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John Stanton, birth date unknown, married Susanna Knight 3 Apr 1780. Susanna was born 27 May 1762. Susanna was the daughter of Joseph Knight and Elizabeth Nutter.

John Stanton and Susanna Knight had:

  1. Hatevil Knight Stanton was born 21 July 1785.

Hatevil Knight Stanton (John) was born 21 July 1785 and died 11 Aug 1854 in Wolfesboro, New Hampshire. He married Nancy Clark, born 27 July 1791 and died 5 May 1858 (1853?). [Ossippee Cemetery Inscriptions by Mabel E. Blake and Eva Blake Loud]

Hatevil Knight Stanton and Nancy Clark had:

  1. Hatevil Knight Stanton was born 19 Nov 1819.

Hatevil Knight Stanton[photo](Hatevil Knight, John) was born in Effingham, New Hampshire, 19 Nov 1819 and died 13 May 1889 in Bedford MA, at 69 years of age. He married Sara Jane Colcord in South Woburn MA, 19 May 1841. Sara was born in Exeter NH 17 Feb 1805, daughter of Harry (Harvey) Colcord and Mary Wiggin. Sara died 20 May 1875 in Winchester MA, at 70 years of age. [1850 census Middlesex County: occupation painter $2800 real estate; household included David B Ford age 29 baptist clergyman; shared dwelling with others]

Hatevil Knight Stanton and Sara Jane Colcord had:

  1. Emma Isadora Stanton was born 27 Mar 1842.
  2. George Colcord Stanton was born in South Woburn MA 8 Sep 1844 and died 21 Jul 1862 in Winchester MA, at 17 years of age.

Emma Isadora Stanton (Hatevil Knight, Hatevil Knight, John) was born in South Woburn MA 27 Mar 1842 and died 25 Aug 1905 at 63 years of age. She married William Adams in Groveland, 3 Oct 1868. William was born in West Cambridge MA 1 Dec 1821. William was the son of William Adams and Sukey Foster. William died 28 Aug 1905 in Winchester MA, at 83 years of age.

Emma Isadora Stanton and William Adams had:

  1. Charles Stanton Adams was born 8 Jun 1870.
  2. George Stanton Adams was born in Birchdale Springs, Concord NH 21 Jan 1880 and died in 1967 in Massachusetts, at 87 years of age. He never married, working for the railroad his entire life. He was a terrific cribbage player and one of my favorite relatives.

NOTE: The Stanton name continued down through the generations, my grandfather was Arthur Stanton Adams, my father was John Stanton Adams and one of my sons is John Stanton Barresi

[My thanks to David Rust for some corrections and additions]

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