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footprints in the sands of my life...
...born in 1944 in Norwalk, Connecticut, I am a recovering alcoholic with 20 years of sobriety. I have lived all over the country, most recently in Harlan County, Kentucky, until I moved to Ohio in 1994. I'm the inventory control and credit manager for a national distributing and manufacturing firm in Strongsville and am fascinated by the history of the families and the Civil War in south eastern Kentucky where I lived for 15 years before getting a modem for my computer and discovering some things about the world I had forgotten while in the mountains. With the help and encouragement of friends made online, I moved to Cleveland and began dating one of those friends... photo of me age 6

... my darling hubby, Geoffrey

... who truly knows how
to love me just as I am,
a very special quality.

(aka flashless)
now has a page
of his very own.

One of my remaining addictions is to irc (internet relay chat) and these days I spend a lot of my time on with my genealogy friends. I've still got plenty of addictions and as well as the irc and genealogy mentioned above, I am addicted to web pages. Combining this fascination with html with my obsession with genealogy, I have found myself deeply involved in the USGenWeb project and related activities. To browse my variety of sites, check out my list of sites.

I have five children... Mark and Christine live in the United Kingdom and their brother Josh lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. My kite-flying son John recently came back into my life and has taken to the Internet like a duck to water. On irc is he known as *IcyAir*. The photo was taken when John and I went down to Tennessee to visit my youngest, 17 year old Michael, who is in a college preparatory boarding school near Jonesboro. John and Michael had never met before but have many similarities and acheived an instant brotherly rapport. Michael also has his own page here which has a silly photo he insisted we take... To see just how silly a then sixteen year old can be... click here !!!
me, John and Michael
choose your path...
... sobriety & recovery
... civil war history
... genealogy
... or the web

edited 14th August 1999