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There are two Hedges Mailing Lists both hosted by Rootsweb.com - HEDGES and HEDGES-UK. A Mailing List is a forum for asking questions about your HEDGES family and making those all important family contacts. This will enable you to exchange information, anecdotes etc. with newly found members of your own family. On a personal note, I have been delighted and surprised to establish contact with previously unknown members of my own family, from many parts of the globe, descended from shared earlier generations.

Messages sent to a Mailing List are automatically delivered to all others subscribed to that List.

So, why not join one or both Lists by following these four easy steps

  1. Send an email to HEDGES-request@Rootsweb.com
  2. Leave the subject line blank
  3. In the body of the message type the single word - Subscribe
  4. Send the message
You will receive a message confirming your subscription to the List or Lists of your choice and a brief outline on how to proceed. Do come and join us.


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Updated: January 20, 2011
Sue Hedges