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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


EBORNE, Hannah b.1653


ECCLES, Martha b.1647


ECCLESTON, George b.1503


ECHAFOUR, Hawise d' b.1003
ECHAFOUR, Hildegarde d' b.970


ECHAUFOUR, Emma d' b.1019
ECHAUFOUR, Giroie d' b.968
ECHAUFOUR, William d' b.1006


ECHYNGHAM, Anne b.1525
ECHYNGHAM, Anne b.1429
ECHYNGHAM, Elizabeth b.1460
ECHYNGHAM, Elizabeth de b.1390
ECHYNGHAM, Elizabeth de b.1392
ECHYNGHAM, James de Knight b.1300
ECHYNGHAM, Joan de b.1292
ECHYNGHAM, Joan de b.1367
ECHYNGHAM, Joan de b.1389
ECHYNGHAM, John de Rector of Oxford b.1302
ECHYNGHAM, Margaret b.1446
ECHYNGHAM, Petronilla de b.1304
ECHYNGHAM, Richard de b.1307
ECHYNGHAM, Richard de b.1274
ECHYNGHAM, Robert de b.1365
ECHYNGHAM, Robert de Knight b.1268
ECHYNGHAM, Robert de b.1248
ECHYNGHAM, Robert de b.1330
ECHYNGHAM, Robert de Knight b.1387
ECHYNGHAM, Simon de Abbot of Herstmonceaux b.1271
ECHYNGHAM, Simon de b.1185
ECHYNGHAM, Simon de Sheriff of Sussex b.1217
ECHYNGHAM, Sybil de b.1220
ECHYNGHAM, Thomas Knight b.1423
ECHYNGHAM, Thomas de Knight b.1401
ECHYNGHAM, William de Knight b.1333
ECHYNGHAM, William de Knight b.1363
ECHYNGHAM, William I de b.1160
ECHYNGHAM, William II de b.1215
ECHYNGHAM, William III de Knight b.1245
ECHYNGHAM, William IV de Lord Echingham b.1266


EDDY, Alice b.1659
EDDY, Hepzibah b.1665
EDDY, Josephine M. b.1887
EDDY, Katherine b.1578
EDDY, Lydia b.1703
EDDY, Marcia b.1817
EDDY, Obadiah b.1645
EDDY, Samuel b.1690


EDEN, Alexander Esquire b.1424
EDEN, Anne a.1599
EDEN, Elizabeth a.1593
EDEN, Henry b.1585
EDEN, Henry b.1555
EDEN, John a.1587
EDEN, Judith a.1594
EDEN, Katherine b.1583
EDEN, Mary a.1597
EDEN, Mary a.1562
EDEN, William b.1528


EDEYRN, Cunedda "Wledig" ab b.389


EDGECOMBE, Andrew b.1577
EDGECOMBE, Anne b.1512
EDGECOMBE, Anne b.1574
EDGECOMBE, Edward b.1564
EDGECOMBE, Elizabeth b.1537
EDGECOMBE, Elizabeth b.1571
EDGECOMBE, James b.1507
EDGECOMBE, Jane b.1503
EDGECOMBE, John b.1505
EDGECOMBE, John b.1567
EDGECOMBE, Katherine b.1509
EDGECOMBE, Katherine b.1569
EDGECOMBE, Margaret b.1560
EDGECOMBE, Margaret b.1482
EDGECOMBE, Mary b.1501
EDGECOMBE, Matthew b.1569
EDGECOMBE, Peter b.1562
EDGECOMBE, Peter Esquire b.1535
EDGECOMBE, Piers K.B. b.1469
EDGECOMBE, Richard Knight b.1558
EDGECOMBE, Richard Knight b.1499


EDGELEY, Joan b.1540


EDGELL, Ephraim b.1765


EDGEOT, Henry b.1550


EDGERLY, Abigail b.1695


EDGERTON, Lydia b.1675
EDGERTON, Mary Abby b.1819


EDGETT, Hannah b.1811
EDGETT, Jerusha b.1816
EDGETT, Joel b.1761
EDGETT, Joel b.1740
EDGETT, John b.1802
EDGETT, John b.1763
EDGETT, Nancy b.1808
EDGETT, Peter b.1800
EDGETT, Rachel b.1805
EDGETT, Rhoda b.1813
EDGETT, Stephen b.1798
EDGETT, Thomas b.1795


EDISBURY, Grace b.1587


EDLASTON, William de b.1284


EDMONDS, Agnes b.1439
EDMONDS, Andrew b.1493
EDMONDS, Christopher Knight b.1521
EDMONDS, Elizabeth b.1517
EDMONDS, Frances b.1519
EDMONDS, Henry K.B. b.1602
EDMONDS, Isabella b.1607
EDMONDS, Louisa a.1611
EDMONDS, Mary b.1609
EDMONDS, Thomas Knight b.1563


EDMONSTONE, John Knight b.1344
EDMONSTONE, William Knight b.1380


EDMUNDS, Hannah b.1708
EDMUNDS, Joan b.1518
EDMUNDS, Joshua b.1624
EDMUNDS, Susannah b.1689
EDMUNDS, William Gentleman b.1489


EDNYWAIN, Gwenllian verch b.1152
EDNYWAIN, Seisyll ab b.920


EDON, Anne b.1537
EDON, Anne b.1542
EDON, Anne b.1500
EDON, Elizabeth b.1525
EDON, Elizabeth b.1546
EDON, George b.1505
EDON, Griselda b.1540
EDON, Henry b.1508
EDON, Henry Esquire b.1473
EDON, Joan b.1544
EDON, Margaret b.1505
EDON, N.N. b.1499
EDON, Richard b.1534
EDON, Richard Rector of Dickleburgh b.1471
EDON, Richard b.1469
EDON, Rose b.1476
EDON, Thomas Knight b.1528
EDON, Thomas b.1469
EDON, Thomas Gentleman b.1443
EDON, Thomas Esquire b.1502
EDON, Ursula b.1502
EDON, William b.1531


EDSON, Amphillis a.1610
EDSON, Anna a.1602
EDSON, Anne b.1540
EDSON, Benjamin b.1636
EDSON, Bethiah b.1654
EDSON, Christian b.1538
EDSON, Elizabeth b.1684
EDSON, Elizabeth b.1605
EDSON, Elizabeth a.1562
EDSON, Elizabeth b.1638
EDSON, Joan b.1560
EDSON, Joseph b.1647
EDSON, Josiah a.1617
EDSON, Josiah b.1650
EDSON, Margaret b.1503
EDSON, Mary b.1657
EDSON, Nicholas a.1565
EDSON, Nicholas a.1608
EDSON, Richard b.1505
EDSON, Richard a.1568
EDSON, Samuel b.1645
EDSON, Samuel a.1613
EDSON, Samuel b.1690
EDSON, Sarah b.1640
EDSON, Susanna b.1679
EDSON, Susanna b.1642
EDSON, Thomas a.1600
EDSON, Thomas b.1480
EDSON, Thomas b.1535
EDSON, Thomas a.1572
EDSON, Walter a.1620
EDSON, William a.1576
EDSON, William a.1598


EDWAL, Lles "Llawdiam" ab b.800


EDWARDS, Abigail b.1707
EDWARDS, Abigail b.1672
EDWARDS, Agnes b.1496
EDWARDS, Alexander b.1618
EDWARDS, Ann b.1640
EDWARDS, Anna b.1700
EDWARDS, Anne a.1615
EDWARDS, Anne b.1699
EDWARDS, Anne b.1678
EDWARDS, Anne b.1568
EDWARDS, Anne b.1587
EDWARDS, Ayliffe b.1687
EDWARDS, Benjamin b.1725
EDWARDS, Benjamin b.1693
EDWARDS, Bethia b.1650
EDWARDS, Daniel a.1715
EDWARDS, Elizabeth b.1747
EDWARDS, Elizabeth b.1697
EDWARDS, Elizabeth b.1675
EDWARDS, Esther b.1732
EDWARDS, Esther b.1695
EDWARDS, Esther b.1690
EDWARDS, Eunice b.1743
EDWARDS, Eunice b.1705
EDWARDS, George b.1653
EDWARDS, Hannah b.1645
EDWARDS, Hannah b.1713
EDWARDS, Hannah b.1676
EDWARDS, Jerusha b.1730
EDWARDS, Jerusha b.1710
EDWARDS, John a.1621
EDWARDS, John b.1471
EDWARDS, John b.1605
EDWARDS, John a.1639
EDWARDS, John b.1662
EDWARDS, Jonathan b.1745
EDWARDS, Jonathan b.1703
EDWARDS, Joseph b.1718
EDWARDS, Judith b.1618
EDWARDS, Lucy b.1736
EDWARDS, Lucy b.1715
EDWARDS, Mabel b.1685
EDWARDS, Martha b.1718
EDWARDS, Martha b.1681
EDWARDS, Mary b.1734
EDWARDS, Mary b.1701
EDWARDS, Mary b.1668
EDWARDS, Mary b.1615
EDWARDS, Matthew b.1632
EDWARDS, Nathaniel b.1756
EDWARDS, Pierpont b.1750
EDWARDS, Richard b.1575
EDWARDS, Richard b.1647
EDWARDS, Sarah a.1623
EDWARDS, Sarah b.1728
EDWARDS, Stephen b.1641
EDWARDS, Susannah b.1740
EDWARDS, Timothy b.1738
EDWARDS, Timothy b.1669
EDWARDS, William a.1618


EDWIN, Hywel ab b.1048
EDWIN, Owain ab b.1046
EDWIN, Uchdred ab b.1044


EELS, John b.1770


EGERTON, Alice b.1621
EGERTON, Alice b.1609
EGERTON, Alice b.1454
EGERTON, Alice de b.1302
EGERTON, Anne b.1618
EGERTON, Anne b.1551
EGERTON, Arabella b.1603
EGERTON, Brian de Knight b.1279
EGERTON, Bryan de b.1306
EGERTON, Cecilia b.1606
EGERTON, Charles Viscount Brackley b.1619
EGERTON, David de b.1307
EGERTON, David de b.1300
EGERTON, David de b.1319
EGERTON, David de Sheriff of Cheshire b.1275
EGERTON, David de b.1222
EGERTON, Eleanor b.1482
EGERTON, Eleanor de b.1313
EGERTON, Elizabeth b.1605
EGERTON, Ellen b.1448
EGERTON, Ellen b.1422
EGERTON, Ellen de b.1326
EGERTON, Frances b.1602
EGERTON, Hova de b.1225
EGERTON, Hugh Esquire b.1425
EGERTON, Isabel b.1461
EGERTON, Isabel de b.1310
EGERTON, Isabel de b.1322
EGERTON, James Viscount Brackley b.1616
EGERTON, John Earl of Bridgwater b.1623
EGERTON, John Earl of Bridgwater b.1579
EGERTON, John Esquire b.1450
EGERTON, John de b.1309
EGERTON, John de b.1283
EGERTON, Katherine b.1612
EGERTON, Mabel de b.1228
EGERTON, Magdalen b.1614
EGERTON, Margaret b.1506
EGERTON, Margaret de b.1298
EGERTON, Margery b.1419
EGERTON, Mary b.1608
EGERTON, Mary b.1576
EGERTON, N.N. de b.1288
EGERTON, Penelope b.1611
EGERTON, Philip Knight b.1508
EGERTON, Philip Esquire b.1482
EGERTON, Philip b.1431
EGERTON, Philip de b.1305
EGERTON, Philip de b.1395
EGERTON, Philip de b.1192
EGERTON, Philip de b.1281
EGERTON, Philip de b.1296
EGERTON, Philip de Sheriff of Cheshire b.1250
EGERTON, Ralph b.1428
EGERTON, Ralph de b.1338
EGERTON, Ralph de Esquire b.1391
EGERTON, Randle Esquire b.1452
EGERTON, Randle de b.1315
EGERTON, Richard b.1458
EGERTON, Richard b.1434
EGERTON, Richard de b.1285
EGERTON, Robert b.1456
EGERTON, Robert de b.1252
EGERTON, Robert de b.1308
EGERTON, Roger de b.1311
EGERTON, Thomas b.1625
EGERTON, Thomas Knight b.1574
EGERTON, Thomas Viscount Brackley b.1540
EGERTON, Urian b.1431
EGERTON, Urian de b.1397
EGERTON, Urian de b.1304
EGERTON, Urian de b.1277
EGERTON, William de b.1313
EGERTON, William de b.1393
EGERTON, William de b.1365


EGGLESTON, James b.1620
EGGLESTON, Mary b.1719
EGGLESTON, Samuel b.1630


EGGLETON, N.N. b.1596
EGGLETON, Ruth b.1631
EGGLETON, Sarah b.1629


EGISHEIM, Bruno of b.1002
EGISHEIM, Gerhard II of b.1000
EGISHEIM, Gerhard III of b.1035
EGISHEIM, Helvide of b.1072
EGISHEIM, Hildegarde of b.990
EGISHEIM, Hugh III of b.946
EGISHEIM, Hugh IV of b.969
EGISHEIM, Hugh V of Count of Dagsburg b.992
EGISHEIM, N.N. von b.1014
EGISHEIM, Richilde of b.1027


EGLINTON, Elizabeth b.1344
EGLINTON, Hugh Knight b.1310


EINARSSON, Thorfinn I Earl of Orkney b.898


EINION, Cadell ab b.970
EINION, Caswallon "Llawhir" ab b.442
EINION, Edwin ab b.966
EINION, Einion "Fychan" ab b.1268
EINION, Einion ab b.444
EINION, Gronwy ab b.973
EINION, Gruffydd ab b.1275
EINION, Hywel ab b.1270
EINION, Llyr "Merine" ab b.440
EINION, Owain "Danwyn" ab b.446
EINION, Rhys ab b.1272
EINION, Tewdwr ab b.968


EINUDD, Heilin ab b.1071
EINUDD, Hunydd verch b.1073
EINUDD, Ithel ab b.1069


ELAND, Elizabeth b.1459
ELAND, Henry de b.1115
ELAND, Hugh de b.1110
ELAND, Hugh de b.1145
ELAND, Hugh de b.1175
ELAND, Hugh de Knight b.1245
ELAND, John de b.1210
ELAND, John de Knight b.1299
ELAND, Margaret de b.1276
ELAND, Margery de b.1205
ELAND, Richard de b.1177
ELAND, Richard de b.1281
ELAND, Thomas de Knight b.1278
ELAND, Wymarca de b.1173


ELCOCK, John a.1582
ELCOCK, Nicholas a.1584


ELDERKIN, Abigail b.1641
ELDERKIN, Ann b.1661
ELDERKIN, Bathshua b.1665
ELDERKIN, Hannah b.1643
ELDERKIN, James b.1671
ELDERKIN, John b.1664
ELDERKIN, John b.1616
ELDERKIN, Joseph b.1672
ELDERKIN, Paltiah b.1645


ELDRED, Nathaniel b.1619


ELDREDGE, Bridget b.1664
ELDREDGE, Desire b.1695
ELDREDGE, Edward W. b.1809
ELDREDGE, Elizabeth b.1687
ELDREDGE, Hannah b.1656
ELDREDGE, Horace b.1865
ELDREDGE, James b.1689
ELDREDGE, John b.1680
ELDREDGE, John Sunderlin b.1821
ELDREDGE, Joseph b.1662
ELDREDGE, Martha b.1658
ELDREDGE, Martha b.1692
ELDREDGE, Mary b.1652
ELDREDGE, Mary b.1684
ELDREDGE, Nicholas b.1682
ELDREDGE, Nicholas b.1650
ELDREDGE, Robert b.1654
ELDREDGE, Robert b.1625
ELDREDGE, Samuel b.1666
ELDREDGE, William b.1660


ELFICKE, Richard b.1609


ELFORD, Hugh b.1551
ELFORD, Joan b.1554
ELFORD, John b.1546
ELFORD, John Gentleman b.1521
ELFORD, Thomas b.1548


ELGIT, Rachel b.1692


ELIASON, Irene Mable b.1911
ELIASON, Moylan Isaac b.1913


ELIDIR, Gwriad ab b.735
ELIDIR, Llywarch "Hen" ab b.535


ELIOT, Abigail b.1659
ELIOT, Agnes b.1528
ELIOT, Alice b.1545
ELIOT, Alice b.1534
ELIOT, Andrew b.1685
ELIOT, Bennet b.1561
ELIOT, Blythe b.1555
ELIOT, Blythe b.1531
ELIOT, Dorothy b.1566
ELIOT, Edward a.1579
ELIOT, Edward Esquire b.1537
ELIOT, Elizabeth b.1582
ELIOT, Elizabeth a.1627
ELIOT, Emme b.1667
ELIOT, Ferdinando a.1560
ELIOT, Francis a.1615
ELIOT, Geffrey a.1549
ELIOT, George b.1545
ELIOT, George Gentleman b.1524
ELIOT, George b.1486
ELIOT, Hannah a.1574
ELIOT, Hannah b.1652
ELIOT, Henry a.1563
ELIOT, Jacob a.1606
ELIOT, Jane a.1576
ELIOT, Joan a.1557
ELIOT, Joan b.1498
ELIOT, John Gentleman b.1502
ELIOT, John b.1569
ELIOT, John b.1525
ELIOT, John Esquire b.1518
ELIOT, John b.1495
ELIOT, John a.1557
ELIOT, John b.1489
ELIOT, John b.1518
ELIOT, John b.1650
ELIOT, John a.1603
ELIOT, John a.1604
ELIOT, Joseph b.1684
ELIOT, Judith b.1688
ELIOT, Katherine b.1543
ELIOT, Lydia a.1631
ELIOT, Lydia a.1610
ELIOT, Margery a.1554
ELIOT, Mary a.1572
ELIOT, Mary b.1641
ELIOT, Mary a.1621
ELIOT, Peter b.1501
ELIOT, Philip a.1551
ELIOT, Philip b.1633
ELIOT, Philip a.1602
ELIOT, Rachel b.1643
ELIOT, Richard b.1504
ELIOT, Robert b.1520
ELIOT, Robert b.1492
ELIOT, Rowland Gentleman b.1526
ELIOT, Sarah a.1629
ELIOT, Sarah a.1599
ELIOT, Simon b.1521
ELIOT, Tabitha b.1540
ELIOT, Thomas b.1522
ELIOT, Thomas Knight b.1555
ELIOT, Thomas Knight a.1573
ELIOT, Thomas b.1548
ELIOT, Thomas b.1515
ELIOT, Thomas b.1483
ELIOT, Walter b.1532
ELIOT, William b.1547
ELIOT, William Esquire b.1452
ELIOT, Winifred b.1552
ELIOT, Winifred b.1522


ELISE, Prawst ferch b.930


ELKINS, Henry b.1691
ELKINS, John b.1681
ELKINS, Lydia b.1679
ELKINS, Magdalen b.1689
ELKINS, Margaret b.1683
ELKINS, Mary b.1686
ELKINS, Mary Anne b.1792
ELKINS, Robert b.1696
ELKINS, Sarah b.1674
ELKINS, Thomas b.1676
ELKINS, Thomas b.1642


ELKSTED, Alice b.1329


ELLACOMBE, Richard b.1715


ELLALL, Joan b.1324


ELLENBRIDGE, Katherine b.1345


ELLENWOOD, Abigail b.1696
ELLENWOOD, Andrew b.1706
ELLENWOOD, Anne b.1714
ELLENWOOD, Benjamin b.1690
ELLENWOOD, Benjamin b.1668
ELLENWOOD, David b.1698
ELLENWOOD, David b.1670
ELLENWOOD, Ebenezer b.1697
ELLENWOOD, Elinor b.1688
ELLENWOOD, Elizabeth b.1666
ELLENWOOD, Esther a.1707
ELLENWOOD, Eunice b.1710
ELLENWOOD, John b.1659
ELLENWOOD, Jonathan b.1708
ELLENWOOD, Joseph b.1662
ELLENWOOD, Josiah a.1644
ELLENWOOD, Martha b.1700
ELLENWOOD, Mary b.1695
ELLENWOOD, Mary b.1664
ELLENWOOD, Mary b.1702
ELLENWOOD, Patience b.1693
ELLENWOOD, Priscilla b.1697
ELLENWOOD, Ralph b.1694
ELLENWOOD, Ralph b.1657
ELLENWOOD, Ralph b.1607
ELLENWOOD, Return b.1692
ELLENWOOD, Robert b.1704
ELLENWOOD, Samuel b.1700
ELLENWOOD, Stephen a.1657
ELLENWOOD, Thomas a.1703
ELLENWOOD, William b.1691


ELLERKER, William Knight b.1478


ELLERY, Abigail b.1680
ELLERY, Sarah b.1725
ELLERY, William b.1638


ELLETSON, John b.1580


ELLICE, Thomas b.1487


ELLIN, Nicholas b.1625


ELLIOT, Richard Esquire b.1560


ELLIOTT, Andrew b.1598
ELLIOTT, Dorothy b.1665
ELLIOTT, Edmund b.1629
ELLIOTT, Eleanor b.1717
ELLIOTT, Elizabeth b.1686
ELLIOTT, James b.1690
ELLIOTT, Noah b.1710
ELLIOTT, Robert b.1631
ELLIOTT, Thomas b.1715


ELLIS, Abigail b.1753
ELLIS, Anne b.1367
ELLIS, Avis b.1525
ELLIS, Barnabas b.1749
ELLIS, Benjamin a.1700
ELLIS, Bennett b.1648
ELLIS, Deborah b.1756
ELLIS, Deborah b.1736
ELLIS, Deborah b.1652
ELLIS, Deborah b.1740
ELLIS, Eleazer b.1724
ELLIS, Eleazer b.1692
ELLIS, Elizabeth b.1736
ELLIS, Elizabeth b.1645
ELLIS, Ephraim b.1716
ELLIS, Experience b.1722
ELLIS, Experience b.1687
ELLIS, Freeman b.1661
ELLIS, Gideon b.1663
ELLIS, Hannah b.1724
ELLIS, Henry b.1341
ELLIS, Jacquetta b.1445
ELLIS, Jane b.1730
ELLIS, Jenny b.1751
ELLIS, Joel b.1679
ELLIS, Joel b.1654
ELLIS, John b.1618
ELLIS, John b.1590
ELLIS, John b.1680
ELLIS, John b.1718
ELLIS, John b.1683
ELLIS, John b.1620
ELLIS, Joseph b.1635
ELLIS, Joshua b.1728
ELLIS, Josiah b.1682
ELLIS, Malachi b.1734
ELLIS, Malachi b.1689
ELLIS, Manoah b.1659
ELLIS, Margaret a.1824
ELLIS, Mary b.1758
ELLIS, Mary b.1526
ELLIS, Mary b.1686
ELLIS, Matthias b.1739
ELLIS, Matthias b.1681
ELLIS, Matthias b.1657
ELLIS, Mehitable b.1693
ELLIS, Mercy b.1726
ELLIS, Mercy b.1685
ELLIS, Mordecai b.1688
ELLIS, Mordecai b.1650
ELLIS, Pelham b.1761
ELLIS, Rebecca b.1690
ELLIS, Rebecca b.1720
ELLIS, Remember b.1766
ELLIS, Remember b.1691
ELLIS, Richard b.1704
ELLIS, Rowland b.1722
ELLIS, Samuel a.1697
ELLIS, Samuel b.1719
ELLIS, Samuel b.1699
ELLIS, Sarah b.1748
ELLIS, Sarah b.1684
ELLIS, Sarah b.1730
ELLIS, Thomas b.1726
ELLIS, William b.1764
ELLIS, William b.1719
ELLIS, William b.1695
ELLIS, William b.1665
ELLIS, Zilpha b.1747


ELLITHORPE, Alison a.1584
ELLITHORPE, Christopher a.1591
ELLITHORPE, Frances a.1593
ELLITHORPE, Mary a.1596
ELLITHORPE, Richard b.1554
ELLITHORPE, Thomas a.1588
ELLITHORPE, Thomas a.1580
ELLITHORPE, William a.1581


ELLSWORTH, Amy b.1907
ELLSWORTH, Jeremiah b.1620
ELLSWORTH, Job b.1674
ELLSWORTH, John b.1697
ELLSWORTH, Josiah b.1655


ELMES, Alice b.1598
ELMES, Anne b.1544
ELMES, Anthony b.1589
ELMES, Edith b.1526
ELMES, Edmund Esquire b.1520
ELMES, Elizabeth b.1595
ELMES, Elizabeth b.1546
ELMES, Frances b.1602
ELMES, George b.1524
ELMES, John b.1542
ELMES, John b.1528
ELMES, John Esquire b.1495
ELMES, Lewis b.1531
ELMES, Margaret b.1552
ELMES, Martha b.1592
ELMES, Mary b.1582
ELMES, Rodolphus b.1620
ELMES, Thomas b.1586
ELMES, Thomas b.1522
ELMES, Thomas Esquire b.1549
ELMES, William Esquire b.1465
ELMES, William Esquire b.1584


ELMORE, Maurice de b.1180
ELMORE, Sybil de b.1205


ELOYN, Jane b.1254


ELRINGTON, Bridget b.1550
ELRINGTON, Edward a.1584
ELRINGTON, Edward Esquire b.1545
ELRINGTON, John b.1522
ELRINGTON, John Knight b.1447
ELRINGTON, John a.1580
ELRINGTON, Mary b.1543
ELRINGTON, Mary b.1516
ELRINGTON, Mary a.1582
ELRINGTON, Simon b.1520
ELRINGTON, Thomas b.1547
ELRINGTON, Thomas b.1518
ELRINGTON, Thomas Esquire b.1490
ELRINGTON, Thomas a.1586


ELSDON, Anne a.1583


ELSINGE, Robert b.1530


ELTONHEAD, Agatha a.1623
ELTONHEAD, Alan de b.1285
ELTONHEAD, Alice b.1511
ELTONHEAD, Alice b.1629
ELTONHEAD, Ann b.1553
ELTONHEAD, Ann b.1615
ELTONHEAD, Barbara a.1618
ELTONHEAD, Edward a.1610
ELTONHEAD, Edward a.1598
ELTONHEAD, Eleanor b.1590
ELTONHEAD, Eleanor b.1601
ELTONHEAD, Eleanor b.1627
ELTONHEAD, Elizabeth b.1443
ELTONHEAD, Elizabeth a.1613
ELTONHEAD, Emma de b.1355
ELTONHEAD, George b.1547
ELTONHEAD, Henry a.1624
ELTONHEAD, Henry a.1593
ELTONHEAD, Henry de b.1260
ELTONHEAD, Henry de b.1350
ELTONHEAD, James a.1619
ELTONHEAD, Jane b.1508
ELTONHEAD, Jane a.1591
ELTONHEAD, Jane b.1472
ELTONHEAD, Jane a.1622
ELTONHEAD, John a.1612
ELTONHEAD, John b.1400
ELTONHEAD, John b.1441
ELTONHEAD, John b.1470
ELTONHEAD, John b.1541
ELTONHEAD, John Esquire b.1582
ELTONHEAD, John de b.1325
ELTONHEAD, Katherine a.1609
ELTONHEAD, Margaret b.1506
ELTONHEAD, Margery b.1551
ELTONHEAD, Martha b.1625
ELTONHEAD, Nicholas b.1402
ELTONHEAD, Nicholas a.1592
ELTONHEAD, Ralph b.1588
ELTONHEAD, Richard a.1617
ELTONHEAD, Richard b.1502
ELTONHEAD, Richard b.1539
ELTONHEAD, Richard a.1611
ELTONHEAD, Richard Gentleman a.1581
ELTONHEAD, Susanna b.1584
ELTONHEAD, Thomas Gentleman b.1543
ELTONHEAD, Thomas de b.1290
ELTONHEAD, Tuckett b.1549
ELTONHEAD, William b.1608
ELTONHEAD, William b.1475
ELTONHEAD, William b.1404
ELTONHEAD, William b.1504
ELTONHEAD, William Esquire a.1586
ELTONHEAD, William b.1545
ELTONHEAD, William de b.1352


ELWELL, Abigail b.1676
ELWELL, Bethia b.1682
ELWELL, David b.1679
ELWELL, Ebenezer b.1672
ELWELL, Eleazer b.1673
ELWELL, Elizabeth b.1678
ELWELL, Esther b.1667
ELWELL, Hannah b.1687
ELWELL, Hannah b.1674
ELWELL, Ida F. b.1856
ELWELL, Isaac b.1667
ELWELL, Isaac a.1642
ELWELL, Jacob b.1657
ELWELL, Jacob b.1662
ELWELL, Jane b.1668
ELWELL, Jemima b.1684
ELWELL, John Knight b.1721
ELWELL, John a.1640
ELWELL, Jonathan b.1670
ELWELL, Joseph b.1647
ELWELL, Joshua b.1687
ELWELL, Josiah b.1638
ELWELL, Mary b.1633
ELWELL, Rebecca b.1766
ELWELL, Richard a.1658
ELWELL, Robert b.1664
ELWELL, Robert b.1610
ELWELL, Samuel b.1660
ELWELL, Samuel b.1635
ELWELL, Sarah b.1760
ELWELL, Sarah b.1652
ELWELL, Sarah b.1651
ELWELL, Sarah b.1670
ELWELL, Thomas b.1654


ELWOLDE, Margaret b.1499


ELY, John b.1707
ELY, Samuel b.1634


ELYSTAN, Morgeneu ab b.986


EMANUEL, Edna b.1925


EMERSON, Abigail b.1726
EMERSON, Dorothy b.1675
EMERSON, Elizabeth b.1667
EMERSON, John b.1670
EMERSON, John a.1625
EMERSON, Martha b.1662
EMERSON, Mary b.1664
EMERSON, Robert a.1629
EMERSON, Ruth b.1660
EMERSON, Samuel b.1678


EMERY, Alice b.1622
EMERY, Anne a.1633
EMERY, Anthony a.1601
EMERY, Bathsheba a.1740
EMERY, Caleb b.1741
EMERY, Ebenezer b.1648
EMERY, Eleanor a.1624
EMERY, Elizabeth b.1750
EMERY, Elizabeth b.1656
EMERY, Frances b.1694
EMERY, Hugh a.1604
EMERY, James a.1631
EMERY, Job b.1670
EMERY, John b.1573
EMERY, John a.1629
EMERY, John a.1599
EMERY, John b.1612
EMERY, Jonathan b.1652
EMERY, Joseph b.1739
EMERY, Nathaniel b.1785
EMERY, Rebecca a.1635
EMERY, Samuel b.1670
EMERY, Zachariah b.1660


EMILDON, Agnes de b.1307
EMILDON, Alice de b.1328
EMILDON, Jacoba de b.1325
EMILDON, Matilda de b.1310
EMILDON, Richard de Mayor of Newcastle b.1275


EMMONS, Bartholomew a.1628
EMMONS, Benjamin b.1645
EMMONS, Daniel a.1732
EMMONS, Dorothy b.1722
EMMONS, Ebenezer a.1706
EMMONS, Ebenezer b.1725
EMMONS, Elizabeth b.1640
EMMONS, Elizabeth b.1664
EMMONS, Elizabeth b.1724
EMMONS, Hannah a.1629
EMMONS, Hannah b.1738
EMMONS, Jonathan b.1698
EMMONS, Jonathan a.1736
EMMONS, Joseph b.1651
EMMONS, Martha b.1658
EMMONS, Martha b.1662
EMMONS, Mary b.1666
EMMONS, Mary a.1704
EMMONS, Mary b.1730
EMMONS, Mehitable a.1709
EMMONS, N.N. a.1734
EMMONS, Nathaniel b.1702
EMMONS, Nathaniel b.1745
EMMONS, Obadiah b.1671
EMMONS, Obadiah a.1627
EMMONS, Rebecca b.1668
EMMONS, Ruth b.1740
EMMONS, Samuel a.1635
EMMONS, Samuel b.1671
EMMONS, Samuel b.1727
EMMONS, Samuel b.1696
EMMONS, Sybel a.1742
EMMONS, Thomas b.1600
EMMONS, Thomas b.1660


EMPEY, Jesse b.1825


EMPSON, Alice b.1525
EMPSON, Ann a.1542
EMPSON, Anne a.1585
EMPSON, Anne a.1577
EMPSON, Anne b.1443
EMPSON, Christian a.1567
EMPSON, Elizabeth b.1477
EMPSON, Elizabeth b.1446
EMPSON, Elizabeth a.1566
EMPSON, Ellen a.1570
EMPSON, Emme b.1530
EMPSON, Jane b.1485
EMPSON, Joan b.1479
EMPSON, Joan b.1523
EMPSON, Joan a.1579
EMPSON, Joan a.1571
EMPSON, John b.1483
EMPSON, John b.1518
EMPSON, John a.1543
EMPSON, John a.1581
EMPSON, Miles a.1569
EMPSON, Peter b.1418
EMPSON, Rebecca a.1567
EMPSON, Richard Knight b.1449
EMPSON, Richard b.1516
EMPSON, Roger b.1520
EMPSON, Roger a.1574
EMPSON, Thomas b.1481
EMPSON, Thomas b.1514
EMPSON, Thomas a.1576
EMPSON, Thomas a.1540
EMPSON, Thomas b.1490
EMPSON, William b.1527
EMPSON, William a.1583


EMYLEY, Mary b.1577


ENDICOTT, Gilbert b.1658
ENDICOTT, James b.1695
ENDICOTT, John b.1632
ENDICOTT, John b.1588
ENDICOTT, Zerubbabel b.1635


ENDLE, Richard b.1632


ENGAINE, Ada d' b.1135
ENGAINE, Egeline d' b.1115
ENGAINE, Elizabeth d' b.1341
ENGAINE, Gilbert d' b.1117
ENGAINE, Henry d' b.1230
ENGAINE, Joan d' b.1276
ENGAINE, Joan d' b.1345
ENGAINE, Joan d' b.1269
ENGAINE, John b.1333
ENGAINE, John I d' Knight b.1234
ENGAINE, John II d' Lord Engaine b.1262
ENGAINE, John III d' Lord Engaine b.1302
ENGAINE, Joyce d' b.1337
ENGAINE, Joyce d' b.1260
ENGAINE, Katherine d' b.1339
ENGAINE, Mary d' b.1343
ENGAINE, Nicholas d' Knight b.1264
ENGAINE, Ranulph d' b.1090
ENGAINE, Richard b.1075
ENGAINE, Richard d' b.1195
ENGAINE, Richard I d' b.1125
ENGAINE, Richard II d' b.1160
ENGAINE, Thomas d' Lord Engaine b.1335
ENGAINE, Viel d' b.1100
ENGAINE, Viel d' b.1228
ENGAINE, Viel d' Knight b.1198
ENGAINE, William d' Knight b.1252
ENGAINE, William d' b.1113
ENGAINE, William d' b.1232


ENGHAM, John Esquire b.1439


ENGHIEN, Marguerite d' b.1367


ENGLAND, Agatha of b.1071
ENGLAND, Constance of b.1061
ENGLAND, Eleanor b.1644
ENGLAND, Matilda b.1860
ENGLAND, Susanna b.1650


ENGLEFIELD, Agnes b.1407
ENGLEFIELD, Alice b.1413
ENGLEFIELD, Alice de b.1352
ENGLEFIELD, Anthony Gentleman b.1607
ENGLEFIELD, Cecily b.1403
ENGLEFIELD, Francis Knight b.1623
ENGLEFIELD, Francis Knight b.1596
ENGLEFIELD, Francis Knight b.1562
ENGLEFIELD, Helen b.1630
ENGLEFIELD, Henry b.1612
ENGLEFIELD, Isabel b.1411
ENGLEFIELD, John b.1604
ENGLEFIELD, John Esquire b.1535
ENGLEFIELD, John b.1409
ENGLEFIELD, Margaret b.1600
ENGLEFIELD, Margaret b.1415
ENGLEFIELD, Mary b.1598
ENGLEFIELD, Mary b.1626
ENGLEFIELD, Nicholas Knight b.1375
ENGLEFIELD, Philip b.1377
ENGLEFIELD, Philip de Knight b.1350
ENGLEFIELD, Roger de Knight b.1320
ENGLEFIELD, Sybil b.1400
ENGLEFIELD, Thomas Knight b.1602
ENGLEFIELD, Thomas b.1594
ENGLEFIELD, William b.1609
ENGLEFIELD, William de b.1354
ENGLEFIELD, William de Knight b.1295


ENGLEYS, Joan le b.1219
ENGLEYS, William le Knight b.1295


ENGLISH, Abigail b.1680
ENGLISH, Benjamin b.1705
ENGLISH, Benjamin b.1700
ENGLISH, Benjamin b.1676
ENGLISH, Clement b.1720
ENGLISH, Clement b.1683
ENGLISH, Clement b.1640
ENGLISH, Dionisia b.1230
ENGLISH, Elizabeth b.1671
ENGLISH, Gilbert b.1203
ENGLISH, Gillian b.1323
ENGLISH, Isabel b.1348
ENGLISH, Joseph b.1713
ENGLISH, Joseph b.1673
ENGLISH, Mary b.1715
ENGLISH, Mary b.1708
ENGLISH, Mary b.1669
ENGLISH, Robert Knight b.1228
ENGLISH, Sarah b.1704
ENGLISH, William Knight b.1320


ENNIS, Eliza b.1787


ENO, James b.1625


ENSIGN, Olive b.1771


ENTWISSEL, Bertram Knight b.1408


ENVEISE, Denise l' b.1179
ENVEISE, Joan l' b.1183
ENVEISE, Jordan l' b.1154


EPPS, Daniel b.1649
EPPS, Daniel b.1623
EPPS, Daniel b.1597
EPPS, Elizabeth b.1625
EPPS, John b.1651
EPPS, Joseph b.1653
EPPS, Lionel b.1657
EPPS, Martha b.1654
EPPS, Martha b.1627
EPPS, Mary b.1656
EPPS, Mary a.1629
EPPS, Nathaniel b.1650
EPPS, Richard b.1659
EPPS, Samuel b.1647
EPPS, Symonds b.1662


EQUIQUEVILLE, Joscelina d' b.969


ERDINGTON, Giles de b.1205
ERDINGTON, Giles de b.1272
ERDINGTON, Giles de Knight b.1301
ERDINGTON, Henry de Lord Erdington b.1274
ERDINGTON, Henry de Knight b.1235
ERDINGTON, Margaret de b.1345
ERDINGTON, Mary de b.1194
ERDINGTON, Thomas Lord Erdington b.1398
ERDINGTON, Thomas de Lord Erdington b.1368
ERDINGTON, Thomas de b.1179
ERDINGTON, Thomas de Knight b.1330


ERDLEY, Agnes b.1567


ERGARDIA, Alan de b.1287
ERGARDIA, Isabel de b.1358
ERGARDIA, Jonet de b.1356
ERGARDIA, Mary de b.1315


ERICK, Abigail b.1644


ERICKSON, Joanna b.1665

Surname List

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