Some family trees have beautiful branches;
Some just have a bunch of nuts.
It's the nuts that make the tree worth shaking.

My interest in family history began in 1981 when cousin Anne put together some brief information about my mother's Friedman and Leach families. Soon to follow was meeting a second cousin Morrie who had more. It was all the more exciting to discover the many old handwritten notes and name lists saved by my dad and soon after receive many old family pictures from his sister in Pennsylvania. This has given us added reason to travel; I have visited the family farm in Ohio where a great grandfather settled & my Grandfather Friedman was raised. I've been to Grand Junction CO & was invited into the home where my mother was born and the family left to go west in 1925. I have visited Scranton, PA and the areas of Wayne Co. PA and Orange Co. NY where the earliest Hudson, Swingle, Shaffer, Enslin and Robinson families lived. I have more than two hundred cousins, 2nd through 7th, I never knew existed; thanks to the many who have helped contribute to the stories, photos and information. Besides seeing the usual sites in Washington DC I spent time at the DAR Library and the National Archives where I found and personally copied the original War of 1812 service record for Grgrgr Grandfather Eleazer Hudson and Civil War record for Grgrgr Grandfather James Robinson. The stories and histories are fascinating and never ending. The internet has made a great difference in helping these grow. A lady not connected to our family found some of our family pictures in an antique shop in Grand Junction CO. A picture of Grgr Grandfather Hudson turned up from a distant and previously unknown cousin in New York. A very distant cousin helped identify the branch of the family descended from a Revolutionary War soldier. An unrelated lady in CT helped piece a direct connection to 4 Mayflower pilgrims. These finds happened within 2 months. Most recent visits are to 3 early family villages in Baden, Germany where I spent time with newly discovered distant cousins & a village historian in Alsace.

These are some direct ancestors. I have information & stories about them and many of their descendants, as well as pictures of some of the descendants. I welcome your input and would love to share and compare information.

HUDSON - Earliest known is Eleazer born 9 February 1776 in NY. He lived in Blooming Grove/Goshen, Orange Co. NY in 1800 & 1820 census. His first born, my grgr grandfather Oscar HUDSON, worked for the D & H Canal & Railroad & was associated with those who brought the first locomotive from England. HUDSON FAMILY PHOTOS
Link also at bottom for more photos & descendants on my Familytreemaker website.

BUCKLAND - Earliest known is William born abt. 1606 Weymouth, Dorset, England. He came with the Winthrop Fleet in the 1630s. His grgr grandson, my grgrgrgr grandfather, George W. born 25 September 1757 in CT was a Rev. War soldier in the CT Militia. His wife, my grgrgrgr grandmother, Elizabeth LATHROP/LOTHROP is a direct descendant of Mayflower Pilgrims, John & Elizabeth (TILLEY) HOWLAND and John & Joan (HURST) TILLEY.


SWINGLE - Earliest known is Johann 'Hans' Ulrich born 15 May 1732 in Hulben, Wurttemberg, Germany. He lived first in Montgomery 'Germantown', Orange Co. NY & in 1786 settled in what is now South Canaan, Wayne Co. PA. Many descendants are still in the area. Although the 2 families originated in similar areas of Orange Co. NY, moved to PA in the late 1700s & early 1800s, it was not until 1905 that my Grandfather Hudson and Grandmother Swingle met and married.

SCHWENCKEL - Earliest known is Kaspar born abt. 1617 in Jena, Thuringia, Germany. Family next lived in Hulben, Wurttemberg, Germany. Name was changed to SWINGLE when immigrant Johann Ulrich came to America September 1751.

SHAFFER/SCHAEFER - Earliest known is John born about 1745 in Kassel, Hessen, Germany. He was first in Orange Co. NY & served in the Revolutionary War, Col. John Hathorn's Regiment New York Militia. He was among the early pioneer settlers in Canaan Township, Wayne Co. PA. A chimney from the old homestead in Varden still stands. I am descended through his son Samuel and his daughter Eva 'Effie.'

ROBINSON - Earliest known is John born 22 July 1771 on the voyage from Ireland to America. I am descended through his only known child James G. born 1806 in NY, lived in Canaan Township, Wayne Co. PA. Son Andrew Jackson 'Jack' ROBINSON, my grgr grandfather married Catherine 'Kate' ENSLIN. ROBINSON FAMILY PHOTOS

ENSLIN - Earliest known is George born 1770 in Germany or Newport Township, Northumberland Co.PA. Descendants lived in Canaan Township, Wayne Co. PA. I am descended from his son Simon who married Lydia SHAFFER. ENSLIN FAMILY PHOTOS

LEACH - Earliest known is James born 3 March 1796 near Loughfoil, Scotland. He was in the Hope Township area of Ontario, Canada by December 1835 when he married Elizabeth Jemima NUGENT. They moved to DeKalb/Creston Co. IL, near Creston in 1864 and to Chicago, IL in 1888 where they both died.

FRIEDMAN(N) - Research is in progress to verify earliest known in the 1600s from Hunden, part of Ulm Lichteneau or from Leiberstung, Schwarzach, Baden, Germany. Descendant Franz Joseph FRIEDMANN born 16 April 1790 in Moos, Baden, Germany came to Brown Township, Carroll County, Ohio in 1832, where family descendants still live today.

REILING/REYLING - Earliest known is Johann Jacob REILING in the early 1600s in Ersingen, Baden, Germany. Georgium Martinum REILING is father of our Lorenz/Lawrence born 1807 in Ersingen, Baden, Germany. He came to America Nov. 1830 & settled in Harrison Township & Brown Township, Carroll Co. Ohio. He married Therasa 'Teracy' STOLTZ.

NUGENT - Earliest known is William born abt 1755, his son Francis born 1780 probably Co. Cavan Ireland & died 18 Oct 1835 in Hope Township, Ontario, Canada. Wife Mary died Feb 1865 in Cavan Township, Ontario, Canada. Their daughter, my grgrgrandmother is Elizabeth Jemima born 29 December 1813 in Ireland.

JESSUP - Earliest known is Sylvanus born 14 Feb 1779 in Southampton, Long Island, NY. He was an innkeeper at various places in Orange Co. NY and was living in Carbondale, Luzerne Co. PA in 1850. His daughter Margaret, a grgr grandmother, married Oscar HUDSON.

MCNAMARA - Earliest known is James b abt. 1784; d 4/4/1870 in Bealkelly, Co. Clare, IR. Married Mary SLATTERY. Children Anne, Mary, Ellen, James, Patrick, Michael.

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