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Jennie Hudson
My HUTCHINGS roots go back to Bath, Somerset, England - circa 1800 - and I have met descendants of the same family in England and the Isle of Man - though I am from Sydney, Australia. Love to hear from any potential connections. My mother was a grand-daughter of Harold Hutchings and Harriet DALLEY.
Descendants of John Hutchings

Faith Hutchings
My ancestor, Abraham HUTCHINGS, was brought to America as a British soldier, either during the Revolutionary War or later. He served his required seven years in the British Army, then settled in New York State (probably in Avon, Livingston County).
During the War of 1812 he was forced, through fraud or deceit, to re-enlist. Along with a fellow soldier, named BERRY. Abraham deserted the British Army and joined the American Army. At the Battle of Black Rock (Buffalo area), he and his comrade, Berry, were captured by the British and taken to Queenston, Ont. to be tried for desertion.
A British Army surgeon, Anson MARY, a former neighbor and friend in England, helped Abraham escape across the Niagara River. Berry was later shot for desertion. (Note: This is from the History of Niagara County, NY)
I haven't been able to determine where Abraham was born in England, or where he lived when he was called into the British Army. Abraham died in Wilson, Niagara County, NY, in 1836. His birthdate is unknown. He was said to be 69 years of age when he died, but in the 1810 Census, he is listed as at least 46 years of age, so that seems to show he was at least 72 when he died. The LDS records show an Abraham Hutchings, baptized in 1760 at St. Mary's Steps (Anglican Church) in Exeter, Devon, but I have no proof that this is my ancestor.
Abraham had ten children. Five of his children migrated to Shiawassee County, MI about the time of his death in 1836. My ancestor, Joseph Harvey HUTCHINGS, Abraham's grandson, migrated to Gratiot County, Michigan, in 1882. Abraham was married to Katharin Westfall, b. in 1777, Germany (?). She must have been his 2nd wife as Abraham's oldest child, Abram, was only 11 years younger than Katharin.
Abraham's family

Steve HutchingsRootsWeb List Admin
My father and I have been researching our Hutchings line, originally from the Sturminster Newton area of Dorset, England, a county in which the surname is quite common.
Our branch has connections all over England. Like many families from Dorset, we've provided emigrants to Canada. We are also investigating a possible link to South Africa.
Most of work our work so far has been on mapping out fairly recent times -- early 1800s to date. The bulk of the information is fairly well documented (for details visit, although there are still some mysteries that are being worked on.
We hope to start digging back a bit further (we suspect there are connections to Devon and Sussex) when time permits. In the meantime, surnames we are interested in include (this list is not exhaustive): BRAY (London); CHEESMAN (Stalbridge, Sturminster); HARRIS (Stalbridge); HOBBY (Derby, London); KNOTT (Sturminster); LAMBERT (Sturminster); MORRIS (Christchurch, Hereford); NEWLYN (Arlesford, Christchurch, Sturminster); PARSONS (Stalbridge); ROSE (Sturminster); SWAIN/SWAYNE (Sturminster); WESTON (Calne, Canada, South Africa?, Stalbridge), WOODHOUSE (Hemsby).
Descendants of Alexander Hutchings

Angel Hutchings Bittues
I'm looking for a John HUTCHINGS born in Massachusetts (according to his son's - William R. - death certificate). Due to his son's date of birth, I am estimating that John had to be born prior to 1818; and Maine was a part of Mass at that time.
History of Gardiner (Pittston) lists William R. Hutchings as being born in Pittston, Maine in Sep 1835 and then lists his marriage and children.
I have seen a lot of John Hutchings, but have found no one that has a son William R. who was born in Sep 1835; nor any that was listed in Pittston, Maine.
Perhaps someone on the list is familiar with this line, and has further information for me.
Descendants of John Hutchings

Andrew J. HUTCHINGS <July 1830 New York/Apr 1899??> m: Altissa MANLEY (another brick wall), they had one known son
Dennis Dwyer (or Dyer) HUTCHINGS <July 1873 IA/Apr 1935??> m: Mary Elizabeth ADKINS (am trying to find info on this family in MO), one known daughter
Myrtle Altis HUTCHINGS <Nov 1901-??/Dec 1985 CA> m: Glen Edgar SPANGLER (my husband's grandparents).
Other connected family lines include JOHNSON & SHELL. As you can see I have barely scratched the surface and need any help I can get.

Hutchings strays

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