Family names include Sawyer, Robideau, Billings, O'Neil

Patricia Julia Sawyer is on the far right.  All others are unknown.  Picture taken October, 1950 somewhere in Ontario (Petrol?)

I am hoping that there are cousins out there who can help identify the other family members in this photo.  Please contact me if you recognize anyone or if you can identify a place called "Petrol".

These ancestors lived in the upstate New York area including Canada. 
Family lore indicates that some of this family were of Iroquois/Mohawk and French Canadian ancestry.  Census data shows some of the family listed as Iroquois, and they are found living on the St. Regis/Akwesasne Indian reservation located on the border of Franklin County, New York and Quebec, Canada.   

I have met several Sawyer cousins in the last year or two.  They are living throughout the US, although most have originally come from the New York area.

Patricia Julia Sawyer is 3rd from left.  Picture was taken in Cornwall, Ontario about 1950.

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