIRFAX, Ferdinando Lord Fairfax b.1584
FAIRFAX, Frances b.1612
FAIRFAX, Francis b.1529
FAIRFAX, Gabriel Esquire b.1535
FAIRFAX, Guy b.1519
FAIRFAX, Guy b.1473
FAIRFAX, Guy Knight b.1440
FAIRFAX, Henry Lord Fairfax b.1631
FAIRFAX, Henry b.1586
FAIRFAX, Henry b.1589
FAIRFAX, Henry b.1562
FAIRFAX, Henry b.1537
FAIRFAX, John b.1597
FAIRFAX, John b.1619
FAIRFAX, John b.1543
FAIRFAX, Mary b.1588
FAIRFAX, Mary b.1616
FAIRFAX, Mary b.1523
FAIRFAX, Maud b.1469
FAIRFAX, Nicholas Knight b.1476
FAIRFAX, Nicholas b.1624
FAIRFAX, Peregrine b.1599
FAIRFAX, Sarah b.1618
FAIRFAX, Susan b.1541
FAIRFAX, Thomas a.1628
FAIRFAX, Thomas b.1594
FAIRFAX, Thomas Esquire b.1471
FAIRFAX, Thomas Lord Fairfax b.1560
FAIRFAX, Thomas Knight b.1527
FAIRFAX, Thomas Lord Fairfax b.1612
FAIRFAX, Thomas Viscount Fairfax a.1599
FAIRFAX, Thomas Viscount Fairfax b.1574
FAIRFAX, Thomas Knight b.1476
FAIRFAX, Ursula a.1609
FAIRFAX, Ursula b.1533
FAIRFAX, Ursula b.1556
FAIRFAX, William b.1593
FAIRFAX, William Knight b.1495
FAIRFAX, William Knight b.1465
FAIRFAX, William Viscount Fairfax b.1620
FAIRFAX, William b.1375


FAIRFIELD, Elizabeth b.1666
FAIRFIELD, Nathan b.1692
FAIRFIELD, Sarah b.1655
FAIRFIELD, William b.1692


FAIRWEATHER, Thomas b.1608


FALAISE, Alice de b.1144
FALAISE, Beatrice de b.1020
FALAISE, Emma de b.1083
FALAISE, Fulbert de b.980
FALAISE, Herleve de b.1006
FALAISE, Sybil de b.1085
FALAISE, Walter de b.1008
FALAISE, William de b.1054


FALCONER, Patrick b.1660


FALDO, Richard b.1541


FALES, Abigail b.1692
FALES, David b.1702
FALES, Deborah b.1700
FALES, Deborah Rhoades b.1801
FALES, Ebenezer b.1682
FALES, Elizabeth b.1702
FALES, Hannah b.1696
FALES, Hannah b.1673
FALES, James b.1680
FALES, James b.1656
FALES, James b.1630
FALES, Jemima b.1707
FALES, Joanna b.1797
FALES, John b.1658
FALES, Lucinda b.1794
FALES, Lucy b.1787
FALES, Martha b.1675
FALES, Mary b.1664
FALES, Mary b.1699
FALES, Nancy b.1790
FALES, Nathaniel b.1785
FALES, Nathaniel b.1695
FALES, Nathaniel b.1752
FALES, Nehemiah b.1698
FALES, Peter b.1690
FALES, Peter b.1668
FALES, Priscilla b.1792
FALES, Rachel b.1680
FALES, Samuel b.1683
FALES, Samuel b.1710
FALES, Sarah b.1783
FALES, Sarah b.1694
FALES, Stephen b.1686
FALES, Timothy b.1690


FALKE, John b.1645


FALLAPIT, Margaret b.1410


FALLEY, Margaret b.1766


FALVESLE, John de Lord Say b.1335


FALWELL, John b.1364
FALWELL, Matilda b.1389


FANACOURT, Bartholomew de Knight b.1282


FANE, Anthony a.1614
FANE, Bridget b.1542
FANE, Catherine b.1650
FANE, Catherine b.1625
FANE, Charles Earl of Westmorland b.1635
FANE, Diane b.1627
FANE, Edward b.1587
FANE, Elizabeth b.1642
FANE, Elizabeth a.1608
FANE, Frances b.1632
FANE, Frances b.1577
FANE, Frances b.1622
FANE, Frances b.1575
FANE, Francis K.B. a.1611
FANE, Francis Earl of Westmorland b.1580
FANE, George Esquire b.1511
FANE, George b.1616
FANE, George Knight b.1582
FANE, Grace b.1630
FANE, Grace a.1604
FANE, Henry a.1646
FANE, Henry Esquire a.1560
FANE, Isabel b.1633
FANE, Katherine b.1538
FANE, Mary b.1639
FANE, Mary b.1629
FANE, Mary b.1545
FANE, Mary b.1562
FANE, Mary a.1606
FANE, Mildmay b.1640
FANE, Mildmay Earl of Westmorland b.1602
FANE, Rachel b.1647
FANE, Rachel a.1613
FANE, Robert b.1620
FANE, Susan b.1652
FANE, Thomas Knight b.1540
FANE, Thomas b.1610
FANE, Thomas b.1584
FANE, Thomas Knight b.1536
FANE, Vere Earl of Westmorland b.1645
FANE, William b.1618


FANNING, Elizabeth b.1656
FANNING, Mary b.1657
FANNING, Mary b.1662
FANNING, Sarah b.1665
FANNING, Thomas b.1630


FANSHAWE, Thomas Viscount Fanshawe b.1596


FARFORTH, Beatrice de b.1160


FARLESS, Charity b.1891
FARLESS, George Hamilton b.1885
FARLESS, James Jackson b.1858
FARLESS, James M. b.1882
FARLESS, John b.1880
FARLESS, Sadie Mae b.1887
FARLESS, Stephen Peter b.1878


FARMER, Ann b.1621
FARMER, Anne a.1637
FARMER, Barbara b.1678
FARMER, Benjamin b.1790
FARMER, Edward b.1610
FARMER, Edward b.1674
FARMER, Edward a.1645
FARMER, Elizabeth b.1612
FARMER, Elizabeth b.1680
FARMER, Elizabeth a.1648
FARMER, Hannah b.1606
FARMER, Isabel a.1652
FARMER, John b.1579
FARMER, John b.1671
FARMER, John b.1635
FARMER, John b.1608
FARMER, Lydia b.1621
FARMER, Mary b.1618
FARMER, Mary b.1675
FARMER, Mary a.1640
FARMER, Oliver b.1686
FARMER, Patience b.1615
FARMER, Richard a.1643
FARMER, Sarah a.1669
FARMER, Sarah a.1650
FARMER, Thomas b.1683
FARMER, Thomas a.1655


FARNELL, Margaret b.1425


FARNFIELD, Jane b.1520


FARNHAM, Hannah b.1691
FARNHAM, Hannah b.1713
FARNHAM, Joanna b.1687
FARNHAM, John b.1702
FARNHAM, Josiah b.1698
FARNHAM, Nathaniel b.1696
FARNHAM, Peter b.1689
FARNHAM, Peter b.1665
FARNHAM, Phebe b.1700


FARNSWORTH, Elizabeth a.1631
FARNSWORTH, Esther a.1633
FARNSWORTH, Hannah b.1638
FARNSWORTH, Jonas b.1713
FARNSWORTH, Joseph a.1626
FARNSWORTH, Joseph b.1599
FARNSWORTH, Mary a.1635
FARNSWORTH, Mary b.1637
FARNSWORTH, Mary b.1806
FARNSWORTH, Rebecca b.1640
FARNSWORTH, Ruth b.1642
FARNSWORTH, Samuel a.1647
FARNSWORTH, Sarah Delap b.1781
FARNSWORTH, Vianna b.1852


FARNUM, Polly Ann b.1813


FARR, Norman D. b.1876
FARR, Sarah b.1849


FARRELL, Celia b.1804


FARRER, Agnes b.1551
FARRER, Alice b.1549
FARRER, Brian b.1515
FARRER, Bridget b.1585
FARRER, Dinah b.1705
FARRER, Elizabeth b.1702
FARRER, Grace a.1545
FARRER, Grace a.1584
FARRER, Henry b.1490
FARRER, Henry b.1540
FARRER, Henry b.1578
FARRER, Jacob a.1641
FARRER, John b.1574
FARRER, Joyce b.1580
FARRER, Mary a.1544
FARRER, Mary b.1572
FARRER, Mary b.1649
FARRER, Nathaniel b.1564
FARRER, Richard b.1547
FARRER, Robert a.1542
FARRER, Sarah b.1554
FARRER, Sarah b.1576
FARRER, Susan b.1557
FARRER, Susan a.1587
FARRER, Susanna b.1659
FARRER, Thomas Priest b.1518
FARRER, William b.1582


FARRINGDON, Alice b.1505
FARRINGDON, Anne b.1524
FARRINGDON, Charles b.1499
FARRINGDON, Christopher b.1495
FARRINGDON, Ellen b.1530
FARRINGDON, Grace b.1497
FARRINGDON, John b.1526
FARRINGDON, John Esquire b.1470
FARRINGDON, Lawrence b.1528
FARRINGDON, Margaret b.1501
FARRINGDON, Mary b.1504
FARRINGDON, Robert de b.1445
FARRINGDON, Thomasine b.1520
FARRINGDON, Wilmot b.1522


FARRINGTON, Edmund b.1588
FARRINGTON, John b.1761


FARWAYE, Joan b.1395
FARWAYE, John b.1390
FARWAYE, John b.1356
FARWAYE, Margaret b.1387


FARWELL, Elizabeth a.1630
FARWELL, Elizabeth b.1672
FARWELL, Hannah b.1668
FARWELL, Henry b.1605
FARWELL, Henry b.1674
FARWELL, Isaac b.1678
FARWELL, John Esquire b.1350
FARWELL, John a.1635
FARWELL, John b.1686
FARWELL, Joseph b.1670
FARWELL, Joseph b.1641
FARWELL, Mary b.1643
FARWELL, Mary b.1681
FARWELL, Olive b.1645
FARWELL, Oliver b.1692
FARWELL, Samuel a.1633
FARWELL, Sarah b.1683
FARWELL, Sarah b.1662
FARWELL, William b.1689


FASLANE, Aulay de b.1225
FASLANE, Aulay de b.1285
FASLANE, Duncan de Knight b.1250
FASLANE, Walter de Earl of Lennox b.1319


FASSETT, Alice b.1753


FASTOLF, Alexander b.1310
FASTOLF, Alice b.1401
FASTOLF, Joan b.1403
FASTOLF, John K.G. b.1380
FASTOLF, John Knight b.1335
FASTOLF, Margaret b.1383
FASTOLF, Margaret b.1356
FASTOLF, Margery b.1302
FASTOLF, N.N. b.1418
FASTOLF, Thomas Knight b.1331
FASTOLF, Thomas Esquire b.1442


FAUCIGNY, Agnes de b.1214
FAUCIGNY, Aymon II de b.1182
FAUCIGNY, Beatrix de b.1210


FAUCOMBERGE, Amice de b.1262
FAUCOMBERGE, Aveline de b.1219
FAUCOMBERGE, Franco de b.1065
FAUCOMBERGE, Joan b.1406
FAUCOMBERGE, Joan de b.1324
FAUCOMBERGE, Joan de b.1255
FAUCOMBERGE, John de Knight b.1366
FAUCOMBERGE, John de Lord Faucomberge b.1290
FAUCOMBERGE, Piers de b.1120
FAUCOMBERGE, Piers de b.1215
FAUCOMBERGE, Piers de Knight b.1175
FAUCOMBERGE, Robert de b.1090
FAUCOMBERGE, Roger de b.1349
FAUCOMBERGE, Stephen de b.1149
FAUCOMBERGE, Thomas de Lord Faucomberge b.1345
FAUCOMBERGE, Walter de Knight b.1347
FAUCOMBERGE, Walter de Lord Faucomberge b.1314
FAUCOMBERGE, Walter de Knight b.1288
FAUCOMBERGE, Walter de Lord Faucomberge b.1260
FAUCOMBERGE, Walter de b.1145
FAUCOMBERGE, Walter de Lord Faucomberge b.1217


FAUCONER, Katherine b.1407
FAUCONER, Thomas Lord Mayor of London b.1385
FAUCONER, Thomasine b.1409


FAULKINGHAM, Cora L. b.1880
FAULKINGHAM, Ira Leander b.1900
FAULKINGHAM, Lewis b.1877
FAULKINGHAM, Luther C. b.1901
FAULKINGHAM, Marcus P. b.1911
FAULKINGHAM, Nathaniel b.1873


FAUNCE, Elizabeth b.1649
FAUNCE, John b.1608
FAUNCE, Joseph b.1653
FAUNCE, Mary b.1637
FAUNCE, Mercy b.1651
FAUNCE, Patience b.1640
FAUNCE, Priscilla b.1634
FAUNCE, Sarah b.1643
FAUNCE, Thomas b.1646


FAUNES, Nicholas de b.1160
FAUNES, Richard de b.1192


FAUNTLEROY, Agnes b.1472


FAUQUEMONT, Beatrice de b.1250


FAWKENOR, Alice b.1547
FAWKENOR, Richard b.1520

Surname List