Horsch Families in Illinois

Horsch Families in Illinois

There are several lines of Horsch families in Illinois. Most of the Horsch immigrants settled in and around Chicago.

Henry Horsch and Katherine Good lived in Fischer, Illinois near Champaign/Urbana. Henry was born in Bavaria, Germany in 1868 to Johannes Horsch and Luise Muselman. Katherine was born in Hopedale, Illinois in 1871 to Joseph Good and Catherine Stalter. Henry immigrated from Germany and married Katherine in Illinois. Their descendants live in the area around Champaign, Springfield and Bloomington. Some of their descendants also live in Iowa.

Johannes Horsch and Maria Schueller lived in Lissingen, Rhineland. One of their sons, Joannes Caspar Horsch, came to America and settled in Chicago. Joannes Casper, or John, was born in Lissingen in 1867. He married Rose Ballman in 1894. Rose was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1869 to Joseph Ballman and Johanna Gunkel.

Samuel and Catherine Horsch lived in Bavaria. Samuel was born in 1819, and Catherine was born in 1830. They seperately came to America and married in Illinois in 1851. They lived in the Woodbine township of Jo Daviess county.

Casper Horsch and Margaret Ott were both born in the Rhine Province. They seperately immigrated to America, and were married in Cook county. They raised thier family in Chicago.

Michael Horsch and Susanna Blaeser were both born in the Prussia. Michael came to America with his four daughters and settled in Sangamon Co., Illinois. The 1880 census indicates that Casper Horsch was a cousin. Casper also came over on the same ship as Michael.

Joseph Horsch and Theresa Jilka were both born in Germany, and settled in Chicago, Illinois.

Jacob Horsch and Lena Honnig lived in Rhineland. They settled in Illinois and some of there descendants live in California. Their genealogy contains 10 individuals.

John M. Horsch and Anna Schweich lived in Trier, Germany. They immigrated to America in 1886 and settled in Illinois. Their genealogy contains 28 individuals.

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