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Dave Naylor's Genealogy Pages

The GeDStrip Program to Create Genealogy Web Pages

When preparing my own genealogy pages I discovered that the existing GeDCom to HTML programs didn't satisfy my needs.  I wanted all variations of my genealogy names to be shown on the web pages so that searches by other researches would find them and ultimately me.  Furthermore I am concerned about the privacy of living individuals as well as the theft of genealogy data for distribution and/or sale by other parties, so wanted to ensure that living and other unnecessary data was stripped from my web pages.  I therefore wrote the GeDStrip program to meet those needs and concerns.

The GeDStrip program creates formatted and indexed HTML web pages from a standard GeDCom (available as an output file from most genealogy database programs).  In order to increase the possibilities of making contact with other researchers GeDStrip indexes and lists all variations of the genealogy names, whether they be name prefixes or alternate names (AKAs = Also Known As).  It lists prefixed names (such as van Dyke) by the prefix (van), and by the surname (Dyke) by creating two listings and two index entries.  It further excludes all data about living individuals from those pages, as well as all links for the remaining individuals. 

My genealogy data is only presented on the web to make contact with other genealogists researching these same lines.  To this end it is not necessary to provide the links between individuals.  In fact, providing them may actually prevent that contact because other researchers may believe they have all the available data and then not bother to contact me.  I therefore wrote the GeDStrip program to create HTML web pages from any GeDCom, it deletes all information about living individuals, as well as all links between the remaining ones.  Any person with a connection to my family tree will be able to discover that connection and is encouraged to contact me.  Data will be freely shared as long as the privacy of living individuals will be respected.

The output of the GeDStrip program can be seen on my Surname Index page, and from there go to the individuals' data pages.

The GeDStrip program runs under Microsoft Windows, and I offer it as Freeware to other researchers — which means that I am providing it free to any user for their private use.  I do not permit this program to be used commercially or sold.  My only requirement is that you retain the "Created by GeDStrip" line on your web pages.

GeDStrip requires use of a sort utility that will handle large files and will delete duplicate entries.  One such program, "CMsort" by Christian Maas, is included with GeDStrip.  This program is Freeware and we thank Christian for providing it for our use.  The sort program you use should be placed either in the directory you will be logged into when you run GeDStrip, or in a directory on your computer's path.  The sort program must be renamed to "GEDSORT.EXE" as this is the name that is called by GeDStrip.

GeDStrip also makes use of this page's background (parchment paper), a CSS file, and two small graphics that are also used on this page — the gold-blue line and the red arrowhead used as a bullet ( ).  All four files are included in the downloadable GeDStrip.zip file.  You may of course use any graphics you wish but the background must be in a JPG format and named "gedpaper.jpg", while the line and bullet need to be in GIF format and be named "line.gif" and "bullet.gif" — all in lower case when placed on your web site.

The programs are provided in a ZIPped format.  An unzipper such as WINZIP or PKUNZIP will be required to unpack the individual programs.  The contents of the ZIPped file are:

Download GeDStrip version 6.02 here.   This file has a size of 486,914 bytes.

I will provide limited assistance to any person using the GeDStrip program.  I will fix bugs that may show up (see below) and may agree to make changes to suit your needs upon good suggestions.

GeDStrip has been thoroughly tested to work with GeDComs using version 5.5 format from many different genealogy programs.  Please inform me if any bugs appear during use so they can be corrected.