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Louise DesGranges1,2      7th great grand mother
b. 1648, d. before 11 November 1721, #745
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   **Denis DesGranges d. before 1669
Mother   **Marguerite Jouanne d. before 1669

Birth 1648 Louise was born in 1648 at Paris, Val-d'Oise, France. Possibly she was of "archbishop's palace" of Paris, today Saint-Brice-under-forest, Montmorency district in Valley-of-Oise."1,2,3

Marriage 15 October 1669 Louise DesGranges married Louis Delisle, who was 24 years old,  son of Charles De'Isle or Delisle and Marguerite Petit, 15 October 1669 in Quebec, Quebec, Canada.1,5,6  

Census 1681 Louis and Louise show on the census of 1681 in Neuville, Quebec, Canada. Louis had a rifle, seven animals with horns and twenty arpents of ground in culture. Louise is 33 years old on this census.7

Death before 11 November 1721 Louise died before 11 November 1721 at Pte-aux-Trembles, at Quebec at Canada.1,8 
Burial 11 November 1721 Louise was buried in Neuville, Quebec, Canada.7 

Family  **Louis Delisle  b. 11 April 1645, d. 10 September 1693
Children  1. **Antoine DeLisle+ b. 26 Nov 1670, d. 29 Oct 17381
  2. Genevieve DeL'Isle b. 24 Apr 1672, d. b 11 Oct 16781
  3. Catherine Angelique DeL'Isle+ b. 5 Jun 1674, d. a 17271
  4. Jean Baptiste Delisle+ b. 20 Jul 1676, d. 16 Jun 17551
  5. Genevieve DeL'Isle b. 16 Oct 1678, d. a 17491
  6. Louis DeL'Isle b. 6 Sep 1680, d. 29 Sep 16821
  7. Francois DeL'Isle b. 31 May 1682, d. 31 Dec 17101
  8. Louis DeL'Isle b. 25 Jul 1684, d. 1 Nov 16871
  9. Marie Louise DeL'Isle b. 25 Jul 1684, d. 22 Dec 17721
  10. Louis DeL'Isle b. 21 Nov 1686, d. 5 Nov 16871

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