Holly's Pages

my own research on my lines and my husband's lines

tutorials, links, and other useful or intriguing ways to improve web pages... included are tutorials on SSI... site structure...

I use PaintShop Pro (version 7 nowadays) to create or edit to my liking most of the graphics used on my pages... included are tutorials on how to create the title graphic above and the buttons used on this page.

ideas, suggestions, and places to find information to add to genealogy sites especially county based sites [not linked - work in progress]

my good friend Lorraine Newsome (aka Sunny on irc) and I have built an independent site for Cuyahoga County, Ohio, genealogy

a listing of the various sites I am involved in

out of date - not linked at this time

civil war site (a bit neglected at the moment) which concentrates on the actions and movements and people of the border fighting where Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia come together

my south eastern Kentucky genealogy & history site

every Sunday there are chat sessions on Rootsweb's irc server on #htmlhelp and #imagehelp as well as the general channels like #usgenweb

this is the personal area telling a little about me and my life

sober since February 1, 1979


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