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This site contains information I have found during my research.

I was able to connect some of the data to my ancestors and hope the other information will be of use to someone else.

        Death register Stein am Kocher, Mosbach, Baden, Germany 1871 - 1906
        Please contact me if you would like to receive information.


        Alsatian emigrants in Kuppenheim

        Immigrants from Kuppenheim

        Immigrants from Steinmauern

        Immigrants from Hagenbach / Pfalz, Karlsruhe Bulach/ Baden, 

        Au am Rhein / Baden

 Wuerttemberg Veterans of 1848/49

   The jewish community at Stein am Kocher   

        Jewish cemetery Stein am Kocher - digital images

        Transcription 'Standesbuch für die Jüdische Gemeinde Stein am Kocher'

        Contains the protocols on births, marriages and deaths from 1842 on. 
        Please contact me if you would like to receive information. 

   Latin terms, weekdays, months and days of the week, 

        meanings and abbreviations

   Connecting to other researchers







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