GILBERT Genealogy of Burlington County, New Jersey

GILBERT Genealogy

of Burlington County, New Jersey

Over the past few years, I have been researching the various branches of the GILBERT family in Burlington County, New Jersey. At present, I have broken the family into a handful of independent branches, which may turn out to be connected. Clicking on the name of a branch will take you to that person in my online database, using the WorldConnect system at RootsWeb.

Please send me email at the link below if you have information on these families, or would like information. My online database has information on over 560 people named GILBERT, most of them from Burlington County, although the data for those born after 1901 has been privatized.

William B GILBERT (c1810-1861)

My branch of the family descends from William GILBERT (c1810-1861). William was supposedly the son of a Joseph GILBERT, but I donít know which one. I suspect it might be the Joseph who married Priscilla, which would make William part of the Benjamin line below. The name of Williamís first wife has been given as either Catherine RODMAN or Lydia PARR, but I am unsure which is correct.

Benjamin GILBERT of Burlington (c1728-1830)

This is the major branch of the family in the area of Burlington City.

Jesse GILBERT of Mansfield (c1770-1831)

This is the main GILBERT family from the Mansfield/Chesterfield/Bordentown area of the county. It is possible that they came from Pennsylvania, based upon some families in that state which feature many of the same given names, such as Amos, which are not common among the other branches of the family in Burlington County. His father's name was also Jesse, but no more is known of him.

Joseph GILBERT (b c1790), md Bulah MARTIN

It is possible that this is the same Joseph who married Priscilla. If so, he would be part of the Benjamin line, above.

Joseph GILBERT (b est c1810) md Margaret RODMAN

By 1850, Margaret RODMAN was already widowed, and her husband was named as Joseph GILBERT. I know nothing about him other than his name. Because my William may have been married to a Catherine RODMAN, I suspect a connection between this Joseph GILBERT and my family.

William GILBERT (1857-1913)

I suspect that this William is same person that I have listed as the son of Thomas GILBERT & Rebecca STOCKTON, but I have been able to find no evidence other than their matching birthdates.

Joseph B GILBERT (1817-1886)

Joseph was a tailor in Mount Holly, and was supposedly a prominent cloth merchant in Philadelphia when he was younger. I am unsure of his connection with the Burlington County GILBERTs, if there is any.

William H GILBERT (c1810-after 1870)

This family appears to have come from Pennsylvania to the Evesham/Mt Holly area before 1870.

Amos GILBERT (1832-1891)

There is a remote chance that this family is related to the Jesse GILBERT family of the Mansfield area. They came from Cecil County, Maryland. His oldest son was the mayor of Bordentown at one time.

Zachary GILBERT of England and Burlington (c1783-1851)

This family came to Burlington City from England in the early 19th century. There is no known ancestral connection between this branch and the other branches in Burlington County.

Valentine GILBERT (b c1828 in Germany)

This is a family which came from Germany, probably during the 1840ís.

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