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[S112] Historian Mrs. W. L. Davis, Pioneer Women of Wayne duplicated at WSU summer of 1990. pp180-1,984-5. Fobes and Brockway families. Filed as B161, E103, BK1 . Hereinafter cited as Women of Wayne.

[S113] DAR, compiler, DAR PATRIOT INDEX, for Fobes p224. . Stored in B162, E104, BK1. Hereinafter cited as DAR Patriot Index.

[S124] Notes taken at the Salisbury library summer 1990 and from visitor info. sheets. General info.. Notes stored as B173, N3-57. Hereinafter cited as "Salisbury Info".

[S125] Excerpt from the "Bonanza Trail" for background on E. J. McKnight.. Notes stored as B174, N3-41. Hereinafter cited as "Bonanza Trail".

[S127] Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury. (Salisbury, MA: Public Library in, pps 142-147). Stored in B178, E123, BK1. Hereinafter cited as SalisburyFamilies.

[S163] New York Marriages Before 1784 ). Stored in B249, N5-2 & E164. Hereinafter cited as NY Mar bef 1784.

[S164] Vital Records Western NY State 1809-1850; ). Stored in B250, N5-3.

[S165] "Vital Records Eastern NY State 1809-1950; MidContentent Library, Independence, MO; HAVENS, PARSONS.". Notes stored as B254, N5-3.

[S187] Eastmans Brockways and Hannold, U.S. Census of 1840 for Ohio. Census taken in 1840 Stored as B292, N38-31.

[S195] Unknown author, DAR Register, #44517; traces back to DANIEL HALE b. 1774 d.1828. .

[S196] Unknown author, DAR v45,P231. DAVID FOWLER 1756-1822. .

[S197] Unknown author, DAR v46,p359; ELIZUR HALE 1724-1790. Jonathan Hale, brother of Elizur, V52, p69. .

[S224] ""The Ohio Pioneer"; Excerpts from deeds, military records, land record and early county records of Ohio; Individual items notes show what type of record was extracted.". Notes stored as B344, N6-27.

[S294] "Extracted index to 1820 Ohio Census--Just some copied. Out of Order.". Notes stored as B472,N8-43.

[S297] "Ohio marriages extracted from "Old N.W. Quarterly"; Double extraction. Errors very possible.". Notes stored as B475,N8-7.

[S300] "Conn. Vital Records, an extracted source from Church and Civil sources. Multi Vol. Only SAYBROOK done. Complete at later date.". Notes stored as B484,N8-17.

[S301] "Index to 1774 Rhode Island State Census". Notes stored as B490,N8-21.

[S302] "Huntington co PA 1800 Census. JOHN AKE.". Notes stored as B492,N8-23.

[S309] "Unknown cd", Excerpts from "Lost in Canada" Vol. 9, (Aug 1983) Notes filed as B502, N8-33. Hereinafter cited as "Lost in Canada".

[S311] "Canadian marriage laws in 1750 and 1760's., plus some misc. notes on Morins compiled by Ruth Watring.". Notes stored as B507,N8-38. Hereinafter cited as "Quebec Marriages Laws".

[S318] ""Landmarks of Steuben co NY"; Pub. 1896. Not all pages were there. MFHC 974.783 H2h.". Notes stored as B517,N9-2.

[S321] "Index to Van Buren co MI wills. Vol 6 & 7; 1881>1894; MFHC #0944600". Notes stored as B521,N12-3. Hereinafter cited as "VanBuren Will Index".

[S343] "DAR INDEX. Only FOBES date entered. HAVENS data not for sure.". Notes stored as B556,N13-19.

[S344] "1777 Military census of RI. Only those sheets with FOWLERS or HAVENS were duplicated.". Notes stored as B558,E316-320.

[S426] Rufus Rowley was a witness to a deed in Northampton, MA in January 1829. Copy of deed was provided by Wyn Eastman of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in 1998.. Copy of deed is stored as B684, E1372, Book 14.

[S579] "Un-indexed DAR film. Census and cemetery info from early to mid 1800's in NY state. Film #860275. Not a very good source. Some HINTS only.". Notes stored as B1027, N23-8.

[S602] "Fowler info via *P". Notes stored as B1127, N25-5.

[S607] "Wayne co OHIO 1860 U.S. census.". Notes stored as B1147, N25-23.

[S622] "Tree Talks, Vol 6,#4, Dec 1966. Steuben co NY info. p.13 and Vol 6, #2, Washington co PA info". Notes stored as B1194,N26-14.

[S680] "1850 U.S. Census film 17065 for Plattsburg, Allegany, NY.". Notes stored as B1315, N28-37.

[S695] "Probate records of Wayne county OH. lists in Book 12, p 596, 1893 a Jane Akey and brother Peter #8480. Farm in Paint township.". Notes stored as B1361,N29-9.

[S860] Unknown compiler, compiler, "B1759 The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia is licensed from Columbia University Press. Copyright 1995 by Columbia University Press."; Ancestral File unknown repository, unknown repository address. Downloaded from the LDS site on the Interent Unknown second date with no hard copy.

[S1041] "Names on the Civil War Monument in Galena, Illinois, in Grant Park.". Notes stored as B2079, N38-54. Hereinafter cited as "Galena CivilWar".

[S1258] Administration Index 1796-1936 for Steuben county, NY. Administration Index records for Fowler and Havens and Calkins on film # MFHC 514343. Stored at 2691, N38-26. Hereinafter cited as Adm Steuben.

[S1270] "Scottish Kings, The History of the Scottish royality. Part 3", online a e-mail address; Compiled by Alan Frazer, Date of file May 1998; Filed as B2873 HD. Hereinafter cited as Scottish Kings.

[S1275] "Fille du Roi section one", online; Compiled by David Toupin, Date of file 11 July 1998; Filed as HD 2889. David Toupin or 9 croydon Rd, Merrick, NY 11566.

[S1278] "Filles Du Roi part 4", online; Compiled by JeanClaude Saint Denis, Date of file 14 March 1997; Filed as HD 2892.

[S1283] Robert Chenard, compiler, "The Kings Daughters, Les Filles du Roi"; Ancestral File (30 May & 14 April 1995), unknown repository, unknown repository address. Downloaded from the LDS site on the Interent Unknown second date with no hard copy.

[S1284] "An example of a Marriage contract for a Filles du Roi and spouse in Quebec, Canada.", online, Date of file July 1998; Filed as HD 2901.

[S1286] NorthWestern University, First Sheet of the Inaugural bulletin when he became president of Northwestern University Evanston Illinois (Chicago, Illinois: R. R McCable, printers, 1874) . Filed as 2904 HD. Hereinafter cited as Inaugural bulletin.

[S1287] NorthWestern University, The Statement of the Board of Trustees of Northwestern University, for the inaugural bulletin for CH Fowler. (Chicago, Illinois: R. R McCable, printers, 1874) . Filed as 2905 HD. Hereinafter cited as Statement_Fowler Inaug..

[S1288] NorthWestern University, Text of the Speech given by the Chairman of the Board, when Charles Henry Fowler became the President of Northwestern University in June 1873. (Chicago, Illinois: R. R McCable, printers, June 1873) . Filed as B2906 HD. Hereinafter cited as Northwestern speech.

[S1289] Timothy Gilman Turner, Gazetteer of the St. Joseph Valley of Michigan and Indiana. (Chicago, Illinois: Hazlett and Reed Printers, 1867) . Filed as B2915, HD. http:\\
MOA means Making of America series. Entire scanned and OCR's of books made available on line. In five parts.. Hereinafter cited as Gaz. StJosephValley.

[S1290] William Chauncey Fowler LLD, "Critique of "Sectional Controverary etc"", Princeton Review - Short Notices (January 1863) "Sectional Controversy" by William C. Fowler was published in New York in 1862 by Scribner Notes filed as 2916 HD.

[S1297] Compiled by Connie J. Snyder e-mail address, Clickable database of Fowlers, Newells and Thornes and others.. Downloaded from, on 20 Nov 1999. (Stored as HD 2988 Multiple files).

[S1302] Corresponding Secretary, New Jersey Historical Society Elmer T. Hutchinson, editor, Documents relating to the Colonial, Revolutionary and post-revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey, First Series, Vol XXXVII, Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Administrations, etc. Volume VIII 1791-1795 (Jersey City, NJ: Scott Printing Co, 1942). Hereinafter cited as NJ wills 1791-1795.

[S1307] Elmer T. Hutchinson, compiler, Documents relating to the Colonial, Revlutionary and Post-Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey, First Series, Vol XXXVIII, NJ Will Vol IX, 1796-1800. (Neward, NJ: New Jersey Law Journal Printers, 1944). Stored in B2998, N40-7. Hereinafter cited as NJ Wills.

[S1310] Elmer T. Hutchinson, compiler, Documents relating to the Colonial, Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey, First Series Vol XL, NJ Will vol XI 1806-1809 (Trenton, NJ: MacCrellish & Quigley co, 1947). Stored in B3002, N40-9. Hereinafter cited as NJ wills, 1806-1809.

[S3536] Letter from Nancy Dudley Thomen to Pomala Morin Black, Sept 2005; In Files as N41-12.

[S3550] Obit, The Herald-Palladium of Berrien Springs, Michigan, Html Interest Images, 12 Aug 2006. Hereinafter cited as Obit Larry McNitt.

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