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   Emigrants from Steinmauern

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        to: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Galicia, Holland, 
        Hungary, Luxemburg, Poland, Siebenbürgen (Romania), Switzerland, 
        Russia  Click here to view a map of the area - large image, slow loading  The boats they used to travel to Russia - image: Stumpp - slow loading image, USA.


   Emmigrants listed in the Baden Emigration Index 1866-1911

   Emigration from Steinmauern, Baden- Background Information

   Revolution - The Year 1849 - Events and Consequences

   The year 1852 and the stories it brought

   Soldiers killed and missing during WW I, 1914 - 1918 

   Soldiers and Civilians killed during WWII, Missing Soldiers

   Statistics: Population / Faith

   Steinmauern website and history   

   Steinmauern raftsman's museum









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