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Elizabeth Sallé1       7th great grand mother
b. 1651, d. 31 December 1722, #910
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   Pierre Sallé2 b. circa 1625, d. after 1651
Mother   Francoise Lupia2 b. circa 1629, d. 31 December 1722

Name Variation
Elizabeth Sallé was also found as Isabella Salé.3

Birth 1651 Elizabeth was born in 1651 at St-Médard-De-Paris, Ile-de-France, France.1

Elisabeth lived for a while inside the walls of the Palais du Louvre in France, where her father Pierre operated a small hardware shop.

Elisabeth was sent as a fille du roi to the French colony of Quebec where she married Jacques Marcotte.4

1667 Jacque Marcot and his brother Nicolas arrived at Quebec about 1667 and established themselves at Neuville, on the Kings road along the river. Jacques must have moved to Trois-Rivieres at some time, and this is where he married Elizabeth Sallé. Jacques and Elizabeth lived at Trois-Rivieres for several years before going to Neuville to live on land next to brother Nicolas. About 1697, Jacques and his wife moved one more time, to Cap-Sante.

In August of 1967 the Marcotte families of North America celebrated the 300th
anniversary of the arrival of their ancestors in America. Actually, Nicolas
and Jacques Marcot arrived at Québec about 1667 and established themselves
on adjacent land at Neuville, on the Kings road along the river. The
committee of the Tricentennial fixed the precise spot and erected a monument
with the following inscription thereon: Marcotte Tricentennial 1667-1967,
ancestors Nicolas Marcot and his wife Martine Taurey Jacques Marcot and his
wife Elizabeth Sallé lived here. (Excerpt from Our French Canadian Ancestors - Volume 3 - pp.169-175 ).5

1670 Arrivée en 1670 avec des biens de 200 livres et un don du Roi de 100 livres. Translation of this is:
Arrived in (New France) in 1670 with goods of (worth) 200 pounds and a gift of the King of 100 pounds.

As these girls that came as Fille du Roi had but about 15 days to find a spouse and marry we can assume that she arrived in Quebec about the middle of August in 1670.1

Marriage 9 September 1670 Elizabeth Sallé married Jacques Marcot-Marcotte, who was 25 years old, son of Charles Emile Marcot and Jacqueline Bacher, 9 September 1670 in Trois Rivières, Quebec, Canada. Tho' married in Trois Riviéres they lived in Newville and had 15 children.


Denis Marcotte b: 19 Jan 1671 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec
Jacques Jr Marcotte b: 28 Jan 1673 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec
Louis Marcotte b: 27 Dec 1674 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec
Jean Baptiste Marcotte b: 4 Oct 1676 in Neuville, Quebec
Genevieve Elizabeth Marcotte b: 26 Jun 1678 in Pointe Auix Ecureuils, Quebec
Marie Anne Marcotte b: 16 Feb 1680 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec
Marguerite Elizabeth Marcotte b: 1 Mar 1683 in Pointe Auix Ecureuils, Quebec
Marie Angelique Marcotte b: 12 Aug 1686 in Neuville, Quebec
Jean Francois "Petit Jean" Marcotte b: 21 Dec 1691 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec
Michel Marcotte b: 1689
Marie Ursule Marcotte b: 1 Dec 1689 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec
Guillaume Marcotte b: 15 Dec 1690 in Pointe Auix Ecureuils, Quebec
Francois Marcotte b: 1695
Henri Marcotte b: 1699
Francois Marcotte
Michel Marcotte b: 1692

Not all are followed further.1

The first documents that researchers were able to trace in the judicial archives of
Québec, were their marriage contracts.

Jacques Marcot and Elizabeth Sallé, before the notary Severin Ameau of Trois-Rivières, the 9th of September 1670.

Here is an extract from this contract:

Marriage agreement which with the good pleasure of God will be solemnized and done in the face of our mother Holy Church catholic and apostolic and Roman between Jacques Marcotte of the town of Féscamp in Normandie and the parish of Saint Leger son of Charles Marcotte, Master Butcher, of said place and of defunct Jacqueline Baucher his father and mother on the one part and Elizabeth Sallé of the parish of St Médart in the neighborhood of St Marceau in Paris daughter of Pierre Sallé, costume jewellery-maker to the palace of Paris and Francoise Lupia her father and mother on the other part..."

It should be noted that Jacques signed his name just at is written today but his wife said that she did not know how to sign her name and so she wrote only her initial "F". However, on a document in 1715, she signed her complete name: Could it be that adult education already existed in New France?

Excerpt from Our French Canadian Ancestors - Volume 3 - pp.169-175.
Death 31 Dec 1722 Elizabeth died on 31 December 1722 at Cap-Santé, at cté Portneuf, at Quebec at Canada. Buried on the same day.1 

Family  **Jacques Marcot-Marcotte  b. 7 October 1644, d. 12 November 1720
Children  1. Jacques Marcot+ b. 28 Jan 1673, d. 20 Mar 17371
  2. Jean-Baptiste Marcot+ b. 4 Oct 1676, d. 25 Feb 17311
  3. Geneviève Elizabeth Marcot+ b. 26 Jun 1678, d. 19 Dec 17641

Marguerite-Elizabeth Marcot b. 1March 1683 d. 29 Aug 1755
5. Ursule Marcot b. 1 Dec 1684, d. 1 Mar 17591
  6. **Marie_Angélique Marcot+ b. 7 Dec 1684, d. 7 Aug 17491
  7. Jean-François Marcot+ b. Dec 1691, d. 12 Dec 17601

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