Holly's Buttons


Some truly impressive looking titles can be made using the method here.


Open a New Image more than big enough to hold the finished text.

Immediately add a couple of extra layers for the text and any other touches you want to add.

Create your text with the settings below, using a nice fat font. Choose a color for the stroke that will complement the coloring in the image you'll be using on the inside.


Now, with the text still selected so you don't "paint" outside the lines, choose a tube image and stamp images in the lettering. If one plunks in that you don't like it's placement, just use the undo button to step back and try again.




Now add an outer bevel to the lettering, start out with the settings to the right.


Then add just a touch of shadow to help raise the text on the page.

You can stop at this point and crop the image as ti is, or you can add a line underneath using teh settings below as a starting point.



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