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Many Thanks to
 the former SC's,
Maggie Stewart 
Kevin Fraley

   And also Sandy Belshaw.

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 My name is Robert and I am the new county coordinator for Kauai County!   

This page will tell a little bit about me.

About Me

           About the webmaster coordinator Robert Sizelove, Sr."  

I felt the title webmaster above, which was used by the last county coordinator may have been appropriate, but my abilities are probably less than that, although I do enjoy very much working at the county level of this wonderful web site organization. I'm basicly just a code writer that loves genealogy. I have lived most of my 65 years in the state of Ohio, with a brief period in California. My ancestors arrived at Philadelphia, PA on Sept. 1, 1736. Our original surname was Zeisloff, they were immigrants from Germany, looking for a more peaceful land, where they could worship with out fear of punishment for their belief. Over many generations, our families surname, like many became fragmented, and many variations occurred over the first 75 years, in America. Portions of my family, moved each generation until they reached the west coast in late 1800's. It's days like today, with a morning temperature 13 degrees, over 20 inches of snow on the ground, that causes me to really wish I could be relaxing in a tropical garden setting. I can just about imagine how nice it would be, enjoying sunshine, 70 degree temperatures, and a soothing tropical breeze, while enjoying the lush foilage of your beautiful state. My hopes and dreams would be to some day visit your wonderful island. So, for now I have to be content working on your county pages, as I throw another log on the fire and dream how wonderful it must be to live in Hawaii.

I'm married, seven children, 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. I've been into genealogy since the late 1960's. My wife and I have a small custom picture framing and art gallery business here in central Ohio We are celebrating 31 years of business in May. Also a care taker for a mid sized cemetery, not far from where I live. I volunteer my time for several genealogy related web sites and have a great interest in cemetery research/history. I enjoy fishing, collecting old manuscripts and books, enjoy listening to music, mostly new age, ambient style genre, and gardening, and many other things too numerous to mention..

I was a bit slow, getting involved in computers and internet. It was 1997 before I first purchased a computer and learned of the amazing world of the internet and how quickly one could conduct genealogy research. Before that, I was used to typing letters, filing everything in a vertical cabinet, mailing them out and watching the mail box for weeks, hopeful a long lost cousin would reply. I have to thank Maggie Stewart for asking me to volunteer my time to USGenWeb. I'm very proud to be a small part of this wonderful organization. It's hard to believe, that was 11 years ago when I first volunteered to be the manager of Tombstone Photo Project, here in Ohio. I still hold that position, plus a few more thrown in for good measure.

The person responsible for the Kauai County GenWeb pages is Robert I am the person responsible for online data related to Kauai County. If you have data or information to contribute related to other counties, please contact Hawaii State GenWeb Archives Manager Maggie Stewart .
Some Hawaii counties may still available. If you are interested in volunteering and hosting a county or in some other volunteer work for this project please contact Hawaii State Coordinator
Maggie Stewart for details.

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