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If you are also researching any of these family names in America, I invite you to share your research here!

Let me know if you find a connection!

I have identified these two early (1700's) German American immigrants so far. Their descendants account for the vast majority of the names in my database.

Casper Holtzhauser (later Holshouser in North Carolina)
Johann Martin Holtzhausser (later Hulshizer and Hulsizer in New Jersey)

These families are presented as linked family groups. I am slowly getting my sources attached to this information, but it's taking time. In the meantime, please take anything without a listed source as a "clue" and check it out (with me or otherwise). I am always open to corrections, so don't hesitate to write!

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Please let me know about corrections! Except for my direct line, most of this information has been picked up from whatever sources I happened upon. Some family connections have been possible to trace for several generations. Others are hanging out there all alone.

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Under construction!

I have decided to start posting source records. If you have any you are willing to share, please contact me.

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