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Maui County Resources

If your ancestors lived in Maui County you will be able to search for them with the help of several sources of genealogical services.

The Family History Library helps individuals interested in genealogy. Their service is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am to 12 pm and from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. They are located at the Church of Jesus Christ, LDS. The FHC is located at Lono and Kamehameha Ave. in Kahului. Please call 808 871-8841 during operational hours. In fact this is one of the better ways to find Vital Records on this island.

ALL Vital Records are stored with the Dept. of Health in Honolulu, so if you plan to come to Maui to dig for your roots, you should also plan on going to Honolulu, because that is where ALL Vital Records are located. The same is true for all the Neighbor Islands, you must go to Honolulu for certificates, or request the films or indexes from the FHC's.

The Maui Historical Society has a research desk with volunteers who can provide limited information. The only genealogies in house are for the missionary family, the Bailey's. They have a list of professional genealogists as well. The Maui Historical Society is at:
2375 A Main Street in Wailuku, Hawaii.
Phone: 808 242-5080.

The Kahului Library is open late several nights each week and has a helpful staff. InterLibrary loan requests cost $10.00 per search. You may visit the library which is located across the street from the Family History Center Library or call them at
808 873-3097

Genealogical Holdings in Maui and Other Hawaii Libraries

A Reference Tool for Researchers:

The following volumes are available at various Maui libraries. At this time there is NO one available to do free look-ups for you. In some cases the librarian may be able to look up ONE name. Please see indication below for that designation.

Kahului Regional Library
Kamehameha Avenue, Kahului, Maui
Phone: 808 873-3097

Resources in book form in the Reference section:

Maui Historical Society, et al, Island of Maui Cemetery Directory, 3 vol. 1990. Project Director: Nanette Napoleon Purnell.

This source is perhaps the most outstanding collection of volumes available to individuals seeking to research their Maui ancestors. The name index volume is an alphabetical listing of individuals included in the cemetery listings and refers the researcher to the cemetery site volume, where the researcher can find vital information, such as birthdate, date of death and family relationship listings. The map and history volume gives background information on the cemeteries of Maui, including a contact address and phone number for cemetery caretaker or responsible individual.

Kahului Library Librarian will look up one name if you phone a request to their library (the number is listed above). You should ask for a look-up in the ‘name index’, which will refer to a cemetery, then ask for a look-up in the ‘cemetery site’ volume which will give whatever vital info is available from the tombstone, including birth and death dates.
Call number: RH 929.5 I

Mardfin, Jean Kadooka , Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Hawaiian Genealogy Project ; Directory of Secondary Sources, 1 vol., 1993.

This source is a grouping of listings of the various organizations, libraries, societies archives and museums which are important to genealogists and is helpful to the researcher who would like to find out who to contact for various information. No actual genealogical material is contained in this resource, it is a guide to the researcher for what information is available and where it might be retrieved. Call number: RH 929.1 M

Duey, John V., A Beginners Guide for Genealogical Research in Hawaii, Alu-Like, Inc. 1 vol., 1989 .

A resource guide for genealogists, including listings of libraries and locations for researchers to conduct primary and secondary research.

Jackson, Ronald Vern Hawaii 1900; Pulama na Kapuna-Cherish Our Ancestors, 1 vol., 1987, 692 p.

Index of individuals of the 1900 Federal census.

Jackson, Ronald Vern Hawaii 1910 Pulama na Kapuna-Cherish Our Ancestors, 1 vol., 1987, 756 p.

Index of individuals of the 1910 Federal census.

Resources on microfilm, in the microfilm room:

Index to Marriage Notices in Hawaii Newspapers, 1850-1950, (1 roll microfilm)

An index to selected marriage notices in Hawaii newspapers.

Index to Birth Notices in Hawaii Newspapers, 1850-1950, (1 roll microfilm)

An index to selected birth notices in Hawaii newspapers.

Index to Obituaries Published in Hawaii Newspapers, 1836-1950, (4 rolls microfilm)

An index to selected obituary notices in Hawaii newspapers.

Federal Censuses for these Years, on rolls of microfilm, in the microfilm room:

1900 - book index available at reference
1910 - book index available at reference

Above listings courtesy of Jill Ching.