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Pictures of my Schefflenz ancestors




My ancestors fromSchefflenz


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   my gggrandparernts Fridolin Gramlich born 1852 and his wife Katharina nee Reinhardt born 1856 in Mittelschefflenz. They lived at Weilerstr. 2 in Oberschefflenz.     Ema Moschinkski nee Gramlich and her husband      Ema Moschinski with Erwin and Charlotte Strohmeyer     Fridolin Gramlich born 1890, son of Fridolin Gramlich born 1852 

 first (?) wife of Ludwig Gramlich       Rosa Gramlich 1922 in Oberschefflenz    Rosa Röckel, nee Gramlich. She and her husband lived in Herbolzheim. 


  Rosa Gramlich     House Weilerstr. 2 (previously: 'Klinge'), built in 1710. From left: Katharina Gramlich nee Reinhardt, Ida, Fridolin Gramlich sen. (father of Bernhard Gramlich). Front: the children Maria, Richard and Mathilda Gramlich.    1927 Golden Wedding anniversary of Fridolin Gramlich and Katharina nee Reinhardt. Back from left: Fridolin Gramlich (father of Bernhard Gramlich), Ema Moschinski nee Gramlich, Karolina (Lina) married to .... Strohmeyer, Frieda Gramlich married to ... Ochs and ... Wolf, Ludwig Gramlich. Front from left: Rosa Röckel nee Gramlich, Katharina Gramlich nee Reinhardt born 1856, Fridolin Gramlich born 1852 and Luise Röser nee Gramlich.









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