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All of my grandparents are now deceased, so starting with them...

Paternal Grandparents: Arthur Stanton Adams [photo], born in Winchester, Middlesex MA 1 Jul 1896, married first Dorothy Frances Anderson [photo] in Philadelphia PA, 21 Nov 1918. Arthur died 18 Nov 1980 in Durham NH, at 84 years of age. His body was interred in Arlington National Cemetery. Dorothy was born in Philadelphia PA 17 Jul 1898. She died 12 Aug 1954 in Washington DC, at 56 years of age.

Maternal Grandparents: Edward Howard Hutchison Roth was born in Buffalo, Erie Co NY 18 Sep 1896. The "son of two prominent Buffalo families", he married Lois Dorothy Kellogg in Buffalo, Erie Co NY, 10 May 1920 and died abt 1988 in NY. Lois Dorothy Kellogg was born in Buffalo, Erie Co NY 20 Jun 1899. Lois died ca 1970 in Scottsdale AZ.

Paternal Great Grandparents
Arthur Stanton Adams was the son of Charles Stanton Adams was born in Winchester, Middlesex MA at 10 PM on Wednesday, 8 June 1870. He married Grace Estelle Newhall in Winchester, Middlesex MA, 10 Jul 1895. Charles died 8 Dec 1950 in Winchester, Middlesex MA, at 80 years of age. Grace was born in Stoneham MA 21 Nov 1871. Grace died 16 Jan 1951 in Winchester, Middlesex MA, at 79 years of age.

Dorothy Frances Anderson was the daughter of Frank Carroll Anderson, born about 1854 and Mary Allie P. Sears, born about 1861. They were married 5 Dec 1883. Frank died 3 Sep 1907 at 53 years of age. Mary died 25 Sep 1931 in Boulder CO, at 70 years of age. The Anderson line has yet to be researched. Any information on this line is welcome.

Maternal Great Grandparents
Edward Howard Hutchison Roth was the son of Edward C Roth, born about 1860 and Harriet Weller born about 1872 in Buffalo, Erie Co NY. Edward died 24 Feb 1955 in Buffalo, Erie Co NY, at 94 years of age. Harriet died 1924 in Buffalo, Erie Co NY, at 52 years of age. Harriett's family owned Weller Carriage Works and both she and Edward C. were said to be from prominent Buffalo, New York families.

Lois Dorothy Kellogg was the daughter of Spencer Kellogg was born in Amsterdam NY 10 Apr 1876. He married Lida Deshler Wilson in Leavenworth KS, 31 May 1898. Family tradition states they met in Dutchess County, New York, where Lida may have been visiting her father's family. Spencer was listed as the head of a family on the 1900 Census in Evanstown, Erie Co NY. The household list the family and four maids. Spencer and Lida later divorced and he married Cosetta Kupp ca 1940. Spencer died 19 Dec 1944 in Santa Barbara CA, at 68 years of age. Lida was born in Leavenworth KS 26 Nov 1877 and died about 1960 in Cottonwood AZ.

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