Country Graveyard








Country Graveyard


It is just a Country Graveyard

You can see on yonder hill,

With those snow-capped peaks above it,

So peaceful and so still. 


 I have sat there many evenings

And watched the sun set in the west,

It seemed that God had put it there

To guard those souls at rest.


It will cause a lonesome feeling

And a throbbing in your heart,

As you read over each inscription

That has caused a broken heart.


There is nothing more pathetic,

And none that's more sincere,

Than a simple funeral service

Preached by some pioneer.


For no one ever had a fault,

Just their virtues can he see,

And to hear them sing the sweet old hymn

"Nearer My God To Thee".


You will see no costly monuments,

But a greater one instead

Is that snow-capped peak above it,

Stands as Sentinel over our dead.


Author Unknown




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