my obsession with genealogy
genealogy...  the history of the ancestry of a person
or the study of family descent
or an obsessive disorder....

my linespink right arrow 1974, my grandfather sent me a copy
of the pedigree chart his father had
worked on around the turn of the century
it had some gaps and question marks...
couldn't leave those could I?

the dutchpink right arrow
...then, I of course had to start on my
maternal lines which led from Kansas to
western New York and then to the early
Dutch settlers
in Schenectady and the
massacre or capture of many

pink right arrow
...and then, spending fifteen years in
the mountains of southeastern Kentucky
drew me to the history of the families
there in the 19th century and most
particularly the Civil War and my
involvement with KyGenWeb

to Ohio
pink right arrow
...and now, working on my husband's
, I am getting interested in
the German migration to northeastern
Ohio in the early 1880's

pink right arrow
...and from all this I have
become heavily involved in the
many exciting things happening
online in genealogy

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