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Welcome to our family genealogy! This research began when my mother gave me a paper with information about her father’s parents and siblings. He had been orphaned at a young age, and we didn’t know a great deal about the Roberts family. Equipped with that one paper, I began to research the Roberts family and became intrigued with the process. I had books for other lines of our family, and began to explore them as well.

My family lines include Hepler (Hanner, Lopp, Black, Young, Younts, Gillaspie/Gillespie, et al), and Roberts (Scott, Hay, DuBose, Bolton, Sanders, et al).

Beth’s family lines include Hublar (Kaiser, Sarles, Keach, Flispart, et al), and Huffman (Biggs, Wells, Crone, Gray, Wofford, et al).

The Genealogy JAM has a connotation to the “mixture of families,” and the JAM also refers to our three children, whose names begin with “J, A and M.”

Most of my research focuses on South Carolina, North Carolina and Indiana. If our family line connects with yours, I would be happy to hear from you. If you have information to add, please get in touch with me via email. If you have corrections, I would also be happy to make them. Please understand that these records are part of a working database — not a completed study. It is an ongoing research.

If you use information from this website, please be aware that it is in various stages of research.

I hope that you will be helped in your family research by the information contained in this website. Likewise, I hope that I will be helped by your input. That has already happened many times! I am grateful for a genealogy community that works together to help us understand our past, and build a future based on strong family relationships.

In loving memory of Rev. J. Stuart Hepler, Sr. (1920-2010)

The Genealogy JAM is also on WorldConnect (in a totally different format).

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