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Family Research

Philip MAIN and
Clory Ann ROUGH

from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to Illinois and Idaho

Other Surnames: Nye, Troutner, Johnson, Johnston, Heavner, Hack, Branson, Childers, Weller


Childers Shield

Mosby CHILDERS and
Elizabeth JEFFRIES

from England to Virginia, Missouri and Idaho

Other surnames: Barga, Main, Hack, Weller, Johnson, Troutner, Nye, White, Powers, Branson, Miller


Dominique BARGE and
Ann Marguerite SIMON

from France to Darke Co, Ohio and Idaho

Other surnames: Barga, Berge, Berger, Goubeaux, Couchot, Grilliot, Pierron, Groff, Schieltz, Marshall, Mangen, Childers, Stout


Heritage Corssroads

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Heritage Crossroads Genealogy


The Wingfield Family Society


from England to Pennsylvania,
Virginia and West Virginia


Pilgrim Edward Doty Society


Wingfield Family SocietyClaypoole Shield