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The Joseph Project
 A global effort to share the facts, legends, opinions, and whatever else seems relevant about Joseph of Monocacy.

One of the goals of family history research is to make contact with descendants of those you wish to learn more about. Often they can provide photographs, anecdotes and other information not found elsewhere. One example of this is the Obituary of a John HEDGES who died in 1818 at the age of 101 -

"Although possessed of property to the amount of 3000 this man denied himself the common necessaries of life, and lived upon the cheapest and very coarsest food he could purchase. He would exchange the flitches of bacon, from pigs of his own killing, for the inferior ends and unsaleable pieces any shopkeepers might have by them; conceiving his own too good for himself and his wife to eat; and the whole of his conduct was marked by extreme parsimony. He had been three times married: his last wife was drowned a few months earlier."

A lot of my interest in collecting all references to the surname HEDGES is derived from this network of contacts. Each new contact leads to another until you find yourself having criss-crossed the globe with letters to people who are as surprised and interested in their origins as yourself. I mention all this because some may find it surprising how contacts are made and family relationships are discovered - at times quite by accident. It will also show how complex things can become and how sometimes it's difficult to remember who's who.

I hope you will be inspired to try to discover more about your own HEDGES family. My vast and ever growing HEDGES database is mostly built on UK references, but many overseas enquirers have discovered that their long and winding HEDGES road leads to my door - so to speak.

If you have research interests in the HEDGES surname, or collateral connections to it, please do contact me. I would be delighted to hear from you. Please know that I make no charge for any information I can provide and only ask that you share your data with me which will enable me to continue to develop the HEDGES resources.

You are invited to visit my associated website at www.Hedges-Study.org.uk which provides information on the HEDGES surname, and describes the aims, ambitions and resources of my HEDGES One Name Study (Registered with The Guild of One Name Studies at www.One-Name.org )

by Sue Hedges

Updated: January 20, 2011