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Catherine Barré           7th Great Grand mother of the children of Leslyn and Pomala Black
b. 1644, d. 17 July 1707, #888
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   **Jacques Barre1,2 b. before 1624
Mother   **Françoise Sauvritte

Birth 1644 Catherine was born in 1644 at Isle of Re, Diocese of La Rochelle, France. She may have been born as early as 1639.3,4

Watch!!! There were TWO Catherine Barrés that came to New France as Fille du Roi.  This Catherine and another who married Nicholas Roy.  The second Catherine was the Huguenot, a Protestant Church, from  La Rochelle, also.  D/o Jean and Marie Epy. Contract 1 Oct 1663, N -Duquet, with Nicolas Roy. Married 22 Oct 1663, Quebec City. They returned to France in 1665, with no children being born in Canada.

1664 She arrived in Canada from France in 1664.2  She came as a Fille du Roi.   First marriage contract, 17 Nov 1664 to Maurice Rivet by N-Duquet was annulled [Tanguay show's this as a marriage] and he later married Marie Cusson.   Second contract 30 dec 1664 N-Vachon to Mathurin Chaille , and they were married 11 Jan 1665, Quebec City.

Marriage 11 January 1665 Catherine Barré married Mathurin Chaillé, son of Jean Chaillé and Jeanne Bouillant, 11 January 1665 in Quebec, Quebec, Canada. 1,3,6   At the time, there were several seigneurs recruiting settlers and often they or their agents would simply show up at the docks, as an immigrant ship made it's arrival, and convince as many as possible to head in their direction.  As it was, Beauport/ Beaupré was already well established and close to the Quebec Port; so the newlyweds chose that area to build their first home.   They may have had 8 children, not all are followed further.



Catherine appears as the wife of CLAUDE Chaiillé on the 1666 census of Beaupré, that is Beauport, Quebec Canada.    She is 27 years old and has one son.

Death 17 July 1707 Catherine died on 17 July 1707  Quebec city,  cté Portneuf, Quebec,  Canada.3
research 1707 Catherine and Mathurin are said to have died within a few days of each other? Was there are battle, disease, what??   Check church records.

Family **Mathurin Chaillé   b. 1641, d. 23 July 1707
Children  1. Claude Chaillé b. 17 Oct 1665, d. c 13 Dec 17242
  2. **Marie Therese Chaillé+ b. 23 Jan 1667, d. 26 Oct 17267,2
  3. Jean Chaillé b. 14 Jan 1674, d. 13 Nov 17092
  4. Henri Chaillé b. 10 May 1676, d. 1 Jun 17112
  5. François Chaillé b. 1 Aug 1678, d. 3 Feb 17502

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