Part 2

Edward and Jane had four children - Peter, Mary, Catherine and Myles, who was my great-grandfather. Edward died young and Jane subsequently married a Sam Shaw from the same village. In 1851 or 1853 the family emigrated to Canada and eventually reached Toronto with the four D'Arcy children. Myles was around 16 at this time.

He was working in Toronto when he met and married Johanna Ruane (or Rowan). Her father had come from Tipperary - you can't get more Irish than that! Her mother was from the Gore, Toronto. When her mother died, Johanna was left an only child, and when her father remarried Johanna left home. She met the young immigrant Myles D'Arcy, and they were married. With the one hundred dollar wedding gift from her father, the young couple set out to pioneer a homestead in Glenelg County. Life was difficult in those days but they were a happy couple - fun-loving and generous.

Johanna's father was very well-to-do and was nicknamed "Moneybags Ruane". He farmed and owned the land on which Pearson Airport in Toronto is now built. In fact, when construction began on the airport my great-aunt Catherine had to be present when they moved my great-grandmother's remains from the old farm. The family still has the metal chain and cross which had been on the tombstone. For some reason my great-grandfather's grave is still on airport property and Sr. Rita (great aunt Catherine's daughter), visited there in 1994 and had to have a police escort to take her to the grave site.

Myles and Johanna had ten children who grew to adulthood: Edward (1858-1934), Mary Ann (1860-193?), Sara (1864-1924), Margaret (1866-1902), Peter (1869-1928), James (1872-1922), Theresa (1875-194?), and Catherine Agatha (1884-1961). Great grandfather Myles died suddenly on Oct. 17, 1910 at age 75, and great-grandmother followed him on Dec. 30, 1914 at 77. They must still have been farming in the same area to have been buried on their farm property.

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