Pioneer Cemetery





Pioneer Cemetery

Nevada City





Pioneer Cemetery

This cemetery was established in 1851 on a knoll, back of the First Methodist Church.  This gave the site it's name.  Many noted citizens rest here.

Dedicated by Laurel Parlor No.6  Native Daughters of the Golden West. Hydraulic Parlor No.56. Native Sons of Golden West Oct. 18 1987 Nevada City, Calif.


Pioneer Cemetery is on West Broad Street, a very short distance, up the hill, from downtown Historic Nevada City.  The entire cemetery is on hillside and has a rather serene feeling about it.  The gravestones are old, weathered and many have been vandalized.



Rows of crosses and wooden markers dot the hillside of the Pioneer Cemetery.  The wood markers show a passing of the years in their weathered wood.  If any had inscriptions on them, the years have erased the letters.  The crosses are of a newer wood.

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Name List

Anderson,  Anderson 2,  Armstrong,  Ashburn,   Beird,  Bigalow,  Black,  Booth,  Brock,  Brock 2,  Burnett,  Church,  Ducray,  Dulac,  Dunlap,  Enderlein,  Fletcher,  Foster

Garthe,  Gillet,  Greene,  Grover,  Harrison,  Head,  Hendrickson,  Herzinger,  Hicks,  Hill,  Hinch,  Hoel,   Jefferson,  Jepson,  Johnson,  Jones,  Keller,  McArthur,  Meredith,  Meredith 2

Ophir,  Pennell, Quigley,  Ragon,  Rowe,  Sargent,  Schellhorn,  Sigourney,  Springer,  Sutter,  Taylor,  Todd,  Waters, Yates,   End  



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