Lone Grave on Bald Mountain

Lone Grave on Bald Mountain

Nevada County, CA




Mr. Jason White of E. Broad St., Nevada City, while hunting on Round
Mountain for mold to use in mulch for his garden, discovered a grave marker
with the following inscription:

Sacred to the Memory of
Edward G. Bridges
Oct. 30, 1856
Aged 10 years
Not lost but gone before




To view the site and the marker, drive out North
Bloomfield-Graniteville Rd. to the Diamond Arrow Conference Ground.
Take the first dirt road to the left just beyond the campground
(probably it is Rock Creek Rd.) and go 0.7 miles and take a left on
another dirt road.  Go 0.1 miles on that dirt road until you come to a
fork in the road and take the left fork.  Go a few yards and pull over
to the left side of the road and park.  Walk about 80 paces (I take long
paces) along a path of sorts.  The marker, after being discovered, was
reburied at the foot of the oak tree where it was found.  The area
appears to be one where wood has been collected for use as firewood.
The lands are part of BLM's South Yuba River Recreation Lands."