This site focuses on my ancestors and their connections (relatives, neighbors, areas in which they lived). The main countries included are Norway, Scotland, and the US, but you will also find Germany, Sweden, Finland, England, Canada, New Zealand, and elsewhere.

This site includes every deceased relative I know of, plus a certain number of their neighbors and other connections. There are also trees for some relatives by marriage and for people who once appeared to be related but may not be after all.

The Theodore Huebner and Amelia Schandel family


Huebners, Schandels, Nelsons, Arnesons, Lambs, Muhles, Rues, and Olsons

In the latter quarter of the nineteenth century, seven of my great-grandparents arrived in the United States and made their way to Minnesota. The Huebners settled in Hennepin County (Greenwood Twp and later Minneapolis), where they met the Schandels. My Huebner great-grandparents were somewhat peripatetic and lived in Minneapolis, rural North Dakota, Fergus Falls, Clay County, and ultimately (after my great-grandmother's death) my great-grandfather settled near his in-laws (the Schandels) in Little Falls.

My great-grandfather Johan/John Nelson spent a few years as a policeman in Duluth before settling in Clay County and marryiing Marie Arnesdatter.

The Lambs came to Clay County from Forfarshire, some via New Jersey, and homesteaded near Downer.

My hitherto mysterious great-grandfather "Al Morey" has proved, through DNA testing, to be a German-descent Mory from Outagamie County, Wisconsin, with ancestry from Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. We believe him to have been Albert F. Mory, who later changed his name to Albert Fuller. Information on his life and ancestry has primarily been researched by my brother; we are in the process of adding full source documentation to the database.

My great-grandma Guro Olsdatter Rue came to Clay County and married her cousin Tarje Muhle; after his death she married Kittel Olson Moen, but their children later took the name Muhle and pretended to be Tarje's offspring. All of my grandparents grew up in Clay County, Minnesota in the early years of the twentieth century, and many of their relatives and descendants live there still.

If you are just browsing, I suggest you look at the Huebners, Lambs, and Muhles, as there is a fair amount of information on most of them. If you are looking for a particular surname, please note that I have researched some individuals much more thoroughly than others. My apologies if the person you seek turns out to have nothing but Ancestral File or IGI data. However, also keep in mind that for many people I have more information than I am posting here. This site focuses on basic information, not on family stories. You can navigate using the index, or read about my immediate ancestors:

  • Wayne Huebner who was the first person in his family to complete high school.
  • Walter Morey Lamb who was the illegitimate son of a Scottish immigrant and the mysterious Allen Morey but became mayor of Glyndon, MN
  • Gina Olson or Muhle who insisted that the family tree began with her and Walter Morey Lamb

To the best of my knowledge, everyone featured on this web site is dead. Living people are mentioned only as they relate to the dead, and to protect their privacy, I do not include information other than their names.

Please contact me if you notice errors or omissions, or to share information.