Groot Ancestry
Groot Family
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Daniel Janse Van Antwerpen, birth date unknown, married Maria Groot, daughter of Simon Groot and Rebecca du Trieux.

Arent A Vedder, son of Albert, married Caterina Van Patten 4 Apr 1758. Caterina was born 1 Feb 1725, daughter of Nicholas Van Patten and Rebecca Groot, and Caterina died 1793 at 68 years of age.
Arent Vedder son of Harman Albertse married Sara Groot, daughter of Simon Groot and Rebecca du Trieux.
Albert J Vedder, son of Johannes married Hester Van Der Bogard in Schenectady NY, 30 Nov 1756. Hester was born 17 Dec 1732. Hester was the daughter of Frans Van Der Bogard and Hester Groot.

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