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Julien Dubord dit LaFontaine1,2    7th great grandfather
b. 1636, d. 2 April 1705, #848
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   Louis Dubord b. between 1600 and 1610
Mother   Francoise de LaBrugiere b. circa 1621

Julien Dubord dit LaFontaine was also found as Guillien-Julien Dubord-LaFontaine 3 and as Julien LaFontaine.4

Birth 1625 Julien may have been  born in 1625 at Thiviers, Perigueux, Limousin, France. This birth date appears to be early and Drouin says that he was born in 1636. Drouin says that his parents lived in Thiviers, Perigueux, Limousin, France.5

Birth 1636 It seems more likely that Julien was born ca in 1636.5

Mil Info June 1665 to Sept 1665 He was in company La Fouille of the Carignan soldiers.  Since no rank is given, we have to assume that he was a regular soldier. He was in Co #11 on one list.6  He came to New France as a Soldier of Carignan, Co L, D. It is noted that he could read and write, or at least sign his name. These soldiers came to New France to secure the land for France, from both the Indians and from the English.7    He was in the unit that was under Jean-Vincent d'Abbadie, Baron de St Castin.11

The pleas of the colonists of New France for assistance in their struggle with the Iroquois were answered in 1665 with the arrival of the first French regular troops in Canada, the Carignan-Salières Regiment. Between June and September 1665, some 1200 soldiers and their officers arrived in Quebec, under the leadership of Lt. General Alexander de Prouville, Sieur de Tracy.

The series of forts established by the Regiment along the Richelieu River, along with the success of its second campaign into the land of the Mohawk Indians, led to a long period of peace for the colony, which permitted it to prosper. However, King Louis XIV's plan included the permanent settlement of many of the soldiers and officers in Canada. Over 450 of these troops remained in the colony, many of whom married the newly arrived filles du roi.

Most persons of French Canadian descent can claim one or more of these brave soldiers as ancestors. In addition to the list of soldiers and officers on the official "roll" of the Regiment, there were many others who participated in the successful campaign against the Iroquois, including many militiamen who resided in the colony but whose names were not recorded for posterity.8,6

1669 Tanguay says that he was a tailor and a farmer after his tour of duty.9

Marriage 12 February 1670 Julien Dubord dit LaFontaine married Catherine Guérard-Garand, daughter of Pierre Guerard and Margaret Monendel, 12 February 1670 in LaRue, cté Champlain, Quebec, Canada.10,9,4

In addition to the children that are followed further they had the following:'
Pierre bca 1671, married to Claire Raoult in 1702 - 4 children.
François bca 1675 married Marie-Josephete Beaudoin - one child
Jean-Baptiste dit Latourelle b 2 Nov 1683 married Marie Houré in 1709 and had at least 4 children.3

Death 2 April 1705 Julien died on 2 April 1705 at Champlain,  Quebec  Canada.   Ménage établi à Champlain, 10 enfants.   Do not know exacly what this means. He may have had some sort of establishment, possibly as tailor shop, in Champlain, and had 10 children.5 
Burial Julien was buried in Our-Lady-of-the-Visitation of Quebec, Canada.7 

Family  **Catherine Guérard-Garand  b. circa 1649, d. 11 October 1727
Children  1. Étiennette Dubord b. 16765
  2. **Dominique Dubord+ b. 1679, d. c 30 Jan 1759
  3. Charles Dubord b. 16 Aug 1681, d. 29 Oct 1749
  4. Madeline Dubord b. 22 Mar 1692, d. Mar 17475
  5. Balthazar Dubord-Lafontaine+ b. Dec 1694

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